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Hungarian is spoken by 15 million people worldwide. However, it is hard to learn magyar outside of Hungary, since it is almost impossible to find local source, classes or tutors to help. This website offers lessons for those, who really want to learn Hungarian. You also find a growing collection of sound files, self-quizzes, tests and language puzzles here to support these lessons. Please post your question on my message board or send e-mail if you need more help.
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  • Visual Basic Tutorial Lesson 37: Adding Menus for Your Application #free #visual


    Lesson 37: Creating Menus for Your Applications

    The menu bar is the standard feature of most Windows applications. The main purpose of the menus is for easy navigation and control of an application. Some of the most common menu items are File, Edit, View, Tools, Help and more. Each item on the main menu bar also provides a list of options in the form of a pull-down menu. When you create a Visual Basic 6 program, you need not include as many menu items as a full-fledged Windows application. What you need is to include those menu items that can improve the ease of usage by the user. There are two ways to add menus to your application, using the Visual Basic’s Application Wizard and or the menu editor.

    37.1 Adding Menu Bar Using Visual Basic’s Application Wizard

    The easiest way to add a menu bar to your application is by using Visual Basic’s Application Wizard. This wizard allows the user to insert fully customized standard Windows menu into his or her application. To start using Visual Basic’s Application Wizard, click on the Application Wizard icon at the Visual Basic new project dialog box, as shown in Figure 37.1 below:

    Figure 37.1: New Project Window

    When you click on the VB Application wizard, the introduction dialog box will appear, as shown in Figure 37.2. As you are not loading any default setting, just click on the Next button.

    Figure 37.2

    After clicking the Next button, the interface type dialog box will be displayed, as shown in Figure 37.3. There are three choices of interface available for your project. As we currently not creating a Multiple Document Interface (MDI), we choose Single Document Interface (SDI). You can also type the project name in the textbox below, here I am using MyFirstMenu.

    Figure 37.3

    Clicking the Next button wiill bring up a list of menus and submenus that you can add them to your application. Check to select a menu item and uncheck to unselect a menu item as shown in Figure 37.4. Let say we choose all the menus and click next, then you will get an interface comprises File, Edit, View and Help menus, as shown in Figure 37.5

    Figure 37.4

    Figure 37.5

    When you click on any menu item, a list of drop-down submenu items will be displayed. For example, if you click on the File menu, the list of submenu items such as New, Open, Save, Save As and more will be displayed, as shown in Figure 37.6

    Figure 37.6

    Clicking on any of the dropped down menu item will show the code associated with it, and this is where you can modify the code to suit your programming needs. For example, clicking on the item Open will reveal the following code:

    Figure 37.7

    Now, I will show you how to modify the code in order to open a graphic file and display it in an image box. For this program, you have to insert a Image box into the form. Next add the following lines so that the user can open graphic files of different formats.

    Filter = Bitmaps(*.BMP)|*.BMP|Metafiles(*.WMF)|*. WMF|Jpeg Files(*.jpg)|*.jpg|GIF Files(*.gif)|*.gif|Icon Files(*.ico)|*.ico|All Files(*.*)|*.* .

    Then, you need to load the image into the Image box with the following code:

    Also set the Stretch property of the Image box to true so that the image loaded can resize by itself. Please note that each menu item is a special control, so it has a name too. The name for the menu File in this example is mnuFileOpen.

    The Code

    When you run the program and click on the File menu and then the submenu Open, the following Open dialog box will be displayed, where you can look for graphic files of various formats to load it into the image box.

    Figure 37.8

    For example, selecting the jpeg file will allow you to choose the images of jpeg format, as shown in Figure 37.9.

    Figure 37.9

    Clicking on the particular picture will load it into the image box, as shown in Figure 36.10 below

    Figure 37.10

    37.2: Adding Menu Bar Using Menu Editor

    To start adding menu items to your application, open an existing project or start a new project, then click on Tools in the menu bar of the Visual Basic IDE and select Menu Editor. When you click on the Menu Editor, the Menu Editor dialog will appear. In the Menu Editor dialog. key in the first item File in the caption text box. You can use the ampersand ( ) sign in front of F so that F will be underlined when it appears in the menu, and F will become the hot key to initiate the action under this item by pressing the Alt key and the letter F. After typing File in the Caption text box, move to the name textbox to enter the name for this menu item, you can type in mnuFile here. Now, click the Next button and the menu item File will move into the empty space below, as shown in Figure 37.11:

    Figure 37.11

    You can then add in other menu items on the menu bar by following the same procedure, as shown in Figure 37.12 below:

    Figure 37.12

    When you click Ok, the menu items will be shown on the menu bar of the form.

    Figure 37.13

    Now, you may proceed to add the sub menus. In the Menu Editor, click on the Insert button between File and Exit and then click the right arrow key, and the dotted line will appear. This shows the second level of the menu, or the submenu. Now key in the caption and the name. Repeat the same procedure to add other submenu items. Here, we are adding New, Open, Save, Save As and Exit.

    Figure 37.14

    Now click the OK button and go back to your form. You can see the dropped down submenus when you click on the item File, as shown.

    Figure 37.15

    Finally, you can enter the code by clicking on any of the submenu items.

    Salesforce Sample Papers, Platform Developer Sample Questions, Salesforce Certifications Questions #salesforce #certifications,


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    We only assist in preperation. We are not authorized partners of

    Our advise to all Salesforce Certification aspirants is not to mug up for the exam. Instead do Salesforce exercises yourself and spend time on every step. has the descrition to give you any set of 60 questions from it’s question bank. You cannot learn all questions and answers by heart.

    There are several books available in the market these days, which give good pointers for preparation for the exam.

    For the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam, read the “Salesforce for Dummies” book. It is available for 10$ at Amazon.
    For the Salesforce Developer Certification Exam (DEV 401), go through the Fundamentals book available on Website. You can google for this and getyour free copy.

    Practise a lot on practical examples before you go for the theorey topics.

    My most important piece of advise to all of you is: if you know the right answer to a question, and why it is the right choice, you will pass.
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    300 Resume Samples #resume #samples, #sample #resumes, #cv #samples, #sample #cvs, #resume


    Resume Samples (300+)

    WorkBloom features over 300 resume samples/examples from various industries and professions. This section is intended to show you that there is a multitude of ways you can write, structure or format your resume.

    Click on the links below to be redirected to the resume sample pages for the specified industries. From there, you will be able to go through the text version of the resumes, as well as see an image of the formatted resumes.

    For help writing your resume, go to the Resume Center and choose the specific aspects of resume writing that you would like to improve upon.

    accounting, auditing, tax

    administrative, office work, clerk, receptionist, coordinator, customer service

    arts, media, writing, editing, communication, design

    lending, trust management, investment banking, retail banking

    child care, elementary education, language, physical education, sports

    mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering

    finance, investing, planning, analysis, insurance, economy

    restaurant, bar, hotel, travel tourism, entertainment, event management

    government, public organizations, non-profit, military

    healthcare, dental, optician, nursing, mental health

    real estate, housing, property management, interior design

    HR, payroll, compensation, recruiting

    management, professional services, analysis

    marketing, advertising, product development

    sales, business development, retail sales, call center, telemarketing

    security, police, investigation, military, defense, intelligence, crisis management, anti-terrorism

    student, internship, new graduate, graduate school, college admission

    supply chain, logistics, distribution, planning, merchandising, procurement

    IT, networking, software, telecom, web, multimedia, sciences

    service industry, other

    Resume Samples. Where to Begin?

    If you’ve decided to write your resume yourself, one of the first things you’ve probably done (and this may explain why you’re reading this) is to browse the Web for resume samples, resume examples, or resume templates. After all, why reinvent the wheel? It doesn’t hurt to see what others have done, right? Actually, looking at other resumes may do you more harm than good, if you’re not ready.

    Looking at other resume samples should not be a shortcut to writing your resume, but instead should be done to validate what you’ve written. Writing a resume takes time. You need to reflect on your education, accomplishments, work experience, etc. and put all this together in a way that is coherent and compelling. You don’t need external input at this stage yet.

    Comparing Your Draft Resume With the Resume Samples Out There

    Once you are done with a good draft of your resume, then you may go online, see what others have done and compare your resume. What have others done that you like or dislike? Where can you improve your resume? Looking at other resume examples when you are done with a draft of your resume will allow you to be more critical.

    Seen Enough? Time to Revise Your Resume

    Go back to your draft and rework your resume. Did you miss a section? Can you improve your summary of qualifications. Did you sell yourself enough? How does the layout of your resume compare with others? Spend the time it takes to revamp your resume and make it perfect.

    The time you spend working on your resume is not wasted. It will increase your odds of being called for an interview and, once there, it will help you be more genuine and authentic as you talk about yourself and your accomplishments.

    Editor’s Note: In some parts of the world, resumes are referred to as CVs. Depending on where you are, it is important to follow local practices. That being said, whether you’re referring to a resume (in the US) or a CV (in Europe), a resume/CV serves essentially the same purpose, to convey your qualifications to a potential employer. Further, with globalization and many organizations having offices in various parts of the world, an American (expat) recruiter based in Europe, and working for an American multinational, may be more familiar with the US resume format. Thus, the line between a resume and a CV is not what it used to be. The resume/CV samples in this section are a good point of reference to see various examples of resumes/CVs or different resume/CV formats.

    Resume Center

    Billing Coordinator #billing #coordinator, #sample #job #description, #accounting #job, #billing #


    Accounting Job Descriptions

    Billing Coordinator | Sample Job Description 2

    If you are an employer seeking qualified job seekers for your Billing Coordinator position, read our sample job description below and revise it to meet your company’s specific job duties and requirements. If you are a job seeker looking for a Billing Coordinator position, use our sample job description below to see what job skills and experiences employers are seeking.

    Job Summary:
    The Billing Coordinator position is responsible for all billing issues with one of our largest clients. In this position you will be dealing directly with the client so you will need to have client facing experience.

    Essential Job Functions:

    • Responsible for updating and billing client premium statements.
    • Provide customer service with clients and carrier representatives.
    • Analyze enrollments to determine proper eligibility according to the client’s eligibility rules.
    • Balances monthly billing statements for existing clients after changes are entered into billing system and make adjustments as necessary to the statements.
    • Ensures performance guarantees specific to client are met daily

    Education, Experience and Skills:

    • BS/BA degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
    • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks in a changing work environment
    • Experience with Internet, Word processing, Spreadsheets, Power Point, and Databases(Access) required
    • Experience with health insurance billing and terminology preferred
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills required
    • Ability to work independently and on a team

    Free Sample Policies and Procedures Template #hotels #reservations

    #hospice policy and procedure manual


    Free Sample Policies and Procedures Template

    Why Free Sample Policies and Procedures Template?

    So what does a typical sample procedure template look like? What does a specific Policy manual cover? Or, how many procedures does a specific SOP template have? You can find answers to all your questions and more when you download a free sample policies and procedures template. You”ll see:

    • Sample procedure format and layout (including heading, headers/footers, references, revision block)
    • Sample company policy language, content, and voice (including policy, purpose, job responsibilities; forms, if applicable).

    Free Sample Policies and Procedures

    “I have reviewed the entire [Policies and Procedures] manual and find it extremely well organized, helpful, and all the things a happy customer is looking for.

    As CFO of a public company, this will assist not only in organization, but our audits as well.”

    Richard Nance, CFO
    General Automation, Inc

    Bail Agent Resume Example #resume #sample #for #bail #agent, #template, #example


    Bail Agent Resume

    The law has a provision of avoiding jail till the trial begins and final verdict on guilty or innocent is given by the court. This procedure in the law is known as bail. There are many suspects who cannot pay for their freedom and have to languish in the jail. For them, bail agents are like a beacon in the dark who buy them there freedom and to appear for the trail from home. These agents work with bail bond agencies, or themselves as a self-employed person, or some insurance companies. They liaise between the court and defendants and provide funds for the release of the their clients from custody and attend trail from outside.

    A bail agent license (as per state’s requirement), flawless written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills, abilities to operate computer, liaise with law enforcement departments and the court personnel, and multi-task are needed.

    Bail Agent Resume Example

    Looking for a bail agent job with “Multi Bail Bonds,” and liaise with the local police, court, and investigation agencies and post bail bonds for clients.

    Summary of Skills:

    • Experience in processing and posting bail bonds
    • Knowledge of the U.S. criminal and civil law
    • Skilled in underwriting and completing court formalities
    • Valid driving license and good driving records
    • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and computer skills
    • Ability to multi-task and prioritize work

    Bail Agent
    City Bail Bonds, Williamsburg, VA
    October 2014 – Present

    • Visiting and interviewing suspects lodged in the jail and getting information on bail requirements
    • Liaising with police officers, court clerks, and investigation agencies and collecting information on suspects
    • Assessing the defendant’s qualifications for bond and taking decision on bailing him out
    • Assessing client’s ability to pay fee and honor court’s summons
    • Collecting fee from defendants and processing paperwork
    • Ensuring client’s appear for court hearings, and hunting for those who don’t

    Bail Agent
    ABC Bail Bonds, Williamsburg, VA
    June 2013 – September 2014

    • Provided professional and knowledgeable customer service to clients
    • Informed clients on the consequences of skipping court hearings
    • Located and presented absconding defendants
    • Drafted and submitted sales receipts and legal paperwork to the manager
    • Collected and assessed information on client’s credit card usage, credit reports, and telephone records


    • High School Diploma
      St. Angel School, Williamsburg, VA
    • Certification in Criminal Law
      ABC Technical Institute, Williamsburg, VA

    Human Resources Manager Job Description Sample #human #resources #manager #job #description, #human


    Human Resources Manager Job Description Sample

    This human resource manager sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

    Human Resources Manager Job Responsibilities:

    Maintains and enhances the organization s human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.

    Human Resources Manager Job Duties:

    • Maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions.
    • Maintains organization staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes.
    • Prepares employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.

    Improve your Hiring and Retention in 2017

    • Maintains a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys; scheduling and conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budgets; monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; recommending, planning, and implementing pay structure revisions.
    • Ensures planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results by training managers to coach and discipline employees; scheduling management conferences with employees; hearing and resolving employee grievances; counseling employees and supervisors.
    • Maintains employee benefits programs and informs employees of benefits by studying and assessing benefit needs and trends; recommending benefit programs to management; directing the processing of benefit claims; obtaining and evaluating benefit contract bids; awarding benefit contracts; designing and conducting educational programs on benefit programs.
    • Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource federal and state requirements; conducting investigations; maintaining records; representing the organization at hearings.
    • Maintains management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures.
    • Maintains historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current records.
    • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
    • Completes human resource operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results.
    • Maintains human resource staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
    • Maintains human resource staff job results by counseling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
    • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

    Human Resources Manager Skills and Qualifications:

    Hiring, Human Resources Management, Benefits Administration, Performance Management, Communication Processes, Compensation and Wage Structure, Supports Diversity, Classifying Employees, Employment Law, Laws Against Sexual Harassment, Organization

    Learn more about how to hire:

    Get in on the action.

    Average GMAT Scores: Median GMAT Scores – MBA and GMAT #gmat, #prep,


    Average GMAT Scores: Median GMAT Scores

    What is the average GMAT score?

    In recent years, the average GMAT score worldwide is 570. There is no acceptable or minimum score. What score you should obtain depends on which school you are going to apply to. Generally, the higher the school ranks, the higher score you must obtain. For the top 50 programs, the averaged GMAT score is 660.

    Below is a table of median GMAT scores for some top MBA programs.

    Median GMAT Score

    Harvard MBA Program

    Wharton MBA Program

    Stanford MBA Program

    Sloan MBA Program

    Yale MBA Program

    How many times can I take GMAT?

    You may take the GMAT as many times as you want. But you could not take it more than once a month. The GMAT score is valid for five years. If you take GMAT more than once, the GMAC will forward the most recent three scores to school you apply to.

    Considering the following factors when you are deciding whether to retake the test:

    • whether your new GMAT scores will be reported to the B-schools early enough to meet application deadlines
    • how well you think you already performed on the real GMAT relative to your realistic potential
    • whether the schools to which you are applying average your GMAT scores or consider only your highest GMAT scores

    Can I cancel my GMAT scores?

    During the test, you can quit the test at any time. When you quit, no score for any test section will be tabulated or recorded by the testing service, or reported to any school.

    After the test, you may cancel your scores immediately after completing the test, while still in the testing room. However, once you request an unofficial score report (immediately after the test), you no longer have the option of canceling your scores.