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Answering Service Operators Needed Jobs List June 9.

9 June 2010 30 Comments

An established answering service is currently looking for Virtual Operators to fill several work at home positions. Basically we re looking for individuals with previous answering service Experience, as it s the one requirement that will help you in the capacity of an operator with us. We are looking for Virtual Agents that have past experience answering after hour calls from a variety of Offices, from Doctor s Offices to Lawyers, and Apartments. Pay is $10.00 an hour to start off and we always promote from within. We believe that current agents can make the best available candidates because they are already familiar with our company and how it works. If you want to grow with a wonderful established company, while working from home.

If you re interested in learning more about this position or would like to be considered, APPLY HERE !

Additionally, we got over 1300 vacant work from home jobs listed in our main vacant jobs list for you to apply for, but these jobs fill very fast so you must take action today. Click on the Search Jobs link above to learn more about these current vacant positions.

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I have over 20yrs experiance in Answering Service up to and including working remotely from home. I would be very interested in this position.

# 21 February 2012 at 6:06 pm

Hillary Mcfarlane said:

please email me info on this as i have interest

# 14 April 2012 at 7:10 pm

Janet Schneider said:

I am a retired teacher and would like to have a job working at home answering phones. I have experience in taking orders for family on our home phone and also have worked in the retail business before beginning my teaching career

# 19 April 2012 at 4:15 pm

Please send me some information on how to apply for this position. Thanks!

# 10 May 2012 at 12:39 pm

Would love some info on this position to apply for it. Thank you!

# 16 May 2012 at 2:09 pm

i would like to stay at home at work as a phone operator i have been working in medical office for years at answering the phone is what i do but now i would like to do it from home

# 23 May 2012 at 6:11 pm

# 21 July 2012 at 5:51 pm

I have experience with answering service and would love to apply for this position. Please send any information you have on how to apply for this job.

# 19 February 2013 at 1:43 pm

id like more information on job availability. please email me. iris

# 18 June 2013 at 7:07 pm

Please send me info on how to apply for this job. My family is in a financial crunch and I d love to be able to help supplement the income while still being a stay at home mom.

# 27 June 2013 at 8:40 pm

Free Help Desk Ticketing Software #service #ticketing #software


Free Help Desk Ticketing System

Web Help Desk® – For Windows®, Linux® & Mac OS® X

For support teams and help desk technicians who are overwhelmed by a growing volume of service requests, and find it hard to manage the help desk ticketing process, an easy-to-use, free ticketing system can relieve you of all your IT headaches.

With the help of a free help desk ticketing system, you can simplify your IT service management operations and ensure IT pros spend less time tracking and managing help desk tickets, and instead get back more time for actual IT resolution and end-user support.

Time saved with ticket management equals time gained for ticket resolution.

Benefits of a Free Ticketing System

The main benefit of free ticketing software is that it simplifies and automates help desk ticket management. With the help of Web-based service request portal for customers to log tickets, and an intuitive Web-based help desk console for IT technicians to manage tickets.

  • Centralize help desk ticket management from request creation to resolution
  • Save time and resources on manual and repetitive help desk tasks
  • Track and monitor help desk and technician performance in real time
  • Build help desk knowledge repository and promote self-service options for end-users
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Web Help Desk

Free Ticketing Software for Windows , Linux Mac OS X

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A free ticketing system centralizes the channel for receiving IT service requests via an interactive Web portal. IT teams can benefit from avoiding the use of disparate sources such as chat, phone, email and in-person discussions for customer communication. Once the request is logged in the ticketing system, IT pros communicate back to the end-user with acknowledgement and update ticket fulfilment progress including technician assignment and expected request fulfilment date/time. Free help desk software also converts inbound service requests via email into help desk tickets in the ticketing system.

Web Help Desk is 100% Free – No Ads, No Cost, No Expiration!

Web Help Desk offers a free service desk that is extremely easy to use and available for free download. Offering simplicity and automation for ticketing management and a built-in knowledge base, the on-premise help desk software is free forever. There are no ads or expiration. You can also download and try the full version of Web Help Desk which offers additional features in comparison to the free version. See feature comparison below.

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Military spouse scholarships range from $500-$2500 for any spouse with a valid military ID

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Access exclusive scholarship opportunities for military spouses

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Professional Janitorial, Commercial, Industrial Cleaning Services
Residential Cleanup – Heavy Detailed House Home Cleaning
Certified Mold Remediation Removal Of All Health Hazards
Eight Diverse Service Divisions Serve NJ, NY, PA

Call 732-225-0662 Now For A Free Cleaning Quote

Gerrus Maintenance, Inc. and its eight service divisions are the best providers of professional cleaning services and complete building cleaning services in New Jersey and nearby areas of Staten Island NY and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer a full range of janitorial. health hazard removal. sanitizing. certified mold remediation and certified microbial remediation services from customized office building cleaning contracts, to specialty industrial cleaning and maintenance, to heavy-duty residential projects. When you need one-time or repetitive commercial cleaning services. or our heavy duty residential cleanups, our quality-controlled staff, supervised and managed by professional chemical engineers, provides extraordinary detail. Green maintenance supplies are always available. Our US EPA Certification number is NAT-43984-1. Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete scheduled janitorial programs or one-time service calls for any building. We clean carpets, floors, windows, walls, and everything in between. Comprehensive, flexible, professionally trained staff. Fully insured and bonded. Sanitary and maintenance supplies. Optional “green” products. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Complete cleaning and sanitizing services from floors to ceilings and everything in between, including basement cleaning. attic cleanup and garage clean out. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Disaster and emergency services. Specialized teams for compulsive hoarding cleanup, sanitizing and deodorization. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete cleaning services from floors to ceilings and everything in between. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Complete fog and contact sanitizing. Disaster control and comprehensive emergency services are available. Call us for experienced, sensitive hoarding syndrome cleaning, senile squalor cleanup, OCD cleaning assistance, and pet or other animal hoarding sanitation problems. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete industrial and warehouse cleaning for buildings and their contents. We utilize specialized equipment and proprietary techniques to provide clean room sanitizing, HEPA vacuuming, steam cleaning, high pressure washing, solvent degreasing, and other state-of-the-art cleanups. Engineer on staff. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

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Safe indoor allergen neutralization and removal. The staff of Gerrus Maintenance Inc. is managed by an experienced chemical engineer. We will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate house allergens and other biological pollutants. Our experts employ modern technology to accomplish the task and improve indoor air quality at your home or business. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe odor neutralization and microbial decontamination services at home or work. Our chemical engineer managed staff will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate odor, chemical and biological pollutants at your home or business. We are experienced certified mold and microbial remediators. We will eliminate a bad smell at the source using modern bio and physical remediation technologies, such as HEPA air scrubbing, allergen neutralization, contact and fog disinfecting, enzymatic digestion, chemical oxidation, and decontamination washing. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Floor cleaning and sealing services. We apply hardeners, densifiers, dust-proofers, penetrating sealants, and coatings. Resurfacing and repairs. Contract or one-time auto-scrubbing or sweeping services. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Click Here to read our Healthy Cleaning Blog .

Complete Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, House Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Business Cleaning Services, Building Maintenance & Remediation by a Chemical Engineer Managed Staff – The Best In New Jersey Since 1974.

Call today for more information! For emergency service, call 24x7x365

Identity Theft Protection Services – Plans, LifeLock, identity theft protection service.#Identity #theft



Identity Theft Protection

When you help protect your identity, you’re helping protect your finances, your credit and everything you’ve worked so hard for. Make sure you have comprehensive protection.

Different Plans for Different Needs

Proactive Protection

Proactive protection designed to help protect against identity theft.

Extra Protection

Extra protection including bank account activity alerts † and data breach notifications.

† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

Our Best Protection

Our most comprehensive identity theft protection.


Protection designed specifically for children. Only available with adult membership.

Choose the Right Plan for You

  • Service Guarantee for lawyers and experts ‡
  • Stolen Funds Reimbursement ‡
  • U.S.-Based Restoration Team
  • SSN and Credit Alerts †
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Address Change Verification
  • Black Market Website Surveillance
  • LifeLock Privacy Monitor
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts †
  • Alerts on Crimes Committed in Your Name
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Ficticious Identity Monitoring
  • Annual Credit Reports & Scores

The credit scores provided are VantageScore 3.0 credit scores based on data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion respectively. Any One-Bureau VantageScore mentioned is based on Equifax data only. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.

  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking:

    The credit score provided is a VantageScore 3.0 credit score based on Equifax data. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.

  • 401(k) & Investment Activity Alerts †
  • Bank Account Takeover & New Account Alerts †
  • File-Sharing Network Searches
  • Sex Offender Registry Reports
  • Priority Live Member Support
  • Plus Applicable Sales Tax

    • Up to $25,000
    • One Bureau 1

    Plus Applicable Sales Tax

    • Up to $100,000
    • One Bureau 1

    Plus Applicable Sales Tax

    • Up to $1 Million
    • Three Bureaus 1,2

    Three Bureaus 1

    The credit scores provided are VantageScore 3.0 credit scores based on data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion respectively. Any one bureau VantageScore mentioned is based on Equifax data only. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.

    1 Credit reports, scores and credit monitoring may require an additional verification process and credit services will be withheld until such process is complete.

    2 For LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ three bureau credit monitoring, credit monitoring from Experian and TransUnion will take several days to begin.

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    Home Repair Garage Doors

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    Broken Garage Door Spring

    • A common repair on the garage door is a broken garage door spring. As a result, the constant change in temperature is very hard on them.
    • Garage door springs are rated on a cycle life and the weather can shorten their life.
    • With a broken spring it makes it very difficult or nearly impossible to open the garage door especially if there is only one spring above the garage door.
    • Cars are commonly trapped inside because the car may have just pulled in after a long day at work. A very loud sound occurs almost like a shotgun going off. It will scare the daylights out of you!

    Call for a Free Estimate today 24/7 Help

    Garage Door Repair

    • With our professional customer service department we offer FREE estimates on all garage door repairs and set on-time appointments.
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    • Emergency Same day service for all your garage door repair needs no matter what time you call!
    • Our Service Technicians repair garage doors and make them function just like new.

    Emergencies happen If you need garage service in a hurry because your garage door fell off the track, don t sweat it. We answer our phones 24/7 with a live garage door specialist, no answering machines, voice mail or answering services. No additional fees for after-hours calls.

    Call Now to get your Garage Door Repaired Today!

    Discount garage door service

    LiftMaster ® Garage Door Openers

    • Discount garage door serviceWe are an Authorized LiftMaster ® Dealer. LiftMaster ® carries a variety of drive systems to meet your specific needs.
    • Whether you choose the belt, screw or chain drive opener, you can be confident that it is produced with precision and backed by the world s largest manufacturer of garage door openers.
    • When you have your LiftMaster ® garage door opener repaired, it s recommended to use an authorized LiftMaster ® dealer. Learn More

    Have a question about your garage door opener repair?

    Whether it s a Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain, Genie, Legacy, Linear, Moore-O-Matic or any other garage door opener manufacturer, our knowledgeable garage door specialists are ready to assist you.

    New Garage Doors

    • A1 Affordable Garage Door Services offers a full line of steel and custom wood garage doors for both new construction and the replacement of an old damaged door.
    • With a full line of designs, colors and hardware options we can help you pick the garage door perfect for your home.
    • Stop by our showroom to see all the options today or view the options here on our website.

    Discount garage door service

    Classica Lucern Danube Window Inserts with Obscure Glass Brown Alpine Hardware

    Discount garage door service

    Oak Summit short bead board white blue ridge hardware

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    Service Portfolio vs. Service Catalog: What s The Difference?

    Are you in the stages of defining and setting up your business ITSM strategy? Perhaps you re redesigning yours and are looking at all your options. If so, you ll likely be faced with the decision between setting up a service catalog or a service portfolio (or both!). Here is what those terms mean, along with a handy guide for selecting the option that is right for you.

    What is a Service Catalog?

    With a service catalog, you can empower users by telling them exactly what is currently available to them. They can even set everything up right from a portal, making it a breeze for IT to track service tickets.

    A service catalog is a listing of all of the products and services your IT department currently offers. It includes any hardware you can provide and/or install, as well as any software and applications you offer. The service catalog allows users to log in, select the services they need, and make a request for them. It streamlines the way users interact with the help desk and also serves as a tracking system for user requests and the progress of the help desk in terms of getting requests taken care of.

    A service catalog lists currently available products and services.

    If the help desk has a wide variety of services to offer, the service catalog can be divided into categories with a comprehensive list of products and services under each category. This helps users find what they need in a large catalog. The defining characteristic of a service catalog is that it lists only items that are currently available. not what used to be available or has been retired or what will be made available in the future.

    What is a Service Portfolio?

    A service portfolio is a complete listing of all of IT s products and services. It includes both what has been retired and is no longer available and what is upcoming in the future, as well as what is offered now. For instance, if all your machines are now running Windows 10, then the service catalog would only list Windows 10 as an option, whereas the service portfolio may list Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 with an explanation regarding when each product was retired.

    There are great reasons just to offer a service catalog. But there are also good reasons to offer a full service portfolio. Or, you could provide both if your department is able and willing to maintain it all.

    There are good and valid reasons to consider either option, as well as both. For instance, some IT departments might not want to list products and services that have been retired because users might insist that they get access to them anyway. For example, some users might want to keep Windows 7, even though the IT infrastructure has moved on to version 10, or they might want to keep using their old Blackberry device even though the rest of the organization has migrated to Android devices.

    Conversely, a benefit of a service portfolio is that it provides a historical perspective on where the company s IT has been, where it is now, and where it s heading in the future. This can help for issues like budgeting, judging user interest in new technologies and platforms, and generating excitement for upcoming projects. It is perfectly acceptable to manage both just realize that this takes time and effort. Neither type of service portal is much good to either IT or to the users if it isn t well maintained.

    Whether your organization chooses to manage a service catalog, service portfolio, or both is merely a matter of what your user base has come to expect from the IT department. There are many options to consider when it s time to develop your ITSM solution, and BMC can help.

    Last updated: 2/1/2017

    Forbes State of ITSM 2017

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    Document imaging

    Document imaging automates and accelerates business by going paperless

    Document Imaging from IBM® converts paper documents to digital images and enables you to store, access and manage them electronically. These products can be used to manage electronic document process workflows; support document sharing, viewing and annotation; and handle automated document retirement. IBM Document Imaging products can manage the full lifecycle of electronic documents for improved productivity, more responsive customer service, easier adherence to regulations and reduced storage costs.

    Product editions:

    Daeja ViewONE Professional . Delivers modular, extensible and powerful document and image viewing
    Features | Product support

    Daeja ViewONE Virtual . Delivers feature-rich document and image viewing using HTML5 technology
    Features | Product support

    FileNet IDM Desktop/WEB Services/Open Client . View, revise, share and distribute content.

    FileNet Image Manager Active Edition . Provide wide-ranging image management that helps organizations control, share and quickly access critical business information.
    Features | Product support

    FileNet Image Services . Store and manage large volumes of information with high availability.
    Features | Product support

    Document Imaging family

    Learn more about leading ECM vendors, their product capabilities and their vision to support your business.

    Make unstructured information understandable and available for input into business processes.

    Discover a practical framework to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of IBM Datacap products in this report from Forrester Consulting.

    Learn the benefits of combining advanced document capture, imaging repositories, workflow and content analytics.

    Furnace Installation Livonia, MI – Novi, MI, Furnace Repair Farmington Hills, MI


    Heating A/C Installation, Repair Service Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI

    Locally Owned Operated HVAC Company

    Family owned since 1996, Harriman Heating Air Conditioning upholds a longstanding reputation for quality service. We take every extra effort to help you achieve your comfort goals, and financing is no exception. With our financing options through Wells Fargo, we are able to offer special financing options for our heating and air conditioning products with approved credit. There are no long delays, and you are able to conveniently manage your account online, have access to competitive interest rates, and flexible montly payments. All of our financing options through Wells Fargo are subject to credit approval.

    Furnace Repair and Service Company AC Installation ContractorHeating and Cooling Company in Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI

    If your furnace or air conditioning unit suddenly breaks down, you need prompt, trustworthy, and skilled service at a reasonable price. Harriman Heating Air Conditioning protects your best interest with a team of fully licensed and insured professionals that are waiting to help you and your family. Our 24/7 Emergency Service is here to look after you. We are available around the clock to make sure your family stays safe and warm. We are proud to service all manufacturers and styles of heating and cooling equipment and have the experience, and range of replacement parts standing by to repair your HVAC unit in a timely fashion. To protect your investment, Harriman Heating Air Conditioning offers service plans to make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently, and we can catch any issues before they fail completely resulting in costly repairs.

    Most Trusted Heating and Cooling Repair Company
    Furnace and AC Repair Contractor in Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI

    Whether you re looking to maintain your old HVAC unit, or replace it with a new energy efficient model, Harriman Heating Air Conditioning has the right products and most skilled technicians to get the job done right. Saving money up front by buying the cheapest HVAC system can often cost more in the long run. Whether it s because they aren t as reliable and require more maintenance to keep running, or possibly as a result of being less energy efficient, driving up your energy bills on a monthly basis. Our new HVAC installations are certain to help reduce your energy bill and have a proven record of long-term reliability. Trust Harriman Heating Air Conditioning for your furnace and air conditioning repair installation this year!

    Our HVAC Services Include:

    • Air conditioning repair
    • Air conditioning service
    • Air conditioning installation
    • Heating repair
    • Heating service
    • Heating installation
    • Water Heaters
    • Generators

    HVAC Repair, Furnace Repair Contractor, Furnace Installation, Air Conditioning Repair Service, AC Installation, Heating System Repair Service, Heating and Cooling Contractor in Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI

    HVAC Service in Livonia MI. Furnace Repair, Furnace Service, Heating Service Maintenance, Furnace Installation, Heating Repair, Heating and Cooling Company in Livonia MI, Farmington Hills MI, Canton MI, Plymouth MI, Novi MI, Redford MI, Southfield MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI, Ann Arbor MI, Commerce MI

    Contact us at (734) 271-6200, and we ll make sure you re completely comfortable.

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    Southern Ndebele Accurate Transcription

    Translation Services USA is a known leader in accurate transcription and can convert any audio or video file you need transcribed and have it translated to or from Southern Ndebele. We can ensure your transcription and Southern Ndebele translation is done with precision, speed, and accuracy because we work only with professional transcribers and Southern Ndebele with experience in accurate transcription projects.

    Accurate Transcription Services We Offer in Southern Ndebele

    Translation Services USA can offer a number additional services for your accurate transcription project.

    Of course, we can translate your transcription project from Southern Ndebele to another language, or from any other language into Southern Ndebele as needed. When working on a accurate transcription, we also offer timestamping, labeling each transcription with the corresponding time in the audio or video. Our team of transcribers takes sepcial care to determine the source-speaker when listening your file in cases where the audio contains more than one speaker, and can clearly denote them on the transcription.

    When requesting a accurate transcription quote with Southern Ndebele translation, just mention any of these services that you require!

    Rest assured that when working with Translation Services USA, your Southern Ndebele-language accurate transcription project will be completed both quickly and accurately. Only Translation Services USA can ensure your completed accurate transcription and Southern Ndebele translation is satisfactory because you can rely on your transcribers they’re the best in the business!

    How Our Accurate Transcription Service for Southern Ndebele Works

    Translation Services USA uses the following workflow for accurate transcription projects in Southern Ndebele. By following these steps, we can transcribe nearly any audio or video file not only easily, but affordably:

    • After our sales representatives at Translation Services USA receive your accurate transcription request and uploaded file, they will review the audio and contact you if they have any questions about your order.
    • After we confirm the details with you and make sure that everything is clear, your transcription project will be assigned to one of our many highly-skilled professional transcribers.
    • Once the transcription is complete, the text is sent to a professional Southern Ndebele translator to interpret the text so that it is understandable.
    • After their Southern Ndebele translation is complete, the text of your accurate Southern Ndebele transcription project will then be emailed to you.

    It’s easy to see why Translation Services USA is the number one choice for people needing to complete accurate transcription projects. We can turn your video or audio recordings into text and have it all translated to or from Southern Ndebele with 99% accuracy that means quickly, accurately, and professionally, and all for a low introductory per-minute rate.

    Translation Services USA also offers these other transcription services in Southern Ndebele:

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    AZ Locksmith Surprise

    When it comes to repairs, maintenance or emergencies for the home, dependability is important. AZ Locksmith Surprise is one of the most reliable services in town. If you need Locksmith service in a hurry, we will get the job done with lightning speed. In addition, we are a mobile locksmith that goes to homes or businesses to help customers. If you are inputting the words “locksmith near me” on your smart phone, you will find us.

    Residential Locksmith – We take cares of your locks and keys needs

    AZ Locksmith Surprise has your back and takes cares of your locks and keys needs 24 hours a day. We are a house locksmith that you can afford since we have rock-bottom prices. If you have a home lockout following loss of keys, don’t break the door or damage your locks. Call AZ Locksmith Surprise and we will rekey house locks just in case they were stolen. Our local locksmiths care about their community and treats customers like neighbors. Do you need help unlocking home door or replacing locks? We have the proper tools to pick your locks. We also have high security door locks.

    Automotive Locksmith – High quality auto locksmith services

    Our AZ Locksmith Surprise staff are professional in the way they handle customers and in the manner in which they conduct business. We will provide you with high quality auto locksmith services. We are an emergency locksmith that you can reach any time of the day or night. If you are looking for an affordable locksmith, you’ve got one. When you need trunk opening help, we have the tools to pop it open in a matter of minutes. In case you need a duplicate car key we will provide you with one at your home, on the road, or at work.

    Commercial Locksmith – licensed, bonded and insured

    AZ Locksmith Surprise is an office locksmith service with a mission of providing customers the fastest services to secure their businesses. If you need a safe locksmith, you should call us and we will help you. Our industrial locksmith staff are licensed, bonded and insured making them ideal for hire because you know that you are getting quality services. We will replace office locks in a matter of seconds and your business will be safer for it. In case you need lock change, we will provide this as well. We have some of the highest quality and security products. Call us today if you need help to install new locks.

    Locksmith Surprise AZ

    Mon – Fri. 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Sun – Mon: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

    Copyright © 2015, All Rights Reserved.

    HVAC Contractors – AC Repair – Comfort Air – Orange County #orange


    AC Repair Contractors Serving Orange County

    For 18 years, Comfort Air has built a reputation for reliable same-day HVAC service within the Orange County area. We take our jobs very seriously, which is why we make sure to hire only the finest factory-trained AC technicians. Rest assured that we will fix any cooling and AC service issues you re having in an efficient manner. Your satisfaction is important to us.

    Call (949) 284-6131 for a Free Estimate Today!

    Our Services Include

    • New AC Heating Installations
    • New Construction HVAC
    • Replacement of AC and Heating Units
    • Air Conditioning and Heating Repair
    • Precision Tune Ups
    • HVAC Maintenance
    • Air Duct Replacement
    • Air Conditioning Heating Repair
    • All Major Brands Repaired Serviced

    With our extended warranties and AC maintenance procedures, we are always looking for ways to benefit you. Don t suffer through the hot SoCal summer. Let us make your home comfortable all year around.

    AC Service Repair Technicians Serving Orange County

    Our Service Areas: Irvine, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Tustin, Laguna Hills, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Orange, Santa Ana, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Foothill Ranch.

    At Comfort Air. we provide full-service repair, maintenance, and installation for all HVAC systems. from Central ACs to furnaces. When we design our heating and cooling systems. our one goal is to prioritize indoor air quality. All of our products are made to be quiet, so that they don t disturb you. By eliminating bad air pollution, we hope to do our part to improve your life.

    Our Services

    • Heating AC System Repair
    • Ductwork Fabrication and Installation
    • Precision Tune Ups
    • HVAC Remodel Work
    • Electronic Air Cleaner/Humidifier
    • Furnace and HVAC Repair
    • Whole House Efficiency Evaluation
    • Air Filtration
    • Noise Reduction
    • HVAC Maintenance

    Call Us at (949) 284-6131 to Schedule an Appointment

    Home Automation Solutions

    Comfort Air is a trusted home automation company serving Irvine, California, and surrounding communities. We offer installation of home automation thermostats. so you can have remote control of your home s heating and cooling systems.

    Home Automation Services

    • Home Automation Consultation
    • Home Automation Installation
    • Home Automation for HVAC

    Nest Home Automation

    At Comfort Air, we offer installation and service of Nest Home Automation systems. You can make your home a smart home with one of the most respected home automation brands in the industry. Check with us first to see if Next is the right brand for you.

    If you re interested in automating your home s HVAC system, call (949) 284-6131 today!

    Honeywell Heating Cooling Specialists

    At Comfort Air. we offer reliable maintenance, repair, and installation of Honeywell systems. We have been the go-to HVAC Technician in Orange County to service Honeywell HVAC equipment.

    We Service Repair Honeywell Systems

    • Honeywell Lyric Thermostats
    • Honeywell Heating Systems
    • Honeywell Air Conditioners
    • Honeywell AC Installation
    • Honeywell Heating Installation
    • Honeywell Thermostat Installation

    Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

    The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat is highly regarded in the home automation industry. With Honeywell Lyric, you can control your home s indoor air remotely with your tablet or smartphone. One call to Comfort Air and you can have your home quickly and expertly wired. Take the first step in making your home smarter. Call for a free consultation and see if the Honeywell Lyric is right for you!

    Whether you re upgrading to a new Honeywell system or you need someone to repair your current Honeywell equipment, look no further than Comfort Air. Call (949) 284-6131 for a consultation.

    Contact us either by calling (949) 284-6131 or by filling out and submitting the online form below. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Thank you!

    Sears Protection Agreements: Learn more about Extended Warranties & Replacement Plans #home


    Sears Protection Agreements

    Master Protection Agreements

    A Sears Master Protection Agreement provides you with the Guaranteed BEST Coverage in the industry.

    If it breaks, we’ll fix it. You’re covered for manufacturer’s defects, normal wear tear and cosmetic defects and you’ll receive unlimited service and no deductibles or fees. Other plans cap service. Not Sears.

    If we can’t fix it, we’ll deliver and install a new, comparable product. Guaranteed. Other plans give you a gift card for the depreciated value of your product. Not Sears. We give you a real replacement.

    If we can’t fix your kitchen or laundry appliance on our first service visit, we’ll provide rental reimbursement up to $50 if your product is unusable.

    Your benefits include:

    Unlimited service with no deductibles or service fees.

    If we can’t fix it, we’ll deliver and install a new one.


    We’ll take care of the small problems before they become big ones.


    Sears technicians are trusted in millions of homes every year.


    If your product needs more than three repairs in a year, we’ll replace it.


    Receive money back for spoiled food if your refrigerator or freezer malfunctions.

    These product categories are eligible for Master Protection Agreement coverage:

    Repair Protection Agreements

    A Sears Repair Protection Agreement provides you with the Guaranteed BEST Coverage in the industry.

    If it breaks, we’ll fix it. You’re covered for manufacturer’s defects and normal wear tear and you’ll receive unlimited service with no deductibles or fees. Other plans cap service. Not Sears.

    If we can’t fix it, we’ll deliver a new product with comparable features. Guaranteed. Other plans give you a gift card for the depreciated value of your product. Not Sears. We give you a real replacement.

    Your benefits include:

    Unlimited service with no deductibles or service fees.

    If we can’t fix it, we’ll deliver a new one.

    If your riding mower or snow blower can’t be fixed during our first home visit, we’ll provide an allowance for lawn care or snow removal.


    Sears technicians are trusted in millions of homes every year.


    Expert advice from repair professionals.


    25% reimbursement on blades, filters and other consumables.

    These product categories are eligible for Repair Protection Agreement coverage:

    Sears Purchase Protect

    Replacement coverage designed to cover the products that take the most wear and tear, Sears Purchase Protect coverage gives you full price protection with a variety of options.

    Your benefits include:

    3-year replacement coverage for Sears brands (Kenmore Craftsman)

    2-year replacement coverage on non-Sears brands

    Full purchase price given in a gift card for broken items

    No Hassle Claims

    No hassle refund claims by calling or visiting our Web site

    These product categories are eligible for Sears PurchaseProtect coverage:

    Master and Repair Protection Agreements

    Master and Repair Protection Agreements can be renewed and transferred to a new owner. Call 1-888-203-9631 for more information or to schedule service.

    Some limitations and exclusions apply. See the Terms Conditions of the Sears Master and Repair Protection Agreements.

    Sears Purchase Protect

    For more information or to make a claim, visit or call 1-800-573-1088.

    Some limitations and exclusions apply. See the Terms Conditions for Sears Purchase Protect.

    • Members Get More Members Always Get More

    Earn points, get
    exclusive coupons
    and save.

  • Sears Credit Card

    Credit Card Offers

    Get a Sears Card

    Get our Sears
    mobile app

  • How to: Create and Configure FTP Web Site Projects in IIS 6


    How to: Create and Configure FTP Web Site Projects in IIS 6.0

    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard protocol for moving files from one computer to another across the Internet. The files are stored on a server computer, which runs FTP server software. Remote computers can then connect using FTP and read files from the server or copy files to the server. An FTP server is similar to an HTTP server (that is, a Web server) in that you can communicate with it using an Internet protocol. However, an FTP server does not run Web pages; it only sends and receives files from remote computers.

    You can configure Internet Information Services (IIS) to function as an FTP server. This allows other computers to connect to the server and copy files to and from the server. For example, you might configure IIS to act as an FTP server if you are hosting Web sites on your computer and you want to allow remote users to connect to your computer and copy their files to the server.

    Typically, FTP credentials are passed as clear text and not encrypted for transmission. It is recommended that you use FTP with Anonymous or Basic authentication. For more information, see the topics “Securing FTP Sites” and “Authentication Methods Supported in IIS 6.0” in the IIS Technical Reference .

    After setting up an FTP server, you need to create a folder structure for the server. By default, the FTP server will have a root folder with the following path: C:\inetpub\ftproot.

    The FTP root folder acts as the root for your FTP server in the same way that C:\inetpub\wwwroot is the root for your Web server.

    You must create the physical folders where the files will reside. This can either be a subfolder of the FTP root or another folder elsewhere on the computer. Then, you create a virtual root, or alias, that the FTP server will use to point to the physical directory in which files will reside.

    To configure an FTP folder and virtual root

    Create a new folder to hold files. You can name the folder anything you like. For example, name the new folder ExampleFtpFiles, so that the path of the folder is C:\inetpub\ftproot\ExampleFtpFiles.

    In Windows, from the Administrative Tools menu, select Internet Information Services .

    In Windows XP, you can also right-click My Computer in the Start menu or on the desktop, and then click Manage. In the Computer Management dialog box, open the Services and Applications node.

    Open the node for your computer, and then open the FTP Sites node.

    Right-click the Default FTP Site node, click New. and then click Virtual Directory .

    In the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard, specify an alias (or name) that users can use to get to the FTP folder that you created in step 1. The name can be anything you like. It is often least confusing to use the directory name as the alias name, so that the virtual directory might be called ExampleFtpFiles.

    For the path, type or browse to the path of the directory from step 1, for example Inetpub\ftproot\ExampleFtpFiles.

    For Access Permissions, specify Read. and then click Next to finish with the wizard.

    Do not enable Write permissions unless you understand how to secure your IIS FTP server. For more information, see the topic titled “Securing FTP Sites” in the IIS Technical Reference .

    Jacksonville, Florida #jacksonville,florida,air #conditioning,heating,ac,coils,cleaning,hvac,systems,repair,service,maintenance,contractors



    Jacksonville Air Conditioning and Heating: Service, Repair, and Equipment Contractors

    This local page provides resources and information about A/C and heating service, repair, maintenance, and installers in Jacksonville, Florida. This information includes featured HVAC contractors plus a link to our free and handy printable grid to compare price quotes. On this page you will also find sources of energy efficiency and equipment rebates, the ratio of hours of cooling and heating needed each year and much more.

    About HVAC contractors

    The contractor you choose will make a big impact on your satisfaction and purchase of a new air conditioning and heating system. Why? They determine the size and type of equipment for your situation and they control the quality of the installation. If you have not yet seen them, in the top navigation menu on this page you will find quick tips and expanded topics on two essential topics: how to select the right HVAC contractor and how to buy a new heating and cooling system.

    Most air conditioning and heating contractors stock and install a limited number of equipment brands. Some independent contractors will order and install any brand of new equipment you prefer to buy. Most of these service companies will perform repair and maintenance on all brands of central heaters, furnaces and air conditioners.

    In addition to heating and cooling for indoor comfort and energy savings, many HVAC companies perform air quality work such as air filters, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, ventilation and prevention of toxic carbon monoxide gas from your furnace. However, not all of these perform energy efficiency improvements to houses or buildings. If the service company you select does not perform conservation improvements on homes or buildings, they should be able to recommend another Jacksonville company who does.

    How to compare air conditioning and heating equipment price quotes

    Air conditioning and heating systems are made of components or units, and these can be interchanged to yield many possible combinations of performance and efficiency. Additionally, based on the particular situation in your home or building, these components must be chosen and installed to accommodate them. For these reasons, comparing proposals, features, and prices can be more than confusing.

    To help you sort through your options, use our free and printer-friendly cost comparison organizer found in the navigation on the top of this page. If you get multiple price quotes, it will save you a lot of time and headaches. This grid allows you to compare the essential features from contractor bids including: main components; equipment efficiency in SEER and AFUE; manufacturer’s and installer’s warranties; and equipment brand.

    How the Jacksonville climate and resources affect your HVAC needs and decisions

    On the heating and cooling map of the U.S. with 5 zones, the Jacksonville area lies in cooling zone 4 and heating zone 5. These require approximately 1986 cooling hours and 1263 heating degree-days per year. As a general and relative guide, the average Jacksonville home would need 1.6 times more air conditioning than heating over a calendar year. Proximity to the ocean, lakes or other topographical or climatic influences can cause microclimates, so be sure to rely on actual measurements and calculations from your heating and air conditioning contractor.

    The humid subtropical climate on the east coast of Florida brings Jacksonville mild winters and hot summers average 91 degrees F. with high humidity. The region also has many days throughout the year in which home heating and cooling may not be necessary. However, on these same days, a dehumidifier, whole house air filter or fresh air ventilation could make a huge difference in your indoor comfort and well being.

    Pollen, allergies and air filters in Jacksonville

    In Jacksonville air filters are a necessity to many residents. Certain northeast coastal Florida plants influence what type of air filter you and your A/C system need. Some common examples include the oak, juniper, and bayberry trees; ragweed in the fall; and flowers in the spring. For updates on the types and levels of pollen, visit the daily pollen count and allergy forecast for the area.

    Local utility and conservation providers

    For the Jacksonville area, the DSIRE database for Florida lists resources for energy efficiency rebates and incentives. In many cases, your A/C and heating contractor can coordinate all available energy conservation and rebate programs, from federal tax credits to local rebates and incentives.

    The availability of primary fuels such as natural gas help determine which heating equipment will give you the best combination of comfort and lower utility bills. Since natural gas is generally available in Jacksonville neighborhoods, many homes and buildings have gas central furnaces rather than heat pumps. If natural gas prices climb faster than electricity rates, this trend might change. In situations where a heat pump makes the best choice, some of the factors that affect air source heat pumps include the average daily temperature, fluctuations in temperature, and humidity.

    How a whole house approach includes the envelope in the load calculation

    If you plan to get price quotes to buy a new A/C and heating system, look for contractors who will insert the heating and cooling demands of the NE Florida coastal climate along with the size and condition of your home or building envelope into a the critical load calculation. For many reasons, you should avoid rule of thumb load calculation based only on square footage or using the same size system as the old one without verification. This calculation requires considerable expertise or software and interpretation.

    Resources for HVAC technical or vocational training in the Jacksonville area

    If you are interested in learning more about the technical aspects of air conditioning and heating in the Jacksonville area, such as schools or courses to get a Florida HVAC license, here are some local or regional links:

    Florida Chapter of ACCA: State chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America.

    ASHRAE Jacksonville Chapter: Local chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

    Disclaimer: This website contains information that we have carefully researched to be unbiased and useful to heating and air conditioning consumers. To allow more room for content on this page, we accept listings from only a small number advertisers shown in the table above or in the linked sites. Although we believe these contractors are reputable, we cannot be responsible for their work in any way. Having stated that, we encourage you to send us feedback on the content of this website and your experiences with all resources listed on it.

    Recent Posts

    LG Get Product Support #lg #customer #service, #lg #support, #lg #firmware #update,


    Get Product Support

    Find my model #? Would you like to register a product?

    • Manuals & Documents View and download information for your LG product.
    • Software & Drivers Update your LG product with the latest version of software, firmware, or drivers.
    • Easy TV Connect Guide Step-by-step guide by device and cable, to get your new LG TV connected.
    • Easy Bluetooth Connect Guide Step-by-step guide by device pairs, to get your new Bluetooth devices connected.
    • Request a Repair Fast and easy way to submit a request online 24/7.
    • LG Bridge Move pictures, music, and other files between your phone, tablet and computer.
    • LG PC Suite Move pictures, music, and other files between your phone, tablet and computer.
    • Smart Share Connect devices to your smart TV through a Wi-Fi network or USB connection to view photos, music and videos.
    • LG Premium Care Extend your protection for years to come with the additional peace of mind of LG Premium Care.
    • LG G6 Support Find available guides, manuals, tutorials, and more for your LG G6 device.
    • Water Filter Finder Need help finding the correct Water Filter for your LG Refrigerator?
    • LG TVs Support Need support for your TV, but don’t know where to start? LG TVs Support will help.

    Product Help

    Repair Services

    Contact Us

    *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The LG Electronics “Product Registration” Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C. age 18 or older at the time of entry. Void outside the U.S. in Puerto Rico, and wherever else prohibited by law. Sweepstakes begins at 12:00:01 AM ET on 01/01/17 and ends at 11:59:59 PM ET on 12/30/17, with four (4) separate Sweepstakes Periods: Period 1 begins on 01/01/17 and ends on 03/31/17; Period 2 begins on 04/01/17 and ends on 06/30/17; Period 3 begins on 07/01/17 and ends on 09/30/17; Period 4 begins on 10/01/17 and end on 12/30/17. Click here for how to enter without purchasing or registering a product and Official Rules. Sponsor: LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. 201 James Record Road, Huntsville, AL 35824.

    Online Event Registration and Management – Online Membership Management #online #event #registration,


    • Home
    • Association Manager
    • Event Manager
    • About Us
    • Resources
    • Success Stories
    • Blog
    • Contact Us
    • Terms of Service
    • Privacy Policy
    • Client Login

    123Signup provides a complete software solution to automate the time-consuming functions that come with running a membership-based business. We’ve helped thousands of membership organizations and associations trim the admin to-do list and gain back time to grow their membership base.

    Integrated member management and event registration tools enable you to:

    • Automate enrollment, renewal and dues collection
    • Easily communicate and connect with members
    • Collect event sign-ups and payments online
    • Track membership, financials, donations and more

    123Signup can help you grow your organization with less work. Call us today 877.691.9950!

    Manage Your Members With Ease

    Manage memberships quickly and easily with Association Manager! Spend less time on administrative tasks, more time on growing your membership base and your bottom line.

    Corporate, trade and non-profit organizations of all kinds depend on 123Signup to automate time-consuming tasks.

    See What Association Manager Can Do for You

    Fill Seats Fast With Online Registration

    Increase your event attendance and revenue with less work.

    Event Manager can be used for association meetings, conferences, chapter meetings, training events the possibilities are endless.

    Using online software is the fastest, easiest way to get events organized and event seats filled fast. Get Started Today

    Plumbing Denver Colorado #plumbing #denver #colorado, #drain #service #denver, #plumbers #denver, #heating


    Quality Denver Plumbing Company and Denver HVAC Company

    Welcome! Plumb Pros Inc. is a BBB A+ Rated Denver Plumbing company, Denver Heating company, Denver Air Conditioning company and a Denver Drain Cleaning company. We are licensed and insured in Denver and all local municipalities. We provide affordable, guaranteed plumbing service, heating service, air conditioner service, drain cleaning service and excavation service to residential and commercial customers.

    Our Mission. ForPlumb Pros Inc. to be synonymous with bringing back Genuine, Good Ol’ Fashioned Service in our hometown of Denver, Colorado where our name and reputation truly matters.’

    What you can expect from Plumb Pros Inc.:

    • Hassle-Free, Up Front Pricing. No Surprises!
    • Fast, Friendly Service
    • Quality, Guaranteed Work
    • Uniformed, Background Screened Technicians
    • Conveniently Scheduled Appointments
    • Same Day or Emergency Service Available

    Plumb Pros Inc. is proud of our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and always strives to maintain our excellent customer service reputation by providing quality, guaranteed, professional service. We keep our work trucks stocked with quality plumbing parts and equipment and the tools necessary in order to do the job right the first time.

    As a locally owned and operated company, we have a solid understanding of Colorado’s unique climate and codes so you are always provided the proper solution to your plumbing, drain cleaning, heating or cooling needs. We proudly support local businesses, area schools and reputable non-profit organizations.

    If you are in need of quality Plumbing services in Denver, call us! 303-430-1911. Plumb Pros Inc. would love to be your trusted plumbing, heating, cooling, drain service and excavation company.

    Other Service Locations:

    We serve the entire Denver Metro area including Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Broomfield, Brighton, Centennial, Englewood, Federal Heights, Fort Lupton, Golden, Green Valley Ranch, Greenwood Village, Lafayette, Lakewood, Littleton, Lochbuie, Lone Tree, Northglenn, Thornton, Stapleton, Superior, Westminster and Wheat Ridge just to name a few.

    For more information on the plumbing services we provide in Colorado, contact us today at 303-430-1911.

    We’re proud to service, repair and carry these brands:


    SMSWEB – SMS – Email Messaging Services for Schools Wishing to Communicate


    SMS Service

    An online communications solutions provider, working with schools in South Africa for the last 14 years, sms web enables schools to keep parents up-to-date with what is happening at the school via SMS amp; Email messaging. Schools can use our stand-alone web based platform or connect to our system via nbsp;their existing administration system.

    sms web prides itself on offering exceptionally high levels of service to our schools and works as a communications solutions provider, tailoring solutions to each school. What we have learnt over the last 14 years is that each school is different and has different needs.

    We offer the most cost-effective nbsp;packages for schools and can give you wold class nbsp;SMS amp; Email services to suit your budget and communications needs.

    “Thank you all at smsweb for the smsweb system. We are now able to keep our parents informed if we are sending out letters, having a parents evening, handing out reports etc. In the past when we handed letters to the pupils to give to their parents, very few of the letters reached the parents. Especially in the case of the difficult pupils, where they don’t want you to be in contact with their parents. We are able now to inform parents if pupils do not arrive at school. Inform them of problems in class and good and not so good results of tests. It is a wonderful system for last minute changes in closing times. In a culture where pupils have to be fetched from school it enables us to inform parents of cancelled sports fixtures etc. I don’t know how we managed before it.
    TEL: (011) 435-0362 ”


    “The SMS Service specifically helps our Pre-Primary with important messaging like the Big event that we had yesterday. It is also helping us get rid of a lot of excess paper in that we do not have to send out as many flyers to inform parents of things happening at the school, which often they do not even collect let alone read, making it very environmentally friendly and cost effective. I also use it as a reminder to pay monthly fees and to remind parents should the child need to bring a specific item to school. It has really enhanced our administration and communication channels and we cannot imagine life without SMSWEB.
    TEL: (011) 782-7212”


    “Firstly I would like to thank SMSWeb for this great service that you and your team is offering our school. Last night the Governing body had a meeting and one of the topics is the positive feedback from our parents. The parents just can not get enough sms’s. Now for the first time the school can keep them up to date with everything happening. Nothing is a crisis anymore … this morning we had cancellations on our netball championships, it took us only one SMS to short out the problem. Parents do not always have the time to read newsletters, but you would not believe the response of the sms. Thank you again for the BEST SMS service.
    TEL: (017) 634-7612”


    “Since we began using SMSWEB’s service at the start of last year we have had nothing but positive feedback from our parents at the school. We use the service primarily for notifying parents of changes in matches, venues, onset of wet weather, special events, etc. The service is very simple to use and to update. We have had a noticeable drop in complaints from parents not knowing what is happening as they feel far more informed and up to date. I thoroughly recommend the use of this service in both the academic and commercial sectors. It is a very practical, affordable and efficient method of communication and the service from SMSWEB has been outstanding.
    TEL: (021) 659-1052”


    “SMSWEB has opened new doors for our school, and we will never look back. Parents do not read letters, even if it just a short note, but they read a sms. Things could change very quikly in a school day, for instance if the weather changes, the sport arrangements have to be changed. In today’s world where it is not safe for children on the streets, it is a valuable asset to keep parents informed about the school programme all the time. Thank you to smsweb for this wonderful tool you put in our hands.
    TEL: (046) 653-0651”


    Affordable Self Storage in Hampton, VA #affordable #self #storage, #reviews, #ratings, #recommendations,


    Affordable Self Storage

    Information about this business (4 )

    6 locations to serve you6 va locations to serve youavailable-boxes andceilings-truckscobbs creek shacklefordcontrolled unites-highgloucester matthews hampton poquoson safe-clean-climatethe friendlier morethe friendlier more affordable alternative 223910attr:climate controlledstorage household & commercial

    Posted on May 08, 2015. Brought to you by localcom.

    Affordable Storage Inc is located at the address 1635 W Pembroke Ave Ste A in Hampton, Virginia 23661. They can be contacted via phone at (757) 723-6551 for pricing, hours and directions.

    Affordable Storage Inc has an annual sales volume of 0 – 500K. For more information contact Dan Bolkhel, Owner or go to

    Affordable Storage Inc provides Dry Storage Units, Self.

    Posted on September 02, 2014. Brought to you by chamberofcommerce.

    We offer self storage to keep your personal items safe while you are moving, haveing work done to the house, TDY, or just need a place to put your access items till you can make room for them. We are open 7 days a week and will stay later if needed to assist with your move in. We are the friendlier more affordable storage company.

    Posted on July 20, 2014. Brought to you by facebook.

    Posted by Anonymous on June 30, 2009. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

    Average Rating 20

    I rented a unit for one month back in July 2007. As of today, March 4, 2008, I have not received my $10.00 deposit. I have spoken to them several times. I will not stop until I get my money. Are there others who have not gotten their deposit?

    Posted by jj9801 on March 03, 2008. Brought to you by localguides.

    Business description (5) view all

    Affordable Storage can be found at W Pembroke Ave 1635. The following is offered: Warehouse Storage. The entry is present with us since Sep 9, 2010 and was last updated on Nov 14, 2013. In Hampton there are 6 other Warehouse Storage. An overview can be found here.

    Posted on September 20, 2015. Brought to you by opendius.

    Business, Climate Controlled, Home, Packing Supplies, Personal

    Posted on November 03, 2014. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

    Security Assessment, VAPT, ECSA Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon,


    A penetration test is done to evaluate the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack by a malicious user / hacker. The process involves active exploitation of security vulnerabilities that may be present due to poor or improper system configuration, known and / or unknown hardware or software flaws, or operational weaknesses in process or design.

    This analysis is carried out from the position of a potential attacker, to determine feasibility of an attack and the resulting business impact of a successful exploit. Usually this is presented with recommendations for mitigation or a technical solution.

    About this workshop

    This workshop gives an in-depth perspective of penetration testing approach and methodology that covers all modern infrastructure, operating systems and application environments.

    This workshop is designed to teach security professionals the tools and techniques required to perform comprehensive information security assessment.

    Participants will learn how to design, secure and test networks to protect their organization from the threats hackers and crackers pose. This workshop will help participants to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the security of their organization s infrastructure.

    This 40 hour highly interactive workshop will help participants have hands on understanding and experience in Security Assessment.

    A proper understanding of Security Assessment is an important requirement to analyze the integrity of the IT infrastructure.

    Expertise in security assessment is an absolute requirement for a career in information security management and could be followed by management level certifications like CISA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC and ISO 27001.

    There are many reasons to understand Security Assessment:

    • Prepare yourself to handle penetration testing assignments with more clarity
    • Understand how to conduct Vulnerability Assessment
    • Expand your present knowledge of identifying threats and vulnerabilities
    • Bring security expertise to your current occupation
    • Become more marketable in a highly competitive environment

    Therefore this workshop will prepare you to handle VA / PT assignments and give you a better understanding of various security concepts and practices that will be of valuable use to you and your organization.

    This workshop will significantly benefit professionals responsible for security assessment of the network / IT infrastructure.

    • IS / IT Specialist / Analyst / Manager
    • IS / IT Auditor / Consultant
    • IT Operations Manager
    • Security Specialist / Analyst
    • Security Manager / Architect
    • Security Consultant / Professional
    • Security Officer / Engineer
    • Security Administrator
    • Security Auditor
    • Network Specialist / Analyst
    • Network Manager / Architect
    • Network Consultant / Professional
    • Network Administrator
    • Senior Systems Engineer
    • Systems Analyst
    • Systems Administrator

    Anyone aspiring for a career in Security Assessment would benefit from this workshop. The workshop is restricted to participants who have knowledge of ethical hacking countermeasures.

    The entire workshop is a combination of theory and hands-on sessions conducted in a dedicated ethical hacking lab environment.

    • The Need for Security Analysis
    • Advanced Googling
    • TCP/IP Packet Analysis
    • Advanced Sniffing Techniques
    • Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus
    • Advanced Wireless Testing
    • Designing a DMZ
    • Snort Analysis
    • Log Analysis
    • Advanced Exploits and Tools
    • Penetration Testing Methodologies
    • Customers and Legal Agreements
    • Rules of Engagement
    • Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling
    • Pre Penetration Testing Checklist
    • Information Gathering
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • External Penetration Testing
    • Internal Network Penetration Testing
    • Routers and Switches Penetration Testing
    • Firewall Penetration Testing
    • IDS Penetration Testing
    • Wireless Network Penetration Testing
    • Denial of Service Penetration Testing
    • Password Cracking Penetration Testing
    • Social Engineering Penetration Testing
    • Stolen Laptop, PDAs and Cell phones Penetration Testing
    • Application Penetration Testing
    • Physical Security Penetration Testing
    • Database Penetration testing
    • VoIP Penetration Testing
    • VPN Penetration Testing
    • War Dialing
    • Virus and Trojan Detection
    • Log Management Penetration Testing
    • File Integrity Checking
    • Blue Tooth and Hand held Device Penetration Testing
    • Telecommunication and Broadband Communication Penetration Testing
    • Email Security Penetration Testing
    • Security Patches Penetration Testing
    • Data Leakage Penetration Testing
    • Penetration Testing Deliverables and Conclusion
    • Penetration Testing Report and Documentation Writing
    • Penetration Testing Report Analysis
    • Post Testing Actions
    • Ethics of a Penetration Tester
    • Standards and Compliance

    Business Choice Awards 2017: Internet Service Providers #internet #service #providers #business


    Business Choice Awards 2017: Internet Service Providers

    Which ISP can keep your office online with 99.999 percent uptime? PCMag readers pick a winner.

    Looking at cat videos at work requires a steady hand, a keen eye over the shoulder for the boss, and a worthwhile internet connection. If you’ve ever wished your office cubicle had much better broadband, this is the story you can take to your boss. Tell him just how well various business-oriented ISPs rate with the readers of PCMag.

    PCMag’s Business Choice: ISPs (internet service providers) highlight the broadband providers that score best overall with readers, as well as in categories like reliability, value, and how likely they are to be recommended to colleagues and friends. Your own ISP may not make the cut (we require a certain number of responses to include an ISP in any of the categories), but those that do are used by a clear majority of our readers. Yet only a few of those score so well that users are truly happy with the service. Read on to see which ISPs your boss should pick, so you can get those crystal-clear 4K cat video streams.

    You can be part of Business Choice! Sign up for the Readers’ Choice Survey mailing list to receive invitations in the future.

    These ISPs are reliable and perhaps well liked, but which is the fastest? Read the Fastest ISPs of 2017 to find out.

    Internet Service Providers for Business

    In our third year of rating ISPs for use at the workplace, RCN continues to impress. For the second year in a row, the business side of the cable-and-fiber-ISP in the northeastern United States has taken the top slot, this year adding a tenth of a point to its overall score, earning an 8.2 (on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 as the very best).

    Scores not represented as a percentage are on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is the best.

    Net Promoter Scores are based on the concept introduced by Fred Reichheld in his 2006 bestseller, The Ultimate Question, that no other question can better define the loyalty of a company’s customers than “how likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?” This measure of brand loyalty is calculated by taking the percent of respondents who answered 9 or 10 (promoters) and subtracting the percent who answered 0 through 6 (detractors). (For more, read PCMag’s Top Consumer Recommended Companies for 2016 .)

    If you would like to participate in PCMag’s monthly Readers’ Choice surveys and to be eligible for our monthly sweepstakes promotion, please sign up today .

    Cloud computing service models, Part 1: Infrastructure as a Service #cloud #computing,


    Infrastructure as a Service

    Software as an asset (business and consumer)

    SLAs; UI powered by thin-client applications; cloud components; communication via APIs; stateless; loosely coupled; modular; semantic interoperability

    Thin client; client-server application

    Avoid capital expenditure on software and development resources; reduced ROI risk; streamlined and iterative updates

    Centralization of data requires new/different security measures

    Primary facets of IaaS

    Rather than imagining the Internet as a single global cloud, it is perhaps more accurate to imagine it as a system of many clouds, like a thunderstorm. With this metaphor, it could be logically asserted that lightning is the weather system equivalent of communication among clouds. This metaphor is perhaps more accurate in the sense that clouds systematically interact with each other to create a single result: the Internet.

    It is unlikely that the Internet will be made up of one single cloud at least in the near future because of the lack of standards in cloud computing and obvious attempts by companies to capitalize long term through vendor lock-in. Nevertheless, cloud computing would not have advanced to where it is currently if it weren’t for innovation in the spirit of capitalism. Perhaps one day, the Internet really will be a single, interconnected cloud in which VMs could be transferred effortlessly to “the cloud” without concern for file format and interconnected clusters of VMs could be managed across service providers, all through a single interface. But that day is a long way off. In the meantime, we’ll speak of the Internet as consisting of many clouds. (Ironically, I’m using the Apple MobileMe cloud to store this article so I can work on it on across several devices.)

    Meet the elastic infrastructure

    Elasticity is the first critical facet of IaaS. To illustrate the concept of elasticity, I’m going to require you to use your imagination for a moment. Pretend that clouds are actually made of marshmallow clusters stuck together so that people can sit and ride on them. Each marshmallow cloud can hold a certain number of people, depending on the number of marshmallow clusters that make up the cloud and how many marshmallows are contained in those clusters. As more people get on to ride the marshmallow cloud, you can expand the marshmallow clusters by sticking more marshmallows to them, increasing the surface area. As you have probably already figured out, the people represent the applications that require compute resources, such as those that host Web sites and run software services. The marshmallow clusters represent clusters of VMs, with each marshmallow a VM.

    Although this might sound like something you’d expect to find in a Dr. Seuss book, it provides a means of understanding a concept considered by many a dark art: elastic clustering. Clustering of physical servers to form a virtual cloud is a concept known as cloud clustering, and if it is in fact a dark art, then mastery is measured by the scalability of an artist’s system design.

    Let’s look at an example. Say that you’re a statistical researcher working for the U.S. government. The government is a bit short-handed, and you’ve just been tasked with compiling all the data from the latest U.S. census. You’re responsible for formulating the necessary statistical data so that Congress can make important decisions regarding the allocation of economic recovery funds and tax dollars three days from now. Needless to say, this is a pretty important job, and you’re on a bit of a time crunch. What’s more, the amount of data you must process is astronomical, and you just found out that the compute resources required to compile it is going to take the IT department three weeks to get ready!

    This is exactly the kind of problem that you can easily mitigate using IaaS. As a matter of fact, using IaaS, you could have the entire U.S. census data analysis completed within an hour. You’d start by creating a single instance of a server that contains the database software to run queries on the data. This is called an image.

    After you deploy the image and import the data into the database, you could then duplicate that image as many times as necessary and start running your data-processing tasks. While the tasks are running, you might manually or automatically add and remove resources. For example, if the compute tasks were not running quickly enough, simply add more duplicate machine instances to the cluster.

    Now that you understand the concept of elasticity, let’s take a look at the second major facet of IaaS: virtualization.

    Machine virtualization

    Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, had the right idea back in 1995 when they spent their evenings sifting through dumpsters behind Stanford University’s computer science building, pulling out disregarded computer parts. They’d bring these random x86-based computer parts back to their dorm room to add to the Frankenstein machine hosting the legendary rogue Web crawler that took down Stanford’s entire network twice.

    Today, it is estimated that Google has more than 1 million x86 servers in 12 major data centers and about 20 smaller centers on different continents. That’s a pretty big cloud. Two key factors to the system design allowed them to scale the dorm-room beast in 1995, and it still holds true for the million-plus servers in the Google network today. To this day, Google continues to use inexpensive x86 parts instead of the much more expensive enterprise server components found in many corporate data centers. Second, failover, redundancy, monitoring, clustering, and other infrastructure management tasks are handled by a virtualization system that runs beneath the operating system level rather than using separate hardware such as load balancers to handle such tasks.

    IaaS is easy to spot, because it is typically platform-independent. IaaS consists of a combination of hardware and software resources. IaaS software is low-level code that runs independent of an operating system called a hypervisor and is responsible for taking inventory of hardware resources and allocating said resources based on demand (see Figure 1 ). This process is referred to as resource pooling. Resource pooling by the hypervisor makes virtualization possible, and virtualization makes multi-tenant computing possible a concept that refers to an infrastructure shared by several organizations with similar interests in regard to security requirements and compliance considerations.

    Figure 1. The relationship among VMs, the hypervisor, and the computer

    With IaaS, you have the capability to provision processing, storage, networks, and other computing resources, where you can deploy and run arbitrary software such as operating systems and applications. Most use cases for cloud computing follow the same fundamental layering structure you are already used to: a software solution stack or platform is deployed on a network infrastructure, and applications are run on top of the platform. However, virtualization makes the cloud paradigm unique.


    In this article, you learned about many of the basic principles of cloud computing as well as the anatomy of IaaS and how it might be used in a real-world situation. The second article in this series will dive into the second major classification of cloud computing: PaaS. In the meantime, check out the Related topics section for links to more information on IaaS.

    Downloadable resources

    Related topics

    Cloud Computing #free #cloud #computing #service #providers


    Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

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    Awesome customer Service! Review of Glenelg Motel, Glenelg, Australia #w #hotel #south

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    We spent three days here, started by welcoming service from the front staff and share the local information at the surrounding area, good. The room was spacious, clean bathroom, free wifi, flat TV, comfy beds, quiet and decent sleeps, at affordable room rate. A bit too far but still OK at a walking distance to Glenelg Jetty and Adelaide Tram Service. Not too far from airport, taxi less than $20 to/from airport. Happy stay.

    Although the Glenelg Motel is on a very busy road, the design of the property means that the rooms are very quiet. The rooms are big, clean and well maintained. The generous block of land means that the forecourt is also big, allowing plenty of space for manouvring the car. It is close to the airport, which is why I chose it – but, if the noise of planes taking off late into the night and early morning bothers you, take my advice and stay somewhere else. Personally, I love the sound of planes, so it didn’t bother me.

    My main criticism is the bed, which was not the most comfortable I’ve slept in, and I did wonder if it was past it’s use-by date. The pillows DEFINITELY need replacing – hard as a plank, and very thin. I’m still getting over the neck problems caused by the lack of support from the pillow.

    There are tea and coffee making facilities in each room.

    The noise insulation between bathrooms is non-existent, so I lay in bed in the morning listening to the occupant of the room next door showering – and actually had to open my eyes and check that they weren’t in my own bathroom!

    Breakfast was served in a dining room overlooking the property entrance and while not flash, was quite adequate – cereals, cups of fruit, three or four different types of bread to self-toast. I could’ve had a cooked breakfast, but on this occasion I didn’t have the time. The staff in the breakfast room were friendly and helpful.

    A bit nippy for me to try the swimming pool.

    See most recent reviews

    Traveler Room Tips

    Ask for a room at the back of the motel maybe, though we were in 37 and road noise was not bad.

    Mobile Internet #mobile #device #management #as #a #service


    Mobile Internet

    The paradigm of a mobile operator is shifting. Cloud, SDN, and NFV are making it easier for providers to introduce new services quickly at scale and with compelling economics. Architectures that simplify, automate, and virtualize can help create and deliver services securely and efficiently. And with 5G around the corner, you will need to consider having a 5G-ready network foundation in place.
    Cisco’s Mobile Internet can help you:

    • Boost agility to capture new revenue opportunities
    • Improve operations and provide a better customer experience
    • Prepare for 5G, IoT, and beyond with a unified enablement platform that integrates heterogeneous access, transport, core, services with end-to-end automation, management, orchestration, and security – across multi-vendor environments.
    • Take advantage of cloud efficiencies through separate control and data planes and dynamically deliver customized services through network slicing

    Cisco’s Open Network Architecture for service providers is a comprehensive framework to make networks more open, flexible, and programmable. This approach consists of three functional layers: physical and virtual infrastructure. network abstraction. and applications and cloud-based services that are tightly integrated with security, policy, and analytics. It also leverages telemetry and automation to deliver an optimized, high-quality user experience to customers and self-healing to the network.

    SON (self-optimizing network) harmonizes and optimizes network performance across architectures and between vendors. It helps mobile operators cut costs, improve the mobile experience, and reduce expenses by deploying more small cells. Activate new sites automatically, boost performance, and profit from the intelligence gathered from your radio network.

    The inside story on small cells

    Cisco is simplifying wireless access for enterprises, creating new opportunities for you. (Video – 1:38 min)

    Cisco small cell technology delivers 3G and 4G services integrated with our Wi-Fi products for enterprise customers. (Video – 1:10 min)

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    Welcome to The Ferraro Law Firm – Tax Whistleblower Attorneys

    Important News:

    An IRS whistleblower submission filed in the infancy of the program by The Ferraro Law Firm resulted in a $38 Million award for one of our clients.

    At The Ferraro Law Firm. those with information about tax underpayments can get the same high-quality representation that the largest corporations and wealthiest individuals enjoy. Big corporations and the super-rich spend millions of dollars on outside tax controversy counsel. The reason is that businesses need to defend the very types of underpayments you have discovered. With that in mind, ask yourself if it might not be time you had a tax whistleblower lawyer working for you—someone with the same type of experience who can fight effectively to protect your interests?

    The IRS Whistleblower statute gives anyone with information about large-scale tax underpayments, including accounting errors, tax fraud or evasion, a significant financial incentive to report it. The IRS must give you up to 30% of any money they collect based upon your information.

    If you believe that you have such information, contact The Ferraro Law Firm in Miami, Florida, for a confidential consultation.

    Our tax whistleblower attorneys have over $100 billion in active IRS whistleblower submissions, and years of experience handling tax controversies and other complex tax matters for some of the world’s largest corporations and wealthiest individuals while practicing at some of the country’s largest and most prominent tax law firms. As a result, they know exactly what an IRS whistleblower case entails and exactly how to take a case from beginning to end and guarantee maximum results. Today, their practice focuses on helping IRS whistleblowers maximize their rewards while protecting themselves from the underpaying taxpayers.

    Our tax attorneys practice exclusively in the area of IRS whistleblower claims and have hundreds of cases under their belt. We don’t do this part time, so you get experienced attorneys versed in the tax law and IRS procedures that directly apply to you case.

    More than anything, we know you want your case taken seriously and that maximizing your reward is of the utmost importance. We would like you to know, sincerely, that this is something we do every day for the people we represent. Learn more about reporting tax fraud .

    Confidential Consultations, Nationwide Practice — 1-800-275-3332

    We invite you to explore the rest of this website to learn more about the IRS Whistleblower Rewards program and other relevant topics. We also invite you to call or contact our lawyers directly at either our Washington, D.C. or Miami, Florida, area offices.

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    What We Do:

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    • Plumbing, Roofing Flooring

    We are the Experts on Water Damage, Fire Damage and Mold Damage Restorations

    You have come to the right place. With over 60 years of experience, ServiceMaster by Reed, can take care of any Water, Fire, Smoke or Odor Damage of any size.
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    “I am very pleased with their services. They’re very honest and hardworking. Big thanks to you!”
    Superpages review
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    “Very pleased with their services They were on time and my carpet looks new and smells fresh. They were very careful with my furnishings and walls and it was obvious that they take pride in their works. I will definitely use them again.”
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    Some of the Areas We Serve:

    Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood – Pembroke Pines – Weston – Miami Beach – Aventura – Sunny Isles – Coral Gables – Kendall – Coral Springs – Doral – Tamarac – North Lauderdale – Pompano Beach – Sunrise – Plantation – Hialeah – Miramar – Homestead – Hallandale – Davie – North Miami – Miami Lakes

    Some Zip Codes of The Areas We Serve:
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    *For homeowners based on visual assessment, does not include mold inspection reports, other restrictions may apply, call for more details.
    2013 ServiceMaster by Reed. All rights reserved. An independent business licensed to serve you by ServiceMaster Clean
    Unless otherwise noted, the graphic images, buttons, layout, and text contained in this Web site are the exclusive property of ServiceMaster by Reed and its related, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of ServiceMaster by Reed. 4099 N. 28th Way Hollywood, FL. 33020

    Il primo portale italiano dedicato al Lean Manufacturing e Six Sigma #lean

    # La Lean Manufacturing, in italiano Produzione Snella. una strategia che coinvolge tutta l’organizzazione aziendale, per raggiungere l’eliminazione totale degli sprechi. al fine di avere:
    – La migliore qualit
    – 100% delle consegne
    – Il prezzo migliore
    Contatta Chiarini Associati per servizi di Consulenza e Formazione.

  • La Lean Manufacturing, in italiano Produzione Snella. una strategia che coinvolge tutta l’organizzazione aziendale, per raggiungere l’eliminazione totale degli sprechi. al fine di avere:
    – La migliore qualit
    – 100% delle consegne
    – Il prezzo migliore
    Contatta Chiarini Associati per servizi di Consulenza e Formazione.

  • La Lean Manufacturing, in italiano Produzione Snella. una strategia che coinvolge tutta l’organizzazione aziendale, per raggiungere l’eliminazione totale degli sprechi. al fine di avere:
    – La migliore qualit
    – 100% delle consegne
    – Il prezzo migliore
    Contatta Chiarini Associati per servizi di Consulenza e Formazione.

  • La Lean Manufacturing, in italiano Produzione Snella. una strategia che coinvolge tutta l’organizzazione aziendale, per raggiungere l’eliminazione totale degli sprechi. al fine di avere:
    – La migliore qualit
    – 100% delle consegne
    – Il prezzo migliore
    Contatta Chiarini Associati per servizi di Consulenza e Formazione.

  • La Lean Manufacturing, in italiano Produzione Snella. una strategia che coinvolge tutta l’organizzazione aziendale, per raggiungere l’eliminazione totale degli sprechi. al fine di avere:
    – La migliore qualit
    – 100% delle consegne
    – Il prezzo migliore
    Contatta Chiarini Associati per servizi di Consulenza e Formazione.

    Benvenuti, siete sul primo portale italiano interamente dedicato ai temi e alla consulenza Lean Manufacturing e Six Sigma.
    Basta un click su tutti i nostri strumenti per conoscere come combattere gli sprechi nella Vostra azienda.

    Oppure scaricate il catalogo completo della formazione che eroghiamo sia nelle nostre aule, sia personalizzata all’interno della Vostra azienda.

    Per ulteriori informazioni:
    0532 208482 / 051 236037

    Evento: (29/06/2017) SEMINARIO LEAN PHILOSOPHY

    Il seminario tratterà i temi della Lean Manufacturing con particolare attenzione alla cosiddetta Lean Philosophy, infatti proporrà una prima parte dedicata alla descrizione degli strumenti Lean e relativo approccio tecnico manageriale ed una seconda parte in cui sarà analizzata la sinergia degli stessi con la Lean Philosophy.

    Cos’ la Lean Manufacturing?

    Lean la nuova sfida per le organizzazioni per essere maggiormente competitivi e pi veloci nella risposta al cliente. “Lean Means Speed”, ovvero Lean significa velocit . Lean Manufacturing inquadrabile come strategia che coinvolge tutta l’organizzazione, partendo dal Business Plan aziendale con precisi obiettivi da raggiungere che si traducono in indicatori per il “Shop Floor”. Lean Manufacturing System un sistema di eliminazione totale degli sprechi. adatto a tutte le organizzazioni, di qualsiasi dimensione. Ulteriori informazioni.


    In occasione della celebrazione dei 25 anni del termine Lean, la nostra società di consulenza, nella persona del Presidente Andrea Chiarini ha collaborato con la casa editrice SPRINGER New York per un volume in Inglese sul tema.Scopri di più

    I nostri servizi

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    CECB—Uniquely Suited for Your Business

    Founded in 1979, Carnahan, Evans, Cantwell Brown, P.C. (CECB) is a locally owned and operated law firm, noted for its commitment to providing superior client service to a diverse client base, including national and regional businesses, financial institutions, not for profit organizations and individual clients. The Firm is A-V rated by Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest rating given by the publication.

    The Firm s attorneys practice in a wide variety of areas including business litigation, corporate and general business, environmental, employee benefits, estate planning, probate, trusts, banking and financial institutions, employment, real estate, tax and wealth strategies. Practice in these areas results in a powerful synergy, providing proactive problem solving and superior service to our clients.

    Celebrating over a quarter-century of service, the attorneys at CECB have been recognized locally, regionally, and nationally by their peers. In addition, while the Firm prides itself on the integrity of the legal work performed, we are also deeply committed to service in civic and charitable activities, including serving on the boards of numerous civic and community organizations.

    The Firm s record of assisting small and large business is impeccable, and our position indisputable as a preeminent law firm. With these credentials, including seven attorneys who have their Master of Laws in Taxation, our clients are assured of receiving efficient, effective and innovative legal assistance.

    CECB In The News

    November 11, 2016

  • November 11, 2016

  • Quick Contact

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    Idaho Falls HVAC and Plumbing Contractor #all #service #plumbing


    Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Heating Services in Idaho Falls, ID

    Are you satisfied with your air conditioner s performance? Do you want to make certain that your drains are cleaned thoroughly to prevent clogs? Do you need a new heater before winter rolls in? When it comes to air conditioning, heating and plumbing services in the Idaho Falls, ID area, you can rely on the team at Advanced Home Services. Our technicians are skilled and experienced, and we stand behind what we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for your home or commercial space.

    Advanced Home Services provides air conditioning, heating and plumbing services in Idaho Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

    The plumbing system in your home is one of the most important parts of the home. You rely on it daily for purposes of cleaning, drinking and cooking. It s hard not to take your plumbing system for granted, considering just how central it is to our experience of domestic life. If you find that your plumbing system is no longer working correctly, it requires regular maintenance, or you need to make sure that your new plumbing product is installed correctly, then just let us know.

    While you may think solely of the fresh, potable water that runs out of the tap when you think of your plumbing system, your drain and sewer system is equally important. You need to make sure that your drain pipes are clean so that wastewater can flow out to your sewer line, where it can be properly disposed of. We provide exceptional drain and sewer services throughout the Idaho Falls, ID area, including drain repair and cleaning, trenchless technology, and pipeline inspection as well as hydro jetting.

    As a leading provider of plumbing services in the area, we ensure that our customer receive customized solutions that will improve the comfort and convenience of their homes. When it comes to drinking clean water in the home, you may have to consider a water treatment system. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of filtration and purification devices as well as softeners. In fact, we offer specialized water treatment equipment specifically tailored to the water supply in southeast Idaho.

    Whether you have a green thumb or just like to keep a clean lawn, take advantage of all that a sprinkler system offers to your home by calling our professionals here at Advanced Home Services. We can make sure that your property is outfitted with an appropriately sized system that meets your needs. We work with homes and budgets of all sizes, so let us know what you need, and we ll make sure you have it.

    With temperatures that can dip down to 20 or even 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it s important that your home be adequately equipped with a heating system that is both powerful and energy efficient. We offer a number of different systems for installation and replacement, including furnaces, boilers and heat pumps as well as fireplaces. Our HVAC technicians are also capable of handling your heating repair and maintenance needs.

    When the summer begins to heat up your home, it s critical that your AC be efficient enough to keep your energy bills low and powerful enough to ensure that your entire space is evenly and adequately cooled. We offer comprehensive air conditioning services throughout the Idaho Falls, ID area, including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. Whether your AC has broken down or you need a new system entirely, we can oblige you.

    It can be difficult to think about every little detail when running a business of your own. We can sympathize with the challenges that commercial property owners face on daily basis, and we try to make it as easy on our customers as possible. We provide comprehensive commercial services throughout the Idaho Falls, ID area, including HVAC and plumbing. Call Advanced Home Services today for exceptional customer service and workmanship.

    Advanced Home Services proudly services these areas:

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    Document Management Services

    DataPlus Consulting is a full-service Document Management Company in Dallas. We provide a wide range of document services to Corporations, Law Firms, Accounting Departments and Legal Departments all across the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

    Call DataPlus Consulting today at 214-969-0333

    e-Discovery Services

    Our professionally trained e-discovery specialists are experts at processing and organizing electronic documents in all formats.

    We can take all of your raw digital files and convert them to usable formats, assign identification numbers, extract all meta data, and export everything with a load file for easy uploading into whatever document management software you are using.

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    Copy Services Color Copies

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    FTP – What Is It and How Do I Use It? #ftp


    What Is FTP and How Do I Use It?

    Updated June 11, 2017

    You may or may not have heard the term, FTP [def.], but it is something that can come in handy when creating a Web site. FTP is an acronym that stands for File Transfer Protocol. An FTP client is a program that allows you to easily move files from one computer to another.

    In the case of creating a Web site, this means that if you create the pages for your site on your computer, either using a text editor or some other Web page editor. then you will need to move it to the server where your site will be hosted.

    FTP is the main way to do this.

    There are many different FTP clients that you can download from the Internet. Some of these can be downloaded for free and others on a try before you buy basis.

    How Does It Work?

    Once you have your FTP client uploaded to your computer and you have an account set up with a home page hosting provider that offers FTP then you are ready to get started.

    Open your FTP client. You will see several different boxes that you will need to fill out. The first one is the Profile Name . This is simply the name you are going to give to this particular site. You can call it My Home Page if you want to.

    The next box is the Host Name or Address . This is the name of the server that your home page is being hosted on. You can get this from your hosting provider. It will look something like this: .

    The other important things you will need to access your site are your User ID and Password .

    These are the same as the username and password that you gave when you signed up for the hosting service that you are trying to access.

    You may want to click on the button that saves your password so you don t have to type it every time unless you have a security reason for not doing this. You may also want to go to the startup properties and change the initial local folder to automatically go to the place on your computer where you are keeping your home page files.

    Once you have all your settings in place click on the button that says OK and you will see it connect to the other server. You will know this is complete when files show up on the right side of the screen.

    For simplicity s sake, I recommend that you set up the folders on your hosting service exactly the same as you set them up on your computer so you will always remember to send your files to the correct folders.

    Using FTP

    Now that you are connected the hard part is behind you and we can start the fun stuff. Let s transfer some files!

    The left side of the screen are the files on your computer. Find the file that you want to transfer by double clicking on the folders until you get to your file. The right side of the screen are the files on the hosting server. Go to the folder you want to transfer your files to also by double clicking.

    Now you can either double click on the file you are transferring or you can single click on it and then click on the arrow that points to the right side of the screen. Either way, you will now have a file on your hosting server. To move a file from the hosting server to your computer do the same thing except click on the arrow that points to the left side of the screen.

    That s not all you can do with your files using the FTP client. You can also view, rename, delete and move your files around. If you need to create a new folder for your files you can do that too by clicking on MkDir .

    You ve now mastered the skill of transferring files. All you have left to do is go to your hosting provider, log in and look at your Web site. You may need to make a few adjustments to your links but you now have a working Web site of your very own.

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    Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating Technology 1 – Miami Lakes Educational Center


    Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating Technology 1

    The primary mission of the Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Technology program is to provide quality educational training designed to meet the current and future needs of the air conditioning heating industry.

    Toward this end the following guidelines are established: assist students to choose, prepare for, enter, and be gainfully employed in the air conditioning and heating field; offer a program which emphasizes sound fundamentals while responding to the needs of this particular industry; and provide courses to meet current and specific needs of the student and this industry.

    The Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating Technology 1 program provides students with the technical knowledge and skills needed for employment in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry. Instruction includes a combination of classroom theory and practical experience. Students are encouraged to join SkillsUSA and eligible students may be nominated by their teachers to join the National Vocational-Technical Honor Society.

    • Refrigeration Fundamentals
    • Tools and Components
    • Basic Electricity, Circuitry and Wiring
    • Electric Motors
    • Room and Central Air Conditioner
    • Heating Recovery Systems and Heat Pumps
    • Employability Skills and Safety

    The average length of this program is 750 hours, approximately 7-8 months, for adults if attending full-time. Actual time is dependent upon enrollment status, whether you are a full-time or part-time student, and the length of time necessary for the student to achieve competencies. This program contains several occupational completion points designed to prepare students for various entry level jobs within this occupational area.

    • Application.
      • Interview by guidance counselor.
      • Assessment in reading, math and language.
      • Must be at least 16 years old and not attending high school.
    • Fees:
      • ID $10.00
      • Application fee $15.00
      • Materials fee $100.00
      • Tuition $1920.00
      • Books $170.00
      • Miscellaneous fees
        • Coveralls $50.00
        • Eye shield $3
        • Goggles $4
        • Work boots $75.00
    • Approximate total $2347.00

    This program operates on an open-entry, open-exit basis. Students may enter the program anytime during the school-year. Entrance is dependent upon space availability.

    Commercial Service Technician, Domestic Service Technician, Marine Air Conditioning Service Technician, Sales-Air Conditioning, Heating, or Refrigeration Equipment.

    O*NET lists the following occupations that the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology I program prepare students to enter:

    The United States Department of Education requires the following information be disclosed for all educational programs that are Title IV eligible.

    The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS ) in reporting year 09/10, under Institutional Characteristics, indicates the following average program costs:

    Tuition Fees: $ 1612.50/program
    Room and Board:
    No on campus room or board provided
    Off campus, not with family: Est. $ 10720/8 month program
    Off campus, with family: Est. $6040/8 month program
    Books and Supplies: $200/year
    Other Cost: N/A

    Business proofreading services and copyediting #business #proofreading, #proofreading #services, #copyediting, #internet #proofreading,


    Clients Love the Convenience, Speed, and Accuracy of
    Internet Proofreading from

    Internet Proofreading Is Convenient

    In this “I need it yesterday” world, you’re sure to agree with my clients that Internet proofreading is a blessing. The convenience of being able to simply email a message or attachment and have it returned to you polished and ready to impress is an absolute necessity. With Internet proofreading, all your copyediting can be handled quickly and professionally.

    “In the advertising/copywriting business, I always hear from customers who are in a hurry for copyediting. It’s such a blessing to know that is available to help me out in a pinch. The convenience factor of being able to email or fax a project to Cathy and have it returned in just a short while is a real lifesaver!”

    Internet Proofreading Is Fast

    I constantly hear my clients’ kind words about quick turnaround. Internet proofreading, in and of itself, speeds up the process. And I always strive to meet your deadlines even if you have a rush job.

    “Cathy Kessler has proven time and again to be a valuable asset in enhancing the effectiveness of many of my different types of written communications. I know that when I send something to Cathy for copyediting, not only will it be returned to me in a prompt manner, but also the document will be grammatically correct. Cathy’s helpful insights in the area of business proofreading have enabled me to clearly state what I want the reader to know, while doing it in a very straightforward, professional manner. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone who understands the value of the well-edited written word.”

    Internet Proofreading Is Accurate

    Most of my clients rave about the accuracy of Internet proofreading. Because the copyediting is done in digital format, the results are more reliable than marking the changes on paper and then having to make adjustments on your document later. If you’d like to see the changes I’ve made while copyediting, just ask, and I’ll gladly mark them for you.

    “It’s really hard to find your own mistakes, especially when you know how text/copy should read. I always run all my projects past Cathy’s meticulous eyes before releasing a project to press or production. On more than one occasion, she has found typos or grammatical errors that would have cost me money and aggravation to reprint, not to mention client dissatisfaction as a result, I’ve never had to reprint a project. I would highly recommend Cathy’s copyediting and proofreading services to anyone who writes or uses text/copy of any kind. She’s the best!!”

    Asia Hotel Bangkok – Bangkok Thailand online Reservation Service #what #is #health

    #asia hotel


    Asia Hotel Bangkok

    Check in. 01:00 PM

    Check out. 12:00 AM

    Asia Hotel Bangkok Bangkok Overview :
    The Asia Hotel has 650 well-appointed and tastefully decorated rooms and suites with modern luxuries. Amenities to make your stay enjoyable include 2 large outdoor swimming pools, sauna and health club. For relaxation, there are live entertainment in our lobby bar and cocktail lounge. Dining is also imaginative and exciting. There are 4 restaurants ranging from local delights and snacks to exquisite gourmet, Chinese, Brazilian and Vietnamese cuisines. For meeting and conventions, the Asia Hotel excels with facilities for up to 1,500 people, plus a Business center that has facilities for even a small business meeting complete with secretarial and translation services, photocopiers, telex and facsimile.

    Asia Hotel Bangkok Bangkok Location :
    Ideally situated in Bangkok’s colorful shopping, business and entertainment center, the Asia Hotel has long been popular with business travellers and tourists. Already in a class of its own, the hotel surpasses your expectations of comfort, service and dining all at the best value in town.

    HotelThailand offers vast selection of resorts and hotels in Thailand. The accommodations in Bangkok are available on this page with alternative hotels from the list below. Book a hotel room for your Bangkok travel with us today!

    Besides information on hotels in Bangkok, you can find more detail about Bangkok activities for trip on this page.

    Check in. 01:00 PM

    Check out. 12:00 AM

    Asia Hotel Bangkok Bangkok Overview :
    The Asia Hotel has 650 well-appointed and tastefully decorated rooms and suites with modern luxuries. Amenities to make your stay enjoyable include 2 large outdoor swimming pools, sauna and health club. For relaxation, there are live entertainment in our lobby bar and cocktail lounge. Dining is also imaginative and exciting. There are 4 restaurants ranging from local delights and snacks to exquisite gourmet, Chinese, Brazilian and Vietnamese cuisines. For meeting and conventions, the Asia Hotel excels with facilities for up to 1,500 people, plus a Business center that has facilities for even a small business meeting complete with secretarial and translation services, photocopiers, telex and facsimile.

    Asia Hotel Bangkok Bangkok Location :
    Ideally situated in Bangkok’s colorful shopping, business and entertainment center, the Asia Hotel has long been popular with business travellers and tourists. Already in a class of its own, the hotel surpasses your expectations of comfort, service and dining all at the best value in town.

    HotelThailand offers vast selection of resorts and hotels in Thailand. The accommodations in Bangkok are available on this page with alternative hotels from the list below. Book a hotel room for your Bangkok travel with us today!

    Besides information on hotels in Bangkok, you can find more detail about Bangkok activities for trip on this page.

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    IP PBX Systems

    With all of the business communications features included in IPitomy, there is never any conflict between one component and another. In the past, voice messaging systems, music on hold, call queuing, conference bridge, and automated attendants may have been separate components developed by different manufacturers. Integration of all of these devices required much time and expertise to accomplish. With IPitomy, everything is designed to work together in one comprehensive package solving the integration issues and making everything much simpler to use.

    All Inclusive Applications on the IPitomy Pure IP PBX platform.

    • Smart Personal Console is accessible through any web browser and can be used by any user. Simply login to the correct extension and configure the extensions settings.
    • Individual Extension Forwarding can be set for user on the system and allows for calls to be directly forwarded to any internal location or any external number. This feature can easily be activated and de-activated from your IPitomy phone or your mobile phone. Forwarded calls can be transferred even from your mobile phone or land line!
    • Call Recording can allow any user to record calls with the touch of a button. Automatic Call Recording is also available as an optional feature.
    • Meet Me Conference Bridge with full administrative features. The Conference Bridge allows conference calls to be hosted by users and includes advanced features like announce on entry, mute/unmute users, remove users and more. Two available conference rooms, each supporting up to 16 users. Passwords and entry features are fully customizable through the web interface.
    • Branch Office allows you to connect multiple sites together and use them as though it was one system.
    • Call Reporting allows full list of all call activity on the system.
    • System Monitoring allows an administrator to monitor all extensions, SIP Providers and Branch Office Connections.
    • Diagnostics can be turned on/offand viewed by an administrator through the web interface.
    • IPitomy Dialer With the click of a mouse button a user can call any number stored in their Outlook Contacts, stored numbers or any number in any program or browser..
    • Q Manage r ( Optional ) Provides presence management, text messaging, monitors the extension status of other users in the system and provides call control on the desktop for fast call handling and advanced functionality such as call recording and coaching.
    • Follow Me can ring your desktop phone or any number of alternative phones simultaneously. Receive calls on your mobile phone while away from your desk. Follow Me can be enables after a configurable amount of rings and then begin trying other phones all at once or one at a time.

    IPitomy IP1100 Compact Powerful IP PBX Systemfor Up to 50 Users
    IP1100 Powerful IP PBX System Fully featured IP PBX that supports the complete line of IPitomy Features including the Desktop Q Manager. Besides all of IPitomy s great features, the IP1100 is a compact chassis that is easy to mount in a rack. Powerful text messaging with all users plus text messaging with cell phones using any XMPP chat client. Full presence management in the office or from a mobile phone such as the IPhone or Android.

    The IP1100 supports screen pops in any web based application such as, V-Tiger or even can display incoming caller location on a Google map.The system is an impressive application platform that will meet the needs of any organization.

    Of course the IP1100 supports SIP trunks and analog gateways. Remote users, ACD, 32 port confernce bridge, web based administration and all of the IP PBX features you need to keep your business on the technological forefront of features and benefits. The IP1100 is upgradeable to the IP1200 system if necessary.

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    Your favorite Manhattan movers at a price you can afford!

    Get matched with local moving companies!

    If you’re looking for the best local Manhattan moving companies, then you’re in the right place. We know first-hand how difficult it can be to find the right mover to work within your budget. That’s why we’ve simplified the search process for you. We’ve collected the best of the best local moving pros in Manhattan and will help pair you with a mover that meets your specific needs. Forget about searching Craigslist & Yelp. we’ve got you covered. 60 seconds to find affordable local moving options.

    Full Service Options

    Sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and let the pros take care of your entire move! If you’re looking for the ultimate peace of mind, go with a full service moving option. This will include the delicate packing of all your belongings, making sure that everything is properly and professionally packed. This is the ultimate hands-off move.

    Manhattan Hourly Moving Labor

    Get simple and transparent moving prices at an hourly rate. Whether you’re looking for two men and a truck, or a larger team of 3, or even 4 movers, we have options available to meet your exact needs.

    Your Moving Company Search. Simplified

    There are a number of complications that can arise during a Manhattan move that the ordinary person would never even think of. That’s why it is imperative to go with a moving company that knows the city and knows the details surrounding a NYC move.

    Quit wasting your time and go straight to the source. We have hundreds of qualified, fully-insured movers in our database. Let them make a bid on your specific move and see how much you can save.

    When you are looking for unmatched quality at unbeatable prices, there’s only one place to turn for your Manhattan moving needs. Looking for cheap Brooklyn moving companies. We can help you find them too!

    Copyright Cheap Movers NYC 2017

    The Monitoring Center – Security Alarm Monitoring $ Per Month #home #security,

    6 month FREE Sign up BONUS

    At The Monitoring Center. we know “Every Penny Counts” and are offering you additional savings. Switchover today and take full Advantage of our 6 month FREE Give-away.

    Medical Alert at NO Extra Monthly Cost

    In recognition and respect for our Seniors, we monitor medical alarm signals at the same LOW monthly rate of ONLY $9.99/month. We monitor all of your devices at the same LOW price. Do NOT pay EXTRA for any device attached to your alarm system.

    Our Senior Rate Guarantee

    The Monitoring Center recognizes that seniors are on a fixed income. In order to assist we GUARANTEE your rate will NOT increase as long as you subscribe to our service.

    No Phone Line?

    • With the new “Lynx Touch” system combined with a “WiFi” module the presence of a phone line is no longer required

    Remote Security Services

    • Control your home alarm from your mobile device, tablet or computer.
    • Receive email or text alerts from your alarm system
    • Easily manage and control users through the online interface

    Calculate Your Savings

    Call Today

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    Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Appliance Repair!

    Looking for fast, reliable air conditioning, refrigeration sales, service, and repair and appliance repair for your Florida Home or Business? You’ll be delighted with Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliances LLC. On top of our rapid response and satisfaction guaranteed service, enjoy $30 off any refrigeration or A/C repair and we never charge a service call fee. Don’t let unexpected repairs catch you off guard this season! Our trained specialists perform routine maintenance to make sure your Air Conditioning or refrigeration system is operating at peak efficiently! Let Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliance LLC install a high-efficiency Air Conditioning system and drastically cut your homes heating and cooling costs call one of our air conditioning sales team member today and get your free price quote! We service all makes and models! Have Your A/C maintenance done for only $50 And for $50 diagnostic fee will come to your house and check out your system and tell you what is wrong with it and give you a price to repair it if you want it repaired will repair it for the price quoted or if you do not want it repaired all you have top pay is $50 for the diagnostic fee no service call fee and no other hidden coast. Read what our delighted customers had to say below about our customer service satisfaction guarantee

    Air Conditioning

    Call today only $50 dollar diagnostic fee no service call fee or hidden cost!!


    walk in cooler or freezer down no problem cll us only $50 dollar diagnostic fee no overtime or service call fee!

    Appliance Repair

    Appliance don’t work no problem call Preston’s today and we will have your up and running in no time!

    Air Conditioning Replacement

    Call Preston’s today and get your free estimate and get the best price in town!

    Ice Machine

    Ice machine not working or needs service call today only $50 dollar diagnostic fee.

    Refrigerator not working

    Give Preston’s A call and get the best price and service in town all from one company!!

    Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Call and have your Air Conditioning maintenance done by the best service company in town!

    Our Warrenty

    We give A one year warranty on parts and labor for all parts replace from repairs and 10 year parts on all new residential air conditioning system with 2 years labor!

    Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliance LLC

    Oh yeah! Don’t forget about our services!

    Abbotsford – Langley – Heat Pumps – Furnaces – Air Conditioners –


    Carrier and Lennox Furnace, Heat Pump and A/C Repairs, Service and Installation – Abbotsford / Langley.

    In addition to the Lennox and Carrier product lines, we also provide service and repairs to many other gas furnace, heat pump, and air conditioner brands from other major manufacturers. Need a new hvac system? We offer free in-home estimates on new and replacement high-efficiency gas furnaces, central air conditioning systems, air source heat pumps, ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

    Warranty Repairs – Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners

    At Complete Heating and Air Conditioning Services, our service and repair department is the core of our business. We are proud to be able to offer manufacturer’s Warranty Repair Services for some of the best names in the HVAC industry – Lennox. Carrier. Trane, Airco, American Standard. Honeywell. Coleman, Amana, Sears, York and many others.

    No matter where you purchased your heating or cooling equipment from, or if it simply came with your home, we can provide warranty parts and service coverage if it is available under the original warranty terms. Not sure if your equipment is still covered under a warranty program? Simply call and provide us with the make, model and serial number of you furnace, air conditioner or heat pump, and we can usually verify coverage for you right over the phone.

    Call us today and see why we are trusted by so many of the major HVAC manufacturers to be their authorized Warranty Service Provider.

    Non-Warranty Repairs – Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners

    We stock parts for ALL major brands of gas furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps. Even if your furnace is 40 years old, we can likely source the current parts and repair the equipment to its proper operation.

    For a more complete list of brands that we cover for both warranty and non-warranty repairs, please see our Parts and Repair page.

    We are extremely proud to have had members of our service department chosen by Mike Holmes’ magazine, “Holmes on Homes”, to write for the magazine’s “Ask an Expert” column.

    Heating and Air Conditioning – Replacement and Installation

    Remember, whether you need a new furnace or you just need furnace repairs to your current equipment, a new central air conditioner or heat pump installation, or an just an air conditioning or heat pump tune-up, we can help. For any new and replacement heating and cooling equipment installations, selecting the right HVAC company is just as important as selecting the right brand of equipment. All of our service and installation technicians are BCIT trained, Government licensed and also have additional manufacturer’s factory training to do the job right the first time.

    If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we likely know who does. Just give us a call.

    With dispatch centers in both Abbotsford and Langley, we are only a phone call away.

    Service areas include Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, Surrey, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Mission, North and West Vancouver.

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    Includes a free router for either service. Installation in 3-6 weeks! Subject to availability.

    Welcome to DIGILINK

    DigiLink is a Business VoIP and Internet Service Provider serving businesses that value performance, reliability, and a level of service that is simply not available from huge telephone and cable companies.

    DigiLink has provided quality service for over 20 years with a demonstrated rock solid up time of 99.998%. We give the highest level of service at the lowest price.

    Los Angeles ISP – DigiLink provides Broadband internet service, as well as connecting businesses all over the world through it’s VoIP Hosted PBX and SIP Trunk Services. DigiLink is based in Marina del Rey, California. We serve businesses in the greater Los Angeles region, Orange County and throughout United States.

    “The cure for the common ISP” is our motto. Every day we go extra mile to be a part of your Business Success!

    Business Class Wireless Internet!

    Special Introductory Offer:
    3 Mbps Symmetrical Wireless Internet Service (twice the speed of a T1 line),
    for as low as $390.00/month *.
    $0 installation!

    Internet T1 Line

    When you connect to a Full-Duplex DigiLink Internet T1, you are tapping into an extremely well engineered and supported network. As low as $250/mo * for a limited time.
    Upgrade to Bonded T1 service for higher bandwidth.

    DigiDial Hosted PBX

    Get powerful business voice features with DigiDial-VoIP. DigiLink’s hosted business Voice over IP PBX service can save you big bucks compared
    to a traditional PBX!

    Extreme Bandwidth T3/DS3

    For the ultimate in connectivity we offer Full T3/DS3 Internet connection. 45 Mbps T3 line. Now as low as $3000.00/mo*. Router included!

    DigiDial SIP Trunks

    DigiDial SIP Trunks provide quality VoIP service for your IP PBX or VoIP application. 10 channel Basic SIP trunk as low as $145/month *
    with Free local

    DigiLink hosts and expertly maintains systems for some of the web’s most demanding customers. Being an Internet Service Provider we can put your gear in the Heart of the Internet. Quality rack space for any budget.

    Copyright 2005-2017 by DigiLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Accountants in Brighton, Eastbourne & East Sussex #plummer #service


    Chartered Accountants Tax Advisers throughout East Sussex, Brighton Eastbourne

    Plummer Parsons are a firm of chartered accountants and auditors with offices throughout East Sussex, including Brighton. Eastbourne and Hailsham. We work with businesses and individuals from across the UK who need professional accountancy advice. From startups to established limited companies our experts are on hand to provide the advice and support you need.

    Our advisors have many specialisations, in areas such as Not for Profit and Charities. Sports Clubs. Forensic accounting. Payroll. Service Charge Certification and Wealth Management. We pride ourselves on our level of service….which makes us the recommended accountants of choice in Sussex.

    If you need expert advice and assistance with business, taxation and many other associated services, contact us today .

    How can our East Sussex accountants help you?

    Thinking of starting a business?

    There’s a lot to think about when first starting out in business. Not just developing the products and services and deciding who to target but there’s all the financial and company structure to decide on too. There are many influencing factors to the decisions you need to make and the impact can affect your wallet not just your bottom line. Our Eastbourne, Hailsham and Brighton accountants have years of experience helping new business owners set out on the right path. We even have a great new Sole Trader v Limited Company comparison calculator to help you make some of the choices.

    Need tax planning advice?

    Our Eastbourne, Hailsham and Brighton accountants can help with all manner of tax planning. Help you to arrange your affairs to minimise a tax liability. There are many reliefs and provisions available to legitimately reduce a tax liability without straying into the rather more challenging area known as tax avoidance.

    Examples range from simply choosing a year-end date early in the tax year to maximise the period from earning profit to paying tax, to arrangements to shelter an appreciating asset from inheritance tax.

    Plummer Parsons have accountants in East Sussex who can help with personal tax planning as well as corporation tax planning. The key is to start early.

    Tax planning is not just for large sums of money and investments. If you’re a director in or you run your own business, then tax planning should start with how you choose to pay yourself for all your hard work. Recent changes in dividend tax have now made things even more tricky. Use our Dividend Tax Impact calculator to see how you’re affected. For a more personalised strategy come and speak to our Eastbourne, Hailsham and Brighton accountants.

    Submitting your self-assessment return?

    It is a fundamental part of the self-assessment system that responsibility lies with you, the taxpayer, to file Tax Returns and pay the right amount of tax, at the right time – you must not wait for the HMRC. Our accountants in Brighton, Hailsham and Eastbourne are only too willing to help you get your finances in order and submit a return on your behalf. Don’t leave it until the January deadline however, the best time to maker a start is now. We can even have your return submitted early!

    Saving for your retirement and pension planning?

    In todays society we’re all living longer, saving for a pension has never been so important. Speaking to our Brighton accountants can help ensure that you’re saving enough each month to maintain the lifestyle you require as you retire.

    If you’re a business owner there are substantial benefits to be gained by ensuring you use your pension contributions wisely.

    These are just a few if the ways we’re helping clients day to day. Browse through the website to see our full list of services.

    Our Locations

    Plummer Parsons have a number of offices throughout East Sussex helping both private individuals and local businesses with a range of accountancy services.

    Non emergency medical transportation service in Georgia #long #distance #medical #transportation, #medical


    Finest Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Georgia

    Need Local or Long Distance Transport?

    We treat your loved ones like our own to ensure safe medical transportation you can trust.

    All About Medical Transportation (AAMT) is dedicated to providing safe and timely non-emergency medical transportation options in Georgia to individuals with special medical needs. Our goal is to provide the most relaxing and stress-free medical transportation in our spacious and well-equipped vehicles. AAMT’s professional, caring drivers go above and beyond to ensure the comfort and safety of every passenger en route to the hospital, doctor’s office, assisted living center, or other facility. Our non emergency medical transportation service in Georgia is fully-equipped with essential medical equipment: including stretchers. breathing assistance devices. blood, pressure kits. first aid supplies. medical bags and more. Our drivers are trained to use this equipment, ensuring that passengers receive the care they need en route to their destination.

    Request a quote

    Transport Services

    Whether you need long-distance transport or local medical transport in Georgia—whether in Savannah, Rincon, Bloomingdale, or another city—your loved ones can rely on the wheelchair and stretcher transportation services provided by All About Medical Transportation for a safe and comfortable trip. Our staff is highly trained and well-prepared to assist with any medical or healthcare needs.


    At All About Medical Transportation, we focus on providing a meticulously punctual service offered in the utmost comfort. Our vehicles are specially designed for stretcher and wheelchair transportation, and provide ample space and luxurious amenities. State-of-the-art wheelchair lifts ensure comfortable entry and exit, and all of our wheelchair vehicles feature 4-point wheelchair locking systems for maximum safety during transport.


    All About Medical Transportation’s vehicles are fully furnished with state-of-the art technology and are well equipped to handle a wide variety of medical injuries and illnesses. Each vehicle is stocked with essential medical equipment, including wheelchairs, stretchers, first aid kits, medical bags, oxygen assistance devices, and more.

    25 Free Low Cost Advertising Tips by Small Business Expert Tom Egelhoff


    25 Free Low Cost Advertising Tips

    by Tom Egelhoff

    (Tom’s FREE Podcast for this topic is available. – For More Info Click Here)

    If there is one mistake small town businesses make more often than any other it’s, What ever is left over, we’ll use for advertising.

    Marketing and advertising is an investment, not an expense.

    I know it sure seems like an expense to me when I’m writing the check, but trust me it’s not.

    Without enough money put aside for advertising your sales can go down and you suddenly have less and less for promotion.

    When do you advertise the most? For most businesses it’s the first day of business.

    Don’t you have a Grand Opening, balloons, flyers, ads, on-site radio stations, contests, and prizes?

    Did the income from sales pay for that? No, it didn’t. You advertise most when you need business. You advertise more when you don’t.

    An average cost of advertising is usually 1 to 5% of gross sales, which can vary according to location, local advertising rates, and industry. Car dealers need more advertising than funeral homes.

    Before we get to the 25 tips let’s look at the basic strategies of successful advertising.

    * In order to be successful, your advertising must provide a consumer benefit or solve a problem.
    * That benefit or solution must be wanted by the consumer.
    * The product or service you are offering must be tied directly to that benefit or solution.
    * The benefit or solution must be distinctly communicated through medial advertising. In other words, be clear, forget the advertising glitz and make sure the message isn’t lost in the ad.

    A small-budget advertiser doesn’t have the ”deep pockets to develop big advertising campaigns. Some time you need to break the rules to be noticed.

    Avis did it by admitting they were Number 2 in the car rental business and that campaign took them from 6th place to second place.

    When they stopped that campaign they dropped back to 6th again. In the past year they have gone back to it.

    Budget conscious advertisers must achieve top results for their advertising dollar. Expand your dollars by adopting some creative techniques.

    Here’s 25 tips I hope will help you.

    1. Radio, newspapers and magazine specialists will frequently give free help in developing an advertising strategy. Things like demographic information, money-saving ways to produce your ads etc.
  • Place your ads in off hours or in unusual locations for less. Many times you can still reach your target market with these spots.
  • Instead of a one-time big splash ad, be consistent with frequent small ads that work.
  • Monthly magazines sometimes have unsold ad space at the end of the month they will sell at a discount.
  • If you have an 800 number, put it in every ad for immediate response and feedback.
  • Try advertising consistently in the classifieds. These ads may draw more customers than more expensive display ads.
  • Can you barter for the cost of ad production? Maybe the newspaper needs painting in exchange for an ad about your paint store.
  • Piggyback advertising are the ads you receive with your Mastercard bill. Is there someone in your town that sends out a lot of bills? Can you put a small flyer in with their bills and split the postage? Or pay a small fee?
  • Split advertising costs with the people who sell to you. Vendors and manufactures are always looking for exposure. Let people know you carry their products and have the vendor pick up part of the ad cost.
  • Are there up front advertising discounts for cash?
  • Consider advertising in regional issues of national magazines. The costs are lower and you can still reach your target market. TV Guide is a good choice. It stays around for at least a week. Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report may stay in local doctors offices for years.
  • Share ad costs with neighbor business. Video stores and Pizza parlors are natural partners. Have coupons to each others stores or share the cost of flyers.
  • Try reducing the size of your ad (not in the Yellow Pages) or length of your radio spots. A 60 second spot is not twice as much as a 30 second spot but you won’t get twice as many customers for a 60 over a 30. Going with small ads or shorter spots will allow you to do more ads which normally pulls more customers. It’s better to be there every day with small ads than every month with one big one.
  • Develop tight production controls to minimize the need to reject finished ads. The message is more important than the messenger. Don’t try to produce ads that win awards, produce ads that sell.
  • Who are your very best customers? Aim your ads to talk directly to people like them.
  • What will suppliers give you in the way of point-of-purchase materials. Posters, stand ups, handouts, etc. Some have excellent display racks you can use.
  • Some national chains like Coke and Pepsi provide outdoor signs for businesses. There are also indoor lighted signs you write on with special markers to advertise your special offers.
  • Can you sponsor a community event? A fun-run, golf tournament, or other event that will be well publicized in the community. Your name may not be prominently displayed but sometimes the positive exposure in the community will bring in new customers.
  • Small businesses can seldom afford saturation advertising. You must be selective in the media that reaches your customers. Pin your ad reps down and make them show you exactly how their media reaches your target audience.
  • Exploit the media you choose to the fullest. If your message is verbal, you don’t need TV. Use radio, billboards and newspapers to the fullest.
  • Consider direct mail. A letter and brochure before customer contact can increase business. An IBM study concluded that selling time can be reduced from 9.3 to 1.3 total hours with direct mail advertising. A Sales and Marketing Executives International Study showed salespeople went from eight orders per 100 cold calls to 38 orders per 100 when direct mail was used.
  • Try an editorial style ad. These are ads that look like actual stories in the newspaper. They will have advertisement at the top of the article. Develop a good headline, and 50% more people will read the article than would read an ad of the same size.
  • You can’t match larger competitors dollar-for-dollar but, you can use unusual approaches (like the Avis idea above), color, music, slogans, humor (be careful here), or media selection to win your market away from the big guys.
  • Due to the high costs of conventional advertising on, radio, TV, newspapers, many cost conscious business have been forced to look for lower cost methods. Can you advertise on parking meters, taxi boards, balloons, blimps, and grocery shopping carts. Community bulletin boards, movie ads, and weekly newspaper shoppers.
  • Key your ads. Put something in the ad that will let you know which media it came from. On coupons, put a code that will record the paper and date of the ad. In radio or TV, have them mention the ad to get the discount. Ask every customer how they found you.
  • Plan for a rainy day. During the year put a small amount aside each month for emergencies. You never know when you’ll need to react quickly to whatever the competition is doing. You must be able to capitalize on breaking national events or news regarding your industry. If negative things happen in your industry you may need to respond quickly to make sure the right message is presented.
  • Always give the customer more than you promised and more than they expected. This is tip number 27 of the 25 we advertised. Maybe this last one is the one you needed.
  • I hope these tips will help your business grow. Not all may be relevant to your particular situation. Hopefully, they will illustrate the importance to plan and control your advertising budget.

    Listen in on Tom’s weekly radio show Open For Business on AM 1450 KMMS Radio, Bozeman.
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    This article may be reproduced for your non-profit group or organization provided it is not altered in any way and the following is attached:

    Based in Bozeman, MT, Tom Egelhoff is the author of How To Market, Advertise Promote Your Business Or Service In A Small Town. and The Small Town Advertising Handbook: How To Say More And Spend Less. He is also a seminar and workshop presenter and trainer. He may be reached at 888-550-6100 or PO Box 271, Bozeman, MT 59771-0271

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    Real Time Communications Network Transformation Unified Communications Nfv Nortel #genband, #real #time


    Communication Service Provider

    GENBAND solutions help fixed and mobile operators, cable providers or MSOs, ISPs, and interconnect and wholesale carriers quickly capitalize on growing market segments and introduce differentiating products, applications and services.


    GENBAND’s real-time communications solutions offer organizations an innovative and cost effective alternative to proprietary PBX and UC products. GENBAND solutions embrace open standards like WebRTC.

    Independent Software Vendor / System Integrator

    GENBAND helps Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) to weave real-time contextual communications into business and consumer applications and workflows for a more productive and engaging user experience.


    Network transformation is part of the network modernization process by service providers working towards a migration away from legacy systems and archaic network infrastructure to a more efficient and highly consolidated network able to offer innovative services via Internet Protocol and cloud technologies. Not only do legacy systems require expensive upfront capital investments, they also incur ongoing operational costs and consume significant power and space. Network transformation helps minimizes these inefficiencies and the transformation paid for by operating-expense-based program options. Network transformation also ensures carrier-grade reliability and scalability, especially for regional or rural networks that demand infrastructure modernization.

    Check out GENBAND’s Network Modernization solutions. including Network Transformation.


    Unified communications (UC) solutions offer real time communications in a bundle, providing streamlined and consolidated functions. With a unified communications solution, text, voice, video, and screen sharing collaboration can all be accessed from one integrated system. Not only can unified communications be applied to residential services, enterprises can merge their communications with their branch offices. Unified communications solutions also apply to contact centers and intelligent messaging, where greater demand of multi-function services is present. Going a step further, virtualization creates the opportunity for unified communications to be consumed or offered as a service from the cloud.

    Check out GENBAND’s array of Unified Communications solutions for Communications Service Providers or Enterprises.

    Network functions virtualization (NFV) takes service providers towards more efficient, innovative and agile solutions for consumer and business communications service offerings by consolidating network capabilities into the cloud with virtualized functions. NFV allows carrier service providers to cut costs associated with monolithic and proprietary systems and approaches of today. With the migration to network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions, services become easier to configure and deliver, and new services become deployable in days, not years.


    Real time communication (RTC) is about connecting people anywhere, on any device. With the ability to embed on an array of systems, including mobile devices, business processes and workflows, real time communication transforms the speed and quality of everyday communication as well as increase productivity and accessibility. Today’s consumers and businesses demand immediate communication at a growing rate, calling for high quality and personalized services. These RTC services include a suite of solutions that work together to form an integrated system, providing comprehensive access and quality implementation of connecting people, groups, and businesses.

    Verizon Fios and High Speed Internet #business #internet, #business #internet #service


    Business Internet

    Offer Pricing Detail

    All Offers: Offers available to new business customers only, subject to credit review. Not available in all areas/locations. Promotional pricing for Internet, Phone and TV services guaranteed for 12 consecutive months with No Annual Contract. or 24 consecutive months with 2 year contract, subject to continuation of qualifying products; guarantee applies to base monthly rate only; excludes optional services and equipment charges; prices subject to increase thereafter. Early termination fees for a 2 year contract: 35% of base monthly charges for unexpired term. 2 year term automatically renews at then-current term rates unless cancelled within 30 days prior to or 60 days after term is renewed. Select installation charges are waived. Additional charges apply for inside wiring and/or other installation services. Offers fulfilled via bill credit(s); other taxes, fees & terms apply. Money Back Guarantee (MBG) is available with 2 year contract only and requires cancellation within 30 days of installation; excludes pay per view, transactional Video on Demand, subscriptions, per minute usage, and labor/material charges in excess of standard installation. Equipment must be returned within 30 days of cancellation. Equipment restocking fee may apply. MBG and/or promotional offers do not apply to service ordered for temporary, short term or special events. Firm Price Quote is valid for 5 business days and is an estimate based on current pricing, promotions and taxes that are subject to change. Quote does not include additional charges for nonstandard installations. Online discount applies for 12 months on select packages, fulfilled via bill credit starting 1-3 mos. after service provisions. Verizon Wi-Fi available in select areas with qualifying packages. Software limitations and other terms apply. Visit for details. Offers are available for a limited time only and are subject to change without notice. 2017 Verizon

    Fios Internet Phone Bundle: Usage charges apply on basic line. $59.99 activation fee applies with 2 year contract; $99.99 activation fee applies with no annual contract. Wireless router available for $199.99 purchase or $9.99/mo. rental, subject to change. Backup battery available for Fios voice services & E911. Service availability & actual speeds vary. Business Digital Voice requires equip. purchase starting at $85.00.

    Business Internet Phone Bundle: Usage charges apply on basic line. $29.99 activation fee applies with 2 year contract; $99.99 activation fee applies with no annual contract. Wireless router available for $49.99, subject to change. Business Internet for Business will be provisioned at the fastest speed available at your location of up to 768Kbps, 1Mbps, 3Mbps, 5Mbps, 7Mbps or 10-15Mbps based on VZ line qualifications requirements; service availability & actual speeds vary. Business Digital Voice with Business Internet requires 5Mbps or higher, and equip. purchase starting at $85.00.

    Fios Internet & TV Bundle: $199.98 activation and $89.99 installation fees (for up to 3 existing outlets) apply. $11.99/mo. HD set top box, franchise and regulatory fees, up to $6.39 Regional Sports Network (RSN) fee, $3.49 Broadcast Fee, other taxes and fees apply. Wireless router available for $199.99 purchase or $9.99/mo. rental, subject to change. Service availability & actual speeds vary.

    Pre-Wired Fios Internet Phone Bundle: Offer available to new customers at select Fios pre-wired locations only, subject to credit review. Select activation charges are waived with this offer. Wireless router available for $199.99 purchase or $9.99/mo. rental, subject to change. Backup battery available for Fios voice services & E911. Service availability & actual speeds vary.

    ETF Buyout Offer: Offer for new customers in select areas only who sign up for a qualifying Internet and Phone bundle with a two year agreement, subject to credit review. Offer fulfilled via a bill credit to your Verizon account in the amount of the early termination fee (ETF) billed by your prior service provider up to $500.(Note, customers who purchase services with monthly recurring fees of $200 or more (net of discounts, usage and one-time charges), are eligible to receive a credit up to $1,000.) Offer is non-transferable and has no cash or refund value. Credit will be issued after 30 days of service, and will appear on your Verizon bill within 2-3 billing cycles. You remain solely responsible for paying the ETF to your prior service provider. Other terms apply. Offer ends 11/18/17.

    Visa Prepaid Card Offer: Customers who sign up for a new Fios 150Mbps Internet bundle with Phone or Fios TV and a two year agreement will receive a $150 Visa Prepaid Card (offer ends 11/15/17). Customers who sign up for a new Fios 300Mbps or higher Internet bundle with a two year agreement will receive a $300 Visa Prepaid Card (offer ends 8/15/17). Verizon Visa Prepaid Card issued by MetaBank , Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. This optional offer is not a MetaBank product or service and MetaBank neither endorses nor sponsors it. Must register for card online and keep qualifying Verizon service for 60 days with no past-due balance. Card mailed within 90 days of install date. Limit one card per account. Other card terms and conditions apply.

    20% Discount Offer for Verizon Wireless Customers:. For Verizon Wireless customers that sign up for new Verizon Internet and Phone services with a two year agreement in select states only. Discount applies to plan fee for 24 months, subject to continuation of qualifying products and Verizon Wireless service. Can only be combined with other select offers. Offer ends 8/12/17.

    Tech Support Pro Offer: Offer applied via $10 bill credit for 3 mos.; beg. mo. 4 standard rate applies, unless cancelled by customer.

    Business Preferred Offer: Offer applied via $20 bill credit for 3 mos.; beg. mo. 4 standard rate applies, unless cancelled by customer. Available to businesses with 20 employees or less. Priority Call Routing available on calls to 1-800-VERIZON. Tech Support Pro does not support static IP connections or server-based equipment. Plan terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 11/15/17.

    Fios Internet Only: $59.99 activation fee applies with 2 year contract; $149.99 activation fee applies with no annual contract. Wireless router available for $199.99 purchase or $9.99/mo. rental, subject to change. Service availability & actual speeds vary.

    Business Internet Only: Activation and router fees waived with 2 year contract. $149.99 activation fee and $149.99 wireless router fee applies with no annual contract. Service availability and actual speeds vary. Verizon Business Internet for Business will be provisioned at up to 384Kbps, 768Kbps, 1Mbps, 3Mbps, 5Mbps, 7Mbps or 10-15 Mbps based on VZ line qualifications requirements. Availability subject to final confirmation by Verizon.

    Preferred Voice Only: Offer available to new and existing customers. Requires 2-yr term agreement. Includes unlimited direct-dialed voice calls to anywhere in the US. Selected activation and installation charges are waived. Additional charges may apply for inside wiring and/or other installation services. Additional Universal Service Fee, taxes and other charges apply. Call detail is not provided for unlimited calling. 2017 Verizon.

    Business Digital Voice (BDV) Only: Offer available to new customers with 50 voice lines or fewer in select areas only, subject to credit review. BDV requires an existing Internet connection of 5Mbps or higher. Installation fee of $199.99 applies. Additional charges apply for inside wiring and/or other installation services. $59.99 activation fee applies with 2 year contract; $99.99 activation fee applies with no annual contract. Phone equip. purchase required, starting at $85.00. Call detail is not provided for unlimited calling.

    Fios TV Only: Requires wireless router available for $199.99 purchase or $9.99/mo. rental, subject to change. $99.99 activation and $89.99 installation fees (for up to 3 existing outlets) apply. Additional charges apply for inside wiring and/or other installation services. $11.99/mo. HD set top box, franchise and regulatory fees, up to $6.39 Regional Sports Network (RSN) fee, $3.49 Broadcast Fee, other taxes and fees apply. Program availability varies by location. Number of channels is approximation. High Definition (HD) TV with HD STB required for HD programming. Certain TV plans, Pay Per View (PPV) and Subscription or fee-based Video On Demand (VOD) are not permitted for viewing in restaurants, bars or other customer service areas. Channel lineup is subject to change and not all channels will be available at all times. Blackout restrictions apply.

    Verizon Internet Security Suite and Verizon Cloud available with Verizon Fios Internet and Business Internet includes one license and 5GB of storage.

    Verizon Internet Security Suite Multi-Device and Verizon Cloud Bundle: Offer available to customers who purchase a new subscription of Verizon Internet Security Suite Multi-Device and Verizon Cloud bundle. Offer fulfilled via bill credit for 1 month.

    Verizon Websites/WebListings: Offer available to business customers in select areas that sign up for Verizon Websites and/or WebListings, subject to credit review. Not available with all services or in all locations. Offer fulfilled via bill credit for 1 month.

    Milea Subaru: New Subaru & Used Car Dealer Bronx, NYC #milea #subaru,


    Milea Subaru






    Welcome to Milea Subaru

    Milea Subaru in Bronx, NY is conveniently located minutes outside Manhattan and minutes down from Westchester. We are driven to offer services of the Highest Order to all our valued customers from New York Metro area including Manhattan, Westchester, Pelham, New Rochelle, and Yonkers!

    Our experienced and highly trained sales staff is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with you on the full Subaru lineup to include the 2017 Subaru Outback. Legacy. Forester. Impreza. WRX. BRZ. and Crosstrek. We encourage you to browse our new online inventory, schedule a test drive and investigate financing options. You can also request more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling 718-829-8200 .

    If you don’t see a particular vehicle, click on CarFinder and complete the form. We will gladly inform you when a matching car arrives. If you’d like a see a vehicle in person, click on Dealership: Directions for step-by-step driving instructions to our East Tremont Ave Bronx NY location, or give us a call. We look forward to serving you!

    The Milea Subaru Internet Department is ready to serve you with the best selection of BRZ, Forester, Impreza, Outback, and Crosstrek models in the greater West Chester, New Rochelle, Pelham, and Yonkers area. With a Dedicated Internet Consultant to assist you, Milea Subaru strives for complete satisfaction and won’t settle for anything less.

    We serve all of Manhattan and the New York Metro area including Westchester, New Rochelle, Pelham, and Yonkers.

    And do not forget about our stellar Subaru Service department with a highly trained and dedicated department of Certified Subaru Service Technicians to take care of all your Subaru servicing needs! To schedule an appointment with service you can submit online or call 888-698-6070!

    To compliment our full service department is our Subaru Parts Team to assist with any Subaru Parts needed from Genuine Subaru mechanical parts, Subaru Performace Parts, to simple windshield wiper replacements! Submit a parts request right on this site or call 888-698-6070 for commercial business requests and personal needs!

    Milea Subaru is a Milea Auto Group company.

    Milea Subaru – New and Used Subaru Dealer in the Bronx, NYC

    Welcome to Milea Subaru’s website, where you can browse our entire inventory of new Subaru vehicles and used cars at our Bronx region dealership. Come visit us to test drive a vehicle, speak to one of our experts, or discuss financing options. You can also call us at our number above. Milea Subaru provides quality vehicles from Subaru to the greater New Rochelle, Pelham, Yonkers, and Westchester area. Our large selection ensures that we have a vehicle for everyone, no matter what it is you’re looking for.

    At Milea Subaru you will find your favorite Subaru models at competitive prices. Take a test drive at our greater Bronx new Subaru dealership in the Forester, Legacy, Impreza WRX, BRZ, Impreza, Outback, Crosstrek and more. The Milea Subaru sales people are ready to answer your questions about a particular model and find the Subaru in Bronx that meets all of your expectations. For a large selection of new and used Subaru cars in Bronx, visit our dealership today. Be sure to stay tuned for the all new Subaru BRZ!

    There are many reasons for opting to buy a used car rather than a new one. Perhaps the most important is the used car cost, lower registration costs, and lower insurance rates. That said, not all used cars are created equal.

    Milea Subaru promises nothing but the highest quality used cars for drivers near Westchester. New Rochelle, Pelham, and Yonkers. We take the time to go over each model in our inventory inch by inch, ensuring each used car that leaves our lot runs like new for a very long time to come.

    Visit Milea Subaru today at 3201 E Tremont Ave Bronx, New York and see the difference for yourself. We promise you’ll leave with a better opinion of used cars and used car salespeople.

    Milea Subaru – Trusted Dealer for Car Loans, Auto Parts and Auto Repair Too

    If you are looking for an affordable car loan in the Bronx area. we are confident that our wide-ranging auto financing resources and commitment to integrity in car finance will satisfy your needs and keep you a customer for life. After you find the vehicle you want, speak with our auto loan specialists and we will build an affordable loan or lease to fit your current financial resources, without breaking the bank.

    Professional Subaru auto repair is nearby to Bronx from trained mechanics you can trust at Milea Subaru. Let our technicians diagnose your car the first time with our expert service and repair your car quickly with an extensive Subaru auto parts department to get you back on the road quickly.

    See one of our new or used cars in person by visiting our Bronx dealership at 3201 E Tremont Ave in Bronx. New York. Give us a call with any questions, and check out our about us page. We are looking forward to serving your automotive needs.

    * Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This site, and all information and materials appearing on it, are presented to the user “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement. All vehicles are subject to prior sale. Price does not include applicable tax, title, and license. Not responsible for typographical errors.