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Business Email Solution

Completely Hosted. Quick Setup. The email system is completely hosted by us. You don’t need to setup any hardware or download. Just sign up online and get started!

Microsoft Exchange Alternative . All the benefits of Microsoft Exchange without having to set up hardware or software. Access mail, power Outlook, share contacts, calendars and tasks, synchronize across devices and more!

Outlook Email Integration. HyperOffice lets you operate your email account through your Outlook client.

Integrated Address Books, Calendars, Tasks. Completely integrated productivity tools like shared contact lists, calendars and task management supercharge team productivity.

  • Mobile Push Mail. Push email support for almost every well known mobile devices including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, many Nokia and Android phones, and others. Keep your mail in synch between your mobile, online and Outlook accounts.
  • Live Training Support. Just call. Our solution experts are always at hand to help. Attend our daily live webinars.

    Business Email Features

  • Retain Your Current Email Address. You can use HyperOffice’s power and retain your current email if you choose.
  • IMAP and POP3 Email . Access you mail through any IMAP or POP3 client on your desktop or mobile
  • Webmail. Get webmail access on any web browser on any PC or Mac.
  • Mobile Mail. Push mail to mobile devices including iPhone, Blackberry. Windows Mobile, many Nokia and Android phones, and others.
    • Share Outlook. Access your mail, contacts, calendars and tasks on Outlook. Even share Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks with your team.
    • Automatic Synchronization. No matter where you access your mail, contacts, calendars and tasks – Outlook, online on HyperOffice or mobile – they are automatically updated and mirrored.
    • Spam and Virus Protection. Corporate level spam filters and virus protection ensures that only legitimate email gets to you.
    • Generous Storage. Generous 5 GB storage with our basic plan which can be upgraded.
    • Email Address Books. Organize individual and group contacts by setting up unlimited shared contact lists.
    • Shared Online Calendars. Manage individual and group schedules, and keep everyone informed of important events with shared calendars.
    • Email to Tasks. Having a tough time keeping track of tasks assigned to you by email? A single click coverts any email into a task and pushes into HyperOffice’s inbuilt task management system.
    • Rules and Filters. Create email rules and filters to direct incoming messages to specific folders.

    Founded in 1998, HyperOffice is a market leader in cloud collaboration and communication software for small and medium sized businesses. We provide the most comprehensive suite of solutions developed over more than 12 years of understanding your growing business needs. HyperOffice’s capabilities include customer portal intranet software. online document management. online project management. shared calendars. contact management software. business email. Outlook sharing and synchronization. push email and mobile collaboration. online database software and web forms and much more – offered as an integrated, easy to use solution accessible over any web connected PC, Mac, or mobile device. HyperOffice is also a viable Microsoft Sharepoint alternative and Microsoft Exchange alternative for growing companies looking for the power of enterprise class messaging and collaboration – but without the associated costs and hassles.

    Copyright 2014 HyperOffice. All rights reserved.

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    WFTCloud offers SAP, ERP Cloud computing solutions & systems! offers SAP on the cloud computing solutions, services & systems including Cloud ERP & CRM on-demand solutions at an unmatched cost. Utilize WFT’s expertise for SAP cloud computing solutions including Cloud ERP & CRM on-demand solutions for your business. Call Now.

    Pay per Use model for Cloud SAP ERP systems & ERP on the Cloud solutions.

    We drastically reduced your SAP implementation cost by introducing a pay per use model for online SAP access, cloud SAP ERP system, on demand SAP & ERP on the cloud solutions. To know more about our pricing packages for cloud SAP ERP solutions, on demand ERP, web based ERP systems & SAP ERP on the cloud services Contact Us Now!

    SAP Certified provider of SAP, ERP cloud services.

    WFTCloud is a certified provider of SAP cloud computing solutions, cloud SAP ERP systems, ERP on the cloud, on demand ERP, web based ERP systems & SAP cloud services. Get implementation of cloud SAP ERP system, ERP on the cloud, on demand ERP, web based ERP system & SAP cloud services at a fraction of conventional cost.

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    Apply Now

    Business Loans

    Fast Business Lending Solutions Merchant Advisors offers small businesses a platform for business financing. Whether you need funding for expansion or working capital, Merchant Advisors gets you the business financing you need when you need it at minimal costs.

    We understand that every business has its unique borrowing needs. Some may want to make new purchases to boost productivity and sales; some need working capital to support operating costs. That’s why we offer the use of innovative technology to offer simple, fast and unsecured business loans. As a non-bank lender, Merchant Advisors offers low longer terms and low rates for more effective business financing. We realize that if a loan costs too much – we may not get paid back! We prevent this by offering affordable business financing.

    Unlike bank lending, our financial experts walk you through the loan process to make sure you have a full understanding of our loan process. We strive to make the loan application process as easy as possible; and this is what sets us apart from other lenders.

    A Smarter Way to Shop for Business Loans, Compare & Save! Our goal is to serve our clients’ immediate and long term financial needs from basic business loans and credit lines to the most intricate financial situations. In today’s fast paced market time is money and we make sure you waste neither. Our experienced financial advisors keep their finger on the pulse of your business, and stay on top of your industries trends which can affect your entrepreneurial goals or existing enterprise.

    If this sounds like something that interests you & benefits you, we highly recommend you APPLY NOW to get started with no upfront fees and no commitment to find out how much you’re eligible for.

    What Sets Us Apart from Other Lenders?

    • We deal with the industry’s most trusted brand name providers
    • Increases your chance of approval by constantly adding new private lenders to our portfolio
    • You get the same (if not better) rate going through us to due to our portfolio track record with our lenders
    • Get a loan for your company without any collateral
    • Receive funding within a few business days!
    • Easiest lending platform with minimal information required for approvals
    • Best rates, save time, and save money!
    • Equipment financing, minority loans, startup funding, working capital many others options.

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    Examples from the News

    • But his solution to this metastasizing threat is, in some ways, counterintuitive.

    ISIS Fight Has a Spy Shortage, Intel Chair Says

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    A Sunni-Shia Love Story Imperiled by al Qaeda
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    Goodbye To A Natural Hair Guru: Miss Jessie s Cofounder Titi Branch Dead At 45
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    The Hidden Link Between Women and War
  • You and I disagree about the solution to this problem, of course, but we agree that there is a problem.

    Dear Evangelicals: You’re Being Had

  • Examples

    • That the problem is here crying aloud for solution is apparent.

    Charles Francis Adams

    Tis Sixty Years Since

  • In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem.
    United States Presidents Inaugural Speeches
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    United States Presidents Inaugural Speeches
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    Robert W. Service

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  • NexStor – Data Systems Integration #data #integration #solution


    NexStor works with the worlds’ most innovative technology vendors to deliver solutions to help organisations manage the data explosion.

  • Providing you with the right solution

    As a vendor independent company, we are as open and forward thinking as possible in providing the right solution.

  • Experience is essential

    NexStor can deliver real business improvement, our data storage & data management solutions have helped speed up and secure global business operations since our establishment in 2004.

  • Support & maintenance

    With a number of service level agreements, an engineer could be onsite within 2 hours, Nexstor can support hardware from companies including EMC, HP, IBM, Cisco, NetApp, Dell, and more.

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    Millions of ads served

    CPM Redirect & Native Ads

    High quality daily visitors can be purchased on our competitive real-time traffic bidding platform. Target your traffic by desktop/mobile, country, city, region, browser, mobile device, carrier, connection type time, days of the week plus more. You can even get your advertising or content in the newsfeed premium email newsletter where the consumer is already engaging or on websites as native content. Simply enter your headline, copy, image and the url of your landing page and place your bid.

    Getting started is easy.


    Higher Engagement

    Native ads in email and websites reach a captive audience and provide a higher engagement than typical display units. Subscriber engagement can reach as high as 300% with native advertising.

    Custom Formats

    Ad units are 100% customized to the publisher’s look and feel creating a seamless experience to the subscriber while increasing the perceived value of your advertising message.

    In-Stream Placement

    Native ad units are placed in the newsletter’s news stream for maximum noticeability of your content or offer. In-stream placement provides maximum value for content marketing.

    Growing, Premium Inventory

    Native ads in both websites and email newsletters receive new inventory from premium publishers weekly which can be individually targeted.

    Advertorials & Native Display

    Promote full content pieces or native-style display ads. Either format will attract quality, top of funnel engagement.

    Device Target Location

    Don’t waste time buying traffic you can’t convert on. Target individual campaigns by; Geography, Category, Device, Carrier, Browser, Day Parting and Connection Type


    Check Out Our Video About How Native Ads Work

    Don’t take our word for it; read our clients’ testimonials below and get the engagement your brand deserves but don’t take our word for it, read some of our clients testimonials below” and have the testimonials then below it.


    Content Ads

    Responsive Banner

    Slide Up

    Email Feed

    Custom Exit Pop

    News Feed


    International Traffic

    If you’re a publisher, you probably have traffic that isn’t targeted and doesn’t convert for you. By working with, you can take advantage of one of the best redirect systems available in the industry. We can help you make money from international traffic and run of network.

    Click Here to learn more about our Domain Parking

    How Does It Work?

    “We will provide you with one redirect smart link which you will enter into your system as your overall geo-redirect link, or as an individual offer’s discontinue URL. For example, if you are using an offer that only accepts UK traffic, traffic from any other country will be sent to our link, which then geo-targets the previously lost traffic to a page with country-specific offers to monetize your international traffic and build domain revenue.”


    International Redirect

    Stop losing revenue on non-converting clicks. If you have non-targeted international traffic, you can start monetizing that traffic with Simply generate an Exclusive Redirect Domain in your account and set it as the geo-redirect for any offers or emails you are running. Traffic will be geo-targeted to a page with country specific offers, generating revenue on previously lost traffic.


    Instead of using a standard Error/404 Page that generates no revenue, you can use to monetize the traffic. Simply set-up an Exclusive Redirect Domain in your account and define that link on your web servers as the 404 redirect.

    Exit Pops can also be used to generate a country specific exit pop for when a user leaves your page. Simply generate an Exclusive Redirect Link through your account and add exit pop code with the link to your page. Whenever a user leaves your page, a pop-up appears, giving you an additional source of revenue for your website.


    Campaign Creation account managers help you create your first campaign, and you can always visit our online education center to learn how to target your campaign, create performance reports and track your revenue.


    Insights and Optimizations

    The targeting, scheduling and reporting tools will help you buy traffic on a granular level which will help you send less while seeing greater returns


    Quality User Experience

    Our platform makes it easy to set-up, track, report and scale your campaign through our online education center and easy-to-use dashboard!


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    Start your GSM termination business with Profitable business packages for VoIP GSM termination

    Start Your Business

    All-inclusive business VOIP solutions

    New Business

    It is no secret that emergent GSM termination entrepreneurs are interested in making money as soon as possible, applying minimum effort. However, lack of experience, lack of investment and the AntiFraud system stops many of them.

    Over 3 years, we have studied the market and the difficulties that terminators face doing their voip business. We have actively cooperated with and helped more than 2,000 of our customers, tackled their small voip business problems and continually improved our service to prepare an efficient business model, which will allow making $2,000 as early as the second month of doing small voip business.

    An all-in-one package to start the GSM termination business – New Business.

    Equipment. Affordable and easy to manage GoIP gateways and SIM-banks for business voip solutions. We work directly with the supplier, carry out deliveries, connect and set up the entire system. Moreover, thanks to our service, you will get VoIP GSM gateways equipped with the advanced functionality comparable with that of Topex and Antrax, but at an affordable price.

    The AntiFraud system and SIM-lock are the factors that negatively affect the profitability of the GSM termination business. It blocks your SIM-cards and increases the cost of terminated call. To cut expenses, many terminators resort to various tricks, like relocating the equipment from one place to another, simulating the movement of a living human or generate the flow of incoming calls manually, which is inconvenient and expensive.

    Our service combines all the protection features against AntiFraud thanks to the automated system that takes into account the parameters of humanity and allows your business to extend the lifespan of SIM-cards and save on the purchase of new ones.

    The protection logic is completely configured under the supervision of our managers and adapted to the specifics of the country, in which the GSM-terminator operates using business voip solutions.

    Buying traffic. At this stage, many failures happen because of low-quality calls, delays in payment or lowered prices. Your success and increased profits are important to us, so we will advise you reputed originators, who successfully cooperate with our other customers who use business voip solutions.

    Internet and other expenses. In order to terminate, you need a high-quality and proven rout at a 64 MB/s. However, in order to have the entire system operating independently and uninterrupted, you have to pay more money due to the low quality of the Internet. When terminating the VoIP GSM traffic, costs can be daunting, so we connect the SBO traffic optimization module, the latter will help your system reduce the consumption of the Internet by 3 times.

    SIM card unload protection will allow you to terminate around the clock, even there is an unstable connection between the SIM-bank and gateways.

    As a result, our business package can reduce costs up to $830 a month and make up to $4,000 a month.

    You are welcome to start making your money right now!

    Up to 64 channels

    Issues we solve Common problems of VoIP GSM termination that business VOIP solution can handle:

    • Complicated equipment set up.
    • Lack of qualified technical support.
    • Frequent SIM-blocking by GSM operators’ AntiFraud system.
    • No interface available to monitor the equipment operation and collect the channel performance statistics.
    • IT-educated employees required to support VoIP GSM system.
    • Poor business organization.

    Start My Business Now

    Features The complete business VOIP solution to rise your profits from termination with GoIP equipment.

    Windows 10 Firewall Control: Sphinx Software #free, #windows #10, #firewall, #control, #solution,

    #Windows 10 Firewall Control � � More � Screenshots � Video � Windows 10 Firewall Control. simple and exhaustive solution for applications network activity controlling and monitoring. Prevents undesired informational incoming and outgoing leakage of applications running locally or remotely. Detects and stops zero-day malware. prevents from �phoning home �, unwanted automatic updates and sending �telemetry �, increases your network security and privacy. Puts you in control of all network communications your PC has. Provides detailed logging and notification of any application network activity. Allows using and creating applications permissions to control the network activity easily. Rich set of predefined, ready-to-use applications permissions applicable with a single click. Ability for creating virtual computers group (sub networks) with flexible permissions to control mutual connect ability inside Local Network. Manages external network hardware devices. Almost any modern application is a network active one. Applications check for updates. verify licenses and registrations, submit problem reports and perform a lot of other network actions without any notice to you and without your permissions typically. Such network activity is expected and welcomed sometimes, but hardly always. Do you need an application installed recently starts informing its developers that the application is just installed? The application will just send a short message to its developers. There will be no strictly personal data in the information sent probably. The question is whether you need such communications at all. If you want to manage such network activity evidently and not to allow any bit of data sent to somewhere without your explicit permission or a notice, Windows 10 Firewall Control is for you precisely. If you accidentally obtained a fresh malware installed, the program may be not detected by an antivirus. The antivirus database updates are fast and regular typically, but the update can not be immediate. Windows 10 Firewall Control is nearly the only way to detect and stop the malware activity. Windows 10 Firewall Control filtering rules are protected against an intrusion strictly. The rules consistency is monitored. Even an intrusion happens, Windows 10 Firewall Control will detect the intrusion. try to fix the broken rules automatically and notify you with the details anyway. Benefits

    • Multiple Editions, Free Editions available
    • By domain. by site. by name filtering.
    • Perpetual license without subscriptions
    • Blocking unwanted telemetry. sending problem reports, gathering statistics and phoning home
    • 100% compatibilty with any Windows version from Windows 10 to Windows 7
    • Desktop and WindowsStore/Metro applications protection
    • Light setup

    5MB, small memory footprint

  • Automatic applications listing/prompting
  • Permanent network activity monitoring and instant notifications of blocked/allowed network incoming/outgoing events
  • Remote management, remote applications protection
  • Portable version (no installation required) available (for USB connected devices)
  • External network connection (firewall/router) hardware support
  • Features

    • Designed for Windows 10 /8/7/2008/2012
    • Easy to use
    • Per-application security settings
    • Automatic network activity detection and applications listing
    • Strict network activity statistics for every application
    • Zone based network permissions management
    • Flexible permissions settings, 30+ predefined security zones for applications, single click the zones usage
    • Ability to compose new security zones and update/modify the existing zones
    • Detailed blocked/allowed events monitoring, management and logging. Instant notifications
    • Complete IPv6 support
    • Ability to manage applications permissions and control applications network activity locally and remotely
    • Group zone and application permissions management
    • Predefined mode for decreasing expenses of mobile/satellite internet connection
    • Integration with Windows Explorer for direct access permission management
    • Applications connections monitoring and management
    • Automatic Port Forwarding-to-applications management/synchronization

    Network/Cloud Edition Features

    • Ability to protect multiple computers by a single installation
    • Ability to monitor and manage multiple applications installed on multiple computer simultaneously and automatically
    • Ability to create virtual sub networks in the same LAN
    • Control of mutual in-LAN connectivity. Ability to isolate a dedicated (child s) computer from other in-LAN computers

    (c) April-Stock Company LLC ��� All rights reserved

    GeSI home: thought leadership on social and environmental ICT sustainability #global #e-sustainability


    Building a sustainable world through responsible, ICT-enabled transformation

    Developing key tools, resources and best practices to be part of the sustainability solution

    Providing a unified voice for communicating with ICT companies, policymakers and the greater sustainability community worldwide

    UNFCCC / Momentum for Change

    How digital solutions will drive progress towards the sustainable development goals

    SMARTer2030 Action Coalition


    Project Portfolio

    Thought Leadership

    News Events

    Interview with Carmen Hualda, CSR Manager at Atlinks Holding Atlinks Holding is the winner of this year’s Leadership Index in the Manufacture & Assembly of ICT Equipment sector (SMEs). We speak to their CSR-QHSE Manager, Carmen Hualda. Read More Big Data for big impact: Let’s accelerate sustainability progress We now live in an era of exponential growth for data flows driven by the proliferation of connected objects in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Read More Innovation our way to the SDGs – a forum summary report The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Verizon recently hosted a multi-stakeholder forum to identify the potential for information and communications technology (ICT) to catalyze progress towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Leaders from the ICT industry, other industry sectors, the technology startup sector, financial community, sustainability NGOs, academia, multilateral organizations, government, and media convened at the Verizon Innovation Center in San Francisco to spend a day focusing on the potential for innovative technology to address four priority solutions core to advancing the SDGs: (1) Food and agriculture; (2) Energy and climate; (3) Smart, sustainable communities; (4) Public health. Read More

    To practise what we preach the GeSI website is hosted on an environmentally-friendly data centre located in Toronto, Canada. Green methods were employed wherever possible in the construction and for the ongoing and future operation of the data centre.

    Become a Member

    Each of us has the opportunity to help change the world. Join GeSI to work directly with members of the ICT sector and the greater sustainability community worldwide to alter the direction of how technology influences sustainability.

    Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure – Accenture #hybrid #cloud, #hybrid #cloud #solution,


    Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure

    Under pressure to become more agile and innovate faster, enterprises want to tap the full potential of the cloud to integrate the capabilities they require to become digital businesses. What’s needed? A cohesive, integrated approach to the hybrid cloud.

    Co-engineered by Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade, the Accenture Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure is a powerful, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud platform designed to unlock a whole new level of cloud capabilities for the enterprise.

    With the Accenture Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure, enterprises have all the cloud tools needed to effectively integrate and deploy cloud into the fabric of their businesses to become markedly more agile and deliver everything “as a service”. And with greater agility, they are well positioned to accelerate business capabilities, capitalize on the new economics of cloud, create new customer value propositions and exploit new markets.



    Pierre Nanterme, Chairman CEO, Accenture talks about the collaboration with Microsoft to bring this powerful hybrid cloud platform to our clients.


    The full promise of the digital world is becoming a reality

    Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft provides insights on how this solution will help our clients realize the benefits of cloud to become truly digital businesses.


    Capitalize on the economics, agility and innovation of the cloud


    Journey to Cloud: Arrive first

    You want a swift, secure and smooth transition. And once you re in the cloud, you ll need to evolve. Join Accenture on your Journey to Cloud and benefit from our tools, capabilities, ecosystem and unparalleled experience. Let us unravel the complexities of cloud migration, optimize assets and help you rapidly achieve your business outcomes.

    Sherlock Holmes s Cocaine Habit #sherlock #holmes, #cocaine, #conan #doyle, #dalby, #sherlock


    Doyle has been described as a prototype of his age, holding a belief in the concept of honor and commitment to a chivalric code of behaviour (8). Would such a man have himself experimented with drugs? From a modern viewpoint this would be inconceivable, but in the late 19th century there was no moral, medical or legal censure on such exploration. Indeed, while a 3rd year medical student Doyle engaged in auto-experimentation with tincture of gelsemium, publishing his findings in the British Medical Journal on 20 September 1879 (9). Did he also conduct experiments with cocaine? His knowledge of the drug is reasonable in that it is used by Holmes, who uses other stimulants to excess (once drinking two large pots of coffee in a day � The Hound of the Baskervilles ). Individuals with unstable affective response (like Holmes) are most prone to cocaine abuse and a � self-treating � hypothesis, now in vogue, suggests that choice of drugs of abuse often reflect an individual�s attempt to correct their behavioural or mental disorder (10). Holmes states that his mind � rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere, I can dispense then with artificial stimulants � ( The Sign of Four ). In A Scandal in Bohemia Doyle errs in referring to cocaine in describing � the drowsiness of the drug �. This error is puzzling. Cocaine was recognized widely as a stimulant and given Doyle�s attempt to specialise as an oculist, where cocaine was used as an anaesthetic, it is likely that he was well versed with the drug. His clear depiction of cocaine addiction in The Sign of Four. published before A Scandal in Bohemia, and accurate depiction of other drugs (6) suggests that this is one of Doyle�s infamous errors of detail. In The Sign of Four it is suggested that Holmes also abused morphine and Doyle may simply have forgotten to which drug he was referring. Doyle wrote very quickly, sometimes not even revising his draft, and in his memoirs admits that he has neverSherlock Holmes’s Cocaine Habit been nervous about details and that his readers reprimanded him for his lapses (11).

    The most singular aspect of cocaine in the Holmes stories is not Holmes�s habit, but rather Watson�s reaction to it. In spite of celebrated cases of cocaine addiction (e.g. Dr. W. S. Halsted) and even reports of death from cocaine use as early as 1891, there was no general medical condemnation of cocaine use in the late 19th century. The retired Surgeon General of the U. S. Army extolled its fatigue reduction and mood-elevating properties, while others vigorously promoted cocaine as an anaesthetic, a cure for alcoholism and opium abuse. Freud�s endorsement of cocaine at the time was extreme, suggesting that its therapeutic use might even do away with inebriate asylums (12). Against this professional acclaim, we see Watson admonishing Holmes: � But consider! Count the cost! Your brain may, as you say, be roused and excited, but it is a pathological and morbid process, which involves increased tissue change, and may at least leave a permanent weakness. You know, too, what a black reaction comes upon you. Surely the game is hardly worth the candle. Why should you, for a mere passing pleasure, risk the loss of those great powers with which you have been endowed? Remember that I speak not only as one comrade to another, but as a medical man to one for whose constitution he is to some extent answerable � ( The Sign of Four ). One hundred years after this was published we are beginning to confirm Dr. Watson�s knowledge (13). Previous medical explorations (12) of Holmes drug use concluded by stating that, following a cure, cocaine ceased to be a problem for him in 1894.

    The then current medical notion was that � cure � was a viable goal for addictive behaviour. Watson knew better. In The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarte � (published in 1904 and dated to December 1896 (14) in Holmes�s time) Watson tells how he gradually weaned him from the drug mania but relates that � I was well aware that the fiend was not dead but sleeping; and I have known that the sleep was a light one and the waking near in periods of idleness �. Again, this reflects current models of addiction, which document low probability of complete abstinence over the long term. What influence might this public account of drug use have had on the reading public? It has been suggested (15) that some literary descriptions of drug induced states have enticed readers into use of drugs. In the case of Sherlock Holmes, there is no evidence to support that this occurred and it may be argued that the destructive portrayal of the drug may have limited its abuse. Even the cocaine � epidemic � of 1916 seems more of press hysteria than factual (16). The English media vehicle for most of Holmes adventures was The Strand magazine; its popularity (selling 300,000 copies in the first month) was an unprecedented event in English publishing history (5). A newly literate public looked to Holmes as an era hero, demonstrated by the public outcry when Doyle hurled him over the falls of Reichenbach in 1893. Doyle�s constant theme in his writings, that of moral weakness, was not lost on this audience in their perception of Holmes�s cocaine habit. Sherlock Holmes in addition to providing a literature of entertainment with perennial attraction is an example of an accurate illustration of recreational drug abuse and its consequences. Doyle�s portrayal of the seriousness of this addiction likely grew to be shared by his colleagues, but this attitude lapsed in time (17) only to be restated in the 1980�s. Doyle�s window on medical history reminds us that in addition to a fascination with the past we can also scrutinize it for applicable modern lessons.

    About the author:

    J. Thomas Dalby, Ph.D. is a a long-time member of The Singular Society of the Baker Street Dozen. He is a forensic psychologist who has consulted in more than 7,000 criminal, civil, and administrative law matters and given expert testimony in more than 500 trials. The author of over 90 professional publications, Dr. Dalby is an adjunct associate professor of psychology, psychiatry, and clinical psychology at the University of Calgary.


    1. Grinspoon L, Bakalar JB. Drug Dependence: Nonnarcotic Agents, In: Kaplan HI, Sadock BJ, eds. Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry. 4th ed. Baltimore: Williams Wilkins, 1985
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    17. Gay GR, Sheppard CW, Inaba DS, Newmeyer JA. An Old Girl: Flyin low, Dyin� Slow, Blinded by Snow: Cocaine in Perspective. International Journal of the Addictions 1973; 8: 1027-1042.

    Moladi construction technology #moladi,construction,technology,formwork,system,low #cost,housing,solution,monolithic,building,structures,reinforcing,affordable,alternative,innovation,cost,news,low #cost #housing,plastic,advantages,permanent


    Copyright 1990 – 2016 All rights reserved

    The multi-award winning moladi construction system was founded in South Africa in 1986 as a method of building cast in place reinforced monolithic structures. The moladi technology was developed as a means to alleviate many of the cumbersome and costly aspects associated with conventional construction methods without compromising on the quality or integrity of the structure. The moladi system constitutes the use of a removable, reusable, recyclable and lightweight plastic formwork mould, which is filled with a South African Bureau of Standards approved and Agr ment Certified aerated mortar to form the wall structure of a house in as little as one day. Each set of moladi formwork panels can be re-used 50 times making the technology cost effective due to its repetitive application scheme, reducing the cost of construction and transportation significantly. The moladi system produces durable and permanent structures, which have been subject to numerous tests and independent reports.

    moladi follows an optimised and sequential process for building quality structures at a maximum rate of production with our award winning plastic formwork system. Read more

    We strive to combine the advantages of local expertise, materials and labour to enhance the global impact of the moladi technology. Read more

    The award winning moladi technology was designed and developed in 1986. Over the years we have overcome many of the challenges involved in affordable housing projects. Read more

    We are committed to keeping you up to date with latest news from around the globe about the moladi technology and the individuals who are so much a part of what we do. Read more

    Web Site Ecommerce – Merchant Shopping Cart Software Services #web #shopping #cart,


    Providing Website Shopping Cart solutions and Merchant Account services since 1997

    Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software FAQ

    If you do not find answers to your questions below, please contact us. We are here to assist you 7 days a week, by chat, email or telephone.

    Sales Questions

    Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes. We offer a 30 day, 100%-unconditional-money-back guarantee. If during the first 30 days of use, you decide our ecommerce shopping cart software does not fit your needs, we will provide you with a full refund.

    How do I order your shopping cart?

    You can order our shopping cart services directly from our website by visiting the Pricing/Order page. After selecting the service plan of your choice, you will be able to decide how you would like to pay.

    How can I pay for your shopping cart?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

    How long will it take to set up my shopping cart account after I order?

    After ordering, you will instantly be sent user information by email. Find easy-to-follow website shopping cart instructions right on our website.

    How do I add your shopping cart to my website?

    Adding our shopping cart to your website is very easy. For complete setup instructions, please visit our Setup Information page.

    How many products can I sell?

    You can add up to 20,000 products to our database.

    What payment gateways are compatible with your shopping cart?

    To view a complete list of the payment gateways that are compatible with our shopping cart, please visit our Compatibility page.

    Can I process credit card orders through your shopping cart?

    Yes. To process credit card orders over the internet, you will need a merchant shopping cart account and payment gateway. A merchant account allows you to accept credit cards as payment for goods or services. A payment gateway allows you to accept credit card payments in real-time over the iInternet. The payment gateway you use must be compatible with our shopping cart. To view a complete list of the payment gateways that are compatible with our shopping cart, please visit our Compatibility page.

    If you do not have a merchant account, we can provide you with everything you’ll need within 24 hours. Please visit our Merchant Account Overview page for more information.

    Is it easy to connect my payment gateway to your shopping cart?

    Yes. It is very easy. Your payment gateway provider will give you a unique user ID and password. You will simply enter the User ID in the Shopping Cart Administration Area. After doing so, your shopping cart will know to pass credit card order information to your payment gateway.

    What if I need to manually enter order information?

    You can securely retrieve all of your customers’ order information (including credit card number) from within the Shopping Cart Administration Area.

    How do PayPal payments work through your shopping cart?

    Once you’ve specified that you would like to accept PayPal payments in the Shopping Cart Administration Area, PayPal will immediately display as a payment option for your customers. Your customers will be able to add and remove items from the ecommerce cart software as normal. When they are ready to “Checkout,” they can choose to pay by PayPal. Your customer will then enter their billing/shipping address and then connect to the PayPal payment website to complete the transaction. Please note that your customers will not have to re-enter their address information once they reach the PayPal website.

    Can I buy your shopping cart as software?

    No. We only offer our shopping cart as a hosted service, which is a much more cost effective, reliable and convenient way to add shopping cart capabilities to your website.

    What are the advantages to using your service over buying a shopping cart solution?

    The primary advantage is cost. On the surface, it may seem more cost effective to buy shopping cart software and host it yourself but when you add up the yearly reoccurring costs involved with running a secure server, paying SSL certificate renewal fees, paying for software upgrades, not to mention all of the time you will invest maintaining the entire system, the cost of buying and hosting a shopping cart solution far exceeds our service fees.

    Installing and maintaining a shopping cart requires a lot of time and highly technical skills. With our shopping cart, you don’t have to worry about installing programs, SSL software, SSL certificates or a database management system, which are all needed to power a shopping cart. You also won’t have to manage the never-ending process of keeping all of these applications up to date with the latest security patches. We have a full-time Systems Administrator and Software Development team that will take care of everything for you, so you can focus on the success of your business.

    Will your shopping cart work with my affiliate tracking system?

    Most affiliate tracking systems work in the same way, which makes the majority of them compatible with our shopping cart. If your affiliate tracking system requires that you place HTML code on your order receipt or Thank you page, then it will definitely work with our shopping cart.

    Will my customers see advertisements or your company name on shopping cart pages?

    Absolutely not. We do not use your shopping cart account as a way to promote our company or any other company’s products or services.

    Does it matter what I sell on my website?

    No. You can sell any product or service, as long as you are not in violation of our Terms of Service .

    Can I use your shopping cart if I don t have my own domain name?

    Yes. You could even add our shopping cart to your website if you only have a one page site under some other domain (e.g.

    What is required for me to use your shopping cart?

    You need a website and must be able to access the HTML code used to build it. It doesn’t matter if you use FrontPage, Dreamweaver or any other type of website building tool, as long as you can add a few lines of HTML code next to each item you sell. You DO NOT have to be an HTML expert.

    For setup instructions, please visit our Setup Information page.

    Do you charge transaction fees?

    No. You only pay one flat fee monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly, depending on the service plan you choose. If you accept credit cards, your credit card processor will charge transaction fees, but there are no such fees associated with using our shopping cart.

    Is your shopping cart available in any language other than English?

    No. However, you can insert custom messages (written in any language) into each page of the shopping cart. You can also use any currency symbol you like.

    Can I cancel service at anytime?

    Yes. Simply follow the instructions noted below under “How do I cancel my account” and your account will be closed on the date of your choice.

    Billing Questions

    Will I receive a notice by email before my account is renewed?

    Yes. You can also review your next renew date at any time by following these steps:

    1. Login to the Shopping Cart Administration Area
    2. Click on Account and Service Plan.

    How do I change my service plan (e.g, from monthly to annual)?

    1. Login to the Shopping Cart Administration Area
    2. Click on Account and Service Plan.

    You can change your service plan at any time. Changes will apply to your next service period.

    How do I update my credit card information?

    1. Login to the Shopping Cart Administration Area
    2. Click on Account and Billing Information.

    My account didn’t automatically renew (e.g. credit card declined). How do I manually renew?

    First, verify that your billing information is accurate and update it if necessary.

    1. Login to the Shopping Cart Administration Area
    2. Click on Account and Billing Information.

    Submit payment for any unpaid invoices.

    1. Click on Account, Billing History.
    2. Click View next to all unpaid invoices.
    3. Click on the Submit Payment button.

    Log out and log back in to the Shopping Cart Administration Area.

    How do I cancel my account?

    1. Login to the Shopping Cart Administration Area
    2. Click on Account, Service Plan and Cancel Account.

    If you are within the first 30 days of purchasing your shopping cart account, you will receive a full refund.

    Offsite backup solutions – easy with Veeam #best #offsite #backup #solution


    Off-site backup
    and disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud

    Let s face it who wants to build and maintain a secondary site, when you can send your
    backups and replicas off site to a trusted service provider? Let the experts build and manage this site for you.

    Consider the cost advantages

    IT pros everywhere are gravitating toward this compelling economic model. Don t make a big capital investment in hardware that you then have to maintain. Use someone else’s hardware and pay-as-you-go.

    Improve security without
    sacrificing control

    No matter where your data is stored you control it with AES 256-bit encryption during backup, in-flight and at rest in the cloud.

    Take the strain off your internal resources

    Reduce the complexity of your on-premises infrastructure and become better protected if something happens to your facility, which also frees up your team to work on other projects.

    Automate it work smarter,
    not harder

    Don t learn a new UI or have to recreate and manually configure your cloud backups. Veeam has created an easy way for you to extend Availability to the cloud with Veeam Cloud Connect.

    Find a Veeam Cloud Connect
    service provider

    The Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS) experts

    Off-site backup and disaster recovery 24.7.365


    You trust Veeam because we live and breathe backup, recovery and replication.


    We trust these service providers because they live and breathe DRaaS and BaaS, and they use our technology to make it happen.

    Don t take our word for it

    Learn from the industry

    Get your DRaaS basics

    DRaaS issues, trends and
    best practices

    The biggest challenges
    with cloud backup and DR

    Embracing BaaS and DRaaS

    Get started today!

    Here s what you need to know about getting backups and replicas off site:

    If you own Veeam Availability Suite , Veeam Backup Replication or Veeam Backup Essentials , you already have Veeam Cloud Connect. You just need to turn it on and acquire the compute and/or storage resources from a service provider.

    If you have either Enterprise or Enterprise Plus editions, you can accelerate your data transfer to the cloud by up to 50 times faster with built-in WAN acceleration to Veeam Cloud Connect targets, a special perk for Veeam Cloud Connect users.

    Email Archiving, Outlook Backup, Email Archiving Solution For Outlook 2003 #email #archive


    Comprehensive Email Archiving Solution for Archiving Outlook Emails

    Email Archiving have become very vital due to implmentation of FRCP since Dec 1, 2006. PCVITA Email Archive Magic provides industry most comprehensive solution for Microsoft Outlook Email Archiving. The Outlook Archiving solution provides archiving Outlook emails with ease of use and without any hassle to the users. Apart from using this as an email archiving or Outlook Archiving solution, users can also use this as a outlook backup solution to backup outlook emails. The advantage of using this compare to other outlook backup solution is that it will allow you to search within the outlook backup without the need to restore it explicitly.

    PCVITA Email Archive Magic is highly intuitive email archiving solution for archiving single or multiple Outlook PST files. It periodically archive emails and remove them(*) from the Outlook PST file. This reduces the size of the Outlook PST file. PCVITA Email Archive Magic can also be used to compress the size of Outlook PST file apart from using it as an email archiving solution.

    FREE Demo Version Try and Check the Product:

    Easy Intuitive user interface for email archiving or Outlook Archiving solution.

    Integrated within Outlook for accessing archive emails.

    Email archiving of multiple Microsoft Outlook PST files.

    Powerful search to search within archived emails.

    Search within email attachments stored in the email archive.

    Reduce the size of Outlook PST file and store in email archive.

    PCVITA Email Archiving Powerful Search :

    • Search on Body of the Email Message within the email archiving data.
    • Unique feature of search within attachments for the email archiving data.
    • Search results based on folder, received time and other attributes of email archiving data.

    The Demo Version of PCVITA Email Archive Magic will work for one month from the time of its installation. After the expiry date, you can only search through the previously archived data but archive feature will not initiate. For using the software for a longer period of time, you would need the Full Version.

    • As you install the product, you will get a screen where you will be asked for a storage path i.e. where you want the archived mails to be stored. You can select the frequency also for archiving and this is applicable only for default PST. When you install the product, the default PST will be archived with the selected frequency.
    • The software add-in will be added to your Outlook application. There will a button named as Email Archive Magic.

    Get Full Version for Long Run Usage

    The Full Version of PCVITA Email Archive Magic software works for a much longer period of time as compared to the Demo Version that works for only one month.

    Thickening Hair Serum Adds Volume Leaves Hair Smooth and Silky with Bounce


    Hazelnut Oil (Corylus avellana)

    Ancient Greek and Chinese manuscripts dating back thousands of years reveal that hazelnuts were considered sacred
    food. Hazelnut oil made from cold pressed hazelnuts. Hazelnut oil leaves a luxurious, silky feel on the skin and hair and it
    is very easily absorbed, leaving no oily residue. It also contains nutritive Vitamin E, B and minerals. Vitamin E protects
    from damage by free radicals by neutralizing them. It is thought to help produce new elastin and collagen fibers.

    Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum indicum)

    Sesame Seed oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Sesame oil is
    mentioned in the Vedas of India as excellent for humans. It is naturally antibacterial, antiviral. It nourishes and feeds the
    scalp to help control dry scalp dandruff, It protects the skin and hair from the effects of chlorine in swimming pool water.
    Rough dry hair can be softened and made more manageable. Treated and damaged hair, regains its lost luster as the
    oil’s deep penetrating properties nourish the hair from within.

    Cherry Kernel Oil (Prunus avium)

    Cold-pressed from the kernel of the cherry fruit, this light weight emollient oil contains a wealth of vitamins and
    antioxidants. The soothing oil is packed with nutritive antioxidants, as well as vitamins A and E. It is easily absorbed and
    can improve hair elasticity, tone and gives hair a healthy glow.

    Kukui Nut Oil (Aleurites molucanna)

    Kukui nut oil is native to a number of islands, including the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the Malaysia and Indonesia. The
    oil extracted from the Kukui nut oil is clear, with a pale tinge of gold, and thin. It contains vitamins A, C and E, which are
    beneficial in keeping the skin and hair hydrated and smooth. This oil can help smooth dry and dull hair, as well as help in
    adding shine and silkiness. Kukui nut oil has also been used as a hair stimulant or additive to hair treatment systems.

    Avocado Oil (Persea americana)

    Avocado oil comes from the fruit avocado, extremely deep penetrating oil. Avocado is a versatile moisturizer. It contains
    essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins A, D, E and B6, magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids, folic acid, as well as
    potassium known as the youth mineral which nourish your skin and hair. Avocado oil has high levels of plant sterolins are
    well known for rejuvenating skin and reducing signs of aging. Avocado oil is one of the few oils that are known to have
    the ability to actually penetrate hair strands to be absorbed. It deep conditions hair and scalp and leaves hair full of life.
    The proteins will help fill in damaged areas in cuticles helping to prevent future breakage.

    Perilla Seed Oil (Perilla frutescens)

    Perilla is native to most of Asia, for that reason it is known as Chinese Basil. This herb is a great source of essential fatty
    acids, most of it being Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA). ALA helps hair and skin retain moisture therefore it can provide shine
    and help maintain hair structure. It helps hair retain moisture and adds shine. It is a light weight, easily absorbed oil.

    Used it once and it made my hair have a more silkier look. I bought it but didnt think it would be anything other than
    satisfactory but it is beyond satisfactory. It’s amazing.

    Bahamia U Hudson MA

    Any life that is lost from your hair will be gained again once you use this product. It makes your hair super
    strong.I recommend using it at least once a week! You’re hair will love it! This product is great for
    damaged hair. I have had bad perms and bad die jobs and this product is the only product that revitalizes
    and rejuvenates my hair.

    Carolyn A Germantown MD

    Wow, my hair is softer without having any greasy or oily residue on it, and a friend of mine told me yesterday that it
    even looks healthier. It feels smoother, too. The good thing is that it doesn’t leave my hair all greasy and caked up with
    stuff. I have to use moisturizer daily and it works really good on my two strand twists. Can’t really say enough about this
    one. Try it. U’ll like it.

    Barbara B Lebanon IN

    This product is amazing! It makes my hair feel great and it does it with no residue. I recommend this
    product to Patricia L Brooklyn NY

    LOVE THIS STUFF. It is awesome. You should see my hair. The shine is unbelievable and I’ve had several people at
    work tell me how GREAT my hair looks. I went to my sister’s birthday party and everyone raved about my hair. Love

    Lindria D Edgewater MD

    We’re not born with damaged hair.

    As children, we had beautiful, baby-soft, insanely shiny hair.
    But as we got older, many of us began subjecting our hair to
    a lot of abuse.

    Alcohol-based hair sprays, chemical processes, blow dryers,
    and styling irons all cause tremendous damage.

    But don’t reach for a hair conditioner full of synthetic
    chemicals just yet.

    The last thing that you need to do is add any more chemicals
    to your hair! Instead, nourish it with intense nutritive
    conditioners like jojoba and sesame seed oil.

    Essential oils like ylang ylang, rosemary, and lavender will restore your hair’s luster and prevent premature hair loss.

    But be warned – hair this gorgeous can be addictive! Don’t blame us if you get caught touching your hair all day.

    The results have been
    fantastic. My hair is
    super healthy with shine
    and very managable. This
    is one of the best hair
    products I have ever
    used. It is fast, effective,
    and gets the desired
    results! It is easy to use
    and leaves your hair
    really soft and nice. It
    has a pleasant scent.
    Recommend to everyone!

    Bonnie E West Harwich

    This is amazing. It made my
    fine, mega-highlighted
    blonde hair so moisturized,
    shiny and silky – gave me
    some of the best hair days
    in recent memory! If you
    have fine hair I wouldn’t
    put it on the roots – it will
    weigh you down a bit. I try
    to start about 3-4 inches
    away from the scalp and
    this way I still have volume,
    plus amazing shine!

    Mary K Lebanon TN

    SO awesome! It works
    and you can use it once
    or twice a week and the
    results last. It has
    repaired the damage I
    had. I love how smooth
    and shiny it makes my
    hair. My hair looks
    healthy, gorgeous and
    feels great!

    Ayako D Schaumburg IL

    With each successive use, I
    notice my hair gets shinier
    and easier to maintain. A
    little defnitely goes a long
    way too much makes it a
    bit flat so sometimes I skip a
    day or two. Much better
    than those expensive salon
    keratin treatments I used
    to get! I highly recommend
    it to people with thicker

    Elizabeth L Manhattan
    Beach CA

    When I am done blow
    drying my hair I feel like
    I just left the salon and
    mind you my hair has
    never looked good blow
    dried, usually I ALSO
    need a flat iron Shiny,
    Soft, Shiny, Smooth Did
    I mention Shiny? My hair
    is long, thick, slight
    wave, color treated,
    slightly coarse. Must

    Tara L Hackensack NJ

    I used this for the first time
    and saw a huge
    improvement in how my
    hair was silkier and fuller. It
    is very light and easy to
    use. Never thought that
    something all nutritive could
    be this great! Thanks

    Brandie E Alta loma CA

    I was very impressed by
    the products, especially
    the leave in conditioner.
    I’ve been using this
    product for the past 3
    months and can say my
    hair is in much better
    condition. I absolutely
    love the smell and the
    way it makes my hair
    feel. Worked even better
    on my daughter’s thick,
    nutritive hair.

    Cathy E Cape Coral FL

    After using the treatment it
    was an immediate
    transformation. My hair is
    revitalized. Not only do your
    new products not make my
    scalp itch, but the itching of
    my scalp that I had been
    having no matter what I
    used-or didn’t use-is totally
    gone. What you say about
    not having to use harsh
    chemicals is true. Thanks

    Jeff G Olympia WA

    4 Supplements That Alkalize Your Body #alkalize,body #chemistry,ph #balance,balance #your #body #chemistry,acid,alkaline,acidity,diet,nutrition,healthy


    4 Supplements that Alkalize Your Body

    Choosing a healthier lifestyle can be as simple as alkalizing your body, which may sound complicated but it really isn�t.� Basically, acid and alkaline are opposite sides of the biochemical spectrum.� Ideally, your body should be slightly alkaline, but most people s bodies are excessively acidic due to high stress levels, a diet high in meat, sugar consumption, and other acid-forming habits.� While supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle, they can assist you in making your body more alkaline.

    1.� Green Food Powders
    There are many different kinds of green powders, primarily made from spirulina or chlorella algae and the juices of various types of grasses:� barley, wheat, or alfalfa.� These ingredients might seem like a recipe for swamp water but add a teaspoon or two to water, juice diluted with water, or a smoothie and you ll be surprised how good they can taste.� More importantly, they help alkalize your body, thereby promoting greater energy, improved resistance to illness, and less pain.� If you don�t like one type, choose a different kind since there is a significant variation in taste between various green powders.

    2.� Calcium
    To cope with acidity, your body may withdraw calcium from your bones since it is a natural anti-acid mineral.� Like a bank account from which regular withdrawals are made, your bones can become vulnerable to excessive calcium losses.� To help restore the amount of calcium in your body, you can supplement with this critical mineral.� Everyone�s needs are different but they usually range from 800 mg to 1500 mg.

    3. Magnesium
    In the same way that the bones act as a reserve for alkaline calcium, your muscles are reservoirs for the mineral magnesium, which is also alkaline.� Most nutrition experts estimate that 80 percent of people are deficient in this important mineral.� If you�re prone to headaches or muscle tension, you may find that supplementing with magnesium is helpful.� Most people take between 400 to 800 mg of magnesium.

    4.� pH Drops and Powders
    There are special formulations on the market designed specifically for balancing your body chemistry.� And, as with anything, there is a huge variation in the quality of these products so it may take some experimentation to see which one works best for you.� They are usually named pH drops or pH powder or something similar.� Usually they contain a solution of chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide, which releases oxygen in your body, helping to restore biochemical balance.� Sometimes the powders contain a variety of alkaline mineral salts, namely:� potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, and iron.� Follow package instructions for use.

    This information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be construed as diagnostic or prescriptive. Always consult your physician prior to starting any new supplements.

    CMS Software Ltd UK – Electronic Document Management Software and Hardware, Scanning,


    The Therefore document management system enables you to process information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your department or organization. This means your team can access and use the information they need to meet business objectives, allowing you to have a smarter company and increase efficiency and profits.

    David McQuillan, Services Manager for Mallon Technology stated . have found FormStorm to be a perfect answer to our form capture needs, adaptable, efficient and affordable, my dealings with CMS have also been excellent, they created a robust processing system for us under very tight time constraints within the agreed time frame and budget. The full case study can be found here.

    CMS Software Ltd is a leading provider of document capture, document management systems, email security and support services designed for organisations of all sizes across a multitude of business sectors.

    Our document management systems are designed to offer flexibility in the electronic capture and storage of documents. We use the latest technology in both software and hardware to create the best system to fit your organisation’s needs.

    Intelligent Form Capture

    Businesses are continually looking to increase efficiency, cut costs and reduce errors in processing of business documents and forms. Our software has been designed to help achieve these goals by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, extracting and validating the important data and exporting to ECM, CRM, ERP or other business application.

    • Streamline the processing of capturing Purchase Invoices to achieve greater accuracy and faster turn around.
    • Extract data from handwritten employee time sheets to reduce errors and remove the time consuming processes of manually entering data in payroll systems.
    • Capture data from questionnaires and export to CRM systems for analysis or customer follow up.

    Additional benefits of using form capture to process your business documents include:-

    • Deliver the images into a document archive for compliance purposes
    • Full visibility of all documents at all times in the process
    • Faster response rates to queries or enquiries
    • Improved customer service

    You can find further information on our intelligent form capture solutions here. Alternatively please contact CMS Software .

    Document Management from CMS Software

    Modern day Document Management can provide an overall streamlining for any size of company and provide a positive return on your investment, typically within 9 months of implementation. In addition to this Document Management can provide the following benefits:-

    • Storage space saving on filing cabinets
    • Protection against business continuity in case of fire
    • Control sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, inside and outside your organisation
    • Real time saving on posting, stationery, paper, ink
    • Personnel overhead can be kept at a minimum due to efficiencies in day to day processes
    • Flow of paperwork electronically and the ability to build in business rules

    We have developed and installed systems that offer full or semi automation in the processing of forms and other business related documents that include:-

    • Electronic network faxing
    • Archiving of important documents in electronic format, PDF. TIFF etc
    • Management of historical archives without the need for large filing cabinets
    • Indexing and retrieval of your data using customer defined search terms
    • Scanning remotely for document capture and distribution
    • Automated data capture from documents received, i.e. purchase invoices, despatch notes
    • Barcode capture for indexing and retrieval
    • Forms Processing, OCR and ICR Character Recognition, including hand written characters
    • Purchase invoice data capture and export to your system
    • Automation of received documents

    Our Clients

    CMS supply to many different market sectors, including:-

    Car and Commercial Automotive Businesses

    NHS and Private Healthcare

    Banking and Financial

    Warehousing and Distribution

    Walraven – ROI and Cost savings

    Walraven is a family owned company with head offices in the Netherlands and 17 sites around the world. They manufacture fixing systems for heating pipes, cooling systems as well as fire protection systems and sanitary systems. Walraven operate in the domestic market with many customers in the construction, electrical and building and public sectors

    Walraven has also seen significant cost-savings since integrating Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) Zetafax seamlessly into their existing business processes. They have saved approximately �800 per month on postage and packaging, �400 on labour, �600 on stationery and fax consumables. So all in all, they are witnessing cost-savings of approximately �1800-1900 per month.

    By implementing EDD, we have immediately saved a lot of money. It has the
    potential to save us more time and money in the future when we look to expand.

    Nicola Luker, Finance Manager, Walraven Ltd

    Additional Products and Systems available from CMS Software

    • Image Viewers – for bookmarking specific detailed images, such as maps, plans and technical drawings. Allowing for annotations, scale measuring and light table functions within the software.
    • Forms Processing – designed for data extraction and input into a Document Management system or third party such as Sharepoint, Oracle etc. Ideal for Invoice processing and extraction of key data from a large volume of received documents (either electronic or hard copy)
    • Reports management allowing your system generated reports to be stored electronically. Statements and remittances can now be sent via our Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) system. Company logo s and overlay can be added to make your company stationery to enhance the appearance of the delivered documents.
    • Document Scanners – developed by some of worlds leading manufacturers in document scanning. We offer Canon and Fujitsu scanners capable of scanning speeds from 30 ppm to 128ppm.
    • Redaction software Designed specifically to protect outgoing files or printed hard copy documents. Able to protect sensitive data and make you compliant with Data Protection and Freedom of Information legal requirements.
    • Electronic Network Faxing This software turns your workstation into a fax machine. No need to worry about missing another fax again. Send and receive faxes from your desktop, just like an email.

    CMS Software Ltd, 10 Saxon House,

    Upminster Trading Park, Warley Street,

    Upminster, Essex, RM14 3PJ

    Tel: 01708 640382 Fax: 01708 640385

    � CMS Software Ltd 1984 – 2017. Last updated 07 June 2017.

    CMS Software Ltd based in the UK is a leading provider of document scanning hardware and software solutions. CMS offer full consultation for your document management, scanning, archiving and retrieval requirements.CMS Software products and services include Canon Fujitsu document scanners, electronic document distribution, electronic invoice approval, forms processing for invoices, statements, remittances and other related documents. Click here for our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

    VITAS: Innovative Hospice Care Solution And Analysis, HBR Case Study Solution –

    #vitas innovative hospice care


    VITAS: Innovative Hospice Care Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

    VITAS: Innovative Hospice Care Case Solution

    Vitas Healthcare has been one of the country’s oldest and largest hospice care providers in the world. It was founded in the year 1978. The company was founded to serve the needs of the patients that cannot be duplicated by other similar service providers. The company has focused on providing quality services to control the financial health of the company. The care and the level of quality offered by Vitas gives all the patients the direct result of patient care, and it also gives the control, professionalism and the level of quality through its business.

    The hospital is aiming to provide an alternative to the regular treatment in the hospital for those patients who are terminally ill and do not have a very long life. Basically hospice was initiated to offer support and help, to those patients who were dying. Hospice offered such patients with palliative care, rather than the traditional curative care. The idea was to ensure that such patients could enjoy their remaining life with dignity and comfort at the maximum level. The services offered by Vitas are offered in 5 states where it has 27 offices.

    Strategic, Tactical, and/or Operational Issues

    The strategic issues presented in the case are the fact that the company Vitas has been looking to make acquisitions within the fragmented hospice industry. Vitas have faced the strategic issue where it does not have a clear and concrete execution plan to actually acquire a firm. Vitas has a vision of becoming a for-profit hospice where it does not have a proper execution plan to actually become a for-profit firm by making a particular acquisition that can ensure and help Vitas.

    The tactical issues at Vitas is that since Vitas Hospice has focused itself as a for-profit organization from a not for-profit organization, it has been facing quite a few issues in its operations. First of all employees tend to believe and in fact perceive that, since the organization has transformed itself into a profit earning organization it will definitely loose the quality of service it would be offering to the patients.

    Employees believed that Vitas will start to work upon their costs and profits rather than caring for humanity. This has been the main tactical issue because it is necessary for the management to deal with the employees and make them realize that although the focus has shifted to for-profit organization but still it is important for the employees.

    However, Vitas has faced the operational issue where it does not have a clear and concrete execution plan to actually acquire a firm. The organization has made a simple mistake where it did not actually anticipate the three hour time difference, for instance the Florida and the California state. For example, when California hospices needs support for patient, family services, account payable or the billing the corporate office for Vitas is closed and the employees have left for the day. This is a serious issue because no one is present to guide and take charge of such operational daily issues.

    The conceptual factors that have been identified in the case which are relevant to the issues that have been identified in the case in terms of strategic issues, tactical issues and the operational issues are as follows:

    As the case states, Vitas has the vision of providing customer with the optimum and ultimate support. The vision of the company included servicing of each patient that had come to hospice in order to find dignity and peace in the remaining time. Although the vision was quite clear and well directed, but the nature of business and the industry norms were not favoring the entire situation. The employees which included in the team were a group of 5 which included a number of different team members for the team.

    External environmental factors

    The external factors that are presented in the case that have actually come up because of the three types of issues which include the strategic issues, the tactical issues and the operational issues are the fact that since the company Vitas is looking to grow and expand, the uncontrollable factor is that it is a fragmented market. This cannot be controlled by Vitas, infact it has to deal with it in an efficient manner. Along with this, the perception of employees has also been changed where they belief being a profit oriented organization will leave the company focusing on sales and revenue, while patient treatment will become a secondary importance for Vitas .

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    Vitas, non-profit hospice has grown through acquisitions and start-ups. The Company believes the storage strategy, and Deirdre Lawe must decide whether to make a particular purchase. Hide
    by Roger Hallowell, Tonicia Hampton Source: Harvard Business School 33 pages. Publication Date: October 10, 1999. Prod. #: 800031-PDF-ENG

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