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How to successfully recover data from a failed RAID

Recovering data from a failed RAID can easily turn into a costly ordeal. Please read this page carefully before proceeding. If you would like to get help from experts, please consider using our fee-based RAID recovery service.

First determine whether the RAID is hardware-based or software-based. The recovery procedures are very different.

Recovering a hardware RAID

First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

  • Virus attacks.
  • The volume being deleted, resized, reformatted or otherwise changed in Disk Manager or other disk management utilities.

If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

Avoid the most common mistakes that may cause data to become unrecoverable.

Hardware RAID operating states

Current status is normal.
No controller or disk errors.
No recent change in RAID configuration.

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Volume configuration has not been changed (screenshot ).

Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

RAID mechanism is operating normally .
Problem may be unrelated to RAID.

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
No drive letter or unformatted volume (screenshot ).

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Volume has been deleted, reformatted, resized (screenshot ).

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Disk Manager is not aware of degradation (screenshot ).

Volume is accessible

RAID is degraded due to a disk failure

Current status is normal.
RAID failed and was rebuilt unsuccessfully.

RAID is displayed as a single disk (screenshot ).

Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

Current status is normal.
RAID settings have been changed.

Current status is normal.
Disks have been reconfigured and disk order may have changed.

Abnormal RAID status such as “offline”, “inactive”, “undefined”, etc.
There may be disk or controller hardware errors.

RAID is not displayed. Sometimes the individual member disks are displayed as unformatted disks (screenshots ).

Volume is inaccessible.

Recovering a software RAID

First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

  • Virus attacks.
  • The volume being reformatted.

If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

Note that a RAID 0 is also referred to as a striped volume.

Software RAID operating states

Sacred Heart Health System – Careers & Employment – Job Search #adelphi

#sacred heart hospice


Sacred Heart Health System, based in Pensacola, Florida, encourages you to picture yourself in a valuable role with Northwest Florida’s leading health care provider. Area consumers consistently rank Sacred Heart as the healthcare provider that provides patients with the best overall quality. Studies by National Research Corporation also find that our Sacred Heart doctors and nurses are rated best in the region.

Sacred Heart is a member of the Ascension . the nation’s largest Catholic and nonprofit health system. Together, we share a mission to provide high quality, spiritually-centered healthcare to all persons, with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable.

We are fortunate to attract people who believe in our mission and who are dedicated to the service of our patients and their families.

Our Health System also attracts the 150 physicians to practice opportunities with Sacred Heart Medical Group . the region’s largest network of primary care physicians and specialists.

Our Health System has high expectations of those who join our mission, but at the same time, we regard our associates as our most valuable asset. We recognize that it is our associates who drive our success and meet the needs of our patients every day. So to attract and retain the best staff, we provide our associates with highly competitive salaries and we offer an excellent, flexible benefits package .

Here are some of some of the latest healthcare jobs which we are recruiting for:

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team of healthcare professionals, we invite you to click on the “Search for Jobs” button above or click here to view a list of all of the open job positions at Sacred Heart Health System.

AutoCrib: Home #inventory #management, #logistics #management, #inventory #control, #inventory #management #software, #industrial


Vend Everything

What Is Industrial Vending?

Industrial vending machines provide point-of-use inventory management for industrial supplies. Workers simply scan an ID or fingerprint to issue or return items. The industrial vending system does the recordkeeping automatically just like a tool crib attendant. It can even re-order the products for you!

Clients Who Demand The Best Industrial Vending Solutions

  • Automotive and Heavy Equipment
  • Caterpillar
  • Ford Motor Company
  • MAC Trailer
  • Michelin
  • Red Bull Racing
  • Tesla Motors
  • Triumph Motorcycles
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Airbus
  • Bell Helicopter
  • General Dynamics
  • Gulfstream Service Centers
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Barksdale AFB
  • Ellsworth AFB
  • Hill AFB
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)
  • Tinker AFB
  • Warner Robins AFB
  • Energy and Utilities
  • GE Energy
  • LM Wind Power
  • Nevada Energy
  • Otter Tail Corporation
  • Siemens
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Food Processing and Beverage Industry
  • Bimbo Bakeries
  • Campbell’s Soup
  • Hershey Foods
  • JBT FoodTech
  • Labatt Breweries
  • Marel Stork Poultry Processing
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Bayer
  • Boston Scientific
  • Covidien
  • GE Healthcare
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Noble Biocare
  • NuVasive
  • Stryker

AutoCrib vending systems helped JetBlue Airways to implement new technology in our operation. This allowed us to track our assets and reduce touch points with a return on investment that was less than 12 months. Rawlson Singh Manager, Material Operations – Jet Blue

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Buy Voice Mail System – high quality Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on






Matrix voicemailsystem

External VoiceMailSystem

CENTONE VoiceMailSystem – CTE-200/400

Stand-Alone Auto Attendant and VoiceMailSystem

Voicemail speaker

DataLabsUSA 2 Port VoiceMail / Auto Attendant System


Telephone phone recording system. 8ch recording + 8ch voicemail /message


Voicemail recorder (Tansonic Telephone voice recording)




office master telephone,voicemail telephone

VoiceMail Sender (SV-1)

TeleCARE VoiceMailSystem for PABX Keyphone System

Voice Alarm System

Voice Recognition System

Voice Response System

Mail Inspection Systems


Voice Processing System PABX

Voice Parking Sensor System

Digital Voice Recording systems

Voice Car Alarm System

Telephone voice advertising system

Token display system with voice

motorcycle alarm system with voice

Voice Quality Enhancement System


Telephone Voice Recording System

Nice Voice Recording System

Voice Conferencing Systems

Digital Voice Recording Systems

Optima eMail Sender System

NEOPOST 7755 Outgoing mailsystem

Connect Laptop, Computer, Ipad, Tablet, Notebook, Smartphones To TV Wireless, wireless office


wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone systemWireless office phone system

Conference Room

Wireless office phone system

  • Wireless Presentation System
  • Over Network Connection System
  • Wireless Projection Gateway
  • Wireless – Networked Screen Mirroring Device
  • Video over IP receiver with Audio
  • Wireless – over Ethernet AV System


Wireless office phone systemWireless office phone system

Class Room

Wireless office phone system

  • Wireless Presentation System
  • Over Network Connection System
  • Wireless Projection Gateway
  • Wireless – Networked Screen Mirroring Device
  • Video over IP receiver with Audio
  • Wireless – over Ethernet AV System


Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone systemWireless office phone systemWireless office phone systemWireless office phone systemWireless office phone system

Our devices used world wide

Wireless office phone systemWireless office phone systemWireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system


Wireless office phone system

Teq AVIT is the pioneer in wireless presentation systems since 2006 with Air Present technology. AirPresent is the best technology in Wireless or Video over IP presentation /screen mirroring system with integrated collaboration. AirPresent allows up to 64 users to connect to HD displays like projector, TV, touch screen, or IWB from any computer or mobile device over Wifi network or existing LAN network. AirPresent is compatible with any with Windows OS laptop, notebook, ultrabook, MacBook, iPad or iPhone with iOS and Android OS based tablet or smartphone, ideal for BYOD or BYOT.

AirPresent combines ease of use, low cost, and best ROI to be the versatile and future-proof solution for any corporate, business, educational, healthcare or government entities and many other industries where meetings, conferences, teaching and training happens in AV or IT environment. We have time and time again produced long lasting reliable and cost effective devices that our users, dealers, integrators and consultants like and trust.

Wireless office phone system

Smartsearch software #recruitment, #staffing, #recruiting, #ats, #corporate #recruiting #software, #recruitment #agency #system


SmartSearch® is our real-time, intuitive talent acquisition tool that centralizes sourcing, recruiting, applicant tracking and hiring activities by providing an online database where all the pieces come together on your desktop 24/7 from any PC, anywhere in the world.

With over 20 years industry experience, our flexible solution serves staffing agencies, corporate employers, executive search, and consulting firms, with a highly scalable and self-configurable system that allows you to create a customized and user-friendly work environment that optimizes communication and collaboration Learn More

SmartSearch® makes it easy to recruit the right way, right away. And that’s YOUR way. Our easy-to-use software offers the scalability and configurability you need to fit your unique business model.

  • Work-In-Progress Dashboard
  • Sales Recruiting Workflow Automation
  • Activity, Metrics, Analytics Performance Reports

Harness the power of our intuitive, agile talent acquisition and staffing management software. Our cost-effective solution helps you respond quickly and drive process improvement in the fast-changing recruitment industry. Learn more

Talent acquisition begins with the creation of a cohesive, systematic and branded environment – one that effectively projects your corporate identity. SmartSearch® makes it easy to recruit the right way, right away.

  • Organize and track candidates
  • Automate recruiting and hiring workflow
  • Effectively manage your jobs and career site

A recruitment solution with powerful candidate sourcing and collaboration tools. By integrating with your current technology and unique business processes, SmartSearch reduces paperwork, eliminates duplication of effort, shortens time-to-fill jobs, and lowers hiring costs. Learn more

Oracle Solaris Download – Softpedia Linux #oracle #solaris, #download #oracle #solaris, #oracle


Oracle Solaris (formerly SunOS) is a commercial product that provides users with an integrated and full featured server-oriented platform that combines the powerful OpenStack open source cloud computing software with a stable and reliable enterprise-class operating system.

Availability, supported platforms, boot options, and a little bit of history

First of all, we want to remind the reader that this is not a Linux distribution! Solaris OS is a UNIX operating system initially developed by Sun Microsystems, and now maintained by Oracle Corporation under the name of Oracle Solaris.

It is available for download as installable and live ISO images that can be burned onto blank CD discs using any CD/DVD burning software, as well as USB images that allows users to write the operating system to portable USB flash drives.

Supported architectures include x86 (32-bit) and SPARC (Scalable Processor Architecture). Recommended system requirements include at least 2GB or RAM (system memory) and at least 15GB of free hard disk space.

The Live CD ISO/USB images provide users with a modern boot prompt powered by GRUB2, from where users can start the live environment with default settings, using the VESA framebuffer, with SSH enabled, with screen reader, with magnifier, or in text mode. It is also possible to boot an existing operating system installed on the first disk.

State-of-the-art UNIX technologies for both server and desktop platforms

Before entering the live environment, users will need to select a keyboard layout and the language they want to use. The graphical session is powered by the traditional GNOME desktop environment, which comprises of two panels, a top one for accessing the main menu and launching apps, and a bottom one for interacting with running apps and switching between virtual workspaces.

Using the highly acclaimed ZFS filesystem, it includes powerful applications like the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Glade interface designer, Pidgin instant messenger, Rhythmbox music player, Totem video player, Orca screen reader and magnifier, and GParted partition editor.

Bottom line

All in all, Oracle Solaris is a decent server operating system that has been redesigned from the ground up and engineered for cloud computing. It supports the x86 and SPARC architectures, and features the award winning OpenStack software.

New in Oracle Solaris 11.2:

  • Now available, Oracle Solaris 11.2 is engineered to deliver an efficient, secure, compliant, open and affordable path to enterprise cloud computing for organizations seeking to simplify and modernize their data centers.
  • Oracle Solaris 11.2 is a complete, integrated and open cloud platform engineered for large-scale enterprise cloud environments. It combines OpenStack, application-driven SDN technology, clustering, and zero-overhead virtualization with a proven enterprise-class OS.
  • With its application compatibility guarantee program, Oracle Solaris is designed to make IT’s transformation to enterprise-grade cloud simple, fast, and affordable.
  • Customers can get a cloud up and running in as few as 10 minutes using Oracle Solaris 11.2’s Unified Archive template and OpenStack distribution.

Read the full changelog

Motorized Textile Roll Carousel, Fabric Roll Storage Rack – Storage Rack #carousel,



Vidir’s Textile Carousel is an automated vertical carousel that stores and retrieves rolled goods efficiently and ergonomically. The motorized textile carousel is designed to effectively accommodate a wide variety of fabric rolls including woven, non-woven, knitted, synthetic, netting, and technical fabrics (such as Gore-Tex and Gannex) in a broad range of widths, diameters, and sizes. This automated storage system utilizes the vertical space in retail stores, manufacturing operations, or warehouses and brings the desired roll to the operators level, eliminating the need to manually handle textile rolls.

Increases Available Storage

The motorized textile carousel increases useable storage capacity by applying the product to operator principle in underutilized overhead space. Featuring built to specification flexibility, Vidir’s rolled goods carousels provides superior fit and space utilization.

Increase Health and Safety

Mechanical storage eliminates wasteful and potentially harmful steps for stocking and retrieving rolled materials. The Textile Carousel accomplishes this by automating retrieval and presenting rolls at an ergonomically optimum height which reduces unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing which will reduce work related injuries.

Increase Efficiency

Vidir’s Textile Carousel may be commonly used as either a storage unit or integrated into production lines. Either application benefits from the increased efficiencies that a vertical carousel provides, whether the result is increased output from almost negligible roll changeovers or the potential realized by automating storage and real time inventory tracking.

Vidir’s Textile Carousel can be equipped with one of Vidir’s various inventory control solutions which greatly reduce retrieval times and provide real time inventory data. In order to improve production flow and allow the operator to pull the fabric off the carousel with control and accuracy this automated storage system can be equipped with bearings, tensioner collars, locking collars, and tapered cones. Additional configurations include heavy duty models, multi-tower carousels, over the top carousels, multi-space configurations, and rear loading configurations.

Technical Specifications

  • Controls: Forward/Reverse push buttons w/security keypad and e-stop
  • Overall Capacity: 13,000 lbs. | 5,896 kg chain rating
  • Carrier Capacity: 1,000 lbs. | 454 kg weight capacity
  • Off-Balance: 15% off-balance load capacity
  • Retrieval Speed: 21’ | 5057mm per minute
  • Electrical: 208/230V, 15 Amp, 60 Hz, 3 Phase or 460/480V, 10 Amp, 60 Hz, 3 Phase (other electrical available upon request)
  • Patented loading bars for easy loading
  • Standard Colors: (Other Colors Available Upon Request)
    • Panels, Structure: White
    • Carriers, Mesh: Grey
  • cCSAus Mark
  • Seismic Certification available upon request
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Model Specifications – Imperial

Options Accessories

  • Bearing Tensioner Collars – Allows the carrier to rotate in position while pulling textiles/fabrics directly from the carousel.
  • Tapered Cones – Secures product cores to the carrier preventing rolls from rotating independently of the carrier.
  • Locking Collars – Secures rolls in place on the carrier preventing lateral movement.
  • Transport Dollies – Cart for transporting rolled goods to and from the carousel
  • Automatic Retrieval – Automated product retrieval by allowing call-outs
  • Vidir Inventory Software – Inventory management software for tracking and calling out product within the carousel, requires Automatic Retrieval.
  • Bar Code Scanning – Simple and quick product recall, requires automatic retrieval
  • Rear Loading – Include a loading station and 2 nd set of controls on the backside of the carousel
  • Multi-Space Configuration – Positions carriers unevenly within a carousel to allow for extremely high density storage for a variety of roll sizes.
  • Multi-Tower Configuration – Add the capacity of a second tower to the same chain path as a single tower.
  • Over the Top Configuration – Carousels that fully utilize overhead space by utilizing the chain path of an upside down L.
  • Preventative Maintenance Packages: An annual inspection program designed to extend the life of the Textile Carousel.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Model Specifications – Imperial
  • Model Specifications – Metric
  • Options Accessories
  • Picture Gallery


Request Information

Call Us Toll Free:

Sales: 800.210.0141
Service: 866.821.2647

Vertical Carousels:

Dynamic Storage Solutions:

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Fire Suppression Systems #kidde, #notifier, #fire #alarm, #fire #suppression, #halon #1301, #novec


Control Fire Systems has everything our company needs. We called them and inquired about their products and had them install fire suppression, marine fire systems, fire alarm panels, fire alarm devices, fire extinguishers and fire safety products. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Control Fire System came on time for our scheduled quote on refilling our clean agent cylinder. They did a fast and efficient job and also provided cylinder hydrostatic testing and emergency cylinder recharges in case of any emergencies in the future. This is something like the fifth or sixth time we’ve used them and it’s always gone well. We’ll look forward to having CFS come back in future.

We purchased a fire alarm from you guys, for some out buildings where we run repair work. Recently, we had a small fire and the fire alarm detected it immediately and alerted my staff. Great to see a product working as it’s supposed to.

Over the years, I have called them to do site inspections and go through what needs to be done and fixed. They are really good at installation and maintenance of fire systems and everything is running smoothly.

One of our motels failed a fire alarm test in the fall. The technician from Control Fire System was very professional and experienced. He went through the guidelines and procedures and suggested replacement of most of the alarms and maintenance for the sprinklers. The work went off fairly quickly and we felt much more confident once the work was completed. We’re pleased we trusted the solid reviews of this company and will be using them for the remainder of our properties.

Kidde provides excellent systems. We recommend it highly. Call these guys to have them give you details. Their knowledge is first rate.

Your team of technicians and staff was a pleasure to do business with from the initial sales call through to the final briefing after installation. We had a close call last year and I can tell you that everyone on our end is feeling better with the new fire suppression systems in place.

They replaced a fire control panel for us this summer and I just wanted to pass on a compliment on how quickly I got a response and had the techs come out. We did the usual three quotes and Control Fire was easily the most responsive. It was very reassuring and the integration went seamlessly. We’ll be updating the rest of the systems in steps and now know who to call.

I manage maintenance at a nearly 10,000 sqf facility in the east end and Control Fire Systems is contracted to check out our systems twice annually. They’ve done some fan air testing as well as the fire systems and everything has been in order since I started here. I recommend to any plant manager getting into a regular contract situation with a reputable company like this one. It’s great piece of mind.

Whenever one of our larger commercial units changes hands, expands, renovates, etc. I call in Control Fire Systems. They assess and do upgrades and repairs where necessary which actually adds to the bottom line if a sale is involved. One of the great tricks of property management is being sure you’re not getting gouged by contractors downstream and having these guys onboard has been a great relief in that regard. It’s a partnership I plan to continue to take advantage of.

I wasn’t involved in the sales negotiation as the property management handled that but I can tell you that in terms of implementation they were wonderful to work with. We had accounting and other non-tech people in on the first meetings and Control Fire Systems was really able to capture the specifics and timelines in a way we could all grasp. I feel better knowing the care home is as safe as can be.

Our office building purchased Control Fire Services portable extinguishers a few years ago. We had them do a fire extinguisher inspection, refill (we have actually needed that!), repair and recharge. Impressed with the 6-year fire extinguisher maintenance if anything goes wrong. A good choice for commercial operations.

Linux Monitoring, CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Disk Utilization, Process Monitoring #system #management,


Linux Monitoring

ManageEngine Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box Linux Server monitoring capabilities. It helps the operations team ensure the servers are up (ping) and also run at peak performance by monitoring CPU usage. memory utilization. processes. disk utilization. disk I/O Stats.

Being an agentless monitoring solution, administrators can setup and start monitoring their critical resources in minutes. View a screenshot.

Alarms and Reporting

With color coded alarms, ability to send E-mail or SMS alarms. and automate corrective actions by executing scripts. administrators will now have more time to focus on other critical activities. Comprehensive reports on Availability, Health, CPU Utilization, Disk Utilization, Memory usage help administrators to do trend analysis and plan inventory.

We support all distributions of linux

Redhat Monitoring, Redhat Enterprise Server Monitoring, Mandriva Monitoring, Fedora Monitoring, SuSe Monitoring, Debian Monitoring, Ubuntu Monitoring and CentOS Monitoring.

How to get started?

Install ManageEngine Applications Manager in a system and configure it (using its Web Client) to monitor other systems or servers in your network via telnet, SSH or SNMP. To configure, you will need to specify only the host name, credentials and mode of monitoring. The entire performance stats get stored in a MySQL database and you get to view your data in a Web Client (that’s a link to our online demo).

“Everything is going well with Applications Manager. It is a straightforward interface that provides great visibility of how well servers and applications are performing. E-mail alarms and notifications are proving extremely useful.”

Other Monitoring Capabilities

Home Security – Knight Security Inc #non-monitored #home #security #system


Home Security

Your home is where you should feel comfortable, safe and happy. Don t let security concerns come between you and your family s peace of mind.

Click on the tabs above to explore the different options, features and products that can help you feel like the king of your own castle. It s easier, more cost effective and responsive than ever.

Contact us today for a free, no-cost, no-hassle evaluation of your home s security needs. We can design a system made just for you and your personal, individual security concerns.

This is a basic example of a typical burglary alarm system. The exact setup will depend, of course, on your personal security concerns, the layout of your home, and the materials of your walls.

Carbon monoxide, or “CO,” is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill you!

Where is CO found?

CO is found in fumes produced any time you burn fuel in cars or trucks, small engines, stoves, lanterns, grills, fireplaces, gas ranges, or furnaces. CO can build up indoors and poison people and animals who breathe it.

What are the symptoms of CO poisoning?

The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. CO symptoms are often described as “flu-like.” If you breathe in a lot of CO it can make you pass out or kill you. People who are sleeping or drunk can die from CO poisoning before they have symptoms.

Who is at risk from CO poisoning?

Everyone is at risk for CO poisoning. Infants, the elderly, people with chronic heart disease, anemia, or breathing problems are more likely to get sick from CO, but even healthy adults, children and your pets can be quickly affected by CO poisoning. Each year, more than 400 Americans die from unintentional CO poisoning not linked to fires, more than 20,000 visit the emergency room, and more than 4,000 are hospitalized.

A monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector from Knight Security could save your loved ones lives!

It s not enough to have a basic, off-the-shelf CO Detector in your home. Sure, it will sound an alert when it detects CO but what if you re asleep? What if you re already too sick to realize what the alarm is going off for? What if you re not home but your pets are. With a Monitored CO Detector, you will be protected no matter what happens. Don t leave your family s well-being to chance!

A flooded basement is a pain in anyone s back. Not to mention that the average cost of cleanup and replacement for items ruined in a flood can be upwards of $1,000 but depending on what you re forced to replace, that estimate can rise as high as $15,000.

A monitored Water Detector from Knight Security can help take some of the worry from your mind. The sensor allows you to get advance notification of potentially hazardous water leaks. The sensor is calibrated to help reduce false alarms by recognizing the difference between flooding situations and high humidity or condensation.

The answer to that question should be: Your Monitoring Station does.

With Fire Monitoring from Knight Security, you and your family have the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing that someone is watching out for you 24/7/365. When your fire alarm goes off, you don t have time to think about calling the Monitoring Station or Fire Department. You need to concentrate on what s more important-getting you and your family safely out of the building. And with monitored fire alarms, you can do just that.

Best of all, that protection extends to times when you are not home. Waiting for a neighbor or passerby to notice your home is on fire or to hear your non-monitored fire alarms can cost you precious time or possibly, it could cost you your home. Don t let your home s safety be left up to chance.

Virtual Keypad App

from Knight Security

In today s world, we are increasingly dependent on our cellular devices for everything from shopping to keeping track of our exercise programs. The experts call it the Internet of Things and predict that this trend will continue in the future, expanding our options and making our lives so much more convenient, mobile and easy.

Now, with the Virtual Keypad App, you can add your security system to the list of things you can control with the same ease and flexibility.

With the Virtual Keypad App, you can monitor your home alarm system, receive alerts when your system has been set off, when someone sets or turns it off, and when there is a problem. But that s not all.

There are so many more options today than there were even a year ago:


Adding Home Automation to your existing or new system will give you a whole new range of options. With your cell phone, you can open and close your garage door, lock and unlock your front door, turn on and off your lights, appliances and electronics, open or close your blinds, control your thermostat and so much more.


With the GeoFencing option on your cell phone, you can not only control your home automation system, but you can make it automatic. Imagine, as your system senses your arrival, the garage door opening for you, the lights coming on, and the thermostat rising to your preferred setting. And then, when your system recognizes that you are leaving, the front door automatically locks, the lights go off, and the thermostat falls to your away preferred temperature

It sounds like one of those futuristic cartoons, doesn t it? But it s not-it s today, it s possible, and best of all, it s affordable and easy. And it s only going to get better.


Do you have school-aged children who come home while you re still at work? Do you have teenagers who come and go almost fast enough to make your head turn? With your Virtual Keypad App, you can now get check ins , allowing you to see when the kids come home and when they leave. A little more peace of mind for you and your family from Knight Security.

Home Security Systems, Best Home Security Systems & Home Alarm Security by


Home Security Systems & Services

Homesecurity system

Home Security Cameras

The best home security systems allow you to see inside or outside your home in real time from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Homesecurity system

Wireless Home Security

Easily install and expand the ADT home security system with wireless security.

Homesecurity system

Storm Safety

Ensure the home security system continues to work even if your landlines are down due to a storm.

Homesecurity system

Remote Access

Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, and receive alerts when someone else uses the home security system.

Homesecurity system

Energy Management

Control your thermostat from anywhere, anytime to better manage your heating and cooling usage.

Homesecurity system

Medical Alert

The medical alert system in our home alarm security systems feature a two-way voice intercom system which immediately connects you with a real person.

Homesecurity system


Homesecurity system

Think I’m only about home security? Think again. From lights to locks to live video and everything in between, I help keep your home both safe and smart.

Home Security Systems – How ADT Works

When an event is triggered through one of our home alarm security systems, every second counts. With six fully redundant Customer Monitoring Centers, you can count on us to deliver a fast response to you and the police.

Homesecurity system


Set up an appointment and we’ll help assess your security needs.

Homesecurity system

Homesecurity system


When the home security systems alarm signal is received, a trained ADT Professional is there to respond quickly.

Homesecurity system

Homesecurity system


This caring home security system professional will contact you to confirm whether you are okay or in need of assistance.

Homesecurity system

Homesecurity system


If you are in need of assistance, the ADT Representative will contact the police, fire department or other emergency personnel to request dispatch to your home as quickly as possible.

Home Security Systems – How ADT Works

When an event is triggered through one of our home alarm security systems, every second counts. With six fully redundant Customer Monitoring Centers, you can count on us to deliver a fast response to you and the police.

Homesecurity system


Set up an appointment and we’ll help assess your security needs.

Homesecurity system

Homesecurity system


When the home security systems alarm signal is received, a trained ADT Professional is there to respond quickly.

Homesecurity system

Homesecurity system


This caring home security system professional will contact you to confirm whether you are okay or in need of assistance.

Homesecurity system

Homesecurity system


If you are in need of assistance, the ADT Representative will contact the police, fire department or other emergency personnel to request dispatch to your home as quickly as possible.

Homesecurity system

Our wireless home security systems are best known for monitoring against burglary and fire, but we also offer CO monitoring and flood detection, which can help with storm preparedness thanks to a water detection sensor.

Beyond our basic security, you should also look into our ADT Pulse® products. Our best home security systems include controls for lights, locks, live video, as well as remote temperature control, all accessible from our app.

Homesecurity system

Learn more about protecting your home with home security tips, or more about ADT in particular, using our home security resources. Discover how all of our home security systems account for home security basics like emergency preparedness, or see our home automation systems in action by watching our ADT Pulse® videos. Feel free to browse through our home automation resources page as well.

We also offer home health resources for homeowners with additional family safety concerns as part of our ADT Health service.

Homesecurity system

As a homeowner, you want a home security system designed for your needs. Protect your business as smartly as you would your home with ADT business security. All of our business security systems provide the basics: theft prevention, a business alarm system, remote access, business video surveillance and more.

The ADT Difference provides you with the top business automation services that will keep your business safe, smart and efficient. Watch the demo.

Homesecurity system

ADT is the #1 security company in the US. Besides our best home security systems, we also have a line of products for families specifically concerned about senior safety. Our three Medical Alert System options use medical bracelets and other medical alert devices to connect senior citizens directly to a support team that can send help immediately if anything happens.

Homesecurity system

ADT is the most trusted security company in the industry. Keeping you safe is our business. But don’t take our word for it; watch the ADT Lifesaver Testimonial Videos to hear real stories from real people who’ve had their lives and homes saved by ADT. Additionally, check out our ADT Pulse® app downloads to see exactly what technology we offer in terms of home safety. Our home alarm security systems are easy to use, but should any questions arise, you can download our ADT security manuals, check the ADT security FAQs page, or contact ADT directly. We keep your home secure 24/7 and aim to provide you with round-the-clock support as well through ADT customer service.

Homesecurity system

ADT home security is the most established and trusted in the industry. For over 140 years, we’ve made protecting and connecting the centerpiece of what we do.

We consider this commitment an ADT responsibility that goes into all of our home security monitoring systems, but also goes beyond that to placing a high value on ADT sustainability as well.

Even a brief look at our ADT history tells you a great deal about ADT, and further demonstrates our experience, expertise and values. These qualities are pervasive in our company. Our ADT directors and ADT corporate leadership are committed to upholding the ADT code of conduct and ADT ethics in everything that we do.

Best PBX Phone Systems – 2017 Reviews, Pricing & Demos, pbx system


PBX Phone Systems

Price Range



Nextiva Office

FluentStream VoIP

Call us for a free FastStart Consultation: (844) 852-3639

ShoreTel Sky

RingCentral Office

Call us for a free FastStart Consultation: (844) 852-3639

Action Desk

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Call us for a free FastStart Consultation: (844) 852-3639

Huawei eSpace

Voice Complete

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Market Research Associate

Last Updated: August 15, 2017

The term PBX, for private branch exchange, is in most cases simply a synonym for business phone system.

Internet Protocol PBXes, or IP PBXes, are phone systems that connect calls via the internet rather than the traditional phone network.

We ll explain the core features and benefits of IP PBX systems. We ll also take a look at some of the key factors that businesses need to consider when investing in a new phone system.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What Is a PBX and an IP PBX?
  • IP PBX
  • Which Businesses Need Them?
  • Key Considerations

What Is a PBX and an IP PBX?

The term PBX itself is a relic from the early-20th Century, as we explain in our extended definition.

Pbx system cost

Broadly speaking, a PBX s function is to unite all the separate phone extensions that a business uses so they can function together as one system. Specifically, PBXs:

  1. Route incoming calls to whichever extension a caller chooses.
  2. Distribute calls automatically to internal extensions based on pre-set rules.
  3. Connect internal extensions to outside lines when employees place a call.
  4. Connect calls internally between the business s extensions.

PBXs have been performing these same tasks for decades. As the internet increasingly takes over the function of the traditional phone network, however, the capabilities and features of PBXs have also evolved.


VoIP, or the Voice over Internet Protocol, has brought many changes to all aspects of business telephony PBXs included. With VoIP, it s now possible to send calls over an internet connection, as opposed to paying for traditional business phone service.

In order to reap the benefits of VoIP, you need an IP PBX rather than a traditional PBX, as an IP PBX system can connect directly to the internet. Older PBX systems, on the other hand, connect to analog or digital phone lines.

There are devices known as gateways that allow you to use VoIP service with an older PBX system. If you re replacing your system, however, it makes much more sense to simply invest in an IP PBX.

IP PBXs exist in several very different forms. Although they all perform similar functions, there is no strict definition of the term. An IP PBX can refer to:

Which Businesses Need Them?

Traditionally, PBXs were very expensive to purchase and maintain, and they were only used by relatively large businesses. Smaller businesses had alternatives such as Key Systems, which are scaled-down and less automated, but perform similar functions. (With Key Systems, users manually select lines: for example, by pressing “9” for an outside line.)

Now it s common for businesses with even a few employees to use some sort of IP PBX for their office phone system.

IP PBXs allow incoming calls to be routed and automatically distributed, and allow internal extensions to dial each other and share external lines. They provide the same basic functions as traditional PBXs, and can be useful to businesses of almost any size.

Further, as more businesses seek out the conveniences and cost-savings of VoIP telephony, IP PBXs in one of the forms mentioned above have become an increasingly common choice. Rather than trying to modernize an older PBX so it can work with VoIP calls, it often makes more sense to upgrade the whole system. Upgrading also gives buyers a chance to bring in new features which may have previously been unavailable.

Key Considerations

Hosted or on-premise. This is probably the most critical decision to make. Companies should look at both options. On-premise systems will typically have higher initial costs, and may also require periodic system maintenance. Hosted PBXs will cost less up front, and will be managed by the provider, but have higher recurring costs. The total cost of ownership for all potential systems should be compared.

Call capacity. PBXs can only handle a limited number of concurrent calls and a limited number of total extensions or registrations. (Each VoIP phone connected to the IP PBX requires a single registration.) Assess how many total connections you ll need, count one for each hardphone and softphone you plan to connect, as well as any devices such as FAX machines that may also be connected via your existing phone service provider, and estimate how many calls your employees will be making and receiving simultaneously when you re at peak call volume.

Unified communications. This term refers to a range of features that involve communicating across platforms and between different mediums. A common example of this is visual voicemail: a feature that automatically transcribes voicemail messages and emails the transcript to the recipient. Many IP PBXs have UC functions included.

Security. VoIP calls have special network requirements and they often don t work with well with standard office firewalls. To avoid problems, ensure that your existing firewall is compatible with SIP and VoIP traffic. An alternative is to get an IP PBX that includes a built-in firewall, as many do. Many also include VPN gateways to connect with a corporate Virtual Private Network.

Finally, you can use a device known as a Session Border Controller (SBC), which provides additional security specifically for VoIP systems by policing the pinholes that you need to open in your firewall for your VoIP calls.

Auto attendant. This is the automated answering system that greets inbound calls, presents pre-recorded information and gives callers a list of extension options from which to choose. Most IP PBXs include auto attendants, but the level of functionality supported by different systems differs. Advanced IVR systems, the voice menus that allow callers to complete actions such as checking account balances over the phone, are generally only found in call center suites.

JD Edwards Consulting #jd #edwards #erp #system


JD Edwards Consulting Services


Tax Compliance

Supply Chain Optimization

Workforce Management

Technical Services

Why Choose Surety Systems


Customer Testimonials

We originally reached out to Surety Systems to assist us with our Foreign Currency implementation for a new acquisition. Their team was very professional and diligent, providing a solution in a timely manner. The value provided by Surety Systems is second to none, and I would recommend them for anyone looking for JD Edwards consulting services.

Finance Lead, Commercial Construction Industry

I reached out to Surety Systems to provide assistance for the HR Payroll functionality in our World A7.3 system. We set up a conference call to discuss our proposed process improvements, and the Surety team was able to instantly recommend a seasoned World HR Payroll Consultant that could assist us. After scheduling a conversation with Surety’s consultant, our team felt extremely comfortable with his ability to come in and make an immediate impact on our project. As an IT Director, the process of identifying and procuring consultants for my IT projects can sometimes be time-consuming, stressful, and extremely frustrating. Surety’s ability to quickly match us with the right consultant has kept my time investment to a minimum (less than 2 hours total). Their staff has been responsive, professional, and easy to work with.

ERP Director, Packaging and Containers Company

Surety Systems has provided JD Edwards World consulting services for us over the past couple of years. Their consultants have assisted with our JDE World globalization efforts, provided as-is/to-be assessments of our current usage of JDE Warehousing functionality, and provided World RPG development assistance. Surety’s consultants have been professional, reliable, and have consistently added value to our JD Edwards initiatives. Their team has placed great emphasis on face-to-face customer service, making sure that our projects are tracking on schedule, and that their consultants are meeting our needs and expectations. Our relationship with Surety is ongoing. It’s a partnership with a very bright future!

Director of Global ERP Integration, Electrical Manufacturing Industry

Surety Systems has consistently provided me with top-notch CNC consultants. I always allow several firms to compete for my project openings, but Surety’s consultants are always a cut above the rest.

Infrastructure Manager, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Company

This is our first time working with Surety Systems. We have been extremely pleased with the consultant they have provided, so they are batting 1,000 so far. If Tim is a good example of the type of consultants Surety provides, then we will probably be doing a lot more work together in the future.

Director of IT, Furniture Manufacturing Company

I have worked with Surety Systems on several JD Edwards consulting engagements over the past few years. Regardless of skillset, size of engagement, or budget constraints? Surety has been able to provide exceptional solutions each time. They have demonstrated a strong network of JD Edwards connections in the Minneapolis area. I will definitely count them as a trusted partner for future project work.

Tom Nollan, Director, Information Technology at Old Dutch Foods

Connect With The JD Edwards Practice Group

Cerberus Helpdesk Download Linux – Softpedia Linux #cerberus #helpdesk, #download #cerberus #helpdesk,


Cerberus Helpdesk or Cerb is a web-based commercial, platform-independent and open source email response system that is easy to integrate, customize and extend. It was created to decrease the need for time-consuming and redundant human interaction with customers.

Originally written as a trouble ticket system, Cerberus Helpdesk helps your sales, billing or support departments to be able to easily and quickly interact with inbound customer email inquiries. With more 12 years of continuous innovation, Cerb has been successfully deployed on over 18,000 organizations.

Features at a glance

Key features include email fetch and retrieve support, adaptive anti-spam engine, web-based support portal, service level agreements, due date management and schedules, email templates, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base.

When using Cerb, your employees will be able to work efficiently, capture feedback and collaborate with customers better, from anywhere in the world, automate workflow, flag opportunities, share expert knowledge, stay informed, build shared workspaces, manage tasks, reply to huge number of emails, as well as to remember anything about anyone.

Pricing and availability

While you will be able to download a free trial of Cerb, or grab the latest source code from GitHub and compile it yourself, pricing starts from 252 USD (202 EUR) per seat if you install the software on your hardware, as well as 25 USD (20 EUR) per month per seat if you host Cerberus Helpdesk in the cloud.

Supported operating systems and requirements

At the moment, Cerberus Helpdesk has been successfully tested with numerous GNU/Linux distributions, as well as with the BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It supports the Apache, Nginx or IIS web servers, the MySQL 5.0 or newer database server, and PHP 5.3 or newer, which should have the gd, mysql, mailparse, imap, dom, json, spl and mbstring extensions installed. The xcache and memcache PHP extensions are recommended.

New in Cerberus Helpdesk 7.0.4:

  • We design major functionality updates with backwards compatibility in mind — both technically and conceptually. This means that when you update between two versions in the same generation (e.g. 6.8 to 6.9), you can expect your environment to still meet the same system requirements, and your workers should still feel completely familiar with how the interface and common functionality works.
  • Every two years or so, we plan and release a generational update. Those are the milestone where we allow ourselves to break backwards compatibility. We remove features and concepts that have been deprecated by new improvements along the way, and we introduce new features and concepts based on thousands of ongoing discussions with the community and several more years of accumulated experience. Generational updates may be a bit more disruptive than typical updates, but they are where Cerb takes big leaps forward.
  • Each generation of Cerb has had a central theme:
  • In 4.x, the theme was a clean slate. We completely rewrote Cerb from scratch to use modern design principles, to be highly stable and secure, to enable a much faster pace of development, and to be extensible through plugins with our Devblocks framework.

Read the full changelog

Commercial – Home Security Systems Albuquerque, Alpha Alarm, security system technician.#Security #system


Alarm Company Albuquerque – Security Cameras Home Monitoring Systems

Welcome to Alpha Alarm of Albuquerque offering amazing packages deals on Alarm Security Systems for your Home or Commercial Business! Whether you need a Basic Alarm Plan or an Advanced Security System, Alpha has got you covered offering 24 Hour Support all year long!

Security system technician

Security system technician

Security system technician

  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician
  • Security system technician

Security system technician


I ve been with Alpha Alarm sense May of 2011. Before them I had another, more big box type of security provider. I switched and have never looked back. Its also nice to call a local number when I need to speak with a security consultant! Keep it up Alpha!

A Satisfied Customer

Alpha offered to upgrade my alarm system free if I switched to Monitronics for monitoring. The monthly cost was less than I was paying, and the equipment they were offering was superior, so I agreed to switch. They arrived promptly and performed the service. I have had no problems in the time I have been using Monitronics. The equipment is more reliable than the previous system, and I have had no false alarms as I did with the old equipment.

Have been 100% satisfied with every aspect of this monitored service since installation a year ago! This is the company to go with for home security!!

The system purchased was a wireless alarm system with 10 window/door opening alarms, two motion sensors, a touchscreen pad and an outdoor siren. The cost was $69 installation fee and $45/mo on a 3 year contract for the system and a monitoring service. Since the lowest monitoring system we found was $30mo, the difference was for the equipment which will be owned at end of contract period, about $540. We paid 10% less than the above amounts as a senior discount. This was new equipment, not refurbished equipment. The three year contract plus installation fee comes to the price of $1500 listed below.

The price was competitive. The installation was done the day after we agreed to obtain the system. The installer came to our residence twice. The first time he was delayed, but called to let us know. He came back a second time because the outside siren was not in his stock and he did not have the yard signs. The second time he was a bit early. Ray, the installer, answered all our questions. He had good suggestions. He was fast and cleaned up installation packaging. He was really nice. I wish all service people were as nice as Ray.

Installed alarm system, home was already pre-wired. We have never had an alarm system before, they came back to check system as we learned. We had problems a little later as we learned to work the system to find they had to add a sensor to an upstairs window. They provided additional training and installed the sensor, no charge. Since then we have had no other problem.

The technician that installed my system was very professional and informed me of the complete system and how it works. The only MINOR negative I had during the whole installation was on the coupon it says $29.99 to $49.99 and this was never explained or the one time installation fee. The different systems were explained but not price, when I saw the charge on my bank statement I called the company and they explained it all to me. Overall, the service was great.

Alpha Alarm rep Mona was very understanding and very helpful. She responded to my problem quickly and efficiently. She sent a tech to my home the same day I called about a problem he (Lyndon) was very efficient and courteous. Great alarm company they care about their customers.

They did everything they were supposed to do as advertised and everything was installed and working. I give them all A s and will use them again in the future.

Quick installation, friendly. We did not get exactly what we thought was advertised, overall good experience.

They designed the plan upfront so that I knew exactly how much it would cost. They came out thrice to teach me how the whole system worked. I can reach them anytime and they come within the same day if I need anything. They are very professional and I feel safe around their workers. They pay great attention to detail and their service is outstanding.

We love our security system. My husband works late sometimes, and I am able to sleep so much better knowing the alarm is set. We have 4 active boys, so my favorite feature is the chime that lets me know when and where a door has been opened. Honestly, I will never be able to live in a house without an alarm system again.

Some glitches with appointments, the equipment is OK but could be better, probably for the money as good as it gets. All personnel was friendly and professional, except for missed appointments and some rather late arrivals. All in all was good experience and would use them again. I have had other companies and they are no better if not a lot worse.

Alpha installed a touchscreen system in my business. I had Security amp; Access Controls for my alarm company previously. They had become unresponsive. I was referred by a friend to Alpha Alarms. Had a good experience, they installed everything, and the technician ray was very respectful.

HVAC Contractors – AC Repair – Comfort Air – Orange County #orange


AC Repair Contractors Serving Orange County

For 18 years, Comfort Air has built a reputation for reliable same-day HVAC service within the Orange County area. We take our jobs very seriously, which is why we make sure to hire only the finest factory-trained AC technicians. Rest assured that we will fix any cooling and AC service issues you re having in an efficient manner. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Call (949) 284-6131 for a Free Estimate Today!

Our Services Include

  • New AC Heating Installations
  • New Construction HVAC
  • Replacement of AC and Heating Units
  • Air Conditioning and Heating Repair
  • Precision Tune Ups
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Air Duct Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Heating Repair
  • All Major Brands Repaired Serviced

With our extended warranties and AC maintenance procedures, we are always looking for ways to benefit you. Don t suffer through the hot SoCal summer. Let us make your home comfortable all year around.

AC Service Repair Technicians Serving Orange County

Our Service Areas: Irvine, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Tustin, Laguna Hills, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Orange, Santa Ana, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Foothill Ranch.

At Comfort Air. we provide full-service repair, maintenance, and installation for all HVAC systems. from Central ACs to furnaces. When we design our heating and cooling systems. our one goal is to prioritize indoor air quality. All of our products are made to be quiet, so that they don t disturb you. By eliminating bad air pollution, we hope to do our part to improve your life.

Our Services

  • Heating AC System Repair
  • Ductwork Fabrication and Installation
  • Precision Tune Ups
  • HVAC Remodel Work
  • Electronic Air Cleaner/Humidifier
  • Furnace and HVAC Repair
  • Whole House Efficiency Evaluation
  • Air Filtration
  • Noise Reduction
  • HVAC Maintenance

Call Us at (949) 284-6131 to Schedule an Appointment

Home Automation Solutions

Comfort Air is a trusted home automation company serving Irvine, California, and surrounding communities. We offer installation of home automation thermostats. so you can have remote control of your home s heating and cooling systems.

Home Automation Services

  • Home Automation Consultation
  • Home Automation Installation
  • Home Automation for HVAC

Nest Home Automation

At Comfort Air, we offer installation and service of Nest Home Automation systems. You can make your home a smart home with one of the most respected home automation brands in the industry. Check with us first to see if Next is the right brand for you.

If you re interested in automating your home s HVAC system, call (949) 284-6131 today!

Honeywell Heating Cooling Specialists

At Comfort Air. we offer reliable maintenance, repair, and installation of Honeywell systems. We have been the go-to HVAC Technician in Orange County to service Honeywell HVAC equipment.

We Service Repair Honeywell Systems

  • Honeywell Lyric Thermostats
  • Honeywell Heating Systems
  • Honeywell Air Conditioners
  • Honeywell AC Installation
  • Honeywell Heating Installation
  • Honeywell Thermostat Installation

Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat is highly regarded in the home automation industry. With Honeywell Lyric, you can control your home s indoor air remotely with your tablet or smartphone. One call to Comfort Air and you can have your home quickly and expertly wired. Take the first step in making your home smarter. Call for a free consultation and see if the Honeywell Lyric is right for you!

Whether you re upgrading to a new Honeywell system or you need someone to repair your current Honeywell equipment, look no further than Comfort Air. Call (949) 284-6131 for a consultation.

Contact us either by calling (949) 284-6131 or by filling out and submitting the online form below. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Thank you!

Online Event Registration and Management – Online Membership Management #online #event #registration,


  • Home
  • Association Manager
  • Event Manager
  • About Us
  • Resources
  • Success Stories
  • Blog
  • Contact Us
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Client Login

123Signup provides a complete software solution to automate the time-consuming functions that come with running a membership-based business. We’ve helped thousands of membership organizations and associations trim the admin to-do list and gain back time to grow their membership base.

Integrated member management and event registration tools enable you to:

  • Automate enrollment, renewal and dues collection
  • Easily communicate and connect with members
  • Collect event sign-ups and payments online
  • Track membership, financials, donations and more

123Signup can help you grow your organization with less work. Call us today 877.691.9950!

Manage Your Members With Ease

Manage memberships quickly and easily with Association Manager! Spend less time on administrative tasks, more time on growing your membership base and your bottom line.

Corporate, trade and non-profit organizations of all kinds depend on 123Signup to automate time-consuming tasks.

See What Association Manager Can Do for You

Fill Seats Fast With Online Registration

Increase your event attendance and revenue with less work.

Event Manager can be used for association meetings, conferences, chapter meetings, training events the possibilities are endless.

Using online software is the fastest, easiest way to get events organized and event seats filled fast. Get Started Today

Online Bachelor s Degree in Health Information Management #american #public #university #system,


Health Information Management

Bachelor of Science

Our Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (HIM) provides students with the knowledge and skills required to be a health information administrator in a variety of settings such as hospitals, insurance companies, and government agencies. With a focus on operations management, the degree program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to its curriculum. Billions of dollars have been invested in newer health information technology, leading to a greater need for trained, educated HIM professionals knowledgeable in data management, information policy, finance, information systems, and administrative and clinical knowledge.

Note: Some courses in the program require you to install software installation for virtual online lab accessibility. Software and/or lab equipment required for some courses in this program are not provided through the undergraduate book grant and will need to be purchased by any student registering in those courses. Please see the course materials section of those courses for more information prior to registration.

Program Courses

The curriculum for this online bachelor’s program is reviewed by an advisory council of industry experts for relevancy to today’s marketplace. Course topics include:

  • Goal setting, problem solving, staffing, and employee training
  • Historical and current healthcare administration and delivery systems
  • Health records filing systems, data collection, and electronic records
  • Medical terminology and pharmacology vocabularies used in HIM classification systems
  • The history and use of coding manuals, coding guidelines, and ICD-10 coding steps
  • Health insurance and public funding programs
  • Legal and ethical aspects of health information management, and healthcare fraud and abuse
  • HIM computer and software applications

Program Objectives

In addition to the institutional and degree level learning objectives, graduates of this program are expected to achieve these learning outcomes:

  • Assess organizational compliance with state and federal governmental regulations, accreditation, licensure, and certification requirements.
  • Construct accurate quantitative evaluations related to health care statistics, financial management, and accounting standards and best practices.
  • Analyze legal and ethical concerns related to confidentiality, security, and privacy issues in the management of health information in the digital world.
  • Implement supervisory and management skills across business functions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of specialized medical language, classification systems, and reimbursement methodology common in the field of health information management.
  • Synthesize material on health information management from multiple competing sources.
  • Summarize the significance of being a health information administrator in terms of challenges, trends, and developments in a social context.
  • Identify significant public policy issues in health information management.

Degree at a Glance

  • Number of Credits 120
  • Max Transfer Credits 91
  • Tuition Per Credit $270 | $250 with military grant
  • Program Length 4 years full time
  • Program Format Online | Monthly course starts
  • Program Director Andrea Mignott
  • View all courses
  • Gainful employment
  • Apply Now
  • Request Info

National Business Registry of Malta #national #emergency #alert #system


Everyone know what website design is all about, so today we are going to talk more about hosting!

Hosting – What is it?

Hi everyone, the first thing we are going to do is run through some terminology and explain how the process of setting up a website works and what hosting is. Understanding the terminology and basics of how a website works will make your life much easier when it comes to setting everything up. There are hundreds if not thousands of hosting companies out there. is one of them.

So let’s talk about hosting, before you ever create a website you need to have somewhere to host it. What this basically means is having physical space where your website is saved. Just like you have files saved on your computer, your website will be saved as files on a computer or “server” that is owned by your hosting company. This server is always connected to the internet and is what people connect to when they want to see your website. When you set up your hosting account you’re essentially renting some space on a server that you will upload your website to, that others can then access to view your site.

Setting up a hosting account for you website

Now that you understand what hosting is let’s create an account and get set up. The hosting site we use and our personal favorite is blue host. The reason that we like blue host so much and recommend it is its ease of use with WordPress which is the software we will use to build your site. WordPress is hands down the best place to build a website as it has many different integrated design options.

Hosting starts as low as $1 per month and WordPress is completely free. You can get with blue host or check out other popular hosting companies such as Go Daddy. Host Gator, Name cheap etc. There are many different hosting companies that offer very affordable hosting. The more you pay the better service obviously. However, you can easily get something worthwhile within the $5 range. Do not overthink this, hosting is just where you are going to store your website. Just find a well-known company and go with it.

Next we will choose our domain name, this just means your web address. I recommend using the name of your business, if this isn’t available take a moment and think of something else that you like the sound of. Remember that your domain will represent your brand. You will also use this domain to host your email address, so please choose wisely. This domain will be tired to you for the duration of your business, so it has to be something that sounds good. Don’t go for complicated names or extensions, try to get a .com and move on.

Finally, I really recommend the domain privacy protection. The reason I recommend this is that without it when you create your site all of your information will go into a public database and the one time I didn’t do it I started to receive a lot of spam email and phone calls and the 99 cents per month to me is worth avoiding that. Web design companies try to sell you hosting at a premium where you can get it at a fraction of the cost. After five by design portland maine has a cheap hosting service to all it s website design clients. The cost starts from like $10 a month! So its worth checking these guys out located in Portland Maine

What is a Rectal Tube? (with pictures) – mobile wiseGEEK #zassi #bowel


wiseGEEK: What is a Rectal Tube?

A rectal tube, also called a rectal catheter, is a long slender tube which is inserted into the rectum in order to relieve flatulence which has been chronic and which has not been alleviated by other methods. The term rectal tube is also frequently used to describe a rectal balloon catheter, although they are not exactly the same thing. Both are inserted into the rectum, some as far as the inner colon, and help to collect or draw out gas or feces.

The use of a rectal tube to help remove flatus from the digestive tract is needed primarily in patients who have had a recent surgery on the bowel or anus, or who have another condition which causes the sphincter muscles not to work appropriately enough for gas to pass on its own. It helps to open the rectum and is inserted into the colon to allow gas to move downward and out of the body. This procedure is generally only used once other methods have failed, or when other methods are not recommended due to the patient’s condition.

In some cases, a rectal tube refers to a balloon catheter, which is commonly used to help reduce soiling due to chronic diarrhea. This is a plastic tube inserted into the rectum, which is connected at the other end to a bag used to collect stools. It is only to be used when necessary, as the safety of routine usage has not been established. Serious complications have also been noted, and include rectal perforation and reduced sphincter muscle tone.

Use of a rectal tube and drainage bag does have some benefits for patients who are critically ill, and may include protection for the perineal area and greater safety for health care workers. These are not great enough to warrant use for most patients, but those with prolonged diarrhea or weakened sphincter muscles may benefit. Use of the rectal catheter should be closely monitored and removed as soon as feasible.

Insertion of a rectal tube must be done by a trained professional and it should be completed very carefully using a well-lubricated tube. Patients should be taken to a private area and relaxed for maximum benefits. The nurse or doctor will raise one cheek of the buttocks and carefully insert the tube into the colon. After a few moments, flatus may have exited through the tube, but if not, the procedure may have to be repeated at a later time.

Article Discussion

13) The old method was effective for gas relief, e.g. a return flow enema. Put fluid in then drop the bag or bucket to pull out the gas. Course, it’s not a long term solution.

12) I was intubated about six months ago and put in a medically induced coma, and so required a rectal tube. When I woke up I continued to have it for about four more days. I never felt it, nor knew I had it, until I realized I did not have an urge for a BM. I was very alert (36 year old bed bound). My only complaint is that after it was removed, I couldn’t tell when I went to the bathroom for about a week. (When the rectal muscles strengthened back up.)

11) I had one but I don’t think anyone knew what it was. It was very painful.

10) My mom has had one in place for three days and she is complaining of burning and pain in her rectum. I think that also they didn’t use any lubricant to insert it. I have called the nurse station and they are telling me that the doctor needs to determine if it’s OK to take it out. I think that the patient’s comfort comes above this. I feel bad for her. I don’t know how long are these things supposed to be in for?

9) How often do you change the rectal tube and the collection bag?

7) Is it difficult to change a rectal tube that is torn? I was working at a hospital last week with a patient who had this and the tube leaked throughout the 12 hour shift.

I reported it to the nurse and said it needed to be changed because it was leaking all over the air mattress and the client’s buttock was extremely red and excoriated. I’m a nursing assistant and wonder why no one wanted to change the tube. Is the procedure that difficult?

5) I had one after a small bowel study because I have bad decubes on my butt and had the runs real bad. I had a nurse do it who I knew would be gentle. It wasn’t too bad at all.

4) Is this what patients in a coma would have?

3) it does work quite quickly.

2) It works, although nothing works for 100 percent of patients. Sometimes it has to be repeated more than once to allow the gas time to move farther down the digestive tract.

Affordable Self Storage in Hampton, VA #affordable #self #storage, #reviews, #ratings, #recommendations,


Affordable Self Storage

Information about this business (4 )

6 locations to serve you6 va locations to serve youavailable-boxes andceilings-truckscobbs creek shacklefordcontrolled unites-highgloucester matthews hampton poquoson safe-clean-climatethe friendlier morethe friendlier more affordable alternative 223910attr:climate controlledstorage household & commercial

Posted on May 08, 2015. Brought to you by localcom.

Affordable Storage Inc is located at the address 1635 W Pembroke Ave Ste A in Hampton, Virginia 23661. They can be contacted via phone at (757) 723-6551 for pricing, hours and directions.

Affordable Storage Inc has an annual sales volume of 0 – 500K. For more information contact Dan Bolkhel, Owner or go to

Affordable Storage Inc provides Dry Storage Units, Self.

Posted on September 02, 2014. Brought to you by chamberofcommerce.

We offer self storage to keep your personal items safe while you are moving, haveing work done to the house, TDY, or just need a place to put your access items till you can make room for them. We are open 7 days a week and will stay later if needed to assist with your move in. We are the friendlier more affordable storage company.

Posted on July 20, 2014. Brought to you by facebook.

Posted by Anonymous on June 30, 2009. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

Average Rating 20

I rented a unit for one month back in July 2007. As of today, March 4, 2008, I have not received my $10.00 deposit. I have spoken to them several times. I will not stop until I get my money. Are there others who have not gotten their deposit?

Posted by jj9801 on March 03, 2008. Brought to you by localguides.

Business description (5) view all

Affordable Storage can be found at W Pembroke Ave 1635. The following is offered: Warehouse Storage. The entry is present with us since Sep 9, 2010 and was last updated on Nov 14, 2013. In Hampton there are 6 other Warehouse Storage. An overview can be found here.

Posted on September 20, 2015. Brought to you by opendius.

Business, Climate Controlled, Home, Packing Supplies, Personal

Posted on November 03, 2014. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

Security Assessment, VAPT, ECSA Training in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon,


A penetration test is done to evaluate the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack by a malicious user / hacker. The process involves active exploitation of security vulnerabilities that may be present due to poor or improper system configuration, known and / or unknown hardware or software flaws, or operational weaknesses in process or design.

This analysis is carried out from the position of a potential attacker, to determine feasibility of an attack and the resulting business impact of a successful exploit. Usually this is presented with recommendations for mitigation or a technical solution.

About this workshop

This workshop gives an in-depth perspective of penetration testing approach and methodology that covers all modern infrastructure, operating systems and application environments.

This workshop is designed to teach security professionals the tools and techniques required to perform comprehensive information security assessment.

Participants will learn how to design, secure and test networks to protect their organization from the threats hackers and crackers pose. This workshop will help participants to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the security of their organization s infrastructure.

This 40 hour highly interactive workshop will help participants have hands on understanding and experience in Security Assessment.

A proper understanding of Security Assessment is an important requirement to analyze the integrity of the IT infrastructure.

Expertise in security assessment is an absolute requirement for a career in information security management and could be followed by management level certifications like CISA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC and ISO 27001.

There are many reasons to understand Security Assessment:

  • Prepare yourself to handle penetration testing assignments with more clarity
  • Understand how to conduct Vulnerability Assessment
  • Expand your present knowledge of identifying threats and vulnerabilities
  • Bring security expertise to your current occupation
  • Become more marketable in a highly competitive environment

Therefore this workshop will prepare you to handle VA / PT assignments and give you a better understanding of various security concepts and practices that will be of valuable use to you and your organization.

This workshop will significantly benefit professionals responsible for security assessment of the network / IT infrastructure.

  • IS / IT Specialist / Analyst / Manager
  • IS / IT Auditor / Consultant
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Security Specialist / Analyst
  • Security Manager / Architect
  • Security Consultant / Professional
  • Security Officer / Engineer
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Auditor
  • Network Specialist / Analyst
  • Network Manager / Architect
  • Network Consultant / Professional
  • Network Administrator
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Administrator

Anyone aspiring for a career in Security Assessment would benefit from this workshop. The workshop is restricted to participants who have knowledge of ethical hacking countermeasures.

The entire workshop is a combination of theory and hands-on sessions conducted in a dedicated ethical hacking lab environment.

  • The Need for Security Analysis
  • Advanced Googling
  • TCP/IP Packet Analysis
  • Advanced Sniffing Techniques
  • Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus
  • Advanced Wireless Testing
  • Designing a DMZ
  • Snort Analysis
  • Log Analysis
  • Advanced Exploits and Tools
  • Penetration Testing Methodologies
  • Customers and Legal Agreements
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling
  • Pre Penetration Testing Checklist
  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • External Penetration Testing
  • Internal Network Penetration Testing
  • Routers and Switches Penetration Testing
  • Firewall Penetration Testing
  • IDS Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing
  • Denial of Service Penetration Testing
  • Password Cracking Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  • Stolen Laptop, PDAs and Cell phones Penetration Testing
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Physical Security Penetration Testing
  • Database Penetration testing
  • VoIP Penetration Testing
  • VPN Penetration Testing
  • War Dialing
  • Virus and Trojan Detection
  • Log Management Penetration Testing
  • File Integrity Checking
  • Blue Tooth and Hand held Device Penetration Testing
  • Telecommunication and Broadband Communication Penetration Testing
  • Email Security Penetration Testing
  • Security Patches Penetration Testing
  • Data Leakage Penetration Testing
  • Penetration Testing Deliverables and Conclusion
  • Penetration Testing Report and Documentation Writing
  • Penetration Testing Report Analysis
  • Post Testing Actions
  • Ethics of a Penetration Tester
  • Standards and Compliance

Best Registration Software #online #school #system


Top Registration Software Products

Eventbrite provides cost-effective registration software to help businesses manage and promote their events online-while helping people discover events that fuel their passions. From backyard barbecues to classes to conferences to world-renowned film and music festivals, Eventbrite houses events of all shapes and sizes. As one of today s fastest-growing registration platforms, Eventbrite delivers innovative technology and low fees-and if your event is free, so is Eventbrite. Learn more. View Profile

Eventbrite provides cost-effective, innovative registration software to help businesses set up, manage, and sell out events online. View Profile

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

by Cvent

A complete platform that handles the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. View Profile

A complete platform that handles the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. View Profile

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

by Ticket Tailor

A ticketing system with no per-ticket fees. View Profile

A ticketing system with no per-ticket fees. View Profile

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

by Jolly Technologies

Event registration software for all of your online and on-site event management needs. View Profile

Event registration software for all of your online and on-site event management needs. View Profile

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

by DoJiggy

GolfRegistrations helps golf planners to successfully coordinate the full event life cycle of charity and corporate golf tournaments. View Profile

GolfRegistrations helps golf planners to successfully coordinate the full event life cycle of charity and corporate golf tournaments. View Profile

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

by TRS

Online registration tool — general admission ticketing, conference registration, volunteer management, and much more. View Profile

Online registration tool — general admission ticketing, conference registration, volunteer management, and much more. View Profile

Home Security System Sydney, Wireless Alarm & CCTV Installation Specialist #sydney #cctv


What we do

Surveillance Security Systems for homes and businesses– Cameras and DVR include installation
We provide the wide range of CCTV security systems which will provide safety and security to your home and workplace.
Fineview CCTV surveillance systems can be used both inside and outside your home and workplace, providing you with
complete protection.
Features of our product are.

  • Easy access
    It’s never been easy to view your cameras over the internet or smart phone.
  • Easy control
    Easy control through its intuitive and simple graphic user interface
  • Viewing on internet explorer, IPhone and android phone
    Once your modem is set, you can view your cameras everywhere through internet explorer and Catcheye
    which is the free application dedicated to DVR series
  • Views from the software
    Our DVR includes the software CD.
  • A wide range of products
    FULL HD-SDI DVR. NVR. IP camera, HD DVR, HD-SDI camera, IP camera, dome camera, fullbody camera,
    night vision camera(IR camera), dummy camera and others
  • Affordable Reliable
  • Perfect hardwired installation

Home/business Alarm system include installing
Nowadays more and more people have started to notice the importance and advantages of the security alarm system
in their home and workplace.
According to a recent survey, people who have security alarm systems are 5 times more protected compare to other
people who don’t have a system.
Our home/business alarm system offers:

  • Back to Base Monitoring
  • Mobile phone call
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Neat/perfect alarm installing (Wireless or Hardwired)
  • Home mode
  • Pet Friendly Sensors
  • Doors sensors / Roller door sensors
  • Smoke Detections
  • Affordable Reliable

There are many reasons to install an alarm system at your home or workplace.

  • For your personal, home and business security
  • Protection from intruders
  • Protection from fire
  • Save money on the insurance policy
  • Increase property value

Home/business Intercom systems include installation
If you are looking to set up an intercom system in your residence or business in Sydney area, we offer a
wide range of fully customized and high-end Video and Audio Intercom systems in order to fit into your budget.

  • Audio Intercoms
  • Audio/Video Intercoms
  • Phone Entry Intercoms
  • IP system Intercoms

There are many good reasons to install an intercom system at your home or workplace.

  • For your personal, home and business security
  • Increase convenience
  • Easier communication from room to room, or both employees and customers.
  • Taking care of your elderly
  • Increase property value

Why choose Fineview for your home/business alarm or surveillance system?

We only use fully qualified technicians that are trained in all our systems.
We are fully insured and licensed.
We are testing/setting all products before we market them.
We’re able to supply cost-effective and innovative products that offer the perfect solution to all of your security needs,
ensuring you’ve got the level of protection.
We can provide you with essential operational insights to help you monitor trends in conversion and productivity,
increase store efficiencies and enhance profitability.
Quality components and world-class service
Best Price Guarantee!

Information of Security systems

CCTV. Closed-Circuit Television
CCTV is a TV system for surveillance and security purpose but it is not broadcast TV signals to public.

DVR. Digital Video Recorder
DVR is an electronics device or application with software that records video through the security camera.

NVR. Network Video Recorder
A network video recorder (NVR ) is an electronics device or a software program that records video through IP camera.

HD-SDI. high-definition serial digital interface
HD-SDI is a standard for transmitting uncompressed broadcast-grade HD video signals over relatively
short distances. (100

A Centralised station (Monitoring Control Room) receives reports from alarm system, typically via the phone
line when an alarm is on.

IR. InfraRed lightInfrared (IR ) light is electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those
of visible light, extending from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometres (nm) to 1 mm

Installing A Home Security CCTV

Choosing a good CCTV for monitoring your house is an excellent idea, as it will help
you increase the security in and around your house.
Once you have bought a good CCTV that will be able to record the activity in your house,
the first step that you need to take is to install the CCTV. Before that, you need to decide
where to put up the CCTV. This is rather important as you should position the camera at a crucial position,
which will allow you to observe who is entering and leaving the house.
So the position will be of utmost importance. After you have decided upon a good position,
there is the tiny matter of installing the camera. Now you can either do this by yourself or
you can entrust the job to a professional. If you want to do it all by yourself,
then be sure to follow the instructions specified with the CCTV.
Each model is different than the other, so be sure to read the instructions first.
If you do not want to go through all of this hassle, you can simply call upon a professional to get the
CCTV installed, and it will be done in a flash

The indoor home alarm systems

Burglar alarms come in various types. All of these types differ in their functionality and applications.
Broadly, the main two types can be classified as indoors and outdoors.
Let us go through some of the most common types of alarms which are used in the former surroundings.
• Passive infrared detectors
There is a reason why these are the most popular type of alarms. It is because that not only are they affordable,
they are extremely reliable. Their basic detection technique is that they can sense objects which emit infrared
waves i.e. heat. A change of temperature between adjacent surroundings is what they basically look for.
• Ultrasonic detectors
Unlike the passive infrared detectors, these emit their own energy. Such devices transmit ultrasonic
waves of frequencies under 75 kHz which are not audible to humans. They can detect any kind of motion due to the
change in the frequency of the waves.
• Microwave detectors
Their working principle is rather elementary. They use a transmitter to emit microwaves and then use a receiver
to detect whether any of them get reflected back. Both the transmitter and receiver are placed in a single housing.
These are just few of the many other kinds of indoor devices available. Contact us for proper installation
at the most affordable prices.

Why people install security systems home and office

There are several reasons why a homeowner may install a security system but the most common reason is to
protect their home from burglars. If you actually take a minute to stop and look around your home to see all of the items
that you own, you will quickly realize that there are a lot valuable items in your home.
Installing a security system is the only way to make sure that these items are actually secure when you are not at home.
Another reason why people install security systems in their home is to give themselves the peace
of mind knowing that all of their prized possessions are safe and sound when they are not at home.
Worry about the safety of your possessions while on vacation is a great way to ruin an otherwise fantastic vacation.
Having to stress about the belongings in your home can really dampen the mood of a vacation,
which is why so many people elect to install a security system in their home.
This way they know that everything they own is secure while they enjoy their time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas, Lap Band Surgery, Gastric Bypass, Gastrectomy –


If you or someone you know is struggling with obesity and suffering from related health conditions.

The Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas can help!

We specialize in Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery procedures,
as well as long-term patient management,
to help our patients take control of their obesity and regain their health.

With a highly trained team of cardiologists, nurses, nutritionists, exercise therapists and psychologists, our experienced bariatric surgeon, at The Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas, is able to provide patients with safe, effective weight loss surgery, comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative education and ongoing post-op comprehensive care to help our patients reshape their lives!

The decision to have obesity surgery is not to be taken lightly. Our goal is to provide each patient with detailed information
to determine whether they are a candidate for weight loss surgery and decide which bariatric procedure is right for them
based on their individualized health history and lifestyle.

Since 1979, The Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas has specialized in the medical and surgical treatment of obesity serving patients
in the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout the United States! Dr. Victor Gonzalez performs bariatric and weight loss surgery
at Medical City Dallas Hospital, First Baptist Medical Center and Texas General Hospital. Our office is located in Medical City Dallas Hospital,
just minutes North of downtown Dallas, off Central Expressway [Hwy 75] and Forest Lane.

We are here to guide you to a happier, healthier life!

Online Certificate Programs #american #public #university #system, #accredited #online #university, #american #public


American Public University

Online Certificate Programs

The online certificates at our University are for students who seek a shorter program focused on career development or knowledge of a specific discipline. You can obtain your certificate at an accelerated pace and low cost through while balancing the demands of your work and life commitments.

Certificates range from 18-27 semester hours which typically includes six to nine courses focused on developing your skills and educational foundation in a specific discipline. Credits are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and may be applied to an Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree at the university should you wish to continue your studies further.

  • 8- and 16-week courses available in most programs
  • Tuition is among the lowest nationwide for regionally accredited universities
  • No application fee
  • Strong career and student support system

Choose from a variety of real-world programs, including Computer Systems and Networks, Family Studies, Paralegal Studies, Web Publishing, and many more.

Learn More

Explore our Certificates


Program Completion Rates, Median Debt, and More

We want you to make an informed decision about the university that’s right for you. For more about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information – visit

Request Information

Complete this form and we’ll instantly email you more information about the University.


Degree Levels

Learn More

© 2015 American Public University · Privacy Policy · Terms of Use · 111 West Congress Street, Charles Town, WV 25414.

American Public University is part of American Public University System, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( 312-263-0456).

American Public University System, American Public University, and American Military University are not affiliated with American University or the U.S. Military.

IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing Site #google #ticketing #system


Welcome to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. as Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has recently started Next Generation e-Ticketing System for hassle-free booking of eTickets. IRCTC s new e-Ticketing website works faster than the earlier version of IRCTC website ( Now, IRCTC users can quickly book their e-tickets at new site of IRCTC. IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System

An IRCTC user log in through may get, Dear Customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. To Print/Cancel/FileTDR of your old transactions done before migration, click My Transactions below. To book e-tickets. click Proceed For Booking . After migration new transactions can be viewed in Booked Ticket History in Next Generation e-Ticketing website.

IRCTC Started Next Generation eTicketing Website.

If after logging on through previous irctc site ( the user gets the above message in IRCTC – Intermediate Page then it is clear that the IRCTC user has migrated to IRCTC s enhanced version e-ticketing website which works at lightening fast speed. During Tatkal hours (10am to 12pm) old IRCTC site was not enough to handle the tremendous load for ticket booking. Today, itself I have also booked a tatkal ticket using this next generation website of IRCTC. The tatkal ticket booked within 2 minutes. It is observed that this new edition of IRCTC ticketing website can help the rail travelers a lot in quickly booking train ticket. User can login to IRCTC next generation e-Ticketing System at the following url:

More updates may be added here about next generation eTicketing system or IRCTC. It is also requested that if you want to share any news, updates, views on latest IRCTC eTicketing system, you are most welcome to do so.

Thank you for reading the article IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing Site: quote or copy this article please include links as its source. If you have questions or complaints please write/post it below:

irctc e-ticketing user said.

Yes, Next generation e-ticket booking system migration is now completed recently. As expected, page loading speed in this version of IRCTC website is faster than that of its last version. As IRCTC introduced very fast ticket booking system, the long awaiting renewal of IRCTC e-ticketing website is now said to be completed. Hope, people can enjoy latest journey planner for booking e-ticket or tatkal e-ticket. Finally, we can say it the Speed of the irctc next generation e-ticketing site on lite version is better than the older one.

7:21 PM Sujeet said.

Hello Admin, I logged in through but any irctc page did not open. The screen remained blank for a long-long while and I could see nothing has happened. Lastly, I was unable to book new e-tickets. Please help me.
I think I am left with only option is to create a new irctc user id, password and continue to book a ticket.
The Chennai Customer Care No: 044-25300000 and Customer Care No: 011-23340000 also unable to give me the solution.

7:44 PM I booked ticket in 60 seconds only said.

Oh! I love IRCTC light weight version for Tatkal by IRCTC.CO.IN which is now

In no time I have booked my tatkal ticket, there was a time we had to wait long-long time to book tatkal ticket and it was highly possible that we were unable to book the ticket. Thanks for the initiative taken by IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd, New Delhi) for providing facility to book e-tickets with lightening fast speed to the general public.

Finally, thanks goes to, IRCTC- Next Generation E-Ticketing Planner by IRCTC.

I just booked my irctc tatkal e-ticket successfully! IRCTC reservation on tatkal is done in record time (4 minutes only). Cont believe, how this dream comes true? Is this the effect of so called IT influenced new central government (MODI) or.
Now, I feel at the top of the world!

11:05 AM IRCTC MODI-fied said.

The new IRCTC site is FAST because it is MODI -fied as INDIA is also MODI -fied earlier. The effect of MODI .

11:10 AM Kumar Manish said.

Welcome to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. IRCTC has transformed into a Shatabdi now! Superfast. Wow. You all should have to check out the redesigned IRCTC website? Has server problems taken care of? Won t know until you test it to book Tatkal tickets !

11:14 AM Sania said.

I am unable to file TDR, I booked ticket on 14 Apr 2014 at Now, I have been migrated to the new light-weight IRCTC website ( The new site can t give me option to file TDR for ticket booked through earlier version. Any help.

8:31 PM Chittaranjan Chaudhary said.

Thank you for the information,
I have now booked my tatkal ticket on 15-JUN-2014 10:01:48 am, which I feel like a dream came true. I could never have booked the tatkal ticket before 10:08 am (till today).
But the IRCTC s new generation e-Ticketing (NGeT) has made this possible. Thank you,

Migrated Next generation e-ticket booking system user use internet explorer or mozilla firefox browser.

Migrated Next generation e-ticket booking system user use internet explorer or mozilla firefox browser.

10:43 AM Navin said.

But I used Google Chrome Latest Version browser to upgrade my IRCTC account at and finaaly through the IRCTC new site, next generation e-ticketing: https://NGeT.IRCTC.CO.IN

i can t migrated to please help me.

i can t migrated to please help me.

6:52 PM I Love IRCTC said.


But I used Google Chrome Latest Version browser to upgrade my IRCTC account at i am unable to update to next generation e-ticketing: https://NGeT.IRCTC.CO.IN
12:24 PM

i am unable to login to https://NGeT.IRCTC.CO.IN. i am usin google chrome

i have my account with u but when you generated new system ,my account is not opening at all. what should I do

9:51 PM Sumedh said.

Just to dispel the misconceptions: this has nothing to do with Modi. The move to new platform has been going on since 2012 so if any credit, it must be with previous Govt.

After having used it, very satisfied with the new site. And quite proud too, since the new one is based on Pivotal GemFire which is where I have been working for past few years.

9:25 PM Anonymous said.

Next generation e-ticket booking system of IRCTC is not displaying the booked tickets records when trying to file TDR. I have not travelled on 20-Oct-2014 and tried to file the TDR. In booking history i could see all the ticket information,with booked status along with PNR Number and transaction Id. But when clicked on TDR to apply it shows no records found with booked status.

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The Real Cost of Leasing vs #buying #solar #panels, #leasing, #solar #electric


The Real Cost of Leasing vs. Buying Solar Panels

Buying solar panels requires an investment and more decision-making than leasing, but over the long term the benefits of owning your system are hard to beat.

Best Ways to Pay for Your Panels

Buying your solar electric system outright is best. It usually costs $15,000 to $20,000 after tax credits and can reduce your electricity bill by 70 to 100 percent, depending on the size and orientation of your roof and local regulations. Most systems pay for themselves in five to seven years.

Home Equity Loan
If you need to finance your solar panel purchase, the most cost-effective way to do it is to use a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit. Because your house serves as collateral, these options have low interest rates (currently about 3 to 5 percent). The interest you pay is tax deductible. Equity loans range from 5 to 20 years and usually have fixed interest rates. Equity lines last 10 years and have variable rates (so the interest may increase).

Solar Loan
There are unsecured and secured solar loans. With an unsecured loan, your house doesn’t act as collateral and the interest isn’t tax deductible. Many solar installers work with lenders that offer solar loans, but you’ll probably find better rates by directly checking with banks, and credit unions. Watch out for high origination fees. Fannie Mae also offers consumers financing for solar system installations through its HomeStyle Energy Mortgage Program when they buy a new house or refinance.

Why Leasing Isn’t a Bright Idea

The steep up-front costs for a residential solar system can make a leasing company’s sales pitch sound pretty appealing: Pay little or nothing and save hundreds of dollars per year on average. (The premise is that you save because the combination of your lease payment and your electric bill is less than what you currently pay for power.) Leasing can also look seductively simple compared with buying: There’s no need to shop separately for an installer and financing; you just sign on the dotted line. So it’s not surprising that 72 percent of the people who installed residential solar systems in 2014 did so through leasing or another type of third-party arrangement. But the reality is not quite so sunny.

Your Savings Will Be Modest
People who lease their solar systems save far less than those who buy them outright or with a loan (they also miss out on federal tax benefits and any local incentives). Many leases contain an escalator clause that can further reduce savings by increasing payments 3 percent per year. So if you’re paying 12 cents per kilowatt-hour in year one, with a 3 percent escalator, you’ll be paying 18.2 cents in year 15. That means that if the cost of energy doesn’t rise as quickly as the contracted lease payments increase, your savings could evaporate.

You Lose Control of Your Roof
Leasing companies want to maximize their profit, so there’s a chance you could wind up with more panels than you want and that they could be installed in highly visible places—such as facing the street—without any regard to appearance. To avoid that, check the final system design and placement before signing the lease. It could be different from the initial mock-up.

Leases Can Scare Off Home Buyers
If you put your house on the market before the lease is up (usually 20 years), you will either have to buy out the lease or the person purchasing your home will have to assume it—which some are reluctant to do.

That’s what happened to Andrew and Nora Barber, who had to buy out the lease on the solar system on their Clovis, Calif. home after two prospective buyers were frightened away by it. “I offered the solar company $16,000, which was the total of all the payments for the remainder of the contract,” Andrew says. “But $21,000 was the buyout price in the contract, and the company wouldn’t budge.”

Some solar leasing companies may offer to relocate their systems from one house to another. That could cost $500 for an initial audit and another $500 to transfer the panels, if the leasing company determines it can be done. You would also need approval from your utility and local landmarks commission or the condo or homeowner’s association, if applicable. Plus the new house must be able to accommodate the old system.

And remember: At the end of the lease, the solar company could remove the system—and your savings along with it.

Service Plans Don’t Serve You
Though leasing companies tout their service plans, maintenance is a red herring. “Generally, there’s really no scenario where the maintenance plan is going to kick in,” says Joshua Pearce, an engineering professor and solar expert at the Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology Lab. Equipment problems aren’t covered by the maintenance plan, they’re covered by the warranty. And if a storm destroys your panels, the damage may be covered by your homeowners insurance.

That’s why—whether you buy or lease—it’s essential that you inform your insurer. (Roof-mounted solar is generally added as part of a standard homeowners policy at no additional cost; ground-mounted solar may require an insurance rider.)

Online Hotel Booking System by bestsoftinc #motels #san #francisco

#hotel room booking


Online Hotel Booking System

Online Hotel Booking System

Online Hotel Booking System v2.0

Online Hotel Booking System for WordPress finally released!

Here is Online Hotel Booking System Pro with many new feature.

Please do not ask free support for customization and changes.

Online Hotel Booking System is powerful booking engine for single hotel. Powerful hotel reservation system with real time availability and room booking functionality. You can easily integrate with your website or new template. You can manage room, room types, capacity, hotel rates with different date range and month wise advance payment feature. Online reservation manager at the back-end with invoices.


  • Automated booking engine for single hotel .
  • Assign unlimited number of room with combination of Room type and capacity.
  • Assign unlimited Room Type. i.e. Deluxe Room, Standard room.
  • Assign unlimited capacity. i.e. Single, Double, family.
  • Day Wise (Mon to Sun) price plan entry with regular and different date range.
  • Advance Payment (%) of total amount can be set month wise.
  • Active Booking list with cancellation feature and Booking history list.
  • Room Blocking in particular date range. i.e. booking from desk and phone blocking feature will be use.
  • 12 months calendar view of room availability.
  • Any currency support, different date format, hotel time zone setting, minimum night booking setting, price with tax and without tax setting.
  • Three Payment gateway integrated: PayPal IPN, Manual: Pay in Arrival, Offline Credit card.
  • Offline credit card payment gateway (valid credit card will store for booking confirmation. not charge real-time.).
  • After successful booking email notification both hotel owner and customer with invoice.
  • Confirmation and cancellation email content can be edit from admin panel.
  • Multilingual feature for admin and front-end both.
  • 16 Language Integrated
  • Language add-on option
  • Admin menu add/edit
  • Room Type Image Upload
  • Booking list search by date range
  • Home page widget for last 10 Booking, today check-in, today check-out.

Multilingual Feature:

Multilingual features for both admin and front-end. you can set anyone as default language. Also you can delete language which you not need.

Total 16 language integrated.

we use Google translator for translate. so you may not get proper meaning of word. you can edit language file easily by editor.

Static text are display any of 16 language as per your selection.

Admin menu, room type. capacity, and email text you can edit as your default language. customer notification email sent to default language.


Backend Login username / password: admin / admin

Note: Demo database restore/reset every 12 hours.

Customization Services

How to integrate booking engine with your existing website or new template?

Install script in any sub folder. for example “booking” folder.

so your front-end url:

Next, create a body blank page from your existing website design or new template.

Now copy paste bellow html code in blank body of your design:

iframe src=”” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”auto” width=”650″ height=”800″ /iframe

Remember you must change src (front-end url of booking system). Height and Width must be changed as your fit.

IFRAME Tutorial Reference Guide: Click here


Online Hotel Booking System v2.0 (17/08/2012) :

  • New: Multilingual feature for admin and front-end both.
  • New: 16 Langauge Integrated
  • New: Language add-on option
  • New: Admin menu add/edit
  • New: Room Type Image Upload
  • New: Booking list search by date range
  • New: Home page widget for last 10 Booking, today check-in, today check-out.
  • Improved: javascript validation improved.
  • Several minor bugfixes and Improvement.

Online Hotel Booking Systemv1.1 (21/07/2012):

  • Improved: calendar availability design.
  • Bugfixes: price including tax.
  • Bugfixes: view booking details(admin section).
  • Bugfixes: client list (admin section).
  • Improved: javascript validation of customer details form.
  • Several minor bugfixes and Improvement.


No free support for customization. Customization is your responsibility.

If you need any help regarding the installation of the script please create a support ticket from here with help topic “CodeCanyon Support ” with purchase code.

Our tech support team get back to you in 72 hours (Mon – Fri).

Note: we do not provide any support if ay error occur when you run script in localhost.

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The Ups and Downs of Electronic Medical Records #electronic #medical #record #system


The New York Times

The Ups and Downs of Electronic Medical Records – The Digital Doctor


October 8, 2012

The case for electronic medical records is compelling: They can make health care more efficient and less expensive, and improve the quality of care by making patients’ medical history easily accessible to all who treat them.

Small wonder that the idea has been promoted by the Obama administration, with strong bipartisan and industry support. The government has given $6.5 billion in incentives, and hospitals and doctors have spent billions more.

But as health care providers adopt electronic records, the challenges have proved daunting, with a potential for mix-ups and confusion that can be frustrating, costly and even dangerous.

Some doctors complain that the electronic systems are clunky and time-consuming, designed more for bureaucrats than physicians. Last month, for example, the public health system in Contra Costa County in California slowed to a crawl under a new information-technology system.

Doctors told county supervisors they were able to see only half as many patients as usual as they struggled with the unfamiliar screens and clicks. Nurses had similar concerns. At the county jail, they said, a mistaken order for a high dose of a dangerous heart medicine was caught just in time.

The first national coordinator for health information technology, Dr. David J. Brailer, was appointed in 2004, by President George W. Bush. Dr. Brailer encouraged the beginnings of the switch from paper charts to computers. But in an interview last month, he said: “The current information tools are still difficult to set up. They are hard to use. They fit only parts of what doctors do, and not the rest.”

Long before computers, many hospitals and doctors charged for services in ways that maximized insurance payments. Now critics say electronic records make fraudulent billing all too easy. and suspected abuses are under investigation by the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Like all computerized systems, electronic records are vulnerable to crashes. Parts of the system at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center were down recently for six hours over two days; the hospital had an alternate database that kept patients’ histories available until the problem was fixed.

Even the internationally respected Mayo Clinic, which treats more than a million patients a year, has serious unresolved problems after working for years to get its three major electronic records systems to talk to one another. Dr. Dawn S. Milliner, the chief medical informatics officer at Mayo, said her people were “working actively on a number of fronts” to make the systems “interoperable” but acknowledged, “We have not solved that yet.”

Still, Dr. Milliner added that even though there a lot of challenges, the benefits of information technology are “enormous” — improved safety and quality of care, convenience for patients and better outcomes in general.

Patients at Mayo’s headquarters in Rochester, Minn. and its Arizona and Florida sites can see their records online, even via an iPhone app; those in Mayo’s network of doctors’ offices and hospitals in the upper Midwest will eventually have similar access.

In the rare event that a large-scale system goes down at Mayo, backup measures are ready, teams are called in to make rapid repairs, and if necessary “everyone is ready to go on paper,” Dr. Milliner said.

Reliable data about problems in the electronic systems is hard to come by, hidden by a virtual code of silence enforced by fears of lawsuits and bad publicity. A recent study commissioned by the government sketches the magnitude of the problem, calling for tools to report problems and to prevent them.

Based on error rates in other industries, the report estimates that if and when electronic health records are fully adopted, they could be linked to at least 60,000 adverse events a year.

The report. to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, analyzed ways of forestalling hundreds of information technology “hazards” at seven hospitals and health systems. A typical example would be drug orders transmitted by an electronic app to a pharmacy using a different app.

“It’s hard to keep them speaking the same language, to automatically link a medication in one app to exactly the same medication and dose in the other app,” said Dr. James M. Walker, chief health information officer of the Geisinger Health System, who led the study.

The Obama administration will issue a report on patient safety issues in early November, the current national coordinator, Dr. Farzad Mostashari. said in an interview. That report was requested last year by a panel on health I.T. safety at the Institute of Medicine. a unit of the National Academies of Science.

The institute recommended that the government create an independent agency like the National Safety Transportation Board to deal with patient safety issues, and it called for an end to “hold harmless” clauses that protect software manufacturers from lawsuits but can limit the freedom of doctors and hospitals to publicly raise questions about errors or defects.

Elisabeth Belmont, a lawyer for the MaineHealth system, based in Portland, advises hospitals to reject contract language that could leave them responsible for settling claims for patient injuries caused by software problems. “One software vendor was surprised when my client opted to walk away and purchase the software from another vendor who had a more reasonable approach on these issues,” she said.

The institute also recommended that software manufacturers be required to report deaths, serious injuries or unsafe conditions related to information technology. So far, however, neither a new safety agency nor such a reporting system has been adopted.

Some of the largest software companies have opposed any mandatory reporting requirement. But Gail L. Warden, chairman of the institute’s patient safety panel, said in an interview that the industry was divided on the issue; some companies were accustomed to regulations for their widely used medical devices for imaging, for example.

Critics are deeply skeptical that electronic records are ready for prime time. “The technology is being pushed, with no good scientific basis,” said Dr. Scot M. Silverstein, a health I.T. expert at Drexel University who reports on medical records problems on the blog Health Care Renewal. He says testing these systems on patients without their consent “raises ethical questions.”

Another critic, Dr. Scott A. Monteith, a psychiatrist and health I.T. consultant in Michigan, notes that Medicare and insurance companies generally do not pay for experimental treatments that have not proved their effectiveness.

A Medicare administrative contractor, National Government Services, said recently that it would deny payment for treatments using “cloned documentation” copied from electronic records rather than individualized patient notes composed by doctors and nurses to show medical necessity. Dr. Monteith said the electronic systems were “disrupting traditional medical records and, beyond that, how we think” — the process of arriving at a diagnosis. For example, the diagnosing process can include “looking at six pieces of paper,” he said. “We cannot do that on a monitor. It really affects how we think.”

Deborah Burger, a registered nurse for more than 30 years who works with pain medicines and anti-anxiety drugs for colonoscopy patients, said electronic systems offered “drop-down menus of so-called best practices.”

“The problem is each patient is an individual,” said Ms. Burger, who is president of the California Nurses Association. “We need the ability to change that care plan, based on age and sex and other factors.”

She acknowledged that the system had one advantage: overcoming the ancient problem of bad handwriting. “It makes it easier for me to read progress notes that physicians have written, and vice versa,” she said.

Some experts said they were hopeful that the initial problems with electronic records would be settled over time. Dr. Brailer, who now heads Health Evolution Partners, a venture capital firm in San Francisco, said that “most of the clunky first-generation tools” would be replaced in 10 years. “As the industry continues to grind forward, costs will go down,” he said. “Tools are being simplified.”

Mark V. Pauly, professor of health care management at the Wharton School, said the health I.T. industry was moving in the right direction but that it had a long way to go before it would save real money.

“Like so many other things in health care,” Dr. Pauly said, “the amount of accomplishment is well short of the amount of cheerleading.”

We’re interested in your feedback on this page. Tell us what you think.

PHP Hotel Reservation System #home #health #care #and #hospice

#online hotel reservation


Examples of integration ApPHP Hotel Site Pro

Widget Integration

You may copy a code of this widget and put it into appropriate place of other web sites to get a Search Availability block visible. Visitors that click on Check Availability button will see a result of the search on your main (original) site. Using on milti-hotel site allows you to create the widget separately for each hotel or for group of the hotels.


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IP PBX Systems #ipitomy, #phone #system, #voip #phone #system, #pbx, #ip #pbx,voip,sip,


IP PBX Systems

With all of the business communications features included in IPitomy, there is never any conflict between one component and another. In the past, voice messaging systems, music on hold, call queuing, conference bridge, and automated attendants may have been separate components developed by different manufacturers. Integration of all of these devices required much time and expertise to accomplish. With IPitomy, everything is designed to work together in one comprehensive package solving the integration issues and making everything much simpler to use.

All Inclusive Applications on the IPitomy Pure IP PBX platform.

  • Smart Personal Console is accessible through any web browser and can be used by any user. Simply login to the correct extension and configure the extensions settings.
  • Individual Extension Forwarding can be set for user on the system and allows for calls to be directly forwarded to any internal location or any external number. This feature can easily be activated and de-activated from your IPitomy phone or your mobile phone. Forwarded calls can be transferred even from your mobile phone or land line!
  • Call Recording can allow any user to record calls with the touch of a button. Automatic Call Recording is also available as an optional feature.
  • Meet Me Conference Bridge with full administrative features. The Conference Bridge allows conference calls to be hosted by users and includes advanced features like announce on entry, mute/unmute users, remove users and more. Two available conference rooms, each supporting up to 16 users. Passwords and entry features are fully customizable through the web interface.
  • Branch Office allows you to connect multiple sites together and use them as though it was one system.
  • Call Reporting allows full list of all call activity on the system.
  • System Monitoring allows an administrator to monitor all extensions, SIP Providers and Branch Office Connections.
  • Diagnostics can be turned on/offand viewed by an administrator through the web interface.
  • IPitomy Dialer With the click of a mouse button a user can call any number stored in their Outlook Contacts, stored numbers or any number in any program or browser..
  • Q Manage r ( Optional ) Provides presence management, text messaging, monitors the extension status of other users in the system and provides call control on the desktop for fast call handling and advanced functionality such as call recording and coaching.
  • Follow Me can ring your desktop phone or any number of alternative phones simultaneously. Receive calls on your mobile phone while away from your desk. Follow Me can be enables after a configurable amount of rings and then begin trying other phones all at once or one at a time.

IPitomy IP1100 Compact Powerful IP PBX Systemfor Up to 50 Users
IP1100 Powerful IP PBX System Fully featured IP PBX that supports the complete line of IPitomy Features including the Desktop Q Manager. Besides all of IPitomy s great features, the IP1100 is a compact chassis that is easy to mount in a rack. Powerful text messaging with all users plus text messaging with cell phones using any XMPP chat client. Full presence management in the office or from a mobile phone such as the IPhone or Android.

The IP1100 supports screen pops in any web based application such as, V-Tiger or even can display incoming caller location on a Google map.The system is an impressive application platform that will meet the needs of any organization.

Of course the IP1100 supports SIP trunks and analog gateways. Remote users, ACD, 32 port confernce bridge, web based administration and all of the IP PBX features you need to keep your business on the technological forefront of features and benefits. The IP1100 is upgradeable to the IP1200 system if necessary.

Cloud PBX – Jive Communications #cloud #pbx #phone #system


Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX – Do you know enough about Cloud PBX to be worried about it?

If you are worried about Cloud PBX, then you don’t know enough about Cloud PBX. If you are running a business you have a lot to worry about, and your phone system may seem like the least of those problems. However, a good phone system can make a big difference, and if you are looking for efficiency and low cost, your best option may be a Cloud PBX system. What is a Cloud PBX system? It sounds confusing, but the answer is quite simple. Cloud PBX is merely a phone service which is provided through the internet, instead of a phone line.

Did you know that Cloud PBX can offer you peace of mind?

When you are in the Cloud, using a Cloud PBX, you no longer need to worry whether or not you have a scalable, flexible, and reliable, business phone system.

  • More and more businesses are seeing the advantage to switching over to cloud PBX phone systems.
  • The phone service provider is responsible for the maintenance of your cloud PBX system, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.
  • In addition to the maintenance and hassle free advantages of Cloud PBX, there are many other reasons that make it increasingly popular.

How big can you go? Cloud PBX can take you there.

  • A key benefit to Cloud PBX is scalability.
  • This means that your Cloud PBX system will not limit how many lines you have.
  • With normal telephone systems, it is necessary to pay more or install additional wiring to add another phone line, but this is not the case with a Cloud PBX system.
  • Cloud PBX is also more flexible than other phone systems.
  • Because the whole system operates through the internet, you can have a telephone connected to the hosted PBX service without geographic limitations.
  • As a business expands this is an especially nice feature, because the Cloud PBX can connect employees in different states while all being included in the same system.
  • This makes it easier to call and manage business aspects even if one phone is far from another.

Here’s the scoop on Cloud PBX.

Cloud PBX is a new internet phone technology which is making phone services cheaper and more convenient for many people around the globe. However, Cloud PBX isn’t a phone system which only has one form; instead there are several options or services available on the Cloud PBX system, such as Public Cloud PBX, Private Cloud PBX, and Hybrid Cloud PBX. Each of these Cloud PBX systems uses VoIP-voice over internet protocol- technology, and are great phone systems in a number of ways.

VoIP and basic Cloud PBX technology have been around for a few years, but the technology is still advancing making PBX systems increasingly popular and even more beneficial. In fact, Cloud PBX has been so successful, as a phone service alternative, that advances are being made every day. Your PBX host provider can choose from the very best of the emerging technologies and upgrade your system with little or no hardware costs.

The “Cloud” in Cloud PBX systems, just means that the Cloud PBX phone system uses an internet connection to connect you to the person you’re speaking with instead of telephone wires. This makes expansion and mobility in a business much easier, because your business won’t have to commit to a different phone service which won’t be able to offer you the benefits that Cloud PBX can.

One benefit of a PBX phone system is that your business telephone service can grow with your business, add capabilities when needed and remove capabilities when needed. You choose the services, and the Cloud PBX will meet your needs.

Cloud PBX is also a good phone system choice for a business, because there is no additional charge for additional phone lines, making business expansion cheaper and easier. The Cloud PBX system is also mobile- your business can move location, or an employee can move, and the whole Cloud PBX system can travel with them. You even keep your old phone number. Cloud PBX has all the features other phone systems offer, such as call waiting, caller id, and other services, while still being a cheaper phone option. Your business telephone system can serve your office needs well into the future.

Flex Dish Network System – s Page – Gucci Mane #flex #dish


Flex Dish Network System s Page

Flex Dish Network System bvi local dish

how to program dish network remote 3.2 ir
channel for nbc on dish network
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espn news dish network channel
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dish network remote control codes toshiba tv
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dish network sync remote to receiver
dish network equipment for rv
dish network grant group
dish network wireless adapter setup
does dish network have the hub channel.
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The Monitoring Center – Security Alarm Monitoring $ Per Month #home #security,

6 month FREE Sign up BONUS

At The Monitoring Center. we know “Every Penny Counts” and are offering you additional savings. Switchover today and take full Advantage of our 6 month FREE Give-away.

Medical Alert at NO Extra Monthly Cost

In recognition and respect for our Seniors, we monitor medical alarm signals at the same LOW monthly rate of ONLY $9.99/month. We monitor all of your devices at the same LOW price. Do NOT pay EXTRA for any device attached to your alarm system.

Our Senior Rate Guarantee

The Monitoring Center recognizes that seniors are on a fixed income. In order to assist we GUARANTEE your rate will NOT increase as long as you subscribe to our service.

No Phone Line?

  • With the new “Lynx Touch” system combined with a “WiFi” module the presence of a phone line is no longer required

Remote Security Services

  • Control your home alarm from your mobile device, tablet or computer.
  • Receive email or text alerts from your alarm system
  • Easily manage and control users through the online interface

Calculate Your Savings

Call Today

Connecticut State Employees Retirement System Tier II Index Page – Your Retirement


Please note: this summary has not been updated to reflect SEBAC 2011 changes.

Printer-friendly version – Follow this hyperlink to view the Tier II plan as one document.

PDF version – Follow this hyperlink to view the Tier II plan as a *.PDF file, 126KB.



Regardless of your age, you should start thinking about retirement now. You need money to enjoy your retirement years, and that takes careful planning.

Maintaining your pre-retirement living standard usually requires an income from various sources. The State of Connecticut understands this and provides you with retirement benefits through the Connecticut State Employees Retirement System.

The State Employees Retirement System is based on a Connecticut state law enacted in 1939. Since that time, the law has been changed by legislation and collective bargaining. There are currently three plans – Tier I, Tier II and Tier IIA. In this booklet, we describe the System’s Tier II retirement plan, which is non-contributory for all members except hazardous duty members.

The Tier II Plan is administered by the State Employees Retirement Commission whose members are representatives selected by state employees or their unions, management members appointed by the Governor, and actuaries. The Chair of the Commission is nominated by Commission members and must be authorized to serve as a neutral arbitrator in labor relations cases.

We’ve described the Tier II Plan in summary form in this booklet. Although retirement plans are by necessity complicated, we have taken care to eliminate legal terms whenever possible and to use everyday language. Also, you’ll find a number of examples throughout this booklet to help you understand how the Plan works.

Please read this Tier II description carefully. If you have any questions about the Plan that the booklet does not answer, contact:

The Retirement Services Division
Office of the State Comptroller
55 Elm Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106

Kevin Lembo
State of Connecticut

Disk Image software #disk #image #software, #disk #image, #data #backup, #freeware, #disk


Disk Image Software

January 8 2014, Richard Pardoe,
technology blogger

Imagine the situation: you’ve just created an image of a really valuable disk. Maybe it’s an image of favourite DVD that you’re taking on holiday, or perhaps it’s a backup of a solid state hard drive containing critical business data.

October 9 2013, Richard Pardoe,
technology blogger

Data is a precious commodity, and a significant data loss can cause havoc in your personal life, career or business.

In today’s digital age, we’re all well aware of the importance of backups. But how many of us are really doing them regularly? If the computer you were reading this on suddenly died, would all your crucial data be safely stowed away somewhere else and easily recoverable?

Keep Your Data Safe Using Disk Image Software

August 27 2013, James Ford
a computer specialist for a medium-sized company

Disk image software provides the ultimate solution to data backup since it allows you to make a complete, byte-by-byte copy of an entire disk without the risk of missing anything important.

An error appears indicating the CreateSnapshotSet() failed. What should I do?

August 8 2012, RobinZon
a data backup software reviewer

If you, like me, find yourself in a constant struggle, trying to keep your computer under control in terms of starting up and keeping your data safe; you should try Disk Image, a program I recently started using. In short, the name describes what it does.

This software helps create a disk image of your computer, which is basically like a backup of your entire machine (you can choose to save less if you want). What’s awesome about this software though is that it comes with more than just the tools to do that. It also comes with a powerful feature called “Boot Disk”. But I’ll talk about that later on in this… review, I guess?

“A great way to restore computers from unstable states”

August 2 2012, Michael Findley
a small business owner in the GTA

Read more: Disk Image Users Guide . Sales Questions

New Garage Doors Phoenix AZ #garage #door, #best #garage #doors, #garage #door


– Click Here –
Design Your Own
Custom Garage Door!

New Garage Doors Phoenix AZ | Arizona Garage Door & Repair

New garage doors Phoenix can add elegance to your home. Arizona Garage Door & Repair is proud to offer residential homeowners with a large selection of highly reliable, functional, and cost-effective new garage doors. A new garage door can instantly transform your home’s curb appeal thus increasing its value. In fact, Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2015 shows that new garage door replacements offer one of the greatest paybacks, as homeowners can recoup an average of 88.4% of their door’s cost come resale.

Arizona Garage Door & Repair offers authentic carriage house, real and faux wood, composite, contemporary, and aluminum style garage doors. And that’s just the start! We also offer a vast variety of steel garage doors. The options for personalization are endless. You can select from an extensive portfolio of door designs. colors, decorative hardware, and window inserts ranging from plain to stained. You can now design your new garage door using our proprietary ‘Garage Door Designer.’

Nothing but the best. In addition to being beautiful, all the doors we offer are extremely durable, as they have been constructed from the highest quality materials. With quality high-cycle springs. you can expect a world of convenience from your new garage door, each and every time you come and go. For your own peace of mind, however, they all come with limited lifetime warranties. Because a new insulated garage door with a high R-value can reduce your heating and cooling costs it may be something worth considering.

New garage doors can help you fall in love with your home again. Arizona Garage Door & Repair also has the largest network of professional technicians to install and service your new garage door. With fully stocked service trucks, they are happy to help you make an informed choice and explain the safety features and design details of each door in length, ensuring you’re experience with us is an enjoyable one. For more information on new garage doors please feel free to reach out to us.

Providing full service 24/7 Emergency New Garage Doors Installation & Repair in Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Anthem, Apache Junction, Avondale, Buckeye, Care Free, Cave Creek, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Glendale, Maricopa, Mesa, New River, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Sun City, Surprise, Tempe and all of The Greater Phoenix Metro Areas. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 602-396-4717

Garage Door Safety Month

In light of garage door safety month, we decided to dedicate this post to ways you and your family can stay safe when using your garage door. As technology has progressed over the years, it has become more and more advanced in its safety features. For example, the automatic retractable door helps ensure that the garage door will not shut on your car or on any small children. With the new and very helpful innovative garage door tools, we are better able to assist and take care of you!

Here are a few ways we can help:

1) We need to check your garage door censors

The alignment of your garage door censors is a very important factor in making sure your garage door retracts in a proper amount of time (while causing little to no damage). These censors are located at the bottom of your garage door tracks closes to the floor. That means, they are more susceptible to being bumped, accidentally, causing misalignment within your garage door censors. Once we come out and check your garage censors, you shouldn t experience any more difficulties with your garage door retracting.

2) Talk to your kids about safety

Even with a flawless retracting test, it is important to inform your children (Especially the ones that can reach the garage door opener) that closing and opening the garage door is not a game and it is not safe. Our hope is that by educating even our little ones about garage door safety, it will help us decrease the amount of garage door accidents and injuries.

3) Don t wait till it s too late

We have seen some people postpone garage door repairs simply due to a lack of urgency. We strongly encourage you, even with minor garage repairs, to not wait and to contact us immediately at the sight of and off track garage, broken spring, or a squeaky garage door. To avoid sever issues or injuries, make your garage door a priority by calling us at:

Scully Signal – Controlling Fills – Eliminating Spills #gauge #security #control #system


Overfill Prevention, Static Grounding Oil Delivery Systems

Engineered for Safety

Built for Reliability

Tested for Performance

Made in the USA

Serviced Worldwide

We will be attending these tradeshows and events in the next few months, and would love to hear from you and see you. If you would like to see firsthand demonstrations or connect with a Scully representative at any of these events please contact us!

Recent Blog Post From Scully.

Scully Product Testing: Designing Fail-Safe Overflow Prevention Products that Last

Long-lasting durability matters for Overfill Prevention and Grounding Systems, and you need assurance that your equipment will work in the field as well as the first day it was installed—sometimes under harsh conditions. How can you offer assurance? Fail-safe fluid detection and handling, with a dependable safety record over time, is an attainable goal, but it comes from following stringent protocols and using proven testing procedures.

Featured Products

Workflow Management System Market worth Billion USD by 2021 #workflow #management #software,


HOME Press Releases Workflow Management System Market worth 9.87 Billion USD by 2021

Workflow Management System Market worth 9.87 Billion USD by 2021

The report “Workflow Management System Market by Component (Software, Services), Software (Production, Messaging-Based, Web-Based, Suite-Based), Services, Deployment Type, Industry Verticals, and Region – Global Forecast to 2021”. The workflow management system market is estimated to grow from USD 3.51 Billion in 2016 to USD 9.87 Billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.0%.

Browse 66 market data tables and 55 figures spread through 161 pages and in-depth TOC on�Workflow Management System Market by Component (Software, Services), Software (Production, Messaging-Based, Web-Based, Suite-Based), Services, Deployment Type, Industry Verticals, and Region – Global Forecast to 2021�
Early buyers will receive 10% customization on reports.

The major forces driving this market include increased focus on streamlining business processes, achieving cost efficiency through workflow management, and increased access to information. The workflow management system software and services are used across diverse industrial verticals, such as government; legal sector; Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI); public sector; healthcare; energy & utilities; retail; IT & telecom; travel & hospitality; transportation & logistics; education; and other industries, such as life sciences and communications & media.

Production workflow systems is estimated to hold the largest market size in the workflow management system software market in 2016

Production workflow systems are gaining traction among workflow management software as these systems support various functions and features that allow superior customization of business processes. These systems run in a broad range of computing environment and network.

Cloud deployment type is expected to be the largest contributor in the workflow management system market during the forecast period

The cloud deployment model is fast becoming an attractive option for the delivery of workflow management system, as it enables organizations to decrease the cost associated with IT infrastructure and its maintenance. Furthermore, cloud deployment is a major business driver for the workflow management market, as it empowers organizations to increase their businesses by offering workflow management system software to distributed enterprises spread across the world.

The North American region is expected to contribute to the maximum market share to the overall workflow management system market

The high adoption of cloud technology in North America, particularly in the U.S. and Canada, is the major reason for the continuous adoption of workflow management software and services by the end users. Furthermore, the market is in the emerging stage in the regions of Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America, and Middle East & Africa (MEA), owing to the increased focus on digital transformation initiatives and increase in IT investment.

The major vendors in the workflow management system market include Pegasystems Inc. (U.S.), Software AG (Germany), IBM Corporation (U.S.), Oracle Corporation (U.S.), and Xerox Corporation (U.S.).

MarketsandMarkets is the largest market research firm worldwide in terms of annually published premium market research reports. Serving 1700 global fortune enterprises with more than 1200 premium studies in a year, M ?>

Motor alarm system #motor #alarm #system


Welcome to

Anybody can sell motorcycle alarms, and many businesses do. However how many are motorcycle alarm specialists? How many trust their bike alarms enough to actually fit them? How many have a professional fitter ( not a sales rep ) only a phone call away, with FREE tech support? If the person on the phone has not worked on motorcycles how can they really give accurate info about your bike? Because of this our motorcycle alarms are bought by everyone, from private individuals and small local businesses through to HONDA DEALERSHIPS overseas! is probably the UK s largest supplier of motorcycle alarms. The site is run by N Cook Security Ltd ( company number 05879181, VAT GB 900 0987 48 ), and was established in 2005 as our online presence. We are professional motorcycle alarm fitters (and more importantly motorcycle enthusiasts) and as a result we know motorbikes, motorbike alarms and electrics inside out.

In 2009 we further developed our motorcycle alarm range by introducing new alarms systems, known as Cyclone ( Now rebranded as NCS ) V2 motorcycle alarms. We took the motorcycle / alarm compatability and ease of fitting to a new level. The new Cyclone ( now NCS ) V2 alarms ( and also on the new versions of the advanced alarms ) were designed from scratch by looking at the alarm fitting from the installers point of view. This inspired us to produce these new motorcycle alarms in different sensing and immobilisation configurations, allowing for a highly compatible system with a very simple fitting system. These alarms are so easy to fit that in most cases you have full alarm and immobilisation features without even cutting a single wire in half, making these systems virtually plug and play! This is not the case with any other motorcycle alarm systems on the market in the world today!

Our motorbike alarms are rock solid and come complete with very clear instructions written by us and designed to match your exact make and model of bike, including showing your bikes wire colours at the connection points. This concept was developed by Nigel Cook when this business was launched, after hearing horror stories from fellow bikers who had damaged their wheels by installing other alarm types using the standard diagrams supplied.

Lets put this another way. If you found a web site saying, Motorcycle tyres, Fits any size wheel , would you believe it? Motorcycle alarms and motorcycle electrics are far more complicated than tyres and wheels, so why would you believe that one alarm can fit all motorbikes! The fact is they don t, which is why all our alarms are configured to your motorcycle type ( as long as you state the motorbike make and model when you order )

Not only this, but unlike most other motorcycle alarm wiring, we do not connect purely to the motorcycle ignition system as that is the first place any able thief will go to disarm the alarm system. We have written our own diagrams, in most cases including the wire colours on your motorbike, to avoid this problem! We have details for virtually all motorcycles and mopeds using a 12V system, including Japanese motorcycles, Chinese motorcycles, Italian motorcycles, Peugeot, Triumph, KTM, Cagiva, Husqvarna motorbikes, BMW, the list goes on . We also supply special, one off, motorcycle alarm fitting diagrams to those custom motorbikes at no extra charge we need a copy of your wire motorcycle schematic wire diagram.

Our motorbike alarms are suitable for all motorcycles / motorbikes, scooters quads, trikes and mopeds that use a 12V electrical system.

If you would like us to fit an alarm, then we currently have experienced motorcycle alarm fitters covering most of England and also a few in Ireland see the map on our Fitting Service page for fitter locations. Just call us on our low rate number or email for more info.

Why buy from someone else? you may ask, or Why are your motorcycle alarms so cheap?

There are two main reasons. Firstly we are an internet business with low overheads, selling 1000 s of alarms. Secondly we have studied several motorcycle alarm companies and managed to identify, in some cases, where the alarms are manufactured. It seems that the production cost of any motorcycle alarm is around about the same when you compare like for like alarm styles/features. The difference between production cost and sell price, in some cases, is around 10 to 12 times! We are also aware 1 well known premium alarm brand having a fixed price policy to over inflate the retail cost, in order to keep the brand premium . Nice!

It has been our philosophy here at to sell our motorcycle alarms at a fair price ( we sell at the trade price to the public! ). In our view the apparent mark up of some companies can not be justified. The whole reason we set up was in response to the motorcycle alarm sellers operating at the profit levels we have just mentioned.

We are motorcycle enthusiasts and want to keep to the bikers code of helping each other out and showing our mutual respect (as just about all motorcyclists do when they give the “bikers nod” to an approaching motorcycle.)

Skeletal System #skeletal, #system, #skeleton, #appendicular, #axial, #cartilage, #bone, #joint, #skeletal #system,


Skeletal System

Introduction to Human Skeletal System:

Skeletal system is the system of bones, associated cartilages and joints of human body. Together these structures form the human skeleton. Skeleton can be defined as the hard framework of human body around which the entire body is built. Almost all the hard parts of human body are components of human skeletal system. Joints are very important because they make the hard and rigid skeleton allow different types of movements at different locations. If the skeleton were without joints, no movement would have taken place and the significance of human body; no more than a stone.

Components of Human Skeleton:

Human skeleton is composed of three main components; Bones, Associated cartilages and Joints.

Bone is a tough and rigid form of connective tissue. It is the weight bearing organ of human body and it is responsible for almost all strength of human skeleton. For more details visit: Basic anatomy article; Bone .

Cartilage is also a form of connective tissue but is not as tough and rigid as bone. The main difference in the cartilage and bone is the mineralization factor. Bones are highly mineralized with calcium salts while cartilages are not. For more details visit: Basic anatomy article; Cartilage and its types .

Joints are important components of human skeleton because they make the human skeleton mobile. A joint occurs between two or more bones , bone and cartilage and cartilage and cartilage . For more details visit: Joints

Divisions of Human Skeleton:

Human skeleton can be divided into two divisions.

Axial skeleton forms the axis of human body. It consists of Skull, vertebral column and thoracic cage.

  • Skull: Skull is that part of human skeleton that forms the bony framework of the head. It consists of 22 different bones that are divided into two groups: bones of cranium and bones of face. For more details, visit:
  • Vertebral Column: It is a flexible column of vertebrae, connecting the trunk of human body to the skull and appendages. It is composed of 33 vertebrae which are divided into 5 regions: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral, and Coccygeal. For more details, visit:
  • Rib Cage: It is a bony cage enclosing vital human organs formed by the sternum and ribs. There are 12 pairs of ribs that are divided into three groups: True ribs, False ribs, and Floating ribs. For more details, visit: .

It is the skeleton of appendages of human body. It consists of Shoulder girdle, Skeleton of upper limb, Pelvic girdle and Skeleton of lower limb.

  • Shoulder Girdle: It attaches the upper limb to body trunk and is formed by two bones: clavicle and scapula.Clavicle is a modified long bone and is subcutaneous throughout its position. It is also known as the beauty bone. For more details on clavicle, visit: Scapula is a pear shaped flat bone that contains the glenoid fossa for the formation of shoulder joint. It possesses three important processes: Spine of scapula, Acromion process and Coracoid process. For more details, visit .
  • Skeleton of Upper limb: The skeleton of each upper limb consists of 30 bones. These bones are: Humerus, Ulna, Radius, Carpals (8), Metacarpals (5), Phalanges (14).Click on the name of any bone for more details.
  • Pelvic Girdle: There are two pelvic girdles (one for each lower limb) but unlike the pectoral girdles, they are jointed with each other at symphysis pubis. Each pelvic girdle is a single bone in adults and is made up of three components: Ileum, Ischium and Pubis. For more details, visit Hip Bone .
  • Skeleton of Lower limb: The skeleton of each lower limb consists of 30 bones. These bones are; Femur, Tibia, Patella, Tarsals (7), Metatarsals (5), Phalanges (14).Click on the name of any bone for more details.

Functions of human skeleton:

Human skeleton performs some important functions that are necessary for survival of human beings.

  1. STRENGTH, SUPPORT AND SHAPE: It gives strength, support and shape to the body. Without a hard and rigid skeletal system, human body cannot stand upright, and it will become just a bag of soft tissues without any proper shape
  2. PROTECTION OF DELICATE ORGANS: In areas like the rib cage and skull, the skeleton protects inner soft but vital organs like heart and brain from external shocks. Any damage to these organs can prove fatal, therefore protective function of skeleton is very important
  3. LEVERAGE FOR MOVEMENTS: Bones of the human skeleton in all parts of body provide attachment to the muscles. These muscles provide motor power for producing movements of body parts. In these movements the parts of skeleton acts like levers of different types thus producing movements according to the needs of the human body.
  4. PRODUCTION OF RED BLOOD CELLS: Bones like the sternum, and heads of tibia have hemopoeitic activity (blood cells production). These are the sites of production of new blood cells.

Learn Human Skeleton at

Basic Anatomy of Skeletal System

Bones of Upper Limb

Samsung Telephone Systems – For All Your Business Phone System Communications Needs


Samsung Telephone Systems – For All Your Business Phone System Communications Needs

A Samsung Telephone System is the ideal phone system for your business in terms of flexibility, ease of use and expandability. Your business would benefit from the wide range of features that are available on a Samsung Telephone System such as ISDN Digital Lines, Voicemail, Automated Attendant. VOIP. Computer Telephony Integration and many more solutions. What’s more ,as it is a modular phone System, you only pay for the features and options that you need.

Plexus is a well established and long time specialist Samsung Telephone System dealer and installer and we can provide you with expert advice and technical support .


” The new phones are great. And everyone is happy, especially the receptionists.
I’d be happy to recommend you to any potential customers.

Many thanks and have a great day “

Rose Dege
Finance Manager provides a range of VOIP Phone Systems from Leading Manufacturers. These phone Systems provide you with the latest technologies to save your organization both time and money by enhancing your Telecommunications environment.

Some of the benefits of a VOIP enabled Phone System are:

  • Remote Workers.
  • Staff can be able to work from home as if they were in the office.
  • By simply plugging in programming a suitable IP enabled handset into your modem/router at home and connecting this to your Voip Phone System in the office using the internet, you would then be able to function exactly the same as if you were using the phone in the office.
  • This is great for management who work from home, or remote staff.
  • You will be able to transfer calls, answer inbound calls and see if the staff in the office are on the phone or not from the comfort of home.

Internet Marketing Website Services

Internet Marketing can assist your company develop an online presence to promote your company. A web desgin need not just be a destination address that gives your contact details. A well structured easy to read Website that is informative to your clients and engages them in order to provide the best solution for their business, will in turn benefit your business and help you grow it. Internet Marketing and E-Commerce Solutions can help you in all the phases and time lines for your Business.No matter what stage of the business Cycle your organizations is in, Plexus Communications Internet Services can assist you.Business plan You are in the Planning stages of developing a business idea

In today’s highly competitive business environment being able to obtain a point of difference is vital. The Samsung OfficeServ range of IP applications gives you that edge, enabling you to implement simple ways to improve your customer service, increase your productivity, and communicate more effectively. Now you can do all this whilst saving money too!As a leading supplier of innovative IP telephony solutions to Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs), Samsung Communications has used its extensive market knowledge to tailor a range of OfficeServ IP Application Bundle Offers designed to make communication simple and effective for any type within your business…

Phone Systems Brisbane #phone #system, #telephone #system, #office #phone, #pbx, #business #phone


NEC SV8100 Phone System

NEC SV8100SE Phone System

NEC SL1100 Phone System

Business VoIP

We offer business and office phone systems, new or used, digital or VoIP phone systems with full installation and turnkey solutions, all at affordable prices. Whatever your needs or requirements are, we offer just about everything:

  • Business phone systems
  • Installation
  • Voice over IP
  • Network cabling
  • Telephone cabling
  • Business broadband
  • IT services
  • Office relocations
  • New line connections

Get expert knowledge in the latest technology.

We also offer VoIP telephone systems which can massively reduce your office communications costs.

We cater for all business sizes. Please call us today to find the right solution for your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will guide you through every step of the way � so easy and hassle-free!

Avoid the hassle of dealing with large Telco companies with poor customer service. We make it easy to connect new business phone lines – anything from analogue to digital or VoIP! Unbeatable plans at affordable prices!

we also offer 1300 and 1800 numbers, caller id, line hunt, call forwarding, direct in-dial lines, fax to email, permanent number diversions and more.

Line rental and making calls from your telephone system does not have to be expensive. Here are just some of the great plans we offer.

Business Fixed Line plans suitable for all business telephone systems

Is your business looking for an internet connection that provides you with you faster and more effective services than ADSL2+?

Business grade EFM internet offers your business a powerful communications solution. Enjoy unlimited monthly data quota with our business grade symmetrical Ethernet or fiber optic internet connections. With our reliable and symmetrical connections, you can enjoy downloading and uploading at precisely the same speed.

These types of connections are extremely reliable and are symmetrical, meaning the download and upload speed are the same. Not only do you get unlimited data quota each month, these connections can be configured for internet only or set up as a virtual private network or VPN for connecting multiple business locations together.

Take a look at these great business plans below.


Unlimited 4 wire Ethernet

Unlimited 6 wire Ethernet

Unlimited 8 wire Ethernet

Hitec phone systems are a reliable communications specialist. We offer you complete home and business phone system and turnkey solutions.

  • Talk directly with a licensed technician
  • Great customer service
  • Free phone support
  • Affordable telephone systems and services
  • Ongoing local support
  • Cheap phone calls and internet
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Telephone systems
  • Voice over IP
  • Business phone lines
  • Business broadband
  • Phone cabling
  • Data cabling
  • IT services
  • Installation and training

Hosted Cloud Telephony – Managed IP Telephony Service #cloud #telephony, #enterprise #telephone


Cloud-based IP Telephony

Cost savings

The traditional voice landscape involves expensive in-house infrastructure: The ubiquitous ‘tin box’ telephone system bolted onto the wall which – following sometimes considerable upfront expense – comes with a nasty catch in the hidden expenditure of upgrade, maintenance and running costs.

Our managed Cloud telephony service model is different: There are no upgrade or maintenance charges. It’s a straightforward monthly licence fee on a per user basis. A simple pay-as-you-go model with a compelling punch line – a new IP telephone system for about the same price as the maintenance charges on your old one. There’s no ISDN line rental charges and no maintenance or upgrade charges, just a significantly reduced predictable monthly charge.

  • Enterprise-grade hosted IP telephony phone system
  • PSTN connectivity included – no need for separate ISDN lines
  • Improved business continuity – instantly reroute calls in the event of a site outage
  • Full integration of mobile and home-workers
  • Integrated call recording
  • Integration with our Unified Communications service
  • Central administration portal for customer managed adds, moves and changes
  • 99.99% availability SLA and 24/7 technical support

Install – UltraVNC: Remote Support Software, Remote Support tool, Remote Desktop Control,


UltraVnc Installation

  • Start the setup and choose the installation language.
  • Click Next on the Welcome screen.
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • Read the release notes.
  • Select the destination directory where UltraVNC should be installed.
  • Select the components which should be installed.
    Note. Updating the driver is experimental and not guaranteed to work at the moment.
  • Select the Start Menu folder where the program’s shortcuts should be placed.
  • Select additional tasks:
    • Select if UltraVNC server should be registered as a system service.
    • Select if UltraVNC service should be started or restarted.
    • Select if MSLogon II should be configured.
    • Select if UltraVNC Admin Properties should be configured.
    • Select if old UltraVNC registry entries should be removed.
    • Select if additional desktop icons should be created for UltraVNC server, viewer and repeater.
    • Select if files with extension .vnc should be associated with UltraVNC viewer.
  • Specify location of ACL file.
    The format of the ACL file should follow the MSLogonACL specification.
    If no ACL file is specified, the Administrators group is configured. This works only on the English OS versions.
  • Specify location of Properties file.
    The Properties file should be a valid registry file.
    The intention is to populate the \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORL key.
    If no Properties file is specified, no options are configured.
  • Verify if you choose the correct installation settings.
  • Read what’s new in UltraVNC.
  • Click “Finish” to end the installation.

Automate Installation

If you need to install UltraVNC on a large number of computers, you might consider automating the installation.

The following command line parameters can be passed to the setup:

/dir=”Dirname ” Sets installation directory to Dirname. /no restart Suppresses a reboot at the end of the installation.
Not required since the installation no longer requires are boot. /silent or /very silent Suppresses either pop-up of dialog boxes or any GUI at all. /loadinf=”Filename ” Loads the configuration file Filename for the installation.
This configuration file can be generated by going through setup with UltraVNC-xxxx-Setup.exe /saveinf=”Filename ” .
Filename should be fully qualified. /log Writes a log file to the Temp directory.
Could be used for debugging.

Security Camera, Security DVR System and PC Base DVR Surveillance Systems #security


Featured Security Cameras / Surveillance Products

Why should I have a security camera DVR system?

Having a security camera system may decreases the chances of a burglary and act as loss prevention during operation hours. Even if the security DVR system does not keep a burglar from breaking in, it may cause the burglar to stay a shorter amount of time and may provide evidence of the burglary.

What should a security camera, security DVR system include?

Most security DVR systems include the security camera which can be combination of different cameras like Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, C-Mount or Infrared the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Power supply and a monitor. It is best that all exterior potential points of entry have and sensitive area have security camera covering those areas. Security DVR, security camera should not be used as the only means of detection because they do not detect someone until they are already in the premises.

If you are looking for a security camera, video surveillance system or a digital video recorder, then we have the solution for you ; DVR Master store is your ultimate source for all your surveillance and security camera needs. We specialize in digital security surveillance technology. Buy online PC Based DVR, Stand Alone DVR’s, CCTV cameras and capture cards, remote video surveillance and security system.

Surveillance System Security Camera Consultation

DVRMaster is proud to offer you free unlimited consultation to setup your video surveillance DVR, we have certified security camera and CCTV experts standing by to answer all your security camera, digital video recorder (DVR), and CCTV questions. Our security camera consultant are professional in specs and field experience, our consultant gained experience in design, installation and servicing security camera systems for more than 10 years.

Custom Security Camera and Surveillance Systems with Remote Access

DVRMaster computer based security DVR and surveillance systems offers you state of the-art remote access to your cameras from anywhere using any internet access. DVRMaster security systems provide any feature available from remote view of recorded video, triplex functionality, around the clock or built in motion detection technology, PTZ camera control, scheduled recording and more. We have video Surveillance Camera System with 4, 8, 16, and 32 Security Camera channels. surveillance system offers smart advanced Playback functionality, export video function, and more.

High End Professional Security Camera

Professional Security DVR System

Our security DVR systems and security cameras features digital recording, motion detection, signal detection, remote monitoring and recording of up to 32 CCTV cameras simultaneously in MPEG4 and H-264 Technology, total control of host settings via remote computer, PTZ Support, input trigger recording, full network compatibility, and outstanding digital video image quality.

Video / DVR System Software software is included as part of the DVR system, and gives you the freedom to monitor, record and control your home or business from anywhere in the world! Video can be transmitted over standard phone lines, networked computers (LAN or WAN) as well as the Internet.

Call Us now for your free consultation at 1-888-925-3235


CART: 0 items


I have purchased a few systems through DVR Master. Each time I have made a transactions, had a warranty issue or just a general question, I have been extremely satisfied with the results. Service is prompt and prices are extremely competitive. In dealing with Leah (my contact for the company) she never disappoints and has always gone above and beyond to make sure we get the five star service experience. 10/10 I highly recommend!
A.J. Taylor
General Manager
Galaxy Tulare 10,Tulare, CA

I have been using DVR Master and service for the last 8 years. That’s because I can always count on the DVR Master team for the best products, best pricing and superior customer Service time and time again. They go out of their way to make sure I am always a satisfied customer. Leah is our rep and she goes out of her way to support us. I highly recommend DVR Master.
Doug Reeder
Ore-Com Telecommunications, LLC, Portland, OR

Kudos for Jessica. I just wanted to take a moment and express my heartfelt thanks for your knowledge of your product line, your skills in navigating your systems, your responsiveness both online and on the phone and your excellent customer service attitude. It is people like you that engender long term customer relationships that are foundational to any organization’s success over the long term.
Bradley Young
Charleston, WV

I want to say thank you for the excellent tech support from DVR Master and much thanks to Jessica for helping us get the tech support that we needed for remote access. We also want to thank the management and tech support team for a job well done and great customer support. We look forward to doing more business with your company.
IT Director
Orangeburg, SC

Leah and the tech support team are Knowledgeable and helpful in advising on and supporting their products. Thanks.
Junaid Ali
Collabotive Inc. Plano, TX


The Energy Story – Chapter 3: Resistance and Static Electricity #renewable #energy


Chapter 3: Resistance and Static Electricity

As we have learned, some kinds of atoms contain loosely attached electrons. Electrons can be made to move easily from one atom to another. When those electrons move among the atoms of matter, a current of electricity is created.

Take a piece of wire. The electrons are passed from atom to atom, creating an electrical current from one end to the other. Electrons are very, very small. A single copper penny contains more than 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1×1022) electrons.

Electricity “flows” or moves through some things better than others do. The measurement of how well something conducts electricity is called its resistance.

Resistance in wire depends on how thick and how long it is, and what it’s made of. The thickness of wire is called its gauge. The smaller the gauge, the bigger the wire. Some of the largest thicknesses of regular wire is gauge 1.

Different types of metal are used in making wire. You can have copper wire, aluminum wire, even steel wire. Each of these metals has a different resistance; how well the metal conducts electricity. The lower the resistance of a wire, the better it conducts electricity.

Copper is used in many wires because it has a lower resistance than many other metals. The wires in your walls, inside your lamps and elsewhere are usually copper.

A piece of metal can be made to act like a heater. When an electrical current occurs, the resistance causes friction and the friction causes heat. The higher the resistance, the hotter it can get. So, a coiled wire high in resistance, like the wire in a hair dryer, can be very hot.

Some things conduct electricity very poorly. These are called insulators. Rubber is a good insulator, and that’s why rubber is used to cover wires in an electric cord. Glass is another good insulator. If you look at the end of a power line, you’ll see that it is attached to some bumpy looking things. These are glass insulators. They keep the metal of the wires from touching the metal of the towers.

Another type of electrical energy is static electricity. Unlike current electricity that moves, static electricity stays in one place.

Try this experiment.

Rub a balloon filled with air on a wool sweater or on your hair. Then hold it up to a wall. The balloon will stay there by itself.

Tie strings to the ends of two balloons. Now rub the two balloons together, hold them by strings at the end and put them next to each other. They’ll move apart.

Rubbing the balloons gives them static electricity. When you rub the balloon it picks up extra electrons from the sweater or your hair and becomes slightly negatively charged.

The negative charges in the single balloon are attracted to the positive charges in the wall.

The two balloons hanging by strings both have negative charges. Negative charges always repel negative charges and positive always repels positive charges. So, the two balloons’ negative charges “push” each other apart.

Static electricity can also give you a shock. If you walk across a carpet, shuffling your feet and touching something made of metal, a spark can jump between you and the metal object. Shuffling your feet picks up additional electrons spread over your body. When you touch a metal doorknob or something with a positive charge the electricity jumps across the small gap from your fingers just before you touch the metal knob. If you walk across a carpet and touch a computer case, you can damage the computer.

One other type of static electricity is very spectacular. It’s the lightning in a thunder and lightning storm. Clouds become negatively charged as ice crystals inside the clouds rub up against each other. Meanwhile, on the ground, the positive charge increases. The clouds get so highly charged that the electrons jump from the ground to the cloud, or from one cloud to another cloud. This causes a huge spark of static electricity in the sky that we call lightning.

You can find out more about lightning at Web Weather for Kids –

You’ll remember from Chapter 2 that the word “electricity” came from the Greek words “elektor,” for “beaming sun” and “elektron,” both words describing amber. Amber is fossilized tree sap millions of years old and has hardened as hard as a stone.

Around 600 BCE (Before the Common Era) Greeks noticed a strange effect: When rubbing “elektron” against a piece of fur, the amber would start attracting particles of dust, feathers and straw. No one paid much attention to this “strange effect” until about 1600 when Dr. William Gilbert investigated the reactions of magnets and amber and discovered other objects can be made “electric.”

Gilbert said that amber acquired what he called “resinous electricity” when rubbed with fur. Glass, however, when rubbed with silk, acquired what he termed “vitreous electricity.”

He thought that electricity repelled the same kind and attracts the opposite kind of electricity. Gilbert and other scientists of that time thought that the friction actually created the electricity (their word for the electrical charge).

In 1747, Benjamin Franklin in America and William Watson in England both reached the same conclusion. They said all materials possess a single kind of electrical “fluid.” They didn’t really know anything about atoms and electrons, so they called how it behaved a “fluid.”

They thought that this fluid can penetrate matter freely and couldn’t be created or destroyed. The two men thought that the action of rubbing (like rubbing amber with fur) moves this unseen fluid from one thing to another, electrifying both.

Franklin defined the fluid as positive and the lack of fluid as negative. Therefore, according to Franklin, the direction of flow was from positive to negative. Today, we know that the opposite is true. Electricity flows from negative to positive. Others took the idea even further saying this that two fluids are involved. They said items with the same fluid attract each other. And opposite types of fluid in objects will make them repel each other.

All of this was only partially right. This is how scientific theories develop. Someone thinks of why something occurs and then proposes an explanation. It can take centuries sometime to find the real truth. Instead of electricity being a fluid, it is the movement of the charged particles between the objects. the two objects are really exchanging electrons.

Learn about Electrical Circuits and electrons in Chapter 4.

MS Access Helpdesk Ticketing System #it #helpdesk #ticketing #system


Manage And Support Your Helpdesk Ticket Requests

The MS Access helpdesk ticketing system is suitable for a small or a medium sized business. Designed to fit with your existing Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Outlook and Word. An all round simple Access database solution designed to record ticket support requests and improve business efficiency.

* Employee tracking
* Record users computer details, networks, login information
* Record library loans for books
* Inventory
* Assign technicians to each task, record priority, date status
* Record ticket problem, action taken, audit trail
* Graphical overview of tasks for each technician
* Add solutions to built in knowledge base with the added ability to email the solution to the user
* Record common problems and open ticket calls
* Record appointments, tasks and send email from within MS Access to MS Outlook
* Book courses
* View graphical statistics on ticket problems by department, technician
* Record orders for computer related supplies and email suppliers
* Built in contacts database
* Great selection of management reports
* Create a knowledge base of common problems and solutions

Hi Paul,
I ve been playing with the system and think it is a very well-designed application.
IBM PC Institute
IT Program Manager Team Lead

I enjoyed your program. We would like to buy it your program is great this is exactly what I was Looking for. with a little help from you it will be perfect
Kfir Benjamin
HeliOss Communications Israel Ltd.

Manage Your Support Ticket Requests

You can tailor the MS Access helpdesk ticketing system any way you want or we can do it for you, saving you time, effort and reducing costs.

* MS Office compatible
* Works with MS Access 97, 2000, XP, 2003
* User manual and support provided
* Can be tailored to your organization
* Easy to use, effective and gets the job done
* Source code included
* Computer help desk software that supports your business needs and is simple to use

Download A Trial And Try It For Yourself

Trial Edition For MS Access 2000,2002,2003,2007,2010

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