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School doesn’t have to be boring! Our unique curriculum and school environment may be just right for you. Admission to New Technology High School is open to all students on a nondiscriminatory basis; we are nonsectarian and do not charge tuition for admission to the school. See why you should choose NTHS!

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Project-based learning, small class sizes and personal relationships with instructors create an environment in which students are responsible for their own learning. Learn more about the outstanding staff that makes New Tech such a unique learning environment. Learn More

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Since it opened its doors in 1996, New Tech High has hosted over 15,000 visitors, including international, national and state educators and business, government and organization leaders. We offer tours for prospective students, community members, as well as, study tours and trainings through our Center for Excellence. Learn More

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2016-17 Family Giving

Our Annual Family Giving campaign is a vital component of our fundraising efforts to continue to provide an innovative learning experience for all New Tech High students. Families are asked to give $1,000 or to the best of their ability. 100% participation is what matters most. Learn more about the Friends of New Tech.

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College Persistence

Preparing students to be ready for college is a vital role of our Road to Success. However, helping students create a plan in which they are committed to finishing college matters just as much. According to the National Clearinghouse, over the last 6 years, New Tech High students persist in college (stay enrolled and finish) at a rate of 88%. We are proud of this! Click below to find out more about our Road to Success.

New Technology High School

“Napa New Technology High School is an innovative leader in Project-based Learning celebrating twenty years of success educating and transforming students’ lives.

Our Mission is to inspire students to be responsible, resilient, and personally successful in the rapidly changing 21st century, and to be a student-centered model for educational innovation.”

China closes gap with US in hi-tech breakthroughs, KPMG finds #tech,innovation,future #tech,china


China closes gap with US in hi-tech breakthroughs, KPMG finds

China is now closing the gap with the United States in leading the development of disruptive technology breakthroughs, according to a new survey by KPMG.

The consultancy s latest annual global technology innovation survey, which polled 841 hi-tech industry executives around the world, also identified Shanghai as the city that will rival San Francisco, along with the rest of California s Silicon Valley, as the world s leading technology innovation hub over the next four years.

The survey provides further evidence that the innovation economy in China is being energised by the technology disruptions that are occurring, Tim Zanni, the global and US head of KPMG s technology, media and telecommunications practice, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post. What we ve seen emerge over time is the result of countries and cities striving to replicate and build on Silicon Valley s technology innovation blueprint, and their increasing degree of success.

KPMG s November poll showed a slight uptick for China 25 per cent, compared with 23 per cent in 2016 in the respondents perception of which country showed the most promise for disruptive technology breakthroughs with a global impact.

China s 13th Five-Year Plan has identified innovation as one of the five new tenets of the country s economic and social development.

A recent KPMG survey of China s chief executives identified new product development, big data analysis capabilities, the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communications and other internet-based technologies as the country s top focus areas for further investment in the next three years.

While it continues to lead in the survey results, the US s ranking has declined to 26 per cent from 29 per cent in the previous year.

Respondents also see India and Britain progressing to become leading global markets for disruptive technologies after China, with forecasts of 11 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively, according to KPMG.

Shanghai, meanwhile, leads New York, Tokyo, Beijing and London in the five highest-ranked cities that survey respondents expect to be the next leading hi-tech innovation hub.

One can debate whether or not replicating Silicon Valley is possible, but the benefits of the effort are undeniable, Zanni said.

In April last year, the State Council of the Chinese government approved a plan for Shanghai to promote comprehensive pilot programmes for innovation reform.

Shanghai, with a population of more than 24 million, is also home to about seven state-level development zones, like the Waigaoquiao Free Trade Zone, and 21 municipal-level development zones.

The city is ranked first overall in the survey as a future technology leader with its strong regional leadership in financial markets and numerous hi-tech parks in Pudong, said Egidio Zarrella, the head of clients and innovation at KPMG China. Many venture capital and private equity firms head first to Shanghai because of the city s very strong fintech start-up community.

Zarrella said he expects Shenzhen to be ranked higher in future surveys as its top brands, such as Huawei Technologies and Tencent Holdings, raised global perception of the city.

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Webinar: How to Recruit and Hire Your Best Team

Do you know the tell tale signs of a rockstar employee? Can you tell which candidates can make lasting results in your company? What are the key factors that differentiate the duds from the studs? Are you creating partners or employees? Join our webinar “How to Recruit and Hire Your Best Team” for business owners to learn the 9 steps in the recruiting and hiring process that can completely change your business. keep reading

Webinar: How to Use Field Service Software for HVAC

Do you ever wish there was a way to diagnose a system and present options without paperwork? Or maybe you want to track your technicians and sales in real time? How awesome would it be to accept a credit card by taking a picture using your phone? Luckily there’s an app for that! Join our webinar “How to Use Field Service Software for HVAC Professionals” to learn how you can save time and make more money in your business today. keep reading

Webinar: Pure Motive Pricing with Rick Picard

Join our webinar with Rick Picard on “Pure Motive Pricing” to get a taste of what you will learn as part our exclusive Super Meeting at Contractor Leadership Live on September 12th in Cleveland, Ohio. This 1-hour session with Rick Picard, the $7 Million Dollar HVAC Salesman and Joe Crisara will go over what pure motive pricing is, the process of how to implement the strategy and how to scale growth. keep reading

Webinar: 5 Day Telephone Training System: Day 3 – CSR Superstar

In our third installment of the 5-Day Telephone Training System – CSR Superstar, we will go over the best practices used for dispatchers when encountering delayed and rescheduled calls. This webinar will teach you how to read and practice scripts, input data for invoices, practice putting customers on hold, handle multiple phone lines, how to transfer calls. keep reading

It’s not hard to find contractors who think they are losing jobs because their competitors have a lower price than them. How many are losing jobs because they lower their price instead of standing firm?That is a question that is much harder to answer. Especially since most people do not want to face the truth. The truth is that you will lose far more sales with a lower price or worse yet, by lowering the price you have already given than they ever will by having a higher price than your competitors. keep reading

Hour of Sales Power: Letting Your Buyer Sell You

Join our special webinar with guest Joe Lucanie of Patriot Electric to learn how your prospects can be influenced to not only sell themselves, but also sell YOU! You will discover the strategies and results of leaving your proposal behind, the best language to use when presenting, and life-changing tactics to close the deal! Tune in on Thursday, July 13th at 5:00 p.m. keep reading

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We want to know you!

Minnesota State is working to improve our website and add new features to better serve you, but we can’t do that without you!

So we’re conducting a brief survey to get to know more about you and the reasons you are checking out. If you are interested in participating in our survey, the survey should only take about 5 minutes and your responses are completely confidential. You will be given the option to participate in further studies or you can choose to stay anonymous.

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Career and Technical Education

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Welcome to Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Minnesota State. We partner closely with the Office of College and Career Success at the Minnesota Department of Education to prepare students to enter high skill, high wage or high demand employment in Minnesota.

What’s new?

  • The 2017 CTE Works! Summit Call for Proposals is Open
    Get full details on how to submit your conference proposal and register at .
  • Consortium Perkins Plan Opens March 1st
    Consortium leaders will submit their plan on WebGrants
  • CTE Student Success Infographic Released (January 2017 Edition)
    This CTE Student Success infographic is a collaboration between Minnesota State and Minnesota Department of Education.
  • The iSPEAK CTE Blog
    We invite you to peruse our blog on all things related to career trends, the future job market, and higher education in Minnesota.

What’s New?

Toll-free: 800-456-8519
International: +1-651-5560596
MN Relay: 800-627-3529

Good Opening Can Be a Scholarship – The New York Times #texas


Good Opening Can Be a Scholarship

Bruci Raul Lopez, 22, a senior, has a chess scholarship at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Credit Steve Ruark for The New York Times

In the competition for the best students, colleges and universities are always looking for an edge. This year, Texas Tech University. in Lubbock, is trying a novel approach: offering scholarships to prospective students who are also elite chess players. With the scholarships, officials hope to attract students who might not otherwise apply to the university, which is part of the state system.

“To be quite frank, Tech is not Harvard and we have to compete really hard for the best students,” said Dr. Haraldur Karlsson, an associate professor of geosciences at the university who is also the chess club’s adviser. “And there tends to be a link between good chess skills and good academic skills.”

This year, Dr. Karlsson said, the university selected seven recipients for the scholarships. One is enrolled at Texas Tech, but six are prospective applicants, three from overseas.

“We are accessing a different pool,” Dr. Karlsson said. “We are getting them to look at us.”

Texas Tech joins a small group of institutions that have decided that good chess players are likely to succeed academically, and that offering chess scholarships can elevate a college’s reputation. The University of Connecticut’s engineering school, hoping to lure applicants away from the country’s top engineering programs, also began offering chess scholarships this year.

Other institutions with such programs include the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and the University of Texas at Dallas, each part of its state’s public university system. According to Jim Stallings, director of the Texas program and also chairman of the college committee of the United States Chess Federation, the governing body for chess in this country, there are “10 or so” such programs nationwide.

Founded in 1985, Maryland’s program is one of the oldest in the nation. Dr. Alan Sherman, the program’s director since 1991, said university officials supported the scholarships not only to attract good students but also to raise the profile of the institution. Dr. Sherman estimated that the program cost about $250,000 a year.

For that investment, the university has one of the most successful chess teams in the country. It has won the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championships, the elite event in college chess, many times, including in 2005. The other big winner nationwide is the University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. Sherman said having a successful chess team benefited the university. “I see the competitive team as a means towards a more important end, which is bringing smart people to campus who will do things in math and science and other fields,” he said.

Usually, Dr. Sherman said, there are eight students on chess scholarships. The best scholarships cover tuition, room and board, and are worth $69,400 over four years. For that package, Dr. Sherman said, a student must meet several requirements, including maintaining a grade point average of at least 3.0 and achieving nearly a grandmaster rank in chess.

Katerina Rohonyan, 22, from Ukraine, is a computer science major at Maryland-Baltimore. Credit Steve Ruark for The New York Times

Katerina Rohonyan and Bruci Raul Lopez have such scholarships this year. Ms. Rohonyan, 22, a junior originally from Ukraine, is a computer science major. After she graduates, she said, “I think I will probably work, but I will try to play chess more often.”

Mr. Lopez, 22, a senior born in Cuba who is an information systems major, said he wanted to get a job in his field of study. “I can always play chess,” he said.

Mr. Stallings, the director of the University of Texas at Dallas program, founded in 1996, said it was intended to attract better students, and “was publicity because we don’t have a large football team.”

The university now awards about 25 chess scholarships, Mr. Stallings said, but he added that not every member of the chess team had one.

Nelson M. Lopez II, a freshman from North Carolina who won the 2006 national high school championship, said he applied to the university because of the strong team. “It was a real big deal,” said Mr. Lopez, who does not have a chess scholarship but instead has a full academic scholarship.

The financial value of a chess scholarship is often substantial. At Texas Tech, for example, for out-of-state or foreign residents, the scholarship covers about 75 percent of tuition; for in-state students, it covers 25 percent.

Scholarship winners generally come to the notice of universities by playing in chess tournaments nationwide or even worldwide. The University of Connecticut’s engineering school in Storrs, for example, awarded its scholarships, which are for four years, to the top three finishers in a tournament on campus in September. The institution plans to hold another tournament in October to offer three more scholarships.

But chess scholarships have not met with success at every institution. Morehead State University in Kentucky offered such scholarships for two or three years but discontinued them this year, said Carol Becker, director of financial aid. She said officials decided that having a separate scholarship for chess players made no sense.

“We don’t have a chess team or a chess club, and we concluded that someone who played chess would probably have the analytical skills to qualify for our institutional scholarships,” Ms. Becker said.

In the end, she said, “We weren’t really getting a lot of bang for the buck.”

A version of this article appears in print on. on Page B7 of the New York edition with the headline: Good Opening Can Be a Scholarship. Order Reprints | Today’s Paper | Subscribe

Gamma Counters – Well Counters – Radioactive Decontamination Products, lab tech inc.#Lab


Lab tech inc

  • Lab tech inc
  • Lab tech inc
  • Lab tech inc
  • Lab tech inc

Need Help? Call or Email Now:

Lab tech inc

Welcome to Laboratory Technologies, Inc.

Laboratory Technologies, Inc. was established in 1983 as a manufacturer of nuclear instrumentation. Over the years, we have worked closely with many leading diagnostic companies and have become widely regarded as a leading worldwide supplier.

When you choose an LTI product, you get much more than quality engineering. You get the full support of our company behind it. With a field service organization of more than 300 technicians across the United States, help is never far away. Our instruments are used worldwide in diverse areas ranging from clinical laboratories to the oil industry to nuclear medicine to the space program. When you choose an LTI product you get the benefit of our vast experience, personal service and product expertise.

With thousands of gamma counters in use worldwide, people count on LTI instruments. We strive to deliver the highest quality, superior engineering and excellent value in all our products.

At LTI, our focus is on the design and manufacture of what we know best, nuclear instrumentation. No other manufacturer has our knowledge, experience and expertise. Ensure you are buying only the best, ensure you are buying instrumentation and supplies designed and manufactured by Laboratory Technologies, Inc.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have questions not answered here, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.

Lab tech inc

About Us

Established in 1983 as a manufacturer of multi-well gamma counters, over the years, we have worked closely with many leading diagnostic companies.

Lab tech inc

Our Products

Since 1983 LTI has been manufacturing the best gamma counters, wipe counters, and our exclusive multi-well wipe test counter, the Multi-Wiper.

Lab tech inc

Contact Us

We stand behind our products with personalized support. We offer intelligent, friendly advice and help you find quick answers to your questions.

Online Ultrasound Technician Degree Programs #ultrasound #tech #degree #online, #online #ultrasound #technician


Online Ultrasound Technician Degree Programs

Essential Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), diagnostic medical sonographers typically hold at least an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. Some of these degrees include an Associate’s of Applied Science, Associate’s of Science, Bachelor’s of Science and Bachelor’s of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Entirely online degree programs in medical sonography are available, but relatively rare, because this field requires clinical work experience. Some states require sonographers to be professionally licensed, so when choosing a program, check the licensing requirements in your state and look for programs that count toward licensure.

Associate’s Degree for Ultrasound Technicians

Most online associate’s degree programs for ultrasound technicians emphasize ultrasound procedures, sonographic instrumentation and medical terminology. A 2-year online program in diagnostic medical sonography can result in an Associate of Applied Science or an Associate of Science degree. Some online programs also offer certificates in diagnostic medical sonography.

Distance education programs resulting in an associate’s degree for ultrasound technicians are typically presented in a combination of on-campus and online classes. In many cases, program requirements include a clinical experience at a local hospital, imaging center or clinic. An online associate’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography generally takes two years to complete.

Program coursework for online associate’s degree programs for ultrasound technicians generally includes introductory courses in sonographic instrumentation and procedures. such as those used for vascular, cardiovascular, abdominal and gynecological purposes. Additional courses might include medical terminology, sectional anatomy, pathophysiology, sonographic physics and imaging ethics. A clinical practicum might also be part of the curriculum.

Introductory or foundation courses typically offer study in the history and theories of sonography. Ultrasound uses, medical terminology, and legal and ethical issues in the field might also be discussed.

Instrumentation courses focus on the operation and maintenance of ultrasound equipment. How equipment is used for different ultrasound procedures and the function of instrumentation components are likely to be addressed.

The anatomy of several areas of the body most commonly subject to ultrasound procedures is addressed in these courses. Body areas include the pelvis, thorax, abdomen and nervous system. Some courses might use ultrasound images for illustration.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Athletic Trainer
  • Cardiovascular Technologies
  • Electrocardiograph Tech. – ECG, EKG
  • Electroencephalographic Tech. – EEG, END
  • EMT and Paramedic
  • Genetic Therapy
  • Industrial Radiologic Technology
  • Medical Radiologic Therapist
  • Nuclear Medical Technologist
  • Perfusionist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Radiation Protection Technology
  • Radiological Science and Technologies
  • Respiratory Care Therapy
  • Surgical Technologies
  • Ultrasound and Sonography Technologies

Bachelor’s Degree for Ultrasound Technicians

An online bachelor’s degree program for ultrasound technicians generally provides students with advanced courses in many of the topics covered in a 2-year program. Students can choose to pursue a degree in diagnostic medical sonography, radiologic sciences or radiation sciences. A 4-year online program in these areas of study most commonly results in a Bachelor of Science degree. In some cases, an associate’s degree is required to enroll in an online bachelor’s degree program.

Online bachelor’s degree programs for ultrasound technicians can be conducted entirely online, or in a combination of live instruction and Web-based classes. Some schools require completion of clinical labs, while others offer only non-clinical programs. Most programs will take four years to complete.

The curriculum of an online bachelor’s degree program for ultrasound technicians will typically address intermediate and advanced sonographic procedures, instrumentation, physics, anatomy and patient care. Courses might also be taken in pharmacology, pathology, and current health care trends and issues.

Courses in specific ultrasound procedures comprise a large portion of the curriculum of an online bachelor’s degree program in medical sonography or radiologic sciences. Students learn procedures and principles of abdominal, vascular, obstetrical, gynecological and breast sonography.

Likewise, physics courses in an online bachelor’s degree program for ultrasound technicians address ultrasound physics, Doppler physics, ultrasound principles and basic equipment. Parameters, ultrasound transducer and the effects of medical imaging on the human body are other topics of discussion.

Courses in patient care focus on teaching students how to physically and mentally comfort patients during medical imaging exams. Patient care theories and techniques are discussed.

Graduate Career Information

Graduates of an online bachelor’s degree program for ultrasound technicians might qualify for more advanced positions in the field. They might also choose an area of specialization, such as cardiovascular technician or obstetric sonographer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries will vary depending on specialization and employer type. Annual median wages can range between $48,720 for the lowest-earning 10% and $97,390 for the highest-earning 10%, as reported in May 2015.

Graduates of an online associate’s degree program in diagnostic medical sonography are prepared for entry-level positions at hospitals or diagnostic imaging centers. According to the BLS, job growth for ultrasound technicians was expected to be 24%, much faster than the average for all occupations, between 2014 and 2024. The BLS further reported that the yearly median salary for ultrasound technicians was just over $68,970 as of May 2015.

Continuing Education Information

Graduates of an online bachelor’s degree program can pursue voluntary certification for diagnostic medical sonographers. Certifying organizations include the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Continuing education requirements might apply in order to maintain certification.

Upon completion of an online associate’s degree program, graduates can pursue a bachelor’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography or a related area. Continuing education might also include training sessions held by the manufacturing companies of imaging machines and instrumentation.

Degrees in diagnostic medical sonography are rarely online because most courses for this field of study require clinical experience. Students may obtain an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in sonography with the option of continuing their education and obtaining other licenses and certifications.

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Ultrasound technicians require some formal education. Learn about training, job duties and certification options to see if this.

Medical sonography certification is a required credential for therapeutic ultrasound technicians. Get some quick facts about.

Research the requirements to become a vascular echo technologist. Learn about the job description and duties, and read the.

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an ultrasound sonographer. Get a quick view of the requirements as.

Biological Sciences Marine Biology #florida #institute #of #technology, #florida #tech, #fit, #college


What is Marine Biology?

Marine Biology spans a broad range of biological investigations, including the study and experimental use of marine organisms like mammals, fish, crustaceans, corals, molluscs, seagrasses algae and echinoderms.

What Will I Study?

Florida Tech’s undergraduate marine biology program was one of the first of its kind in the United States, started in 1971. Students are provided with a strong background in general biology, such as biometry, genetics and biochemistry. Additional specialized courses that focus on the biology and ecology of marine organisms include invertebrate zoology, fish biology, marine biology, marine ecology, marine mammals and summer field courses in Australia, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

What Courses Will I Take?

Review the core courses online at the University Catalog. In addition to the required program core courses, elective courses can be selected in biology, chemistry, environmental science and oceanography.

What Research Opportunities are Available?

In addition to research opportunities provided through our Office of Sponsored Programs and other university sources, we offer unique and exciting field research opportunities as part of the curriculum.

Our Ecology majors are required to take at least two summer field courses, but students in other disciplines are encouraged to enroll in these courses as well:

  • Tropical Ecology of Costa Rica
  • Tropical Ecology of Peru
  • Field Biology and Ecology in Africa
  • Australian Ecosystem Ecology
  • Smoky Mountains
  • Florida Barrier Islands
  • Bahamas Reef Ecology
  • Rocky Mountains

Why study Marine Biology at Florida Tech?

  • Ranked #7 among the country’s marine biology programs (Gourman Report 1998)
  • Broad training in biological sciences with specialization in marine topics
  • Intense hands-on field, ship-board and laboratory experiences, beginning in freshman year
  • Undergraduate research opportunities including work-study, volunteer assistant and formal research courses
  • Located on the Indian River Lagoon, the most diverse estuary in North America

150 W. University Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32901

Surgical Tech and Operating Room Technologist Jobs #surgical #tech #schools #in #houston


Surgical Technologist Jobs

Get Started Now!

Surgical Technologist Jobs

Some call them scrub techs or operating room techs. At Soliant Health, we call them indispensable – and we treat our surgical technologists that way. Just as patients and members of the medical team rely on you, you can rely on us to manage all the details of your career. We can place you in the surgical technologist job you want, in the location you want.

You can count on Soliant Health to make sure you receive the most rewarding surgical technologist job opportunities in the country. Because our reach extends to all fifty states, we can place you in a dream job just about anywhere. You can stay in your own hometown, relocate across state or move to a community a thousand miles away. With Soliant, you have the opportunity to live in the most exciting urban locations or the coziest of small towns.

Surgical Technologist Jobs Available Now

Showing Jobs 1-20 of 150

Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina

13 Week Travel Contract – CVOR Scrub Technician – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Come join our current traveling staff at this great facility. The contract length is for 13 weeks and is currently waiting for profiles to interview. We are looking for a travel nur. (View Details)

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/09

Location: Lebanon, New Hampshire

CST Travel Position Open – Currently Taking Submissions – New Hampshire

The currently open contract position is open for submission. We will be screening applicants through a phone interview. All relevant experience will be considered. The. (View Details)

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/09

Location: Boulder, Colorado

CVOR Tech – Contract Travel Assignment Job – Boulder, CO

Each Candidate will be considered for the position described.

  • Specialty: CVOR Tech Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/09

Location: Kingman, Arizona

Travel CVOR Tech Job in Kingman Arizona

CVOR Tech travel job is open in Kingman, AZ. Our hospital is interviewing now and looking for someone to start ASAP. Send me your. (View Details)

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/09

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester New Hampshire – CVOR Tech Job

CVOR Tech travel job is open in Manchester, NH. Our hospital is interviewing now and looking for someone to start ASAP. Send me. (View Details)

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/09

Location: Houston, Texas

Houston Texas – CVOR Tech Job

CVOR Tech travel job is open in Houston, TX. Our hospital is interviewing now and looking for someone to start ASAP. Send me your Resume an. (View Details)

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/09

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Surgical Tech Travel Job Atlanta, Georgia

Our 537 bed, acute care facility need a Surg Tech to travel to Atlanta for an 8 week (likely extension) assignment. Shift: Days / 6:45 a to 3:15 p / Monday – Friday.

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/09

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Certified Surgical Tech Travel Job in Atlanta Georgia

Certified Surgical Tech CST travel in great facility in Atlanta. GA.

CST Job details:

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/09

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Travel Surgical Tech – Certified (CST) need in a New England Manchester New Hampshire Area Hospital for a 13-Week Travel Job assignment.
Shift is for Days 4/10 s. Ortho and General experience needed

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/08

Location: Big Stone Gap, Virginia

Travel Certified Surgical Tech CST Job in Big Stone Gap Virginia

Certified Surgical Tech CST travel in great facility in Big Stone Gap, VA!

CST Job details: Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/08

Location: El Paso, Texas

Travel Operating Room Tech CST Job in El Paso Texas

We are looking for skilled Operating Room Tech CST for a travel job in El Paso, TX. This contract is currently. (View Details)

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/08

Location: Medford, Oregon

Travel Certified Surgical Tech CST Job in Medford Oregon

We have a Certified Surgical Tech CSTJob for a travel position in Medford, OR. Please review job details below a. (View Details)

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/08

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Travel Operating Room Tech CST Job in Manchester New Hampshire

What you need to know about the CSTJob:

Category: Nursing – ORT | Job Type: Travel | Date Posted: 06/08

Location: Tucker, Georgia

ORT Travel Job – Manchester, NH

We have position in Manchester, NH for an ORT Travel Job. The position is a 13 week assignment. The shift will be 4-10 s, and they are looking for a tech to start ASAP. The case load will include mostly general surgery and Ortho. ?>

Hotel in Lubbock, TX near Texas Tech #hospice #and #palliative #care

#motels in lubbock tx


Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Lubbock, TX

Enjoy Great Service and Quick Access to Texas Tech in Lubbock

At the junction of I-27, US 84 and Loop 289, the Country Inn Suites By Carlson . Lubbock, TX grants you quick access to the campus of Texas Tech University and downtown attractions like Joyland Amusement Park and South Plains Mall. After a long drive, slide into the hotel s hot tub to unwind or swim a few laps in the indoor pool to stretch your legs and recharge.

Hotel Amenities Services
Here to cheer on TTU? Use our hotel s free high-speed Internet access to plan the best route to Texas Tech s Jones AT T Stadium, home of Red Raiders football. After the game, wash face paint and wing sauce from your family s clothing at our convenient laundry facilities, open 24 hours. Amenities and services include:

  • Free High-Speed Internet Access
  • Complimentary, Hot Be Our Guest Breakfast
  • Heated Indoor Pool and Hot Tub
  • Fitness Center
  • Business Center

Our Rooms Suites
Whether you re attending a conference or taking the kids to Mackenzie Park, you can relax at the end of the day in a comfortable guest room or suite. Get a good night s sleep on a pillowtop mattress, and wake up the next morning with a fresh cup of coffee. Standard room amenities include:

  • Free High-Speed Internet Access
  • Coffeemaker
  • Microwave and Refrigerator
  • Children Under 18 Stay Free with an Adult
  • Cribs and Rollaway Beds Available

Need more room for your family? Reserve a Studio Suite. which offers all standard amenities as well as a full-size sleeper sofa and a wet bar.

Where to Eat While You re Here
Bring your appetite to our complimentary Be Our Guest Breakfast, which serves hot waffles, fresh fruit and a variety of morning favorites. For lunch and dinner, try a nearby restaurant like the Copper Caboose. While you enjoy the Caboose s famous fajitas with a margarita, let the kids have fun with more than 100 games in the game room.

Things to Do in Lubbock, TX
From Buddy Holly s glasses to world-famous prairie dogs, Lubbock has something for everyone. You can practice your swing at Meadowbrook Golf Course or discover the history of harnessing the wind at the American Wind Power Center, both about 10 minutes away. Check out these other local attractions:

Buddy Holly Center About three miles from the hotel, you ll find the Buddy Holly Center, dedicated to celebrating the life and music of Lubbock s own rock n roll legend. Stroll through the center s art galleries and museum for a glimpse of Holly s Fender guitar and iconic glasses.

Mackenzie Park Home to Joyland Amusement Park, Prairie Dog Town and Meadowbrook Golf Course, Mackenzie Park is just a 10-minute drive up I-27. Take to the skies at Joyland s Dare Devil Drop, and plunge into the waves of the Vortex Water Coaster. Afterward, head to Prairie Dog Town for your daily dose of cuteness.

Texas Tech University Before cheering on the Red Raiders or Lady Raiders, be sure to tour the beautiful campus of Texas Tech, known for its Will Rogers statue and the Museum of Texas Tech University. The museum houses a large collection of dinosaur fossils and Native American artifacts as well as the Moody Planetarium, only 10 minutes away.

Read more about our hotel s location .

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Host a graduation party or seminar for up to 45 people at the Country Inn Suites, which offers a meeting space with free high-speed Internet access and audiovisual technology. Your guests will appreciate the hotel s proximity to I-27 and Lubbock International Airport (LBB).

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Surgical Technology

Coming to Scranton for Fall 2017!

Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology Program is designed to be completed over a two-year period with day, evening, and Saturday courses as well as on- and off-campus clinical hours. Each program also includes summer session courses and clinical lab hours.

Acceptance into Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology Program is based on a selective admissions process with a maximum of 15 students selected annually.

Degree information

Through a balance of classroom instruction and clinical experience, the student will acquire applied skills and knowledge in the field of Surgical Technology.

Surgical technologists work in the operating room under the direct supervision of a surgeon and a registered nurse. Surgical technologists help facilitate the draping, and prepping of the surgical patient. They gown, and glove other team members. They get all the instruments, supplies, equipment necessary for specific surgical procedures. As a member of the sterile team, surgical technologists will hand all necessary instruments and supplies to the surgeon and other team members.

A surgical technologist has a broad knowledge of anatomy and physiology, microbiology, sterile techniques, and patient safety concepts as well as ethical and legal concepts. A surgical technologist must have an understanding of the hospital organization, policies, and procedures.

Job opportunities and salaries in the healthcare specialty of surgical technology have been rising steadily over the last few years, and the U.S. Department of Labor predicts employment of surgical technologists is projected to grow 30% from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Advances in medical technology have made surgery safer, and more operations are being done to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. The median annual wage for surgical technologists was $41,790 in May 2012.

Most surgical technologists are employed by hospitals, day-surgery centers with the remainder working in the offices of physicians. After two years of experience, a certified surgical technologist may apply to become a traveling surgical technologist.

Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology program combines classroom instruction with practical clinical externships at local hospitals. Both career-specific and academic core courses are included. Students successfully completing the program are eligible to sit for the National Certifying Exam (CST).

Surgical Technology Program classes are given days, nights and on weekends (based on the availability of the instructors). Clinical externships, however, must take place during the daytime.


  • To give students an understanding the need for surgical intervention
  • To develop an understanding of the role of surgical technologist as a member of the surgical team
  • To instruct students in the responsibilities which the performance of this role entails
  • To assist students in developing the knowledge of the organizational structure of the hospitals, its departments and the operating room
  • To develop a basic understanding of biological science as it relates to safe operating room procedure
  • To facilitate the hands-on, supervised experience in the operating room performing the duties of a surgical technologist.

OAE-CST Pass Rate

Annual reporting year

Admissions criteria and requirements

Prospective students must meet the college’s minimum requirements. Applicants must submit proof of high school or GED completion with official high school transcript or GED equivalent. Lackawanna College will determine the applicant’s current academic ability based on a combination of following:

  • SAT or ACT test scores, if applicable
    • Recommended SAT scores: 470 Verbal and 470 Math.
    • Recommended ACT scores: 20 or higher in each relevant section.
    • Most scores are valid up to 3 years from test date.
  • College Transfer Credits
    • If transferring credits from another college/university, official college transcripts are required.
  • Placement Test
    • Applicants without valid SAT/ACT scores and who have not previously earned college credits will be required to take the ACCUPLACER exam for determination of current academic ability. Applicants must achieve College Ready scores in Reading, Writing, and Math to be considered qualified for the Surgical Technology program.

Due to the very specific nature of these degree programs, applicants with transfer credits may only transfer credits related to program core courses including the following:

  • Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 credits
  • Anatomy and Physiology II – 4 credits with lab (if taken within two years)
  • College Algebra
  • Computer Applications
  • College Writing
  • Effective Speaking
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Medical Ethics (subject to review)
  • Medical Terminology (subject to review)

Items for official placement into program

  • $100 commitment fee
  • Official high school transcripts
  • Official college transcripts
  • SAT/ACT scores, if applicable
  • CPR Certification
  • FBI Clearance
  • State Clearance
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance
  • 2 Step PPD
  • Recent Physical Examination
  • Copy of Immunization Records
    • Varicella Vaccination Date or Date/Year of Chicken Pox
    • Hepatitis B vaccination (3 shots) or waiver
    • MMR documentation or titers
    • Adult TDaP (after age 19)

Interviews will be scheduled for qualified Surgical Technology program applicants who submit a fully completed application. A mandatory informational meeting will be required prior to start of the selected program.Qualified students will be notified of the date and time upon selection into program. The meeting will review the Surgical Technology department’s policies and expectations. The meeting will also allow for question and answer session and tour of the Lackawanna College facilities.


Changes in the curriculum for this program have been approved by ARC/STSA and will be in effect for students beginning their studies in the Fall 2017 cohort.

This degree program is moving to our Scranton campus in Fall 2017.

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