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Prostate Massage and Prostate Drainage

Repetitive Prostate Drainage Prostate Massage

Repetitive Prostate Drainage (RPD), or Prostate Massage, by itself or combined with antibiotic therapy is one approach for he treatment of Chronic Prostatitis used by a number of physicians. The microscopic picture of the enlarged, inflamed prostate supports the rational behind this procedure. In chronic prostatitis, the enlarged prostate will have numerous pockets of bacteria surrounded by scar tissue and occasional calcification. The massage treatment uses manipulation to drain pockets of painful secretions that have been isolated in the prostate and are thought to be the reason for recurring inflammation. RPD helps Chronic Prostatitis patients by expressing built up secretions that congest the prostate and block the body s immune cells and/or antibiotics from reaching the bacteria causing the infection. The treatment can be performed daily in conjunction with oral antibiotics. RPD, without effective antibiotics in the system is probably counterproductive. There is a chance for spreading the bacteria within the prostate Prostate health is vital for optimum sexual health in men.

The prostate is in the center of a man s sexual performance.

The belief, that modern lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, continuous sitting, and the constant pressure of sexually performing are the main contributing factors to prostate diseases are so far from reality that they do not merit discussions. I am not aware of other causes behind prostate problems beside infections. Infections can be acquired either from parents, vertically, during intrauterine life and during birth, or through sexual intercourse, horizontally, after puberty. Experiencing pain in the prostate, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and impotence are all symptoms that follow an infection.

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) and Cancer of the prostate are late sequels of the initial inflammatory process that will need many decades to develop. Prostate Massage as the secret to men s sexual health is an often-encountered slogan on numerous web sites promoting self-massage techniques or instruments designed for performing at home massage therapy.

While massages, temporarily, improve pelvic feelings, a sense of less congestion and often reduced pain or discomfort followed by heightened sexual feelings, they do not change the underlying pathology, the inflammation that caused the congestion, the pain and the swelling. As a rule, the benefits of a massage therapy will dissipate within days. As soon as the diseased prostate fills up with congested pooling of infected secretion, the local discomfort and sexual disturbance return.

Self-massage, manual or instrumental can have detrimental effects on the health of the individual. Vigorous massage with an instrument can lead to tear in the rectal wall, the sphincter muscle or can aggravate hemorrhoids. For the long run, massage therapy, by virtue of ignoring the underlying infectious pathology will allow the process to continue and all original prostate related problems to progress. Our approach, instead, centers on intra-prostatic injection of antibiotics.


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MCAT Test Scores
and Medical School Requirements

New MCAT scoring and GPAs required by US medical schools and Canadian medical schools are provided in this website. To guide you in your journey to medical school, this page will provide you with helpful information such as new MCAT test scores range (good, high and highest scores), scores percentiles, your chance of medical school admission, and advice on how to attain a high MCAT score.

How the new MCAT is scored

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a prerequisite for admission to nearly all the medical schools in North America. This is administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in hundreds of testing centers in the United States, Canada and around the world.

In 2015, over 64,000 premed applicants to American and Canadian medical schools submitted their MCAT test results. While the actual weight given to MCAT scores in the admissions process varies from school to school, often they are regarded in a similar manner to your premed GPA (i.e. your academic standing).

The MCAT has four sections, namely; (1) Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; (2) Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems; (3) Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior; and (4) Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills.

Each section is scored from a low of 118 to a high of 132 while the midpoint is 125. The total score results from a combination of the four sections’ scores. Total score range is from 472 to 528, with a midpoint of 500.

The MCAT score report that you will receive would reflect the scores’ percentiles, confidence bands that show your true score range, and score profiles that reflect your strengths and weaknesses. For your guide on new MCAT scores, click here: MCAT Score Report .

MCAT scores are released 30 to 35 days after the exam. Click here: MCAT Score Reporting System

Average MCAT Test Scores

To look at average MCAT scores and GPA, click here: US Medical Schools MCAT Scores and Canadian Medical Schools MCAT Scores

Note: ‘Average MCAT score’ refers to the average of students who were accepted to medical school. Apart from your MCAT score, your GPA and non-academic factors like your personal statement and/or autobiographical material, letters of reference, and the medical school interview influence your chance of getting accepted to medical school.

* The percentage of students whose scores were lower than yours. Percentile ranks are not used as criteria for medical school admissions. The scaled score is what matters for medical school admissions. Every year, the AAMC releases MCAT score percentiles which gives exam takers an idea on how they fared compared to others who took the exam. For MCAT scores percentiles for past MCAT test dates, click here: MCAT Research and Data

Old and New MCAT Scores Accepted by Medical Schools

MCAT scores that date back two or three years are accepted by most medical schools. Although the MCAT has changed in 2015, some medical schools will accept the old MCAT scores until the 2018 application cycle, while some require the new MCAT score for the 2017 application cycle. For a list of medical schools and their acceptance policy, click here: MCAT exam policy .

To know your chances of getting accepted to medical school, click here: Medical School Admissions Calculator

How to Get a High MCAT Score

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MASONIC SYMBOL QUIZ – Test your Masonic knowledge! #masonic #symbol #quiz,freemason #symbol #test


Masonic Symbol Quiz

This Masonic Symbol Quiz may be used by any member of the fraternity who seeks more light through Masonic education.

While it is the duty of the Masonic Master of the Lodge to provide a good and wholesome education to the brethren, the best use of this quiz is by the individual member and the Masonic lodge Education Officer to teach others.

Masonic quiz taking can be both fun and enlightening, wherein each brother goes away from the Masonic Education meeting knowing his time has been well spent. This Masonic Symbol Quiz is one of several Masonic Quizzes, so take the quiz, print it for your lodge notebook and then print some copies to take to your next lodge education meeting. Knowledge is always good and should be shared!

Online Education: This Masonic website attempts to provide you with an online education to increase your Masonic knowledge of the fraternity. Your Master Mason degree, however, is not an accredited degree which you may take via online courses. The three degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason can only be obtained within your lodge.

Lodge Education Officers: Print multiple copies of both the questions and the answers, below, to easily and quickly perform your duties to provide Masonic education to the new members of the brethren at your next lodge education meeting.

Take this Masonic Symbol Quiz to test your knowledge of the many Masonic Symbols within Freemasonry to refresh your memory.

Scroll all the way to the end for Answers to the quiz. They are farther down, below the quiz so they will print on a separate piece of paper.

Masonic Symbol Quiz – 20 Questions

Test Your Masonic Symbol Knowledge!

1. What does the “Pot of Incense” symbol represent?

a. Innocence of Youth

b. Purity of Heart

c. Aroma of the Gods

d. One of the Six Senses

Masonic Education Builds Masonic Retention!

Education Officers: Ask for questions after the quiz has been taken and the answers given, to maximize each brother’s understanding of this Masonic Symbol Quiz.

I hope you enjoyed this Masonic Symbol Quiz and that you find it of value to you in your ongoing Masonic Education.

After completing this Masonic Symbol Quiz, please feel free to take another of my Masonic quizzes or print this Masonic Symbol Quiz with its Quiz Answers.

Link To This Site: If you believe this site or this page would be helpful to your lodge members, please don’t hesitate to place a link to it on your lodge website.

My only request is: Please make your anchor text the same as whichever page you are linking to on this site. Example: If you are linking to this page, please make the anchor text of your hyperlink say: “Masonic Symbol Quiz”.

If you want to come back and take it again, please bookmark this page.

Return from Masonic Symbol Quiz to Masonic Symbols

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Know Your Network Bandwidth With Top Bandwith Monitoring Software

Download 5 Best Bandwidth Monitor Software for Windows 7, 8.1

Du meter is a network bandwidth monitor that displays real-time graphs. creates reports and alerts depending on uploads and downloads made on your computer to make your computer more efficient.
Key Features: Security update, fixing of rare memory leakage, enhancement of automatic error reporting and recovery, improvement on install and uninstall and as well as fixation of various additional minor bugs and typos.

Networx is a powerful and free tool that assists you to evaluate the condition of your bandwidth and makes sure you don’t go beyond your bandwidth limits which have been specified by your ISP.
Key Features: Networx includes highly customizable visual, sound alerts on different events including bandwidth quotas, network downtime as well as activity of the suspicious network, graphical representation of the traffic and logged files.

Bandwidth Monitor software offers real-time network traffic of any SNMP gadget and gives the details of the bandwidth usage at both interface and device levels. The SNMP is used to generate the details of bandwidth utilization of the interface network.
Key Features: Bandwidth Monitor software are the trends of historical bandwidth usage, alert based on threshold, exporting the reports of bandwidth to the format of XLS, monitoring bandwidth, speed, volume used and the packets transferred and agent-less bandwidth monitoring.

This is one of the ultimate applications used to optimize and prioritize the connections of your internet so as to maximize your subscription. It offers new management system for every internet connection established by your computer without minding the state of uploading or downloading.
Key Features: Traffic shaping which adds RWIN expansion to the standard of the Windows RCP Auto-Tuning. Another one is prioritization that automatically sets particular applications like Web browsers, VoIP or games to higher priority when compared to ordinary or file sharing download and the operations of uploading. The third one is interface chart display.

This is one of the applications that assist users to test their internet speed giving them one of the friendly interfaces. It comprises of clean and well arranged interface with few options of configuration to make things much easier. The test performed by this software is pretty fast. It entails test which is the only tab that allows users to adjust settings.
Key Features: Statistics helps to display the results of the test coupled with the information such as country, IP address, city, state, proxy, ping, average download and upload speed.

Network Administrators need this softwares for windows 7. 8.1 because it is the best tool when ISP gives limited quota for uploading and downloading. The Bandwidth Monitor Software not only monitors the Internet usage and bandwidth but also checks the speed and detect any activity of the suspicious network.

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Our advise to all Salesforce Certification aspirants is not to mug up for the exam. Instead do Salesforce exercises yourself and spend time on every step. has the descrition to give you any set of 60 questions from it’s question bank. You cannot learn all questions and answers by heart.

There are several books available in the market these days, which give good pointers for preparation for the exam.

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My most important piece of advise to all of you is: if you know the right answer to a question, and why it is the right choice, you will pass.
Wish you luck.

Ph: +91 98110 50802

We only assist in preperation. We are not authorized partners of

Our advise to all Salesforce Certification aspirants is not to mug up for the exam. Instead do Salesforce exercises yourself and spend time on every step. has the descrition to give you any set of 60 questions from it’s question bank. You cannot learn all questions and answers by heart.

There are several books available in the market these days, which give good pointers for preparation for the exam.

For the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam, read the “Salesforce for Dummies” book. It is available for 10$ at Amazon.
For the Salesforce Developer Certification Exam (DEV 401), go through the Fundamentals book available on Website. You can google for this and getyour free copy.

Practise a lot on practical examples before you go for the theorey topics.

My most important piece of advise to all of you is: if you know the right answer to a question, and why it is the right choice, you will pass.
Wish you luck.

3 Astigmatism Types and How to Correct Them #types #of #lasik, #astigmatism #astigmatic #stigmatism #toric #contact #lenses #causes #correction #symptoms #test #video



Astigmatism is probably the most misunderstood vision problem. For starters, it’s called “astigmatism,” not “stigmatism.” (You don’t have “a stigmatism” you have astigmatism.)

Like nearsightedness and farsightedness. astigmatism is a refractive error, meaning it is not an eye disease or eye health problem; it’s simply a problem with how the eye focuses light.

In an eye with astigmatism, light fails to come to a single focus on the retina to produce clear vision. Instead, multiple focus points occur, either in front of the retina or behind it (or both).

Astigmatism Symptoms

Astigmatism usually causes vision to be blurred or distorted to some degree at all distances.

Symptoms of uncorrected astigmatism are eye strain and headaches, especially after reading or other prolonged visual tasks.

Squinting also is a very common symptom.

What Causes Astigmatism?

Astigmatism usually is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. Instead of the cornea having a symmetrically round shape (like a baseball), it is shaped more like a football, with one meridian being significantly more curved than the meridian perpendicular to it.

(To understand what meridians are, think of the front of the eye like the face of a clock. A line connecting the 12 and 6 is one meridian; a line connecting the 3 and 9 is another.)

The steepest and flattest meridians of an eye with astigmatism are called the principal meridians.

In some cases, astigmatism is caused by the shape of the lens inside the eye. This is called lenticular astigmatism, to differentiate it from the more common corneal astigmatism.

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Types of Astigmatism

There are three primary types of astigmatism:

  • Myopic astigmatism. One or both principal meridians of the eye are nearsighted. (If both meridians are nearsighted, they are myopic in differing degree.)
  • Hyperopic astigmatism. One or both principal meridians are farsighted. (If both are farsighted, they are hyperopic in differing degree.)
  • Mixed astigmatism. One prinicipal meridian is nearsighted, and the other is farsighted.

Astigmatism also is classified as regular or irregular. In regular astigmatism, the principal meridians are 90 degrees apart (perpendicular to each other). In irregular astigmatism, the principal meridians are not perpendicular. Most astigmatism is regular corneal astigmatism, which gives the front surface of the eye a football shape.

Irregular astigmatism can result from an eye injury that has caused scarring on the cornea, from certain types of eye surgery or from keratoconus. a disease that causes a gradual thinning of the cornea.

How Common Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism often occurs early in life, so it is important to schedule an eye exam for your child to avoid vision problems in school from uncorrected astigmatism.

In a recent study of 2,523 American children ages 5 to 17 years, more than 28 percent had astigmatism of 1.0 diopter (D) or greater.

Also, there were significant differences in astigmatism prevalence based on ethnicity. Asian and Hispanic children had the highest prevalences (33.6 and 36.9 percent, respectively), followed by whites (26.4 percent) and African-Americans (20.0 percent).

In another study of more than 11,000 eyeglass wearers in the UK (both children and adults), 47.4 percent had astigmatism of 0.75 D or greater in at least one eye, and 24.1 percent had this amount of astigmatism in both eyes. The prevalence of myopic astigmatism (31.7 percent) was approximately double that of hyperopic astigmatism (15.7 percent).

Astigmatism Test

Astigmatism is detected during a routine eye exam with the same instruments and techniques used for the detection of nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Your eye doctor can estimate the amount of astigmatism you have by shining a light into your eye while manually introducing a series of lenses between the light and your eye. This test is called retinoscopy.

Symptoms of astigmatism include eye strain and headaches, especially after reading.

Though many eye doctors continue to perform retinoscopy, this manual procedure has been replaced or supplemented in many eye care practices with automated instruments that provide a faster preliminary test for astigmatism and other refractive errors.

Whether your eye exam includes retinoscopy, an automated refraction, or both, your optometrist or ophthalmologist will perform another test called a manual refraction to refine the results of these preliminary astigmatism tests.

In a manual refraction (also called a manifest refraction or subjective refraction), your eye doctor places an instrument called a phoropter in front of your eyes. The phoropter contains many lenses that can be introduced in front of your eyes one at a time so you can compare them.

As you look through the phoropter at an eye chart at the end of the exam room, your eye doctor will show you different lenses and ask you questions along the lines of, “Which of these two lenses makes the letters on the chart look clearer, lens A or lens B?” Your answers to these questions help determine your eyeglasses prescription .

Astigmatism Correction Options

Astigmatism, like nearsightedness and farsightedness, usually can be corrected with eyeglasses. contact lenses or refractive surgery .

The axis of astigmatism in eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions describes the location of the flatter principal meridian of the eye using the above 180-degree rotary scale. [Enlarge]

In addition to the spherical lens power used to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness, astigmatism requires an additional “cylinder” lens power to correct the difference between the powers of the two principal meridians of the eye.

So an eyeglasses prescription for the correction of myopic astigmatism, for example, could look like this: -2.50 -1.00 x 90.

  • The first number (-2.50) is the sphere power (in diopters) for the correction of myopia in the flatter (less nearsighted) principal meridian of the eye.
  • The second number (-1.00) is the cylinder power for the additional myopia correction required for the more curved principal meridian. In this case, the total correction required for this meridian is -3.50 D (-2.50 + -1.00 = -3.50 D).
  • The third number (90) is called the axis of astigmatism. This is the location (in degrees) of the flatter principal meridian, on a 180-degree rotary scale where 90 degrees designates the vertical meridian of the eye, and 180 degrees designates the horizontal meridian.

If you wear soft toric contact lenses for astigmatism correction, your contact lens prescription will likewise include a sphere power, cylinder power and axis designation.

Gas permeable contact lenses are also an option. Because these lenses are rigid and optically replace the cornea as the refracting surface of the eye, a cylinder power and axis may or may not be needed, depending on the type and severity of astigmatism correction required. The same is true for hybrid contact lenses .

Refractive surgery such as LASIK also can correct most types of astigmatism. Discuss with your eye doctor which procedure is best for you.

References Notes

Prevalence of astigmatism in relation to soft contact lens fitting. Eye Contact Lens. January 2011.

Refractive error and ethnicity in children. Archives of Ophthalmology. August 2003.

About the Author: Gary Heiting, OD, is senior editor of Dr. Heiting has more than 25 years of experience as an eye care provider, health educator and consultant to the eyewear industry. His special interests include contact lenses, nutrition and preventive vision care. Connect with Dr. Heiting via Google+ .

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Presentation on theme: “STATNAMIC LOAD TESTING”— Presentation transcript:

2 Presentation Outline Pile Load Testing – background
Brief Statnamic Introduction Recent activities in the US Statnamic Theory and Analysis Recent activities in Taiwan 20MN testing at the TFC project, Taiwan other notable jobs Standardisation of “RAPID” Load Testing Q width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />

3 Quick Statnamic Facts 21 Statnamic devices world-wide
12 Statnamic testing companies Over 1200 contract Statnamic load tests performed in 16 countries – more than one test every day, somewhere in the world! Over 80 published papers, including papers from 2 International Statnamic Seminars More than 10 Universities currently researching Statnamic (USA – Auburn, USF, BYU, Umass, John Hopkins, plus others) Acceptance by 16 State DOT’s in the US, US Army Corps of Engineers, FHWA, and Japanese Geotechnical Society





12 The Idea Statnamic Note: The JGS defines a Rapid Load Test as 5 tr 500, where tr is the number of times a stress wave will travel up and down the pile during the loading event

13 Inertial Load Testing (Bermingham – 1987)
This type of test was clearly different from a Dynamic Load Test A NEW WORD WAS REQUIRED. Inertial Load Testing (Bermingham ) STATNAMIC (Middendorp – (1989)) Pseudo-static (Fundex PS PLT – early 1990’s) Kinetic (Holeyman ) Rapid Load Test (Japanese Study Group ) Transient Long-period (Janes -1997) Slow dynamic (Goble, Rausche ) others – impulse, kinematic, push, etc.

14. a global perspective. In March of 2000, the Japanese Geotechnical Society added “Rapid Load Testing” to their national standard for pile testing. In the year 2000, it is estimated that there will be more than 500 Statnamic Load Tests on foundations around the world.












40 Lateral Test Programs in the US
New Bern, North Carolina DOT (50 tons) Brigham Young University – (200 tons) Utah DOT & CALTRANS Auburn University, Alabama – (250 tons) (FHWA) Pascagoula, Mississippi DOT (800 tons, over-water) Providence, Rhode Island DOT (400 tons, over-water) San Juan, Puerto Rico Trans Authority (400 tons) New Bern, North Carolina DOT (1200 tons, over-water)

42 Foundation Types Tested in the USA Using Statnamic
Drilled Shafts tested up to 3500 tons laterally and axially Driven Piles (all types) Pile Groups tested laterally and axially Stone Columns Auger-Cast Piles conventional and ‘displacement’ types Spread Footings and Plates Other types of “Ground Modification”

43 Background Statnamic Theory and Analysis
GOAL: to derive the STATIC load displacement behavior from a STATNAMIC load test (usual goal for axial compression testing)

47 Physical Model m c k F u In a STATNAMIC LOAD TEST:
F = Applied force from the Statnamic device (measured by a load cell) m = Pile mass (easy to calculate) c = pile/soil damping (UNKNOWN) k = pile and soil stiffness (the term we need to find) u, v, a = measured by an optical sensor and/or accelerometer

48 Physical Model F = ma + cv + ku GENERAL LIMITATIONS:
This equation makes the following assumptions: 1. Inertia (mass x acceleration) – assumes that a single value of ‘m’ (the pile mass) represents all of the moving mass in the system 2. Damping (damping coefficient x velocity) – assumes that a single value of ‘c’ is valid throughout the entire load test, and that the damping force is directly proportional to velocity 3. Stiffness (stiffness coefficient x displ.) – the calculated stiffness is the stiffness of the pile and soil system under a RAPID load – no correction is made for long-term, time-dependent pile behavior, which includes effects such as changes in pore-pressure and creep F = ma + cv + ku

50 Physical Model F = ma + cv + ku c m k F u EQUATION OF MOTION:
This equation describes the equilibrium between some forcing function and the 3 forces: Inertia (mass x acceleration) Damping (damping coefficient x velocity) Stiffness (stiffness coefficient x displ.) This equation forms the basis for describing the motion of any single degree of freedom system. F = ma + cv + ku

51 Analysis Assuming that stress-waves can be ignored, the analysis of a Statnamic Load Test is greatly simplified in comparison to a dynamic load test. Although stress-waves may be ignored, the ‘dynamic’ effects of INERTIA and DAMPING CANNOT! Result: a detailed model, which includes pile and soil properties IS NOT NEEDED. A simple physical model can be used to remove the effects of damping and inertia from the measured signals – no information about the soil is needed, and subjective judgement is minimized.















79 Standardisation of RAPID Load Testing
Recommendations on STN testing of PILES in soil and rock (FHWA) Japanese Geotechnical Society, Standard for Rapid Load Testing (2000) ASTM – Standard for Rapid Axial Compressive Load (2008) Florida LRFD Design Guidelines

Test Automation Tools – Popular Automated Testing Tools and Software #test #automation, #test #automation #software, #test #automation #tools, #automated #testing #tools, #automated #testing #software


Software Test Automation Tools

Automated software testing is becoming more and more important for many software projects in order to automatically verify key functionality, test for regressions and help teams run a large number of tests in a short period of time. Many teams (especially larger projects) still require a significant amount of manual functional testing in addition to automated testing, either because of the lack of sufficient resources or skills to automate all tests.

There are various tools that help software teams build and execute automated tests. Many teams are actively using unit tests as part of their development efforts to verify critical parts of their projects such as libraries, models and methods. Historically, testing user interfaces of desktop-based applications via automated tests have been more challenging, and currently available tools for this are usually commercial and quite expensive.

With the growing number of web-based applications this is changing, however, as verifying and testing web-based interfaces is easier and there are various tools that help with this, including free open source projects. Please see below for a list of popular and useful tools, projects, books and resources to get started with automated software testing.

Automated Web Testing Tools 7 Tools

Automatically testing your web application is a good way to ensure that new versions of your application don’t introduce bugs and regressions. Automation of your web application testing also allows your development team to make changes and refactor code with more confident, as they can quickly verify the functionality of the application after every change.

However, actually building automated tests for web applications can be challenging because the user interface of your application might change regularly, because of incompatibilities between browsers and because you usually need to support various server or client platforms. The following tools make it easier to build and execute automated tests for your web application.

Selenium is a popular automated web testing tool and helps you automate web browsers across different platforms. Selenium has the support of some of the largest browser vendors who have taken steps to make Selenium a native part of their browser.

Watir is a set of Ruby libraries for automating web browsers and allows you to write tests that are easy to read and maintain. Watir drives browsers the same way people do (it clicks links, fills in forms, presses buttons etc.) and also checks results such as whether expected text appears on the page.

Windmill is a web testing tool designed to help testers automate and debug web applications. It comes with a cross-browser test recorder, JavaScript integration and an interactive shell to automate web browsers.

Ranorex allows you to automate your web application testing (among other things) and both record user interactions and play them back to execute your tests. Ranorex is one of the more popular commercial tools to build and run automated web and GUI tests.

SoapUI is a cross-platform functional testing tool. It has been specifically designed to help automatically test APIs such as SOAP and REST interfaces to ensure the interoperability of different applications.

Sahi is a tool for automation of web application testing. Sahi is available as a free open source edition as well as a commercial Pro edition.

Tellurium is a web automation tool that allows you to design and write your automated tests using plain English without any scripting or programming experience.

Automated GUI Testing Tools 5 Tools

Building robust automated GUI tests for desktop applications (e.g. on Windows or Mac systems) is quite difficult, as small changes to the user interface can often result in broken tests. The following tools help you build and execute robust GUI tests for various platforms and operating systems.

Squish is a GUI testing tool for various platforms, including QT, native Windows and Mac applications. Squish allows testers and developers to build automated tests using familiar scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Python and Ruby.

Ranorex allows you to automate your desktop applications (among other things) and both record user interactions and play them back to execute your tests. Ranorex is one of the more popular commercial tools to build and run automated GUI and web tests.

TestComplete is an automated testing tool for the Windows platform. It allows you to record, script and run GUI tests for applications built using different frameworks and languages, such as .NET or C++.

Test Studio is an automated functional and load testing tool that helps you test applications on various platforms built using different frameworks and tools.

eggPlant is a GUI test automation tool for professional software applications and enterprise teams. It can be used to automate different application types, such as .NET, Java and Flash applications.

Unit Testing Frameworks 9 Tools

See below for a list of popular unit testing frameworks and tools for major platforms and programming languages. These frameworks can be used by programmers to test specific functionality in libraries and applications. Unit tests can then be used to automatically test new versions and builds as part of an automated build system or deployment process.

NET, Open Source

NUnit is a unit-testing framework for all .Net languages. It was initially ported from JUnut to .NET and has been redesigned to take advantage of many .NET language features.

NET, Open Source is a community-focused unit testing tool for the .NET Framework written by the original inventor of NUnit. is the latest technology for unit testing C#, F#, VB.NET and other .NET languages.

Python, Open Source

The Python unit testing framework, sometimes referred to as “PyUnit”, is a Python language version of JUnit. It’s part of the Python framework and supports test automation, sharing of setup and shutdown code for tests and various other features.

Java, Open Source

JUnit is a simple unit testing framework to write repeatable tests in Java. JUnit has been important in the development of test-driven development and is one of the standard testing frameworks for Java developers.

Java, Open Source

TestNG is a Java testing framework inspired by JUnit and NUnit and introduces some new functionalities that make it more powerful and easier to use. TestNG is designed to cover multiple categories of tests, including unit, functional, end-to-end and integration tests.

PHP, Open Source

PHPUnit is a popular framework for unit testing in PHP projects. It provides both a framework that makes it easier to write tests as well as the functionality to easily run, execute and analyze tests and results.

PHP, Open Source

Lime is a unit and functional testing framework built for the popular Symfony PHP web application framework. The framework is designed to have readable output from tests, including color formatting, by following the Test Anything Protocol.

Ruby, Open Source

Ruby comes with its own standard unit testing framework as part of the Test::Unit namespace and can be used to define basic pass/fail tests and group tests. The framework also comes with tools to run single or whole groups of tests.

Ruby, Open Source

RSpec is a testing tool for the Ruby programming language. Born under the banner of behaviour-driven development, it is designed to make test-driven development more productive and enjoyable.

Automated Testing Cloud Services

Cloud testing services allow you to run your automated web, mobile and unit tests in different environments and on multiple machines without having to build your own testing infrastructure. The below list of services provides a good overview of popular online Selenium and continuous integration services that are easy and affordable to use.

Free IQ Test – IQ Test Online – Brain Test #iq #test, #iq #test #online, #free #iq #test, #free #iq #test #online, #iq #test #virginia, #iq #test #online #virginia, #intelligence #tests, #intelligence #tests #online, #free #intelligence #tests, #free #intelligence #tests #online, #brain #tests, #intelligence #tests #virginia, #brain #tests #online, #free #brain #tests, #free #brain #tests #online, #free #brain #tests #virginia, #free #brain #tests #online #virginia, #iqtests #online, #free #iqtests, #free #iqtests #virginia, #online #iqtests, #online #intelligence #tests, #online #intelligence #tests #virginia, #online #free #iqtests, #online #free #iqtests #virginia


Test Your Brain with our Free IQ Test online.

What is IQ TEST?

IQ test the term epitomizes for Intelligent Quotient test is basically conducted to access your ability to think and access a particular situation or issues. Therefore, in this regard the IQ score is considered as the standard way of comparing this ability with people of the same age in particular. Here people whose IQ test has to be conducted are divided into age groups.

Intelligence Test is a process of quantifying intelligence or basic thinking ability and therefore conducted to measure underlying mental ability of a person rather than academic achievement. Therefore intelligence test are psychological test that are basically designed to measure variety of mental abilities and skills such as reasoning, problem solving, judging etc.

Free Online IQ Test

The IQ test or Intelligent Quotient test generally conducted in order to determine the mental abilities and qualities of a person that includes mental reasoning, problem solving, decision making and many other skills. In this regard, the purpose of taking the intelligence test is to evaluate the intellectual potential and abilities of a particular person. Here the tests are conducted.

IQ or Intelligent Quotient exam generally conducted in order to access one�s ability to think and face a particular situation or problems through correct decision-making, problem solving, and logical thinking qualities. Therefore, IQ exam is taken usually to determine these qualities among individual in a particular age group. So in this regard, it has been a common practice among people.

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Young Drivers Insurance Scheme from Sky Insurance #young #drivers #insurance, #new #driver #insurance, #just #passed #test #insurance


Young Drivers Insurance

Here at Sky Insurance we cover all aspects of Young Drivers Insurance. From Learner Driver Insurance (In your own car or someone else s), First Car Insurance, Black Box Insurance, Telematics Insurance and New Driver Insurance.

We want to provide you with insurance cover that not only meets your needs and requirements but that benefits you in the long run.

We believe understanding your requirements is key and that s why we have a team of specialist Young Driver Insurance advisors who will be able to assist you with any questions or queries you may have and explain the policy options available to you.

New Driver Insurance

Once you have passed your driving test and have got your car, the next step is to take out insurance. Sky Insurance have developed a specialist New Driver scheme in order to cater to the needs and requirements of those with who have recently obtained their full licence.

First Car Insurance

First Car Insurance is designed for both those who are looking to book their test and want to get some extra hours of practice in, or for those who have recently passed their driving test and are now buying their first own car. We offer a First Car Insurance scheme that is flexiable depending on your requirements and the period of cover required. It specifically offers excellent rates on the referred smaller first car types of vehicles, like hatchbacks.

Black Box Insurance

Black Box Insurance is a great way for Learner, New and Young Drivers to obtain insurance. It works in the form of a black box device being fitted to your car which will collect data on your driving performance and give you a driving score . Your future premiums will reflect your driving performance, so if you are smart and drive well, you will benefit in the long run. In addition to your insurer having access to this data, you will also be given access to it via your own personal online dashboard – and you can share a log-in with your parent s if you wish. This solution has solved many Young Drivers Insurance problems in the past, by keeping the premiums affordable and making you a safer driver.

Telematics Insurance

Telematics is the technology behind Black Box Insurance. It not only measures and reports on your driving performance, it gets specific with elements such as; speed, acceleration, braking and location. The benefits of Teletmatics include: no curfews, mileage limits (premium based on mileage) and tracking (should your car be stolen, this technology can locate it).

Learner Driver – Own Car

Through research we have conducted, we have found that people who do Private Driving Practice outside of their driving lessons have a higher chance of passing their driving test. We provide insurance cover in order to enable learner drivers to practice driving. You can take out an annual policy, or you can take out a short-term policy. Our short-term policy enables you to get cover from 28-140 days, providing you are between the ages of 17-25. We also cover cars worth up to 20,000 with an insurance group rating of 28.

Learner Driver – Borrowed Car

We also offer Short Term Learner Driver Insurance on a borrowed car. If you do not have a car of your own, it may be beneficial to get insurance to enable you to practice in someone else s car. You can get cover from 1-140 days, providing you are between the ages of 17-40. The policy covers car up to a market value of 25,000 with an insurance group rating of 28.

Looking for Young Drivers Insurance does not need to be stressful. At Sky Insurance, all of our specialist schemes can be tailored to the individuals needs and requirements, therefore ensuring the best level of insurance cover. We have a team of Young Learner Driver experts here who can assist you find the most suitable policy for your individual situation.

For any information relating to short-term insurance, visit our sister site:

For any information relating to annual insurance, call our specialist Young Drivers Insurance team today!

03303 331 256

Advice for the Multistate Performance Test – ABA for Law Students #multistate #performance #test


Recent law grads sit down next week to take the bar exam, and nearly every state uses a Multistate Performance Test or two. It’s the only part of the bar where an applicant doesn’t regurgitate memorized information – rather, the MPT already contains all the law you need to know. In other words, it’s free points on the bar!

Here are some suggestions to help you get as many of those points as you can.


Many bar studiers skip MPT prep to make more time to study the black-letter law they’ll need for the multiple-choice and essay questions. But it’s a mistake to skip the MPT!

The content of an MPT is not terribly difficult, but the timeframe is. You have only 90 minutes to complete an MPT, and to tell the truth, that’s not enough time. Practice MPTs before the big day so you have a handle on the timing and the rhythm of the assignment.


Spend 45 minutes reading the File and the Library and making an outline of your answer. At the end of those 45 minutes, you should know 1) what the answer is and why, and 2) how long it will take you to write each section of your response.

There are usually two calls of the question, and they are not always of equal difficulty! If they are equally difficult, you’ll spend half your remaining time (

22 minutes) on each section. If one is more difficult than the other, though, you need to allocate time accordingly. In particular, if the second issue is more complex, don’t dwell on the first issue! Say what needs to be said, and move on to the second issue.

You probably won’t have time to write down everything you want to. Part of what you’re being tested on is your ability to prioritize, so as you outline, be aware of what the most important points are, and what the less important points are. If you’re running low on time, leave the less important points off the page.


Each source of law is in the Library for a reason. Be sure to mention each one somewhere in your analysis. Most MPTs begin with a statute or ordinance or other rule-based law, and there are two or three cases that give examples of how those rules are applied in similar situations. Be sure to mention each section of the statute and the name of each case in your answer. (If one of the cases discusses a previous case in great detail, mention the name of that embedded case, too.)

There will be counterarguments available to the other side, and you should address them. Even (especially!) a persuasive piece of writing needs to deal with counterarguments, so be sure to admit what points the other side can make—then refute them.


Follow directions. If you’re told not to include a Statement of Facts, for pity’s sake, don’t. If you’re asked to write for the defendant’s side, do!

If you are assigned to write a memo, your work product should begin with this:

To: Partner
From: Applicant
Date: July 26, 2016
Re: [same as the assignment memo]

How to Apply for a Maryland #mva, #motor #vehicle #administration, #dmv, #maryland #mva, #maryland #dmv, #department #of #motor #vehicles, #maryland #motor #vehicle #administration, #maryland #department #of #motor #vehicles, #md #mva, #md #dmv,drivers, #driver’s, #license, #id, #identification, #permit, #driving, #learner’s, #learners, #licenses, #licence, #provisional, #test, #rookie, #teen #driver,driver’s #license, #driver #license, #identification #card, #learner’s #permit, #learner #permit, #documents #needed


How to Apply for a Maryland:

Proof of identity and residency are required of all applicants for a new Maryland driver’s license, learner’s permit or identification (ID) card; please use the online document guide to assist you with what to bring to the MVA.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will verify the information provided on your application to determine eligibility.

All applicants for a driver’s license are checked with the National Driver Registry. If your license is suspended, revoked, canceled or refused, you are not eligible for a Maryland driver’s license.

Drivers must meet certain vision requirements. Visit the MVA’s vision requirements page for additional information.

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is now printing/mailing one of the most secure driver’s licenses, learner’s permits and identification (ID) cards in the nation. All cards are now delivered through the mail within 7-10 business days. The new cards incorporate cutting-edge security features to help protect against identity theft and fraud. The new cards also meet all state and federal standards and are REAL ID compliant. As always, we encourage customers to Skip the Trip and renew their driver’s license or ID card via web, kiosk and mail. The MVA’s online services can be found here. Much more information on our new secure cards, including how to expedite delivery of the new products, can be found here .

Immigrants with temporary lawful status in the U.S. will be issued a limited term driver’s license or ID card, valid for the duration of their lawful status in the U.S.

If you are seeking a Maryland driver’s license and have a foreign license that is not suspended or revoked, please complete the 3-hour alcohol and drug education program and present the license before taking your driving skills test. If you do not have a foreign license, you will need to obtain a learner’s permit, complete the Maryland Driver Education Program and meet other requirements before taking your driving skills test.

Immigrants, presenting foreign documentation without valid accompanying United States Citizenship and Immigration Services documentation, can obtain a federally noncompliant Maryland driver’s license or ID card. Please visit the online document guide for more detailed instructions.


To improve customer service and reduce wait times, customers under the age of 40, who are eligible, must renew their driver’s license here. or by mail or MVA Kiosk. Your renewals will no longer be completed at an MVA branch office counter.


To request a change of address card, a corrected driver’s license or ID card, please complete the transaction online here or by MVA kiosk.

An additional fee applies for new, corrected licenses or ID cards. A change of address card is sent at no extra cost, as an attachment, which should be stored with the license or ID card. The new license, ID card or attachment card will be mailed.


Please request a duplicate driver’s license or ID card online with the new online option here or by MVA kiosk. These transactions are no longer handled over the counter and the duplicate driver’s license or ID card is mailed to the address on record at the MVA.


For the safety of all drivers, the MVA’s Medical Advisory Board must consider your medical status as part of your license request. Please be assured that all medical information is kept confidential and is only reviewed by the MVA’s Medical Advisory Board physician.

All drivers are required to report medical conditions to the MVA, including:

1. Diabetes that has caused a low blood sugar episode requiring assistance from another person in the last 6 months

4. A heart condition that has caused a loss of consciousness in the past 6 months

6. A condition that causes you to have dizzy spells, fainting, or blackouts

7. Sleep apnea or narcolepsy

8. A history of traumatic brain injury

9. A condition that causes weakness, shaking, or numbness in the arms, hands, legs, or feet that may affect your ability to drive

10. A hand, arm, foot, or leg that is absent, amputated, or has a loss of function that may affect your ability to drive

11. An eye problem which prevents a corrected minimum visual acuity of 20/70 in at least one eye or binocular field of vision of at least 110 degrees

12. Alcohol use problem

13. Drug use problem

14. A mental health condition that may affect your ability to drive

Airframe – Powerplant #airframe, #powerplant, #test #prep, #school, #mechanics, #airplane, #pilot, #global #school, #bakers #school, #recurrent, #inspection, #training, #aeronautics, #aviation, #a #p, #inspection #authorization, #st. #george, #testing #center, #faa, #aircraft #maintenance, #airframe #and #powerplant #test #prep, #test #prep #school, #aircraft #mechanic, #airplane #mechanic, #aviation #school, #aviation #maintenance #jobs, #aviation #technician, #af #cool, #air #force #cool


Airframe and Powerplant

Your first step toward a career in Aviation Maintenance Science is obtaining your FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A P) Certification.
Global’s hands-on approach trains students in the specific skills employers seek in the airframe powerplant mechanics and aircraft inspection fields. Students take courses in simulated work environments from instructors with real-world experience.
Our curriculum was developed by educators and industry representatives to ensure that course offerings accurately reflect current industry standards. Students must complete the required course to qualify for the program’s Certificate of Achievement. Once trained, technicians will also be successful in related fields of aircraft manufacturing, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, sheet metal, quality control, civil and military defense.
F.A.A. Eligibility Requirements
The A P mechanics course is for applicants who meet FAR 65.71-65.77 only. Under these regulations, you must have a certain type of mechanical experience before the F.A.A. will allow you to take the F.A.A. written exams. The required experience for the powerplant mechanic rating is a minimum of 18 months working with tools on any type of aircraft engine. The required experience for the airframe mechanic rating is a minimum of 18 months working with tools on any type of airframe. If you want both ratings, and your experience was a combination of airframe and powerplant, then you need a total of 30 months experience (not 36).
Obtaining Your Authorization Slips
To be enrolled in GLOBAL SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS as a mechanic student, you must first meet the F.A.A. experience requirements. The purpose of this is to be sure the F.A.A. will permit you to take the written exam after you finish the course.
Oral and Practical Examinations
The F.A.A. requires the written results to be in the student’s hands before an Oral and Practical examination may be given. Therefore, in order to take an oral and practical examination with one of our examiners, you must bring your written score slips and your airmen certificate and/or rating application 8610-2. Your F.A.A. inspector should give you two copies of the 8610-2 form, both bearing original signatures. Photo copied signatures are not accepted.
Classroom Time
The average time to obtain the A P rating is from 11 – 13 days. Our instructors work closely with each student, progressing him/her based on their own capabilities. Our course is guaranteed 100% – we keep working with you until you pass – good for 36 months.

Average GMAT Scores: Median GMAT Scores – MBA and GMAT #gmat, #prep, #test, #score, #question, #sample, #free, #exam, #verbal, #quantitative, #awa, #essay, #download, #practice, #exam, #test #date, #location, #test #center, #class, #format, #information, #book, #tips, #review, #mba, #interview, #resume, #essay, #letter #of #recommendation


Average GMAT Scores: Median GMAT Scores

What is the average GMAT score?

In recent years, the average GMAT score worldwide is 570. There is no acceptable or minimum score. What score you should obtain depends on which school you are going to apply to. Generally, the higher the school ranks, the higher score you must obtain. For the top 50 programs, the averaged GMAT score is 660.

Below is a table of median GMAT scores for some top MBA programs.

Median GMAT Score

Harvard MBA Program

Wharton MBA Program

Stanford MBA Program

Sloan MBA Program

Yale MBA Program

How many times can I take GMAT?

You may take the GMAT as many times as you want. But you could not take it more than once a month. The GMAT score is valid for five years. If you take GMAT more than once, the GMAC will forward the most recent three scores to school you apply to.

Considering the following factors when you are deciding whether to retake the test:

  • whether your new GMAT scores will be reported to the B-schools early enough to meet application deadlines
  • how well you think you already performed on the real GMAT relative to your realistic potential
  • whether the schools to which you are applying average your GMAT scores or consider only your highest GMAT scores

Can I cancel my GMAT scores?

During the test, you can quit the test at any time. When you quit, no score for any test section will be tabulated or recorded by the testing service, or reported to any school.

After the test, you may cancel your scores immediately after completing the test, while still in the testing room. However, once you request an unofficial score report (immediately after the test), you no longer have the option of canceling your scores.

Florence Nightingale Test #hospice #care #services

#florence nightingale hospice


Florence Nightingale Test


The aim of the Hospice is to provide a first class specialist palliative care service which is accessible and free of charge to those with a life-limiting illness. Hospice care is all about the person being more than a patient and finding ways to improve quality of life through symptom control, pain relief, emotional and spiritual support. Families and close friends are also involved as they are often central to the well-being of those in our care.

We have a new site for information about the Gemstone Midnight Walk please visit.


This concert takes place on Saturday 14th May. Organised by the Lions Club it is an entertaining evening of music from shows and films, and is great fund raiser for charity. Details on the Events page

Thank you and congratulations to all successful London Marathon runners who ran for Florence Nightingale Hospice this year. We hope to have some pictures and stories to follow soon.

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