Kitsap Hospice slated to open care center – Port Orchard Independent #hospice

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Kitsap Hospice slated to open care center

Hospice of Kitsap County formally opened its Bremerton Care Center this week and plans to begin receiving patients within the next four to six weeks.

“This is another way for people to receive hospice care in the county,” said Deputy Executive Director Valerie Youngren. “Sometimes staying at home is not an option, because the symptoms are too complicated or there is no caregiver available. And there is nothing that can be done for them in the hospital.”

Hospice care is designed to make people with a terminal illness more comfortable at the end of their lives. The average stay in hospice care is seven days.

The new center, formerly the assisted-living portion of the Belmont Care Center, has 15 private rooms. It will be staffed around the clock by four to eight people at a time, plus volunteers.

Unlike long-term care facilities that are designed for years of care with an overall goal to rehabilitate patients and hospitals geared toward providing acute care for optimal wellness, hospice care is solely focused on end-of-life care.

The center is intended to create a a warm, home-like environment, where patients will be able to live their last days fully and say good-bye to their loved ones with peace and dignity.

At the same time, expert medical resources will ensure the highest possible level of care.

Youngren said there is no local facility solely dedicated to end-of-life care, and this center will “give them a place at the end of their lives that will be as comfortable and as dignified as possible.”

For more information go on line to or call (360) 698-4611.

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Hospice of Kitsap County Thrift Store to close – Bremerton Patriot #pismo

#hospice of kitsap county


Hospice of Kitsap County Thrift Store to close

BREMERTON – The Hospice of Kitsap County Thrift Store will stop taking donations this week and will close as of Jan. 31. In anticipation of the closure, the store will hold a clearance sale to sell the remaining merchandise.

The Thrift Store, located at 301 Pacific Ave. in Bremerton, was not part of MultiCare’s purchase of Hospice of Kitsap County.

“We appreciate the dedication of the employees and volunteers who ran this store and we thank them for their service,” said Kevin Turner, executive director of Hospice of Kitsap County.

The store, which opened in 2014, had supported Hospice of Kitsap County operations. MultiCare is focused on improving and expanding the hospice services and operations. Keeping the Thrift Store would divide attention from that priority.

MultiCare announced in December that it purchased Hospice of Kitsap County Operating under the name of MultiCare Hospice. The transition will be complete on Feb. 1. MultiCare Hospice will work to expand access to hospice resources in Kitsap County and the surrounding region. The transition is expected to be seamless for patients.

Hospice of Kitsap County has nearly 50 employees and more than 60 volunteers. It is a not-for-profit, Medicare-certified, Washington-state-licensed agency supported by the community through memorial gifts, donations, grants and annual fundraising events.

MultiCare operates Hospice and Home Health services throughout Pierce and South King counties. MultiCare currently provides adult and pediatric specialty services in Kitsap County.

Hospice of Kitsap County will become part of MultiCare’s integrated not-for-profit health care system, which includes Auburn Medical Center, Allenmore Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Tacoma General Hospital and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, along with numerous outpatient clinics and specialty centers. Patients at Hospice of Kitsap County will continue to receive expert care from its interdisciplinary team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, health aides, spiritual counselors and volunteers.

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How to Keep a Terminally Ill Patient at Home – making it

#care of terminally ill patient


Keeping The Terminally Ill Patient At Home
(Making It Happen)

If your loved one wishes to stay at home up till the very end, then you need to make that wish clearly known to your RN casemanager, the social worker, your physician and any other hospice staff who inquires about your wishes. If there are other family members available to help out, discuss this decision with each other, and make sure that all family members are working together toward your goal.

Hospices can provide services which help during part of the day. At the Routine Home Care Level of Care, the hospice would be sending out Home Health Aides to help with bathing, dressing, basic bedside care and activities of daily living. They can sometimes send out home service aides to help with housework or cooking and other tasks. Volunteers from the community who serve at your hospice can also spend time with your loved one, freeing up time for you to go out if needed, or just to get a break from caregiving. The RN casemanager and other nurses will be visiting periodically during the week to evaluate your loved one’s condition, monitor for any changes, and to make sure your loved one is getting the medications and services needed meet his or her needs.

However, in some cases, you should be prepared for hospice staff who might attempt to convince you to bring your loved one to the hospice facility. While this may be appropriate for some patients, if you really want to keep your loved one home, you can. You, as patient or family/caregiver, have rights to choose to stay home, and nobody can force you to enter a facility against your will. However, if you do choose to stay home, then you need to mobilize all resources and assistance you can muster to help make it happen. A good first step would be to ask the hospice RN and the medical social worker if she or he knew of other community resources where you could get help to care for your loved one.

What can the family do to help keep their loved one home?

The family members can make a schedule of when each family member will be there to provide care so that all hours are covered.

You can ask for help from your local church or synogogue. Sometimes it is necessary to be willing to let others help out, if you are to succeed in keeping your loved one in the home.

You can ask for help from friend or acquaintances.

You can directly hire extra help. Help can come from nursing agencies or other sources. For example, if your loved one does not need nursing care all the time, then you could hire sitters from agencies or even directly hire people from the community. Some people put an ad in the newspaper letting people know that they would be hiring a helper and specifying the hourly wage they would directly pay to helpers. Many colleges and universities have employment centers for their students who are seeking part-time or full-time work. The students can often work hours that others may not be willing to take, and they usually do not need as high a wage as household bread-winners who are trying to support a household and family.

Whether you have the immediate family care for the patient or relatives, or close friends, you will probably need assistance of many sorts. If the family can come together and work together, that is the very best circumstance.

The hospice must meet the care needs of the patient and family unit. 1 The services which are required to be provided include family needs for support and counseling. If symptoms go out of control and the patient experiences uncontrolled severe pain or other symptoms, then the hospice must provide, in most circumstances, what is called continuous nursing care in your own home. which is around the clock nursing at home, provided by licensed nurses more than 50% of each day, with the rest of the care provided by home health aides. 2

A Registered Nurse (not an LPN) must personally visit the patient to assess his or her condition each day. If the patient’s symptoms are brought under control, then continuous care may be discontinued. However, if symptoms remain out of control, the RN may continue to have nursing staff provided around the clock in your home. After three days the hospice will re-evaluate whether continuous nursing care in the home can be continued. Continuous nursing care may also be provided when the patient is actively dying and very near the end.

The hospice will help you learn how to care for the patient at home. The Registered Nurse will teach you about the medications to be given and how to give them. If you have questions about your loved one’s care after normal business hours, you can always call the hospice’s on-call nurse. Whatever the situation, the hospice staff are experts in handling the types of situations that come up. There is much information available that can help you keep your loved one at home. Read whatever literature the hospice provides and ask questions. Discuss your wishes among yourselves as a family and with the hospice staff. The more you communicate, the better the outcome will be.

1 According to federal regulation 42 CFR 418.58(c) the hospice’s Plan of Care must state in detail the scope and frequency of services needed to meet the patient’s and family’s needs.

2 42 CFR 418.204 states that, Nursing care may be covered on a continuous basis for as much as 24 hours a day during periods of crisis as necessary to maintain an individual at home. A period of crisis is a period in which the individual requires continuous care to achieve palliation or management of acute medical symptoms. 42 CFR 418.82 states that Nursing services must be directed and staffed to assure that the nursing needs of patients are met. The hospice must meet your needs for nursing care!

When to call in Hospice #at #home #hospice #care

#when to call hospice for cancer


When to call in Hospice

Mar 08, 2013 – 4:56 am

My husband’s cancer has spread and he has elected not to do anything further. Surgery is out due to the fact that it has spread and he doesn’t want to do anymore chemo since the chemo will be more and harder than what he has done already. Our oncologists have told us that more chemo won’t cure only prolong and could even hasten. Besides that the surgery would be very hard since it would require removal of his esophagus since the cancer was found at the cervical of his esophagus which is a rare place for cancer and has spread to his right lung. This was considered a second primary and not related to his laryngeal cancer of which he has been NED since his laryngectomy 2 years ago.

Right now he is feeling pretty good not much pain at all. Still gets out and goes. Our doctors have talked to me about calling in ho****e and while I’m not against that, I just don’t feel it is necessary at this point. And I also feel that if we call them in now, my husband will just give up right now and I want to give him a chance regarding changing his mind about further chemo.

Anyone been thru this and when do you need to call in ho****e which will be in-home ho****e care.

I hate this beast and it is a shame that a cure can’t be found after all this time and money spent on research.

Posts: 296
Joined: Apr 2011

Mar 08, 2013 – 5:32 am

I read your post with emotion.

Please consider palliative care. someone checking in with you. A step before ho****e perhaps?

This was the “goal” in our situation. My husband passed away 48 hours later. The doctors knew we were open to ho****e when the time was right. We had to force the issue.

Please, trust yourself.

Posts: 3095
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Mar 08, 2013 – 10:46 am

Shaaron, I’m so sorry to hear this news. I will continue to pray for you and your husband. I don’t know about ho****e so I can’t help there, just wanted you to know you’re in my thots and prayers.

Posts: 1914
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Mar 08, 2013 – 12:07 pm

I can’t say enough good about ho****e. My parents fought this right up and to the end of my Mother’s walk with the beast. They can give you specialized plans. and they will tell you Ho****e is not the end. Alot of times people turn around and no longer need their services. They are angels, and will help you through all the bumps and bangs in the road. You don’t have to make a decission today on this. But please do make a call into your local Ho****e provider and just talk. I’ll be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. We would have been lost without them, and were able to give Mom what she needed. Hugs sent. Katie

Posts: 1570
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Mar 08, 2013 – 1:20 pm

Please read this and all of it. I believe it will give you, your husband, and loved ones strength, courage, and deep insight on the journey you are beginning. I found it riveting and fascinating and fixated on it front to end Brilliant!

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The right to die #hospice #ireland

#what is terminally ill


Doctors should be allowed to help the suffering and terminally ill to die when they choose

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Hospice Patients Alliance – When It is Inappropriate to Have PRN Medical

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Allowing PRN Orders for Morphine
May Result in Untimely Death
For COPD Patients

Morphine is an opioid medication often used to relieve severe pain in cancer and some other diseases. When prescribed by a physician appropriately for relief of pain, it is a blessing to those whose symptoms are relieved, and to the families of those patients who had suffered watching their loved one in agony. When the patient has severe pain, hospices aim at achieving good pain control as one of their top priorities.

Because morphine is regularly prescribed in hospices for relief of pain and suffering, physicians and nurses come to rely on its power to relieve pain and promote a death without suffering. A death with symptoms well-managed is one important aspect of what is called a “death with dignity.”

Patients in hospice who have diseases without severe pain may not need morphine for comfort. Some take other analgesics and some take none. But patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or “COPD” may especially be sensitive to the adverse effects of morphine. COPD patients have breathing difficulties and anxiety which can sometimes be lessened by very small dosages of a sedative and/or a very small dosage of morphine. However, given in too high a dose, morphine can seriously interfere with a patient’s ability to breathe. In fact, anyone who is given a dosage of morphine which is much higher than they are accustomed to, may stop breathing.

One of morphine’s main adverse effects is slowing down the respiratory rate, i.e. respiratory depression. If the dosage of morphine is too high for what the patient is accustomed to, the respiratory depression can become severe and actually stop the breathing periodically for a few seconds or many seconds. This pattern of breathing where the patient stops breathing (skipping breaths) and then starts breathing again is termed “apnea.” Apnea commonly occurs as a result of the terminal illness and the dying process, when certain metabolic changes occur in the patient’s body. If the breathing is stopped completely without restarting, the patient dies. Because COPD patients have compromised breathing already. very inefficient breathing, overly high doses of morphine can quickly cause these patients to stop breathing.

Hospice Patients Alliance has received many, many reports from families about patients with COPD who were given morphine in dosages higher than they were accustomed to receiving. who died shortly after getting those morphine dosages. Most of these patients were given these dosages of morphine by nurses in the hospice setting. In all the cases reported, the physician had ordered that the morphine might be given “as needed” or “PRN” within a certain range and at a certain frequency of time intervals between doses given.

Giving a medication “as needed” requires a careful assessment of the patient’s vital signs, pain level and need for the medication being considered. When a physician writes a PRN order for morphine, most nurses are very dedicated to assessing the patient’s actual needs and doing everything possible to meet those needs by administering the medication as needed. But in the case of COPD patients, the need for extra vigilance in determining the appropriate dosage is very urgent. Pharmacy and drug references, such as the Physicians Desk Reference and morphine package inserts warn about the dangers of giving too high dosages of morphine to COPD patients. The package inserts and the Physicians Desk Reference even write that morphine is “contraindicated” in general for COPD patients. However, when a patient is truly terminal, some of the rules of prescribing medications are adjusted to meet the needs of the patient. In the terminal COPD patient, morphine is sometimes ordered by the physician to be given in very small dosages.

If the physician orders the morphine to be given on a PRN or “as needed” basis, when the patient has COPD, and allows a shorter frequency of administration than that needed for the previous dosage to “wear off” or be metabolized, the concentration of morphine actually in the patient’s blood may increase beyond a therapeutic level, causing severe adverse effects, even respiratory shutdown. If you have a loved one with COPD in a hospice care setting and if you are concerned that he may be euthanized before his natural time of passing on, then it is wise to request that the physician NOT write a PRN order for morphine. If the morphine is actually helping your loved one to breathe better, and is comforting, then you may wish to request the physician to consider ordering the morphine on a fixed dosage and schedule, determined by the physician only, not the nurse.

If you have concerns that your loved one may be medically killed or euthanized in a hospice setting, you should discuss these concerns with the physician and request that PRN orders for morphine not be used. If the physician refuses to do so, you may be able to determine whether the physician is sympathetic to your concerns about euthanasia or not. If you believe the physician is determined to euthanize your loved one, involuntarily, or without your knowledge, then you always have the right to change physicians or to change hospices. Any time that you have concrete evidence that a nurse or physician is acting to euthanize your loved one, the patient, or the patient’s representative may act to change the physician and hospice to a setting that will provide true hospice care.

Real hospice care is NOT about hastening the death of a patient. It is about providing relief from distressing symptoms, supporting the patient and letting them know that they are valued and loved. Hospice patients necessarily choose not to try to cure the terminal illness, because all efforts to cure the disease are believed to have failed and further efforts are believed to be of no use in curing the disease, i.e. the physician has determined that no efforts would succeed in any case. That does NOT mean that treatment for a urinary or respiratory infection is to be withheld, or that food and water are to be withheld if the patient can absorb them. Withholding food and water is a form of euthanasia for the patient who is not already actively dying! Withholding appropriate treatment for an infection when the patient is not actively dying is also a form of euthanasia!

Giving overly high dosages of morphine to a COPD patient, or a patient with another terminal illness, is a form of euthanasia. By being alert, discussing your concerns with the physician and hospice staff and acting promptly to prevent overly high dosages of morphine from being administered, you can save your loved one from an untimely death. Removing your loved one from a setting that is bent on euthanizing your loved one may be the only way to save them from being medical killed.

There are many nurses and physicians who would never even think of doing such a thing, but unfortunately, there are many who would. Surveys and research into the attitudes and practices of physicians and nurses reveals that a significant percentage of nurses and physicians believe that euthanasia is acceptable. If you don’t agree, then you must act to protect your loved one. The best protection is to know what medications are being given, what effect the medications have, what dosages are being given (by being there if possible when they are given) and knowing why the medications are being given. If your instincts tell you that something is not right, act promptly to check with someone you trust who is a nurse, pharmacist or physician who can give you some feedback and further information.

PRN orders for morphine may be totally inappropriate for COPD patients who do NOT have severe pain!

Permission is granted to share these articles with others, to print them, or post them on other websites so long as credit
is given to the author and Hospice Patients Alliance with a link to this original page.

How to Become a Hospice Worker (with Pictures) #seattle #motels

#hospice workers


How to Become a Hospice Worker

Hospice workers care for patients who are terminally ill and typically have less than six months to live. Each patient is seen by several professionals who make up the hospice team, including nurses, aides, physicians, social workers and chaplains. All hospice careers require employees to be licensed, certified or otherwise recognized as experienced in their occupation. New hires receive special training on topics such as handling patient loneliness and dealing with patient or family fears.

Hospice jobs usually don’t require candidates to have volunteer or internship experience in a hospice, but having it provides a foundation of knowledge and may impress future employers. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization notes that volunteers are considered employees and receive training on general hospice topics, such as goals, services and philosophies. According to the Hospice Foundation of America, some hospices have minimum age requirements for volunteers, but they all try to find a spot for those interested. Volunteers may help in areas like child care assistance, family support or administration.

Hospice nurses are certified by the National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses, which issues credentials in several specialties, including pediatrics and perinatal loss care. The basic certification — Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse — requires candidates to hold an unrestricted and current registered nurse license. The NBCHPN also offers the Certified Hospice and Palliative Nursing Assistant credential to aides who have finished a minimum of 2,000 practice hours supervised by a registered nurse within the past two years.

After completing medical school and residency requirements, and passing the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination, physicians must obtain licenses where they want to practice. According to the Center to Advance Palliative Care, physicians gain certification to work in hospices by undergoing a yearlong fellowship and passing an exam administered by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

According to the National Association of Social Workers, social workers can obtain hospice certification with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and social worker license, and after completing a minimum of three years working under supervision in hospice and palliative care. The Center to Advance Palliative Care notes that social workers with a bachelor’s degree can apply to be Certified Hospice and Palliative Social Workers, while those with a master’s can apply to be Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Social Workers.

The General Council of the Assemblies of God’s Chaplaincy Department notes that there aren’t any universal qualifications for hospice chaplains it approves, but that chaplains must meet individual employers’ requirements. It says that desired prerequisites may include a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, a credential from the Assemblies of God, ministry experience and completion of a Clinical Pastoral Education course. Chaplains can also obtain certification through the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc. upon meeting certain requirements, such as a minimum of three years of experience working in hospice and palliative care.

Lehigh Valley Hospital hospice nurse takes caring to the next level #motels

#lehigh valley hospice


Lehigh Valley Hospital hospice nurse takes caring to the next level

Jeanne Vogt, director of hospice care at Lehigh Valley Hospital. tells her new hires nursing goes beyond what you learn in school.

“What we look for is the heart in nurses for hospice care,” Vogt said.

Consider Lisa Bickel.

A hospice nurse for 28 years, Bickel was nominated by Vogt for an excellence in nursing award for the way she handled a patient’s final moments about a year ago at the 17th Street Allentown facility.

The Berks County woman was caring for a terminally ill woman who had three young children and very little time left.

“(The children) were on the unit, but we didn’t want them in the room when she actually died,” Bickel said.

Instead, Bickel and the patient’s sister picked out three stuffed teddy bears. Before giving them to the young children as gifts, Bickel placed the three bears in the arms of their mother, who would pass away that night.

“I kept the teddy bears as close to her heart as I could and told the kids that they were close to her heart all night, and that she’d always be a part of them,” Bickel said. “It’s something they could have the rest of their lives.”

It was the sort of caring gesture Vogt had come to expect from Bickel in their three years of working together. It’s what helped her win the Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Dr. Fred Fister Award for Excellence in Hospice Nursing. She received the award at a ceremony last month.

“Lisa works night shifts and usually when you have night-shift nurses they don’t get to be as much of a part of the team,” Vogt said. “But she’s just so phenomenal because she has created such an incredible team spirit.”

Vogt said her nomination for Bickel went beyond her gesture for the patient’s children and was meant to also acknowledge the “little things” Bickel does for the hospice.

“We’ve had employees go through hardships, and Lisa is the one who puts out emails to get everyone together, make them aware and (organize help),” Vogt said.

Bickel also regularly places inspirational messages in the break room for her co-workers to read during the day, Vogt said.

For Bickel, the award reflects a belief she’s developed in her three decades of work.

“Our society looks at death as something feared and something awful, but it really can be quite peaceful and be another passage,” Bickel said.

Bickel said she and her team look to make patients and their loved ones as comfortable as possible and to give them the opportunity to have special moments near the end of loved ones’ lives.

Bickel’s award reflects her compassion.

“What nurses will find out is that it’s truly a gift to be able to be at the bedside with a patient and their family,” Vogt said. “It’s a true expression for the labor of love and the emotion it creates. Lisa embodies that emotion.”

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Active Discussions

FAQ: What might I expect to happen when someone I – m

#hospice dying process


This is a difficult topic for many people to think about, and especially to bring up in a public forum, but people still want and need to know what they might expect as they or someone they care for are declining. It is understandable to fear the unknown, and to fear suffering. I would say that there are a few leading points here:

1) Most patients don t suffer much as their cancer progresses and as they transition through the dying process.

2) This process is quite variable from one person to another, but we typically have a good idea of what a patient s leading problems will be weeks to months before a person is experiencing a more rapid decline.

3) Engaging hospice services/palliative care can help guide expectations and generally manage many of the problems effectively by anticipating them, rather than waiting until very late to accept palliative care.

While I would never want to romanticize or minimize the challenges of the dying process, I find that the majority of my patients experience a controlled decline in which they really don t suffer. The most common pattern I see is that someone with a progressing cancer will slow down, eat less, begin to lose weight more steadily, and just gradually become less and less active. They no longer go out on walks, then leave the house less often, then spend more time alternating between sleeping and getting up in a chair, then eventually get to a point where they are sleeping most of the time and are pretty much bed-bound. They have less interest in eating, which is sometimes frustrating to the patient but often more so to the family and supporters of the person, who may pressure the patient to force down food that they have little or no appetite for (the danger is that some patients describe distress from the unyielding pressure from well-intentioned but nagging loved ones). Soon, they are sleeping more and more, to the point that they eventually sleep all of the time and are no longer communicative; this is followed by irregular breathing, more prolonged pauses between breaths (called agonal breathing, though it isn t uncomfortable for the person, just a reflex the last phase of the dying process), and then they stop breathing. It s important to remember that this common pathway of progression isn t a lack of will on the part of the person with progressing cancer: they would eat and be more active if they could, but the cancer pours out toxic proteins that mediate this inexorable process.

It s true that some patients have pain, or a terrible cough, or shortness of breath, agitation, and other problems, but I would say that most of the time, we have signals that these are going to be issues for a long while before the later stages, and it s advisable to deal with them as aggressively as possible before these symptoms become a crisis. Secondly, I most commonly see problems emerge when people (patients and/or their doctors) are very resistant to enlisting hospice support, which typically does a very good job of addressing symptoms proactively, before they become a crisis, and also being able to provide the comfort of helping patients and families/caregivers to understand what to expect in the near future. Just as on a plane, turbulence is much easier to understand if you know to expect it, what it represents, and how you ll get through it.

About 20 years ago, I spent some time in medical school doing home visits with the very compassionate and thoughtful Medical Director of a Boston hospice. I asked him about his feelings on euthanasia, and he told me that he didn t actually feel that it was a pressing need in almost any cases. Specifically, he noted that it was most common for people to fear two things about dying: being alone in being in pain. Though being a primary caregiver is a very hard job, it is a great blessing to have someone there to help as a caregiver to a terminally ill patient something that even attentive medical care can t substitute for. That care and the ability to ensure that people aren t alone is incredibly helpful. But a medical team today can usually do a good job to minimize the physical suffering of the process to relieve pain and other symptoms. And most of the time, what we see is a patient gradually withdrawing and eventually passing comfortably.

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Solari Hospice Care Outlines Why Nonprofit Status Does Not Equate to Superior

#solari hospice


Solari Hospice Care Outlines Why Nonprofit Status Does Not Equate to Superior Hospice Care

February 09, 2011 11:20 AM Eastern Standard Time

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article in its February 2 issue titled “Association of Hospice Agency Profit Status, With Patient Diagnosis, Location of Care, and Length of Stay.” Solari Hospice Care wants to emphasize that this article offers no supporting research or evidence that nonprofit hospice programs provide better care to terminally ill patients, are more ethical, or are more compassionate than for-profit hospices.

Solari Hospice Care would like to address the rampant misinformation regarding for-profit hospice care and stress that the fundamental principle of hospice will always be providing people with the greatest quality of life in the time they have left.

With more than one million people in the United States receiving hospice care in 2009 1. it’s apparent that hospices meet a very important need in this country — and to suggest that the primary motivation is financial does a disservice to the devoted hospice staffs caring for their patients facing life-limiting illnesses.

“Having IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status does not automatically equate to superior care for terminally ill patients,” said Gary W. Polsky , chief executive officer , Solari Hospice Care. “There is no correlation between the profit status of a hospice program and the quality of care provided.”

So what is similar between nonprofit and for-profit hospices? The regulations are identical. All licensed and certified hospices must comply with state law and the Code of Federal Regulations governing hospice care. In addition, Medicare’s reimbursement rate is fixed regardless of the care needs of individual patients, the services patients receive, or the tax status of the hospice providing the care.

“For those who continue to pit nonprofit hospices against for-profit hospices, it’s my opinion that you are fighting the wrong battle,” Polsky remarked. “What we all should be advocating for is helping people to live with dignity and comfort by providing comprehensive and compassionate hospice care. Hospice practices, including quality of care, depend on an organization’s staff and leadership, not tax status. In any field of business, there are ‘good’ companies and ‘bad’ companies, and hospice is no different.”

According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s (NHPCO) recent comprehensive survey, the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care, detailed analysis of data submitted by hospices shows no difference in family caregivers’ evaluation of the quality of care based on a hospice program’s profit status.

Polsky added, “As a member of the NHPCO, I am proud to say that Solari Hospice Care exceeds NHPCO’s Standards of Practice for Hospice Programs and fully complies with all hospice regulations.”

“I am focused on and passionate about providing the highest quality of care to patients facing complex end-of-life issues,” Polsky commented. “My education in health care administration and my experience in the health care field over the years have given me the opportunity to work with some of the most skilled doctors, nurses, specialists, counselors and caring staff members. When I founded Solari Hospice Care in 2002, I knew that I wanted and expected the same level of passion and dedication from my staff in Las Vegas and Houston. Hospice patients deserve nothing less than excellent care specific to their unique needs.”

Polsky concluded, “Ultimately, the most important measure of a hospice should be the quality of care provided to patients — not its tax status.”

With this insight, you and your loved ones will be better informed how hospice care can address symptoms and pain management, ease suffering and grief, as well as provide emotional and spiritual support during the final phase of life. To learn more about the issues, opportunities and trends impacting the hospice industry, please read the new CEO Viewpoint blog from Solari Hospice Care’s Gary Polsky at

1 “Hospice Care in America,” National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, October 2010

About Solari Hospice Care


Taking Hospice Care to the Next Level in 2012 #motels #in #denver

#solari hospice


As I look back on the milestones we reached in 2011 and forward to the possibilities poised to unfold in 2012, I feel tremendous pride in the strides our Solari Hospice Care family has taken and will continue to take together to position our company as the hospice provider of choice in the Houston and Las Vegas communities we serve.

I believe our one-of-a-kind recipe for hospice care is so successful because we all share a passion for providing the highest quality, most compassionate care to our patients and families. And, by mixing just the right ingredients into our hospice care “soup,” we will continue to demonstrate our ability to serve unparalleled end-of-life care.

Strong Leadership. I truly believe that hiring and empowering proven and passionate leaders is one of the most proactive steps possible for achieving stellar hospice care — a key ingredient. I feel very lucky to have established long-term Professional Intimate Relationships with some of the most intelligent and passionate hospice professionals in the field — leaders who represent Solari with great integrity in their work to deepen existing relationships and to build new ones.

Solari’s consistently successful leadership team in Las Vegas led that program to its best year ever in 2011. In Houston last year, we welcomed several highly qualified and enthusiastic healthcare professionals into our hospice family to guide that program’s growth in tandem with the opening of our new Houston Inpatient Home. In both locations, our medical team leaders demonstrate their dedication to excellence through continuing education and training to obtain valuable hospice and palliative care certifications. These leadership teams, in addition to the incredible group of leaders who help keep things cooking from our Central Office in Arizona, show no signs of slowing down in 2012.

They say the proof’s in the pudding … Well, the fantastic Average Daily Census (ADC) in both cities over the past year demonstrates the skill and commitment of our company’s leaders. On the cusp of its 10th anniversary in 2012, our Las Vegas program celebrated another milestone — its highest monthly ADC ever at nearly 230 patients. That’s amazing! And it simply accentuates the need for another Solari Hospice Care Inpatient Home to serve Las Vegas’ growing end-of-life care needs. I’m excited to announce that we are in the process of finalizing the purchase of land to build our next Inpatient Home in Northwest Las Vegas, with the expectation of opening our newest “vortex of love” in late 2013. As our growth momentum builds, we also envision opening a third Inpatient Home in Southeast-Central Las Vegas the following year.

Visionary Inpatient Care. I always call our Inpatient Homes “vortexes of love” because that’s just what they are…high-energy centers for the most compassionate, highest quality palliative care and support for our patients and families when they need it the most. Designed and built from the ground up to meet the special needs of hospice patients and families, our Inpatient Homes truly differentiate us in the marketplace. With state-of-the-art medical equipment housed in a warm and inviting setting with myriad home-like amenities and no visitation restrictions, our Inpatient Homes help keep our patients out of the cold and impersonal hospital environment. And what takes place within the walls of our IPUs is magical … teams of top-notch hospice professionals taking an integrative approach to individualized patient and family care.

I couldn’t be happier that we are now able to offer this incredible service in the greater Houston community. 2011 saw the opening of Houston Solari Hospice care’s first Inpatient Home, which earned acclaimed accreditation by the Joint Commission in December. To achieve this huge goal, our Houston program underwent a complete leadership and operational transformation last year. With the Houston IPU accepting patients and new leaders and systems in place, 2012 promises to be an exciting growth year in Houston!

New Technologies. Forward-thinking companies embrace new technologies because such innovation enables businesses to work smarter. As we prepare this year to implement a 100-percent electronic medical records system companywide, I look forward to working even more efficiently so we can offer the next level of service to our patients, families and professional healthcare partners. Going paperless will enable us to continue speeding up patient care response, in addition to improving communication among team members. With less paperwork to fill out, our Solari “angels” will have more time to spend face-to-face with patients and family members, allowing for increased eye-to-hand patient observation and documentation.

Giving Back. In addition to offering the highest caliber of hospice care to our patients and families, it has always been my vision to give back to the communities we serve and beyond through the Solari Hospice Foundation. I have never been more committed to the nonprofit Foundation’s mission to help children and families through Camp Solari, and to educate the public about hospice care. With this mission in mind, we just began working with a fund development expert to help us evolve into a national resource for hospice education and bereavement support.

To take our camp programs in Las Vegas and Houston to the next level in 2012, we recently recruited locally based professional counseling teams in both cities. Leveraging their expertise and their established relationships in their prospective communities, these counseling teams will help the Foundation realize its vision for a greater number of bereavement camps — potentially nationwide — to give children and families the tools they need to work through their grief and live the most joyful lives possible.

Building Buzz. Thanks to the efforts of a talented Communications Media Relations team that came together in 2011, Solari Hospice Care’s and Solari Hospice Foundation’s hard work in Houston and Las Vegas is gaining broader recognition. It feels great to open a magazine or newspaper, turn on the TV, or log onto a website and see our company showcased in one way or another for the awesome service we provide to terminally ill patients and their loved ones! Beyond that satisfaction, however, lies that fact that our media coverage helps spread the word about Solari Hospice Care to both patients/families and potential referral sources. Whether they see our beautiful new commercial while watching the local news, read an article about Solari while waiting at a doctor’s office, or check out a Solari story or video clip while surfing the Web, media coverage in all forms is a valuable tool. I’m thankful for all the Solari family members who are making it happen! I have no doubt that the media buzz about our company will continue to build throughout 2012.

All in all, I feel utterly confident that we’ve added the right ingredients to our recipe for stellar hospice care. As we continue to stir, sample, tweak and occasionally, turn up the fire in 2012, we’re sure to create a soup that’s even better than we dreamed it would be.

Welcome to Our Home Health Care Agencies – Parrish Home Healthcare –

#home healthcare nurse


Welcome to Our Home Health Care Agencies

Parrish Home Healthcare (Parrish) is a network of home health care agencies including Parrish Home Healthcare . Our agencies are owned and operated by two nurses whose family name is Parrish and have over 33 years of expertise in home health care. Parrish knows the value of community home health care and its impact on the overall long-term effects to the patient’s disease management. Parrish is also acutely aware of home health care’s vital contribution in cost containment in relations to the total health care picture.

Parrish strives to maintain the highest level of integrity in the delivery of home health care to your patients. Our standards dictate a thorough needs-analysis will be performed, as well as prompt reports and strict adherence to established care plans. The case manager or referring staff can be assured of prompt response, accurate evaluation, and thorough follow-up consistent with the physician s and family s expectations. Parrish guarantees our patients the highest quality of care, in accordance with the standard of practices developed by Medicare.

Our Services include:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Nutritionist
  • Speech Therapy
  • Certified Home Health Aide

We Accept the Following Insurances:


We look forward to serving you with professionalism and integrity.

Parrish Home Health Care

3500 W. Eleven Mile Rd Suite B
Berkley, MI 48072
Phone: 248-547-5778
Fax: 248-547-6077

Servicing Metro Detroit. Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, St. Clair, and Washtenaw Counties

Servicing Western Michigan. Kalamazoo, Jackson and Calhoun Counties

Contact Us

© 2011-2015 Parrish Home Health Care
Our compliance is with Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504;
Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Age Discrimination Act of 1975;
American with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Website Developed by Rezurected, LLC

How to Volunteer for Hospice – Requirements – Duties #hospice #buffalo

#hospice volunteer duties


Hospice volunteer duties and requirements.

The most important requirement for hospice volunteering is a willingness to help. Our volunteer managers can work with you to find the right opportunity to fit your interests or skills. Simply fill out a hospice volunteering application, and we’ll find the perfect fit. Volunteers do not administer medications or perform any nursing duties. The following explains more about volunteer requirements and how to volunteer for Crossroads Hospice.

What are the requirements for hospice volunteers?

Crossroads Hospice offers several types of opportunities for volunteering along with the flexibility to donate as much or as little time as you want. Hospice volunteer duties vary for companionship, special projects, office, and bereavement. A volunteer manager can provide you with details.

What kind of training will I receive?
Before becoming a Crossroads Hospice Ultimate Giver, you will receive specialized training. We use a team approach for training to create an immediate connection to the program.

How to volunteer for hospice.

All hospice volunteers must follow these requirements:

  • Complete the initial application
  • Provide information about your health, physical limitations, etc.
  • You will need to sign consent forms.
  • You will be required to have a Tuberculosis (TB) test performed. This will be done free of charge.
  • It is a requirement that hospice volunteers wait a minimum of one year after the death of an immediate family member or loved one.

Ready to apply? Fill out a hospice volunteering application today.

Texas hospice owner ordered nurses to overdose patients, FBI says #orlando #hotels

#hospice news


Texas hospice owner ordered nurses to overdose patients, FBI says

DALLAS The owner of a Dallas-area hospice ordered nurses to increase drug dosages for patients to speed their deaths and maximize profits, according to an FBI affidavit.

A copy of the affidavit for a search warrant obtained by KXAS-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth alleges Brad Harris ordered higher dosages for at least four patients at Novus Health Services in Frisco. It’s unclear whether any deaths resulted from overdoses of drugs like morphine.

Harris has not been charged. The FBI on Wednesday declined to say whether an investigation is ongoing.

The warrant refers to an FBI raid on the hospice in September. It alleges Harris sent text messages to workers such as, You need to make this patient go bye-bye. On another occasion, Harris told administrators during a lunch meeting that he wanted to find patients who would die within 24 hours.

In at least one instance, an employee refused to follow orders to increase a dosage, the warrant said.

The document explains that federal reimbursements can diminish the longer a patient receives care. A provider eventually can be forced to return federal payments.

A woman who answered the phone Wednesday at Novus declined to comment. Attempts to reach Harris for comment on Wednesday were unsuccessful. A working number for him could not be found; listings for a Brad Harris in the Dallas and Houston areas had either been disconnected or turned out not to be his. The Associated Press also sent a request for comment to two email addresses believed to be his.

Harris, 34, is an accountant who founded Novus in 2012, according to KXAS, citing state records.

Novus’ website says the company offers hospice and home health care services.

The FBI investigation of Novus, which included interviewing several employees, began in 2014 and initially focused on allegations that the company sought federal reimbursements for patients recruited by Novus who didn’t qualify for services, according to KXAS.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Why Were Cops Called to Hospice? #discounted #hotel

#hospice cops


Bobbi Kristina Update: Why Were Cops Called to Hospice?

As family and friends gathered at Bobbi Kristina Brown s bedside on Thursday, several police officers appeared outside of the hospice, but the reason remains a mystery.

Seven police cars were spotted at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, GA, and officers were seen conversing with staff. So far, the Duluth Police Department has not explained why they were summoned to the facility.

Bobbi Kristina has been receiving visits from family members, including her father Bobby Brown, his sisters Tina and Leolah Brown, Pat Houston, and actor-director Tyler Perry.

Perry, a longtime friend of the Brown and Houston family, was photographed Sunday exiting a blue Rolls-Royce before entering the hospice.

A somber-looking Perry was dressed all in black with a white baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes.

Pat Houston, married to Whitney Houston s brother, was photographed comforting Tina Brown outside of the facility. This marks the first time the two women have been seen together since Bobbi Kristina was admitted to the hospital in January.

Nick Gordon, who is currently being sued by Bobbi Kristina s estate, has been spotted in Orlando. He has not been permitted to see his girlfriend since the day she was admitted.

Bury Hospice closure threat: Campaigners fear facility could close due to funding

#bury hospice


Hospice at risk of closing due to funding cuts

A flagship hospice could close due to government funding cuts.

Campaigners fear Bury Hospice on Rochdale Old Road, Bury, could be forced to shut within six months because the government is ‘withholding’ 40m from the NHS budget in Bury .

James Frith, a Labour councillor in Bury who will contest the Bury North seat at the next general election, is launching a campaign and said the hospice was ‘at risk’.

And he claimed dementia care, fertility treatment and psychological treatments in Bury could also be hit.

The development follows a plea to the government for extra cash amid claims the NHS in Bury was one of the worst-funded in the region.

The M.E.N. understands that concerns about the future of the 5m facility have been raised by senior NHS managers in Bury. Hospice bosses have been asked to provide a full report.

Coun Frith said: “Our priority has to be keeping the hospice to ensure the very best care for the terminally ill and most frail in Bury. We’ve all donated, fundraised or supported the hospice or know someone who has.

It’s one of our most cherished resources. That it now faces closure is an absolute disgrace. I hope many will want to join the campaign to save Bury Hospice and stand up for NHS Bury together.”

Dr Kiran Patel, chair of Bury Clinical Commissioning Group, said NHS services in Bury were ‘underfunded’ and extra cash for the hospice was ‘limited’.

He said: “Recognising the vital work that the hospice does for the patients of Bury, we have asked the hospice to provide the Clinical Commissioning Group with a proposal for further funding in the hospice, which we would consider at our next board meeting.

“However, it must be recognised that our resources are fully committed and our ability to fund fully any additional proposals are limited due to us being the most underfunded Clinical Commissioning Group in the north of England.”

Earlier this year, the health secretary was asked by Labour’s shadow cabinet member and Bury MP Ivan Lewis to step in to help fill the funding black hole. The party said shortfalls in cash allocations would leave the NHS in Bury a total of 60m short over three years.

The hospice opened after moving from Dumers Lane, Radcliffe. in March last year. It provides support to more than 1,000 seriously and terminally ill patients each year.

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Welcome to SunCoast Diesel #hotels #compare

#suncoast hospice


We have tuned hundreds of not thousands of SunCoast equipped rides! Excellent company, customer service, and products.

Ron, Dallas, Andrew, Joe, Ernie, John, and everyone else there. Keep up the amazing work! – KORY WILLIS | OWNER OF PPEI

Every Allison I rebuild get’s a SunCoast G-max kit. I’ve not had a problem with any converter I’ve bought.

Great company with great customer service from Andrew and George. – MIKE SELLS | CUSTOMER

Technical support and customer service is top notch! I had an issue with my transmission that didn’t involve their parts, but they still went above and beyond what I expected to help me fix the problem. They’ve always been great to answer my questions and never cut a conversation short.

It seems like they want to get me back on the road as much as I want to be back on the road! Their instructions to install their parts are very easy to understand. Great people to deal with! – LEE CRAMBLIT | CUSTOMER

Just wanted to give a big thanks out to Andrew Murdock and the SunCoast crew for putting together a killer Performance package for my Allison transmission. The quality and technology is second to none!

The 1054 converter is rock solid and the whole setup has been flawless, 10 second pass after 10 second pass! Thanks again! – WADE BOYD | OWNER OF DIESEL DAY DREAMS

SunCoast is leading the Industry with their quality of diesel products and their customer support. Many thanks to Andrew and crew for their support. – MIKE GRAVES | OWNER OF HOLLYROCK CUSTOMS

We have been using SunCoast products for sometime and are very impressed with the quality and product support. It has helped our business grow and excel due to the fact of not having to worrying about cheap parts letting go for no reason. We have some of the fastest heaviest trucks running SunCoast torque converters and are still in disbelief they keep taking pass after pass at the dragstrip and never let us down.

Product support is beyond what any company we have ever deal with, they have taken hours on the phone with us to help diagnose problems and give us information to make sure we are kept up to date with the latest ideas and technical information. Thank you Andrew, Ernie and the whole team and SunCoast. – RANDY REYES | OWNER OF RANDY’S TRANSMISSIONS

Welcome to East Cheshire NHS Trust #motels #adelaide

#east cheshire hospice


Welcome to East Cheshire NHS Trust

Our mission is to provide high-quality, integrated services delivered by highly-motivated staff.

We provide safe, effective and personal care to our patients. We are a community and acute trust serving a large population of over 470,000 people and our vision is to deliver the best care in the right place. We have over 3,000 staff who work across our community settings and our three hospital sites. A map of the area we serve can be found here

We hope that this site provides you with all the information you need. Please contact us if you require further information or click here to review our services .

Ward Information – Did You Know

Caring Together in Eastern Cheshire

ECHO Hospital Charity

A E is for emergencies

Performance – Did You Know

Visit our ward information pages in our quick links section for up to date information.

Caring Together in Eastern Cheshire

Caring Together – the integrated care programme for Eastern Cheshire

ECHO Hospital Charity

ECHO raises money to support healthcare for patients and families across East Cheshire and the surrounding areas

Choose well – A E is for emergencies

Please use your Pharmacy, GP and Out of Hours for minor ailments. Please let A E save lives this winter

Do you or someone you care for have a learning disability?

Patient Passports help staff to get to know you. This means staff will know the individual care required whilst in hospital.

LA – s First AIDS Hospice Returned To City In Memorial Service

#aids hospice


LA s First AIDS Hospice Returned To City In Memorial Service

ELYSIAN PARK ( — The Chris Brownlie Hospice, once used as the city s first hospice for AIDS patients, was turned back over to the city Saturday.

A memorial celebration was held to honor the facility for the service it provided from 1988 to 1996 as a nursing home for people dying from diseases caused by the HIV virus.

The building had a long history of helping the sick. The hospice once housed the nurses dormitory for the city s Barlow Respiratory Hospital, a tuberculosis sanitarium.

AIDS patients have benefited from recent advances in drug therapies that have ended the one-time death sentence for the HIV virus.

Since 1996, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has used the hospice for offices.

At today s service, the Los Angeles Gay Men s Chorus was expected to perform in memory of the hundreds who died there, including 140 chorus members.

Seven balloons one for each year the hospice was in business were also to be released at sunset.

(©2013 CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services contributed to this report.)

Welcome to Legacy #hospice #donations

#legacy hospice


Welcome to Legacy

Legacy was formed in 2009 with the sole mission of becoming the premiere Home Healthcare provider in New Mexico. We are proud to have reached that goal and have since been able to serve thousands of patients.

We understand our unique New Mexican culture because we live it every day. This allows us the ability to maintain a sincerely caring approach to each and every one of the patients we serve, Jimmy Melton.

Due to our affiliation with Dr. Elmer Pacheco we are able to offer Physician Services to our patients in their homes whether that is an assisted living community, independent living community, apartment or traditional home. Because of this we are able to treat patients in place preventing them from returning to the hospital.

Legacy is accredited through CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program) and licensed through the State of New Mexico.

We are Medicare and Medicaid certified and accept the following insurances:

Address: Legacy Home Health, 9388 Valley View Drive Suite 300, Albuquerque, NM, 87144
Phone: (505)338-3702 FAX: (505) 338-3709

How to Become an Addiction Counselor #how #to #become #a #addiction #counselor


How to Become an Addiction Counselor

By eHow Careers & Work Editor ; Updated July 05, 2017

How to Become an Addiction Counselor. Addictions counselors help people overcome dependencies with alcohol, drugs and gambling. Counselors work with individuals, groups or the families of addicts. They refer their clients to doctors, social services and support groups, and they may help their clients during legal proceedings. Here’s how to become an addiction counselor.

Complete the appropriate training in your state to become an addictions counselor. Requirements may include a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Psychology or Social Work; a certificate or associates degree in addictions counseling; completion of an internship; passing a state licensing exam and being free of drugs, alcohol and other addictions. Again, all of these requirements boil down to the state you live in–call a treatment center in the state you’re interested in working in–they (and your college guidance counselor) can give you an idea of the classes you’ll need to take.

Pursue the following electives in college, as they will help you as an addictions counselor: Therapy and Counseling; Psychology; Sociology and Anthropology; Customer and Personal Service; Education and Teaching; English Language; Philosophy and Theology; Administration and Management; and Law and Government. Of course, as mentioned in Step 1, every state has different requirements in order to become a state-certified counselor–double and triple check with your college guidance counselor every step of the way when choosing your classes.

Hone your skills in the following areas. Communication: You must express yourself clearly, listen to others and understand and ask questions. Reasoning and problem solving: You should notice when something is not right, identify potential problems, offer solutions and think of creative ways to solve problems. Working with people: Modify your approach based upon the way a person reacts to your counseling, always look for ways to help others, use persuasion to convince others to try different problem-solving techniques and solve problems by bringing others together to discuss their differences.


Unfortunately, problems such as alcoholism and drug addiction are not going away soon. The outlook for this career is positive. Some areas of the United States have seen double-digit increases in the need for addiction counselors.

Orange coast college swap meet #allis #chalmers #allis-chalmers #orange #spectacular #upper #midwest



2017 Allis-Chalmers Shows


Our Club Services

***Merchandise Vendor Space Still available***

***Volunteer to sell raffle tickets at the show***

Please mail tickets and money for raffle tickets to Darrell Grams Sr

34420 State Highway 25

Green Isle, MN 55338

April 28 – It was a pleasure being your Webmaster – Randy Larson

April 23 –The Upper Midwest A-C Club would like to invite everyone to stop in at our stand at the Pioneer Power Swap Meet on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Raffle tractor will be on site and raffle tickets available.

April 8 – Today at our Membership meeting, elections were held for the Upper Midwest A-C Club. Results are Incumbent Tom Foss, Incumbent Joe Graunke, Scott Overgaard and Joan Paulson. For Board of Director appointed seats: Craig Buss, president; Joe Graunke, vice president; Terry Nowak, secretary; and Darrell Grams, Sr. treasurer.

We wish to express our thankfulness to Matt Wosmek for his years of service as board of director and his dedicated time to being the treasurer for the club. Thanks Matt, your hard work has been appreciated!

We wish to thank Darrell Grams, Sr. for his time of service as president of the Upper Midwest A-C Club. Being president can be a stressful job, but with board members willing to help, the job gets done with assistants. Thank you Darrell for your time and service as president of the Upper Midwest A-C Club.

Due to election results, the Upper Midwest A-C Club is looking for a Children’s Activity Coordinator. If you are willing to take over this important position, please contact Craig Buss as soon as possible. The Children Activities are an important part of the Orange Spectacular! We thank Rita (Everhart) Wosmek for her dedicated time to making much fun for all of the children who have attended the past Orange Spectaculars since 2012. Rita, it was a lot of work and much patience you took with our future attendees and your time and talent has been appreciated!

March 25 – As spring is arriving slowly and field work starts-up, safety really needs to be our #1 goal to follow so we can come home to our family every night.Pleasetake six (6) minutes to view this video. Stay aware how fast an accident can happen. I hear a lot of people tell me, that sure was obvious that accident was going to happen. Next thing I hear is, there was an accident in our industry. Come to find out. the person oblivious to what was going to happen.

February 24 – Do you have a family member which is going into college? Then you need to check out our Scholarship page. we have had no applicants yet! Any degree / major will be reviewed for the potential being awarded a $500.00 scholarship.

February 24 – If you have not had a chance to see this year’s Toy. Look below.IT IS DIE CAST.

January 17 – The Upper Midwest A-C Club has the DVD produced at the 25th Orange Spectacular in July of this year.

This DVD is now available! 25th Annual Orange Spectacular has hit the shelves and ready to ship!

This all Orange Power show was shot at the 25th Annual Orange Spectacular extravaganza in Hutchinson MN a few short months ago and its ready for your viewing. Presented by the Upper Midwest A-C Club and held on the McLeod County Fairgrounds, we showcase classic farm machinery from garden tractors to the D21 and more. Relive the sights and sounds of this fantastic event, including the dyno test and interviews with owners and attendees. A must-have for any A-C collectors library. 75 minutes

The DVD is $28.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Please make out your check to the Upper Midwest AC Club with the correct amount. Send your check to Darrell Grams, 34420 State Hwy 25, Green Isle MN 55338.

Please allow a seven (7) to ten (10) days for delivery, they will be shipped in an approve USPS mailer.

* Vincent Tims will be demonstrating the adjustment of the front axle of a D series tractor during the 2017 Orange Spectacular

It’s been cold, then warm, then cold out, and it’s to get warmer this coming week, but look at it as the Orange Spectacular will be here before you know it. the days are getting longer. summer is coming.

Sept. 11 – I got this emailed to me. I have an Allis Chalmers Model 66 All-Crop Harvester. We have used it the last 6 years or so to harvest our small grain crops of a few acres. This machine works and runs well. We are moving out of the country and cannot take this with us. I need to sell this machine and it would be a travesty if some scrap iron guy purchased this as scrap. I am hoping that I can find a good home for this. I would consider any reasonable offer.

If you are able to spread the word to find a good buyer and home, it would be greatly appreciated. Anyone interested can email or call me at home (leave message). I am located near Glenwood MN.

Richard Olsen 320/634-4750

LPN to ADN Online Degree – Earn your Associates of Science in


LPN to RN Online Nursing Degrees

LPN to ADN Online Degree (Associates Degree in Nursing)

Almost every LPN entered the nursing field with intentions of some day advancing to become a registered nurse, and possibly even a higher position. However, due to time and working restraints, many find themselves unable to spare the extra time it would take to drive to school and sit in a classroom. Going from LPN to ADN might not seem like something they have time to do.

Fortunately, times have changed and getting an ADN degree is not as difficult as it use to be. The LPN to ADN online program is paving the way to a new era in nursing education. By allowing LPNs to complete the AND program completely online, colleges are giving access to a nursing education that had been too difficult for working LPNs before.

Convenient curriculums that are completed on the students own schedule in a compact program allow the LPN to get their ADN, without ever attending a campus based classroom. Students can fulfill all of the didactic course requirements right from their home computer. Clinical time and mentorship time is scheduled at facilities that are near to the LPN. The added benefit of doing clinical time in a convenient place, not only reduces driving time, but gives the LPN the ability to be mentored by peers that they already know and trust.

Going from LPN to ADN online has more perks than just convenience.

LPN to ADN online while still meeting your obligations

With the help from Achieve Test Prep, students can complete their program of choice in up to half the time of traditional programs. LPNs, LVNs, and Paramedics can start this program with NO WAITING LIST. Free books and low cost financing are available, in an instructor-led program that can be done in one of their over 65 campuses nationwide or online.

ADN to MSN Online #adn #to #msn #online


MSN Nursing Leadership and Management

Degree type(s): Master’s
Degree field(s): Healthcare; Nursing
Location(s): Online
Program offerings by location and modality are subject to change.

ADN to MSN Online Degree Program: Nursing Leadership and Management

Nurses: If you have an associate degree in nursing (ADN) and want to earn a graduate degree in nursing (MSN) online, this is the program for you! The University of Mary in North Dakota offers an online, accelerated ADN to MSN program in nursing leadership and management.

In the ADN to MSN online program, you will gain a strong background in healthcare business concepts that emphasize leadership in the context of advanced nursing practice in healthcare. As part of Mary’s accredited nursing master’s degree program, you will have the opportunity to identify and partner with a healthcare organization and nursing leader to take part in a clinical experience.

ADN to MSN Online Degree Program Highlights

The University of Mary, an accredited, Catholic university, was founded by Benedictine sisters with a long history of leadership and service in the field of nursing. The online ADN to MSN Nursing Leadership and Management program offers students opportunities to:

Gain the skills to be a nursing leader

Learn from top nursing professionals who incorporate Christian, Catholic, Benedictine values into the master’s degree curriculum. Gain the skills to be service-minded nursing leaders and managers who can innovate using evidence-based practice decisions.

Participate in practical leadership experiences

Take part in exciting, on-site practical leadership experiences in which you learn through collaboration and gain hands-on experience. In addition, you’ll have ongoing access to expert advisors who offer valuable academic guidance.

At Mary, you’ll earn your ADN to MSN degree in an online program that is accredited by the CCNE (Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education).

Graduate Students

A Graduate Student can be:

  • someone who has earned a Bachelor’s degree
  • someone who’s looking to earn a Master’s degree
  • someone who’s looking to earn a Doctorate degree
  • a student looking to take some graduate coursework, but not pursue a degree
  • a student who wants to take or audit a single graduate course

Students interested in graduate studies can click the button below to apply!

Looking for an Online or Evening program?

The University of Mary offers a wide selection of accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs via online and evening programs convenient for any schedule. Learn more about our programs designed for the working adult!

Why Become a Professional Counselor? #how #to #become #a #rehabilitation #counselor


Why Become a Professional Counselor?

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.

This definition of counseling was developed by the 20/20 Delegates in March 2010.

Professional Counseling as a Career Choice

What is professional counseling? Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.

People have many different reasons for deciding they want to become a counselor. Some people choose this career because they once had a good experience with a counselor during a difficult time in their own life and they want to pay it forward. Another person may have done some volunteer work at a crisis hotline and realized that they enjoyed both the challenges and joys of working with clients facing difficult times. Yet another person may have been told that they are a good listener and they ought to consider working as a mental health professional.

I have always desired to become a counselor since I was five years old. I have always loved helping people A wonderful lady in our community who worked in the counseling field was instrumental in encouraging me to follow my dreams. -Barbara Mceuen

Whatever the reasons, individuals that choose to seek a career in counseling usually have one thing in common a desire to help people work through life s challenges. Some individuals want to work primarily with children or teens. Others prefer to work with adults. Some want to work in specific settings, such as K-12 schools or college campuses. Others prefer to work in a community setting such as a mental health center or private practice setting.

Counseling can offer the right individual a rewarding career path in a health profession that is growing. It requires a strong desire to interact with people, exceptional communication skills, and an ability to complete a graduate degree. Choosing to become a professional counselor is a commitment to yourself, to others, and to society as a whole.

But choosing to become a counselor is just one of the choices that prospective students must make. Student will need to consider all of the different specializations in counseling with their varying work environments. School counselors work in K-12 educational environments (schools), while clinical mental health counselors may work in private practice, a hospital setting, or some other community agency.

Follow these links to learn more about the field of Counseling and the job outlook for counselors.

If you are already a professional counselor, please share with us your reasons for becoming one. Follow the link to the Contact Us site and choose Why I became a counselor in the contact type. We will feature these on this section of the website in the future.

Taylor Sheridan on – Hell or High Water #forced #to #retire #early


This Film Was Taylor Made

Sheridan at Sicario’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2015.
Photograph by Vito Amati/Invision for Lionsgate/AP Images

A s a kid, Taylor Sheridan figured he’d be a lawman. His family was full of them, the most famous being former deputy U.S. marshal Parnell McNamara, who graced the cover of this magazine eighteen years ago. McNamara worked out of Waco, not far from the Sheridan family’s Bosque County property, and young Taylor saw him as a role model. “I thought I’d do something like that: go out during the day hunting bad guys and come home at night to the ranch.”

Instead, he wound up playing a cop on TV. Sheridan’s childhood plans took a tumble when his parents divorced in 1991 and had to sell the ranch. He went off to college in San Marcos, where he admits he was a “miserable student,” majoring in theater “because it sounded like fun and the girls were pretty.” He was looking for a job in an Austin mall one day when a talent scout approached to ask if the rock-jawed youth was interested in modeling. “I said, ‘No, but do you guys handle actors?’ ” Sheridan recalls.

The scout bought him a plane ticket to Chicago for an audition. “I’d never been on a plane before. I cashed the ticket in, which you could still do at the time, and drove on up.” After some commercials, he started getting one-off TV gigs and, eventually, a recurring part in Sons of Anarchy, as deputy chief of police David Hale. He had the role for two seasons before being killed off in the third season’s debut. By then, he was ready to get on the other side of the camera.

Most actors who write a screenplay do it because they’re unhappy with the roles they’ve been getting. But Sheridan had no desire to star in the movies he was writing. “I just lost interest in performing,” he explains. He wrote three scripts in quick succession. One of them, Sicario, an ambitious drug-trade thriller, was made into a movie last year, with Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin in the lead roles. Another, Hell or High Water, comes out August 12 and features Ben Foster and Chris Pine as a pair of West Texas brothers who turn to robbing banks and Jeff Bridges as the Texas Ranger who wants to bring them down. (The film had to shoot in New Mexico for budget reasons, but Sheridan says, “We shot as close to Texas as they’d let us.”)

Bridges, captivating as an aging Ranger on his final mission, spent some time with the character’s model, Parnell McNamara, who, like all U.S. marshals, had to retire at 57. “I wrote the movie thinking about my uncle, who got forced into early retirement when he should’ve still been working,” Sheridan says. “I wanted to capture the sadness of not doing the thing you’re used to doing.” (McNamara is now the sheriff of McLennan County.)

This being a cops-and-robbers movie, there are plenty of guns, and Sheridan’s script deals with them in ways that might unsettle viewers opposed to Texas’s loose gun laws. Multiple robberies are nearly foiled by regular citizens packing heat; the end of a well-staged highway chase can be seen to suggest that, if only folks had AR-15s in their trunks, tragedy could be averted.

The ambiguities aren’t accidental, says the 46-year-old Sheridan, who grew up with guns and remembers hunting seasons when his fellow high school students brought rifles to campus in their trucks. “I believe in the Constitution—and I believe in common sense,” Sheridan says. “If you can tell my political viewpoint from the film, then I’m doing a disservice to the viewer. I don’t want to make it obvious what the movie is saying.”

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AdWords Management: What it Takes to Run a Successful AdWords Campaign #adwords


AdWords Management: What it Takes to Run a Successful AdWords Campaign

Building an AdWords account from scratch is labor intensive enough to send even the most capable business owner into a panic.

Actually managing an AdWords account is another beast entirely.

AdWords managmement using AdWords alone—which doesn’t provide any assistance with proper campaign structure, bidding strategy, or ad copy optimization—can quickly become overwhelming without the right guidance.

In some cases, that guidance might come from software that makes keyword research, determining the right campaign structure, and strategic bidding more manageable; in others, it can mean outsourcing the work to more experienced digital marketers.

Regardless of which option you’re interested in pursuing, WordStream offers a solution. Our software makes AdWords management simple and efficient; it streamlines tedious, time-consuming work, allowing you to focus on your business. Looking for a hands-off approach? Our in-house managed services team is chock full of veteran digital marketers who can unsink ships and build profitable accounts from scratch.

To give you a better idea of exactly how much work is required to maximize ROI for your pay-per-click campaigns, let’s take a look at the fundamentals of AdWords account management. They can be organized into three high-level categories: experimentation, optimization, and growth.

AdWords Management: Experimentation

Adapt to Your Audience

It’s unlikely that you should be paying for clicks from every person on the planet. Demographics, physical location, and timing all play a role in determining exactly who you should be marketing to. Constantly test new targeting methods (and pairing them with appropriate messaging).

Align Your Value Proposition Sales Funnel

AdWords allows you to target prospects at any point in the sales funnel. Someone searching for “running shoes” conveys less intent to buy than someone searching for “Men’s Asics Ghost size 12.” Aligning your value proposition (the thing you’re offering in exchange for information or a sale) to the intent of the query is key.

Always Be Testing (Everything)

A/B testing (comparing two versions of an ad or landing page to determine which one performs better) is a never finished! If you don’t have two pieces of copy active in every ad group, if you aren’t trying new landing pages, your account performance will stagnate.

AdWords Management: Optimization

Structure Matters

Organization is the key to AdWords optimization: without well-laid plans and a coherent account structure. improvement is impossible. You wouldn’t build an addition onto a home with a crumbling foundation. Strategically crafting tightly-knit ad groups of semantically similar keywords ensures improved Quality Score and lowers costs.

Strategic Bid Management

In AdWords account management, setting initial bids is easy: managing them can be a pain. Knowing when to value position and how to maximize Quality Score and ROI is imperative. Know where your money is going and get the most out of your spend by making the right bids.

Know Your Competition

Through third-party tools, or simply Googling the keywords you’re bidding on, you can get an idea of your competition. Knowing what you’re up against is the best way to tailor your ad copy. Don’t blend in with the rest of the SERP: stand out!

AdWords Management: Growth

Leverage The Power of Remarketing

When you’re driving thousands of clicks to your website, not every single one will convert. Remarketing allows you to strategically alter your offering, tailoring it to audiences who have taken specific actions on your website. Marketing to new audiences is valuable: nurturing prospects familiar with your brand is even better.

Display: The Internet’s Cost-Effective Answer to Billboards

While the Search Network is great for granular targeting, Display is the perfect way to expose new prospects to your brand and, more importantly, introduce them to the top of your sales funnel. With options that allow you to serve ads across more than 2 million websites (and Gmail inboxes), Display is the next logical step after optimizing your AdWords campaign.

Expanding onto More Platforms

Once you’re happy with your AdWords account’s performance, it’s time to look for new platforms on which to advertise your products or services. Bing and Facebook are the logical next-steps, but both platforms are just as nuanced as AdWords. Knowing how to make the leap in a measured way is central to avoiding wasted spend and garnering more leads.

and that’s just what it takes to remain profitable.

To make building, optimizing, and perfecting your AdWords account easy, WordStream offers two options.

AdWords Management Software: WordStream Advisor

WordStream Advisor, our PPC account management software. empowers you to succeed with AdWords regardless of your experience level or budget, making it easier to:

Save Time with Smart Tools

The 20-Minute Work Week takes the guesswork out of online advertising – customized alerts tell you what to do now for cost savings and better results.

Look Like an Expert

Even if you’re not! We’ve analyzed over $9B in online advertising spend and pass that knowledge on to you with tools and support.

Grow Your Business

WordStream users get 60% more leads from online advertising than AdWords users alone. Turn clicks and calls into customers.

Take Your PPC Beyond Search

Businesses who use Facebook Ads and Paid Search together see a 6% increase in mobile search traffic! We’ll help you capture more leads through search and social by making Facebook ads easy.

Take a Load Off: AdWords Management Services

If you have a large-scale PPC account that you just don’t have time to manage, WordStream also has a managed services offering .

Our in-house team of search (and social) marketing experts will focus on building and optimizing your account so that you can focus on your business.

Experience Better AdWords Management with WordStream

To see how WordStream Advisor can make managing your AdWords account easy, schedule your demo today .

To find out if Managed Services is the right AdWords account management option for you, schedule your free consultation .

3 Ways to Respond to a Pennsylvania Traffic Citation #pleading #not #guilty


How to Respond to a Pennsylvania Traffic Citation

Traffic citations are one of those annoying things you just need to deal with. If you are guilty of the offense, pay your fine. However, if you want to fight your ticket, then you should enter a not guilty plea and prepare for your trial. Remember to hire a traffic ticket attorney if you feel overwhelmed or are unsure about how to prepare for your trial.

Steps Edit

Method One of Three:
Paying Your Traffic Fine Edit

Ask if you can pay in installments. Most courts will let you pay in monthly installments if you can’t afford to pay your entire ticket all at once. To set up an installment plan, stop into traffic court and appear before the judge. Take your citation with you. [1]

  • The citation will tell you which court you should appear at.

Pay in person. You can stop into the court and pay using a money order, personal check, debit card, or credit card. Look at your ticket to see where you must go to pay. [2] Make sure to get a receipt for your payment.

Pay by mail instead. Stopping into court might be inconvenient. In that situation, you can pay by mail. You’ll need to check the “guilty” box on the ticket. Read the instructions carefully. [3]

  • You can pay through the mail using a check or money order.

Pay online if that is an option. Some courts might let you pay online. This can be particularly convenient if you want to pay using a debit or credit card but don’t want to stop into the court. Check the court’s website to see if online payment is an option. [4]

Method Two of Three:
Pleading Not Guilty Edit

Read the code sections you were cited for violating. Before deciding to fight your ticket, you should realistically assess whether you in fact broke the law. Look at your ticket to see what section of the Pennsylvania legal code you allegedly violated. You can read the law online.

  • Look to see if the law has any vague terms you can argue about. For example, you might have been cited for reckless driving. [5] The term “reckless” is open to interpretation. You can argue that your behavior—whatever it was—doesn’t rise to the level of recklessness.

Enter a not guilty plea. Contact the appropriate court to check how you can enter your plea. Generally, you need to stop into the court in person to enter a not guilty plea, but some courts will let you enter the plea by mail, phone, or online. [6]

  • Avoid delay. You only get 10 days to enter your not guilty plea. If you miss the deadline, then you’ll be guilty.

Post collateral with the court. You’ll need to pay the traffic ticket fine and any court costs upfront. If you win at trial, the ticket fine will be refunded to you. [7] However, you won’t get the court costs back.

Attend a pretrial conference, if necessary. In some courts, you need to attend a conference where you’ll discuss possibly pleading guilty to the traffic charge. In exchange, the prosecutor will offer reduced penalties. You don’t have to accept any plea deal, though you should consider it. [8]

  • If you can’t reach an agreement, then the judge will set a date for your trial.

Hire a lawyer, if necessary. A traffic ticket lawyer can be a big help. They will know what evidence to collect to bolster your case, and they understand the trial process. However, it might not make financial sense to hire a traffic attorney, especially if the fine is low.

  • To find an attorney, contact the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s lawyer referral service at 800-692-7375, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. [9]
  • Also check if you can hire the lawyer for an hour of advice. They might be willing to walk you through the process of going to trial.

Method Three of Three:
Fighting the Ticket at Your Trial Edit

Gather evidence. You’ll need to present proof that you aren’t guilty of the traffic violation. The evidence you use will depend on the circumstances. Consider the following:

  • If you were stopped for speeding, you can make several arguments. For example, you might claim the cop pulled over the wrong car.
  • You might also argue that the technology used to clock you is error-prone. Look at your ticket and see if VASCAR technology was used. This technology is often wrong. [10]

Find witnesses. You can also have people testify on your behalf at trial. Get their names and telephone numbers, so you can notify them of the trial date. For example, try to identify any of the following, who will make great witnesses:

  • If someone was in the car with you, they can testify about what you did. For example, they can testify you weren’t speeding.
  • Another person on the road or on the sidewalk can testify as to how you were driving. A witness like this, who doesn’t know you, is often very persuasive.

Make an opening statement . If you have a lawyer, they will handle everything for you at trial, including the opening statement. Otherwise, you’ll want to preview for the judge what the evidence will be. A good opening statement shouldn’t be any longer than necessary.

  • Avoid making arguments. Instead, you should simply lay out a roadmap of what the evidence will be.
  • Use the phrase, “As the evidence will show….” For example, “As the evidence will show, I was going only 44 miles per hour. You’ll hear from Alice Joyce, who was a passenger in the car. She will testify that she bent forward to change the radio station and saw the speedometer right before I was pulled over.”

Cross-examine witnesses. The prosecutor should put on witnesses first. Typically, they will call the officer who pulled you over. You will have a chance to cross-examine them. [11] Consider what you hope to achieve with cross-examination:

  • You might want to ask the cop a series of questions about your car. For example, have them explain the make, model, year, and color. You can also ask the cop what the weather was like or what you were wearing. If the officer makes a mistake, then you can argue later that they couldn’t really see that you were speeding.
  • You can also challenge how the cop measured your speed. For example, ask when was the last time they calibrated their speed gun. VASCAR technology should be calibrated every 60 days. [12]

Present your own case. You get to go second. Call any of your witnesses and ask them questions. You may also testify on your own behalf. If you have a lawyer, they will ask you questions. However, if you are representing yourself, then you will need to give your testimony in the form of a speech.

Make a closing argument . This is your chance to pull together all of the evidence and explain to the judge how it supports your case. The prosecutor should go first, and you’ll go second. [13]

  • Remember to explain away any negative information that came out. For example, you might have admitted to the cop that you were speeding. On the witness stand, you might have clarified that you misspoke because you were nervous.

Receive the verdict. The judge should deliver the verdict soon after all evidence has been submitted. If you win, the collateral you posted will be returned to you and your driving record will not be affected.

  • If you lose, you can appeal to the Court of Common Pleas. [14] Ask the court clerk how to appeal.

Unable to Send emails from Outlook Solved, how to send an encrypted


Unable to Send emails from Outlook [Solved/Closed]

I have a friend who is suddenly unable to send emails. Can receive, however.

Error Message is unknown error Ox800CCC81.

Help would be most appreciated

  • Unable to Send emails from Outlook
  • Cant send emails
  • Can’t send as in outlook, but can in owa
  • Unable to Send emails from Outlook [Solved]
  • Unable to send emails through outlook
  • Unable to send email from outlook
  • Outlook 2007 is not sending mails [Solved] (Solved)
  • Unable to send email. Outlook 10.

How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

Outgoing Server (SMTP): 25

How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

You are the bomb!

How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook



How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

Solved my problem

How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

2. On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.

3. Select View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.

4. Select the account that you want to verify, and then click Change.

5. Follow these steps:

1. Make sure that the E-mail Address field contains the correct account name.

2. Verify that the User Name and Password fields contain the correct information. The User Name field should contain your complete e-mail address.

3. Make sure that the Incoming mail server (POP3) field contains

4. Make sure that the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field contains .

5. Click More Settings.

6. On the Outgoing Server tab, make sure that My Server Requires Authentication and Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server are selected.

7. Click the Advanced tab.

8. Make sure that both the boxes that indicate This server requires a secure connection (SSL) are selected. Make sure that Incoming mail port is set to 995 and Outgoing mail port is set to 25 .

WinZip® File Sharing Services #file #sharing #web #services, #file #sharing #services, #file


WinZip File Sharing Services

Sharing information electronically has become a cornerstone of our daily lives. Being able to stay in contact with each other and send/receive data easily has helped shape both our personal and professional lives in fundamental ways.

WinZip first contributed to this evolution by providing our customers with world-leading file compression technology. For over 20 years, WinZip’s zipping power helped millions of users around the world create smaller files that are much easier to transfer and store.

As technology has evolved, so has WinZip’s commitment to making file sharing better. Not only do we make your files smaller and easier to share, but today we offer new features that integrate seamlessly into email, cloud services and social media sites. Now WinZip lets you connect with OneDrive , Dropbox, Google Drive , Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for worry-free sharing, anywhere.

Learn more about how to boost your file sharing power with WinZip services that integrate seamlessly with our existing products.


Share any file on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with ZipShare. the integrated file sharing service. Learn More

Copyright 2017 Corel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. WinZip is a Registered Trademark of Corel Corporation

Performance and battery life Review #how #to #change #battery #in #iphone


iPhone 5S – Performance and battery life

iPhone 5S – Performance

The iPhone 5S is a significant step up in terms of power and performance over the iPhone 5. The new A7 dual-core 1.3GHz processor with 1GB of RAM sounds feeble when compared to the quad-core 1.9GHz 2GB RAM of the Galaxy S4 or stonking 2.2GHz of the Sony Xperia Z1. But phones are not top trumps and the processor on the iPhone 5S is hugely impressive, even though it looks much weaker on paper.

Apps load instantaneously and 3D games looks jaw-droppingly good. The cars in Real Racing 3 look almost photorealistic while Infinity Blade 3 provides console quality graphics.

The benchmarks support the experience. Only the Snapdragon 800 processor on the Xperia Z1 outperforms the iPhone 5S. In our CPU, browsing and graphics tests the 5S scored 40% faster than the Galaxy S4 and more than 100% faster than the iPhone 5, the phone it replaces.

It’s impressive and just goes to show that picking the right phone is not about looking at the numbers anymore, just like picking a camera that takes great pictures isn’t about how many megapixels it’s packing.

For a full breakdown of tests and results you can view our iPhone 5S benchmarks at the end of this review.

The first 64-bit phone processor

But before you do it’s worth taking the time to think about the ‘world first’ Apple claimed in making the A7 chip the first 64-bit mobile processor. The transition to 64-bit computing on the PC took a long time. A fragmented system ensured it was years before the benefits were felt in the home, and those who jumped to 64-bit early found that all the software they wanted to use wasn’t ready yet.

Fast-forward a few years and 64-bits on the PC has become the norm and Apple has added the A7 SoC (system on chip) processor to the iPhone 5S, making it the first 64-bit phone.

While the debate about its benefits right now is fearsome, it does have some small benefits (emphasis on the small) that will no doubt grow in future. The encryption side of the Touch ID is the most obvious benefactor, though arguably games will begin to benefit once developers start to unlock the full potential of the A7 chip.

But it’s really a move for the future that means that developers can get busy supporting 64-bit now when it’s less critical so that its true potential can be unlocked on future iPhones and iPads. If you want to find out more about the iPhone 5S processor and 64-bit computing then read our guide: What is 64-bit? The Apple A7 chip explained .

Of greater import to the here and now is the new, much less powerful ‘co-processor’ chip called the M7. The purpose of the M7 is to deal with all the motion capture data provided by the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. This data requires much less processing power to manage, which means using the main processor is overkill and seriously inefficient.

So the M7 helps lighten the load on the battery, but it also has one more important power saving trick up its sleeve.

If you leave the iPhone 5S in a location where there’s no signal, a gym locker for example, the M7 will recognise that the phone has not been moved and that there is no signal in the area. Pinging the networks constantly to find signal is one of the biggest battery drains on a phone and there’s no point doing it if there’s no signal to be found.

This particular feature only works when the phone is immobile, but it’s not the only benefit of the M7. For example, It allows to the iPhone 5S to know when you switch from a car or walking, switching the directions to suit, but it could also open a whole new set of possibilities for third-party accessories to use its specialist processing. The likes of the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit Flex and similar gadgets seem the most likely benefactors, but we’ll have to wait and see how they use it.

iPhone 5S – Battery Life

One of the few issues the iPhone 5 had was a limited battery life. In this area the Samsung Galaxy S4 trounced it. Apple has tried a few things to improve battery life on the iPhone 5S, like including the M7 processor, but to varying degrees of success.

The most obvious resolution would be a bigger battery. This poses a problem for Apple as the iPhone 5S shares the same chassis as the 5, so there’s not a lot of additional space to play with. Regardless it has managed to increase the size from 1440mAh to 1560mAh, about 8%.

Together with the touted iOS 7 efficiency improvements and processor efficiencies we did notice that the iPhone 5S outlasts the iPhone 5.

We got between nine and 10 hours of mixed usage, including streaming video, gaming, browsing, calls, taking pictures and video and listening to music.

Impressively steaming, 720p video at half screen brightness seemed to tax the battery very little, with only 3% disappearing in half an hour. Playing music stored locally using the included Earpods at high volume saw of a 4% drop in 30 mins. Gaming, particularly intensive 3D games such as Real Racing 3 and Infinity Blade 3, sapped juice at a steady, but reasonable, rate while 3G browsing was the other main drain.

Used normally we managed to make the battery last for a day and a half before requiring a charge, better than the iPhone 5.

Unfortunately the iPhone 5S is still not on a par with the Android big boys. The Samsung Galaxy S4 outlasts it by some margin and the removable cover offers the ability to switch batteries if you’re really desperate and very well organised.

On the other hand the iPhone 5S is much smaller and lighter, allowing the option of adding a power-pack case without it becoming too cumbersome. These can be pricy though and ruin the sleek design somewhat.

So, while it’s an improvement on the iPhone 4/4S/5 in this regard, it does feel as if Apple has chosen to ignore serious improvements in this area. It’s ‘good enough’ for the large majority, but if there’s an area it cedes noticeable ground to the competition, it’s here.

Dukan Diet: What To Know #best #diets, #healthandwellness, #profile, #dukan #diet, #best


Dukan Diet

Balanced Diet

These diets contain more than the government’s recommendation that between 10 to 35 percent of daily calories come from protein.

Pros Cons

  • All-you-can-eat
  • Filling
  • Lots of rules
  • Could fall short nutritionally

The aim: Weight loss.

The claim: You’ll lose up to 10 pounds within the first week, and continue at a clip of 2 to 4 pounds a week until you reach your goal weight – all while eating as much as you want (of the approved foods, of course). If you follow the rules to the letter, you’ll never regain.

The theory: Counting calories isn’t the key to weight loss; protein is. It’s a weight-loss powerhouse – it’s filling, takes time and work to digest, and has very few calories for each gram of food compared to carb-heavy foods. When protein supplies the majority of a diet. and fats and carbs are all but squeezed out, fast weight loss ensues. (Limiting carbs, the body’s preferred energy source, forces the body to turn to an alternative fuel – stored fat.) That’s motivation enough for dieters to follow a strict plan that rewards the faithful by slowly adding back the bread, cheese and fruit they so dearly missed.


Dukan Diet ranked #37 in Best Diets Overall. 38 diets were evaluated with input from a panel of health experts. See how we rank diets here.

Dukan Diet is ranked:

Dos Don’ts

Prepare for lots of rules. All four phases of the Dukan Diet – named for former French physician Pierre Dukan, its creator – are heavy on do’s and don’ts, and even the slightest slip-up is considered destructive. You’ll move from the all-you-can-eat, pure protein “Attack” phase to “Cruise,” which allows selected vegetables on selected days. In the third phase, “Consolidation,” you’ll add more foods that, by now, you’re longing for, such as cheese and bread. By the last phase, “Permanent Stabilization,” you’re relatively free. With just a few (very crucial and very specific) parting rules, you’re permitted to eat anything you want.

Attack: A gourmand’s dream diet, this phase is all-you-can-eat, portion-wise. Any of the following is fair game: lean beef, veal, pork and venison; organ meat including liver and tongue; fish; shellfish; poultry; low-fat ham, turkey and chicken; eggs; vegetable protein such as tofu and seitan; nonfat dairy; water and other no-calorie drinks (yes, even diet soda); and 1 1/2 tablespoons of oat bran. Spices and herbs are encouraged to avoid monotony. Craving something else? Too bad – cheating is expressly forbidden. “[S]uccumbing to any other foods, as small as the lapse may be, will be like puncturing a balloon with a needle,” warns Dukan.

The Attack phase lasts between one to 10 days, depending on how much weight you have to lose. For the majority of dieters – those with 20 to 40 pounds to shed – Attack is typically five days and weight loss is usually 4 to 7 pounds, according to Dukan.

Cruise: In this phase, you’ll add back certain all-you-can-eat vegetables (the nonstarchy ones, such as cucumbers, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers and salad greens). Still, Dukan recommends alternating one day of the “pure-protein” Attack phase with one day of protein plus vegetables. (A five-day protein then five-day protein-plus-vegetables plan is also an option). The oat bran recommendation rises slightly to 2 tablespoons.

You should lose at a rate of about 2 to 4 pounds per week, according to Dukan. You’ll continue alternating until you reach your goal weight.

Consolidation: Now, the name of the game is keeping the pounds off. You’re very vulnerable to weight regain, says Dukan, and the only option is a transition phase that lasts five days for every pound you’ve lost. That means dieters who’ve lost 20 to 40 pounds will stay in Consolidation between 100 to 200 days. The proteins and vegetables from the previous phases are still all-you-can-eat, but you can now mix them together as you please. Each day, you also get a serving of fruit, two slices of whole-grain bread and 1 1/2 ounces of cheese. Each week, you’re also allowed two servings of starchy foods like pasta or quinoa, three specific protein indulgences (leg of lamb, roast pork and cooked ham), and one or two “celebration meals” where you can eat anything you want, provided you don’t binge or have them back-to-back. The daily 2-tablespoon oat bran requirement stays.

You’re still required to revert to the “pure-protein” Attack phase once per week.

Permanent Stabilization: Freedom! (Well, sort of.) You can now eat whatever you want six days out of the week, provided you don’t abandon what you learned during Consolidation. And 3 daily tablespoons of oat bran is now a must. The seventh day is a purest-of-pure protein day that mirrors the Attack phase but restricts even more the acceptable foods list. As its name suggests, this phase is meant to last a lifetime.

In 2014, diet creator Pierre Dukan was removed from the French medical register for promoting the plan commercially, as reported by the Guardian.

Dos Don ts

Dos Don ts

Savory galette (pancake)
Savory galettes made with oat bran and Greek yogurt can be eaten alone like bread or as blinis topped with a slice of smoked salmon, or cooked lean ham, chicken or turkey. (Courtesy of Dukan Diet)

Dukan Parsley Tabbouleh
Dukan Parsley Tabbouleh serves as a healthy snack or appetizer alternative to traditional social fare. Filled with herbs and rich greens, it pairs easily with grilled fish or baked ham. (Courtesy of Dukan Diet)

Lettuce-wrap burritos
This lettuce-wrapped burrito is made with lean ground beef and low-sodium broth. For more nutrients, texture, and flavor, substitute iceberg lettuce with cabbage, romaine, or loose leaf lettuce. (Courtesy of Dukan Diet)

Tofu kebabs
Tofu kebabs with red pepper, mushroom, and zucchini can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated. This dish pairs well with warm soup or with shirataki rice. (Courtesy of Dukan Diet)

How much does it cost?

Animal protein, vegetables and dairy products are pricey, especially if you’re eating a lot of them – which you will be.

You can buy books like “The Dukan Diet” and “The Dukan Diet Made Easy.” Plus, coaching is available for $29.95 per month.

Will you lose weight?

It’s hard to say. No clinical trials have evaluated the Dukan Diet. An online survey of 1,525 people in 2010 reported that dieters lost, on average, 15 7/10 pounds after the first two phases.

How easy is it to follow?

How much do you like rules? If you want to be told exactly what to do – no matter the difficulty of the request – you’ll appreciate the Dukan Diet’s many guidelines. And while the restrictive phases are short, they are very restrictive, so don’t underestimate the willpower you’ll need.

Convenience: Recipes are abundant and simple. Eating out is allowed, but alcohol is banned during early phases of the diet. Some online support is offered. And offers resources such as packaged food and supplements. An 8-ounce serving of Goji berries, for example, is $16.99.

Eating out: No problem, as long as you order from your approved-foods list. If you’re in Attack, try steak with a side of shrimp. During Cruise, throw in some steamed veggies. Just make sure the chef doesn’t add any oil – or worse – butter. If you’re tempted by dessert, Dukan suggests ordering coffee or keeping a yogurt on hand to end your meal on a sweet note.

Alcohol: Off-limits until you reach the Consolidation phase when you can have a glass of wine or bottle of beer with your celebration meal.

Timesavers: None, unless you hire somebody to plan your meals, shop for them and prepare them.

Extras: Online forums and live chats connect you with other dieters and Dukan nutritionists. And for a fee, which varies based on your plan, you can get a personalized program and online weight-loss coaching. Prepackaged Dukan food that conforms to the diet is available online.

Fullness: Nutrition experts emphasize the importance of satiety, the satisfied feeling that you’ve had enough. You won’t go hungry on Dukan. Protein is filling, and you don’t have a calorie limit.

Taste: You’re making everything, so if something doesn’t taste good, you know who to blame. In the absence of many traditional condiments and oils, you’ll want to make full use of the approved herbs and spices to enliven your meals.

Health Nutrition

If you want a healthy diet, look elsewhere, our panel concluded. The high amount of protein could lead to long-term health problems, and shutting out entire food groups poses a risk of nutritional deficiencies. Possible side effects include lethargy, bad breath and constipation.

What is the role of exercise?

It’s required. Brisk walking is Dukan’s exercise of choice – 20 minutes a day in Attack, 30 to 60 minutes in Cruise, 25 minutes in Consolidation and 20 minutes in Permanent Stabilization. Dukan also offers instruction on toning your stomach, thighs, arms and butt.

The Good News Club: Endangering Children #deserve #to #die, #good #news #club


Intrinsic Dignity

Every year, thousands of public elementary school children bring flyers and permission slips home to their parents, seeking to take part in an after-school Good News Club inside one of over 4000 public elementary schools in America. The flyers promise an hour or more of fun and Bible-centered character and moral education. Because the club takes place on public school grounds, parents assume their children will be safe and unharmed. But the snacks, games, prizes, songs, and fun activities mask a dark message of shame and fear indoctrination. The Good News Club curriculum is filled with over 5000 references to sin and thousands more to obedience, punishment, and Hell. It stresses Old Testament narratives of a retributive God who must punish sin, warns children that they will suffer an eternity in Hell if they refuse to believe, and stresses complete obedience as the supreme value. Meanwhile, salutary themes such as the Golden Rule are almost entirely absent from the curriculum. As documented in this site s sections on Shame and Hell and individual lesson reviews. Good News Club tells children as young as preschoolers that they have dark and sinful hearts, were born that way, and deserve to die and go to Hell. The Club prominently advertises its meetings to public school children in colorful take- home flyers, on posters hung in school hallways and on school bulletin boards, and on signs placed on the school frontage sidewalk during club meetings. Students are encouraged to wear Good News Club T-shirts during class and rewarded with candies and other prizes for bringing classmates to the Club. The Club delivers its dark gospel message, immediately after the closing bell, to young 4-12 year-old children in public school classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and libraries. The Good News Club s dark gospel, reinforced often enough, robs children of the innocence and enjoyment of childhood, replacing them with a negative self image, preoccupation with sin, fear of Hell, and aversion to critical thinking. Click on the thumbnails to the right to read various modern authors remarkably consistent recollections about what they learned at Good News Clubs growing up. Children should not be ashamed of themselves, intimidated from critical thinking, or inculcated with divisive stereotypes. Encourage public school districts to update their facility use policies to protect children from psychological and emotional maltreatment and manipulation.

Click thumbnails below to read other authors accounts of the Good News Club

T-SQL Programming Part 1 – Defining Variables, and logic #articles, #databases, #microsoft


T-SQL Programming Part 1 – Defining Variables, and IF. ELSE logic

Whether you are building a stored procedure or writing a small Query Analyzer script you will need to know the basics of T-SQL programming. This is the first of a series discusses defining variables, and using the IF. ELSE logic.

This is the first of a series of articles discussing various aspects of T-SQL programming. Whether you are building a stored procedure or writing a small Query Analyzer script you will need to know the basics of T-SQL programming. This first article will discuss defining variables, and using the IF. ELSE logic.

Local Variables

As with any programming language, T-SQL allows you to define and set variables. A variable holds a single piece of information, similar to a number or a character string. Variables can be used for a number of things. Here is a list of a few common variable uses:

  • To pass parameters to stored procedures, or function
  • To control the processing of a loop
  • To test for a true or false condition in an IF statement
  • To programmatically control conditions in a WHERE statement

More than one variable can be defined with a single DECLARE statement. To define multiple variables, with a single DECLARE statement, you separate each variable definition with a comma, like so:

Here is an example of how to use the SELECT statement to set the value of a local variable.

One of the uses of a variable is to programmatically control the records returned from a SELECT statement. You do this by using a variable in the WHERE clause. Here is an example that returns all the Customers records in the Northwind database where the Customers Country column is equal to ‘Germany’


T-SQL has the “IF” statement to help with allowing different code to be executed based on the results of a condition. The “IF” statement allows a T-SQL programmer to selectively execute a single line or block of code based upon a Boolean condition. There are two formats for the “IF” statement, both are shown below:

Format one: IF condition then code to be executed when condition true

Format two: IF condition then code to be executed when condition true ELSE else code to be executed when condition is false

In both of these formats, the condition is a Boolean expression or series of Boolean expressions that evaluate to true or false. If the condition evaluates to true, then the “then code” is executed. For format two, if the condition is false, then the “else code” is executed. If there is a false condition when using format one, then the next line following the IF statement is executed, since no else condition exists. The code to be executed can be a single TSQL statement or a block of code. If a block of code is used then it will need to be enclosed in a BEGIN and END statement.

Let’s review how “Format one” works. This first example will show how the IF statement would look to execute a single statement, if the condition is true. Here I will test whether a variable is set to a specific value. If the variable is set to a specific value, then I print out the appropriate message.

The above code prints out only the phrase “The number is 29”, because the first IF statement evaluates to true. Since the second IF is false the second print statement is not executed.

Now the condition statement can also contain a SELECT statement. The SELECT statement will need to return value or set of values that can be tested. If a SELECT statement is used the statement needs to be enclosed in parentheses.

Here I printed the message “Found A-D Authors” if the SELECT statement found any authors in the pubs.dbo.authors table that had a last name that started with an A, B, C, or D.

So far my two examples only showed how to execute a single T-SQL statement if the condition is true. T-SQL allows you to execute a block of code as well. A code block is created by using a “BEGIN” statement before the first line of code in the code block, and an “END” statement after that last line of code in the code block. Here is any example that executes a code block when the IF statement condition evaluates to true.

Above a series of “PRINT” statements will be executed if this IF statement is run in the context of the master database. If the context is some other database then the print statements are not executed.

Sometimes you want to not only execute some code when you have a true condition, but also want to execute a different set of T-SQL statements when you have a false condition. If this is your requirement then you will need to use the IF. ELSE construct, that I called format two above. With this format, if the condition is true then the statement or block of code following the IF clause is executed, but if the condition evaluates to false then the statement or block of code following the ELSE clause will be executed. Let’s go through a couple of examples.

For the first example let’s say you need to determine whether to update or add a record to the Customers table in the Northwind database. The decision is based on whether the customer exists in the Northwind.dbo.Customers table. Here is the T-SQL code to perform this existence test for two different CustomerId’s.

The first IF. ELSE logic checks to see it CustomerId ‘ALFKI’ exists. If it exists it prints the message “Need to update Customer Record”, if it doesn’t exist the “Need to add Customer Record” is displayed. This logic is repeated for CustomerId = ‘LARS’. When I run this code against my Northwind database I get the following output.

As you can see from the results CustomerId ‘ALFKI’ existed, because the first print statement following the first IF statement was executed. Where as in the second IF statement CustomerId ‘LARSE’ was not found because the ELSE portion of the IF. ELSE statement was executed.

If you have complicated logic that needs to be performed prior to determining what T-SQL statements to execute you can either use multiple conditions on a single IF statement, or nest your IF statements. Here is a script that determines if the scope of the query is in the ‘Northwind’ database and if the “Customers” table exists. I have written this query two different ways, one with multiple conditions on a single IF statement, and the other by having nested IF statements.

As you can see I tested to see if the query was being run from the Northwind database and whether the “Customers” table can be found in sysobjects. If this was true, I printed the message “Table Customers Exists”. In the first example I had multiple conditions in a single IF statement. Since I was not able to determine which parts of the conditions in the IF statement where false the ELSE portion printed the message “Not in Northwind database or Table Customer does not exist”. Now in the second example where I had a nested IF statement I was able to determine whether I was in the wrong database or the object “Customers” did not exist. This allowed me to have two separate print statements to reflect exactly what condition was getting a false value.

I hope that this article has helped you understand how to declare and use local variables, as well as IF. ELSE logic. Local variables are useful to hold the pieces of information related to your programming process. Where as the IF statement helps control the flow of your program so different sections of code can be executed depending on a particular set of conditions. As you can see nesting IF statements and/or having multiple conditions on an IF statement allows you to further refine your logic flow to meet your programming requirements. My next article in this T-SQL programming series will discuss how to build a programming loop.

See All Articles by Columnist Gregory A. Larsen

How to Calculate Debt-to-Income Ratio for a Mortgage or Loan #recommended #debt


How to Calculate Debt-to-Income Ratio for a Mortgage or Loan

What you may not know is that the way lenders evaluate loan-worthiness should not be how you calculate how much debt you can take on. In fact, the ratio matters for more than just lending. It s vital to understanding your overall financial health.

For those just learning about this important financial metric, here are the calculations:

Calculating Debt-to-Income Ratio

What is a debt-to-income ratio? It s just what it sounds like: a comparison of the amount you owe to what you take in each month. If your ratio is too high (too much debt), you re headed for financial trouble. To calculate your ratio, simply add up all of your monthly debts, including mortgage, homeowner s insurance coverage. housing taxes, rental payments, credit cards, personal loans, car payments (not including car insurance ), and child support. Divide the total by your gross income, or the amount you make every month before any deductions. The resulting number is your ratio.

Numbers the Lenders Use

During the height of the real estate investing boom, lenders were accepting ridiculously high ratios, such as the 41% allowed by FHA programs for high-risk loans. While you might survive on this ratio, you ll be eating macaroni and cheese for dinner most nights. These days, the magic number is around 36%. But even then, you need an excellent credit score to qualify.

Why Good Debt-to-Income Ratios Don t Always Work

Ideally, you should be able to put away 20% of your gross income, with 10% applied to retirement and 10% applied to long-term savings or an emergency fund. The remaining 80% is left for your taxes, loans, bills and entertainment.

If 36% of your income is going to debt (as the lenders have calculated) and 20% to savings, that leaves you only 44% of your income for entertainment and utility bills. Even a $1,000 weekly gross salary would leave you with only $440 per week, which after taxes would leave you around $300. That s all you would have for your utilities, groceries, and all the other necessities of living. For many, that is not enough, especially if you re forking out $200 per week in daycare expenses.

Most financial experts will tell you that 36% is a healthy debt-to-income ratio, but they don t take into account the fact that most families have two income earners and therefore have to pay for childcare (as opposed to families living on one income with a stay at home mom or parent ). That s why you cannot depend on the ratio used by lenders to diagnose your own financial health, and also why the ratio matters for your daily budget.

Personalizing your Debt-to-Income Ratio

Instead of following lenders protocol, personalize the ratio to better address your financial situation. For starters, deduct your health care costs right off the top. You can add back in 20% to 35% of the cost up to $6,000. Look at your credit from last year s taxes to find out what percentage you should be using. If you pay more than $6,000 per year and were given a 35% credit, then you should add $2,100 back into your gross before making your calculation.

Based on a $50,000 salary, and assuming approximately $10,000 in childcare costs (yours may be more or less), you would calculate your ratio on an income of $42,100. No matter what the lender says you can afford, you ll know that you should not spend more than $15,156, or $1,263 per month, on debts.

Based on standard industry calculations, the lender says you can afford $1,500 per month, but that would in fact put you into debt by hundreds of dollars every month. You d have to make between $57,000 and $58,000 per year to afford the loan a lender would offer. In this case, a healthy debt-to-income ratio is more like 30%. If you pay childcare expenses for even one child, you re much safer calculating your ratio between 25% and 30% when creating your personal budget.

Jessica Bosari writes for the money-saving site, The site is devoted to helping people reduce expenses, save money and find great deals. Pay Billeater a visit for more money-saving tips !


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3 Ways to Become a Sound Engineer #how #to #become #a #audio


How to Become a Sound Engineer

Sound engineers may be known as recording or audio engineers. The specific responsibilities of these different titles may vary. Sound engineers run live shows like concerts and plays, record and produce in the studio, and work sound systems for radio, TV, and film crews. To become a sound engineer, find a sound engineer to watch, help out, and take any chance to work with sound equipment you can get. Earning a degree may help you get a job as a sound engineer. You should be flexible, have strong people skills, and persevere through setbacks.

Steps Edit

Method One of Three:
Acquiring Hands-On Experience Edit

Watch sound engineers work. Go to a local bar or club that has live music, or the booth at a theater during a play, and watch what the sound person does. Pay attention to the set up of cords and sound boards. Watch how they interact with people. Take note of when they adjust levels and what the result is. [1]

  • Lots of churches have high quality sound systems and people who run them, so this is also a great place to go for an opportunity to watch.

Ask sound engineers if you can help in any way. The music industry involves a lot of making connections and getting your foot in the door. Once you find a sound engineer, ask if there is anything you can do, even if it just means taping cables down. You can start to build these connections, which may eventually lead to more involvement. [2]

  • Some people may tell you no. Maybe they don’t want you in the way. You can be persistent and tell them you’ll do anything and won’t bother them. Still, there’s a time to give up and find someone else to ask.
  • If you are at a venue and you see people setting things up, ask if you can help. They will most likely welcome another set of hands.

Take any opportunity you can get. This is an industry that takes a while to work up the ranks into top professional jobs. If you have the opportunity to carry in sound equipment, do it. Maybe sometime you will get to help set everything up. Then you may get to run a sound check. Every chance you get to learn a little more is a building block for your career. [3]

  • Even though it can be hard, don’t think you are too good for anything. Just swallow your pride and take the chance to help out and get some experience.
  • If you consistently show up at the same places and you are always willing to help in any way you are asked, people will start to notice and may trust you to do more important tasks.

Intern at a recording and production company. More than helping out at gigs, an internship will help you get more consistent experience. You may have to go unpaid for a while, but if you can afford to do this, you will learn enough to make up for the lack of pay. Find out if there is a studio near you and see what types of opportunities they have available.

  • Since there are so many different jobs that sound engineers can have, the range of internships may vary a lot. Any production company that has internships available is worth checking out, even if what they do is not exactly what you are interested in.

Registered Nurses earn your BSN degree online in one calendar year #rn-bsn,


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Department of Nursing

Registered Nurses EARN YOUR BSN DEGREE ONLINE in one calendar year

100% online

No waiting list

Flexible, Convenient, Affordable

Earn 35 hours for your experience as a RN

Spring, Summer and Fall admissions

Designed with the working RN in mind

Full time and part time options available

Get started advancing your career today!

Need more information about our program?

The STEP (Strategic Teaching for Enhanced Professional Preparation) RN-BSN program is an online baccalaureate completion program for students currently licensed as Registered Nurses.

Kansas City Bankruptcy & Injury Attorney #when #to #get #an #attorney #for


Kansas City Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Attorney

You may only need an attorney once in your life. But, if you do, we are here, right here, to fight for you every step of the way.

Castle Law Office Fights For You

Castle Law Office focuses on injury cases and bankruptcy. We fight to get those who are injured at work or due to someone else s negligence, such as a car or motorcycle accident, distracted and drunk driver victims get suitably compensated. And our bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to creating solutions for people who are hit hard financially. We help the people we represent get the fresh start they need.

Bankruptcy Law

We offer NO CASH upfront options to some qualified filers!!

At Castle Law, we offer clients free consultations and a free credit repair program. And we have dedicated every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for you to walk in and get answers to questions such as:

  • How do I stop creditor harassment?
  • How do I stop wage garnishment?
  • How can I keep my house and car?
  • What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?
  • And much more!

Kansas City s Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are among the most devastating traffic accidents. They often result in very serious injuries and may wreak havoc on you or your family s finances and personal lives. Motorcycle accidents often lead to enormous medical expenses, loss of employment or future earning power, and severe pain and suffering for those involved. Victims have the right to make a claim for compensation for the negligent actions of unsafe drivers on the road. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident hiring a Castle Law motorcycle accident lawyer is the best way to protect your legal right to a recovery.

Auto Accident Attorney s

Our car accident lawyers at Castle Law Office have helped thousands of people in your situation. We know the questions that keep you up at night. We are here to answer those questions and put you at ease so you can focus on recovering.

Let us handle these issues for you. We help you get the most out of your claim by launching a thorough investigation into the crash. We ll fight for an appropriate settlement to cover all of your damages, including lost wages and potential long-term medical care.

Workers Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, you deserve Missouri workers compensation benefits to cover your medical needs. That is the grand bargain in worker s comp: employees are guaranteed to get care; and in return they can t sue their employers or coworkers for negligence.

For more than 14 years, we have helped Kansas City area residents get their lives back on track. Castle Law Office is passionate about helping people because we believe that during a difficult time in your life, you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and as more than just another case.

The mission of Castle Law Office of Kansas City is to extend caring and compassionate legal counsel to people that are dealing with financial difficulty and/or personal injuries. Our experienced attorneys and staff will provide peace of mind by listening, advising and guiding individuals to make informed legal decisions. We offer a family friendly environment to each and every client while our staff works diligently to obtain the best results possible.

What Makes Castle Law Office Different

Castle Law takes pride in giving highly individualized, careful attention to each case we pursue. Castle Law does not operate as an assembly line law firm. Every Castle Law Attorney lives in the Kansas City area. That is what makes us unique. We are here, right here, fighting for you every step of the way.

Our attorneys are here to help. We offer a free consultation where we can guide you through the process, and our site has many resources to answer your questions. We have also dedicated every Wednesday as Walk In Wednesday. Stop by from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to speak with an attorney without an appointment. You ll be glad you did.

Contact us today to discuss your case for free.

Pet Food Pantries Offer Relief to Animal Owners Struggling With Bills –


Pet Food Pantries Offer Relief to Animal Owners Struggling With Bills

Misael Lopez and his pit bull Cookie visited a new pet food pantry in the Bronx last month. The pantry gave away 2,000 pounds of pet food in one month. Credit Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

Cookie flirted with the man at the front counter with the swagger of a born charmer. She tilted her head, fixed him with a knowing look, and leaned forward on two meaty paws.

“Here Mama, this is the one you like,” the man, Fernando Cruz, cooed as he slipped her a bacon-flavored treat, not for the first time. “You want more? I got you.”

Cookie, a snow-white pit bull with light gray spots, knows the hand that feeds her. She has become a regular visitor at a new pet food pantry in the Bronx that sends free Costco-size bags of kibble home with owners who may not have enough money to feed themselves, let alone their animals.

Animal Care Centers of NYC. a nonprofit that runs the city’s animal shelters, opened this pet food pantry in December, and in the first month alone, the pantry gave out more than 2,000 pounds of food for 71 dogs and 50 cats.

Across the country, the pet food pantry is the latest addition to the food banks. soup kitchens and homeless shelters that serve as a lifeline for people living paycheck to paycheck, if they are employed at all. A small but growing number of dedicated pantries have sprung up, often in response to pleas from people who see their pets as family and spend their last dollar on a can of Purina, even if it means going hungry themselves.

Fernando Cruz wheels a cart of dog and cat food for patrons of the pantry. Credit Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

“Pets and people simply belong together,” said Dr. Emily Weiss, the vice president for research and development at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, adding that pet food pantries help create a safety net for pets and their owners. “Just because somebody can’t afford a specific aspect of care doesn’t mean they don’t belong together.”

The pantries have become part of a broader movement among animal welfare organizations, pet lovers and others that aims to reduce the population of animals in shelters by assisting pet owners before they resort to giving up their companions. The ASPCA has awarded $400,000 in grants since 2010 to 121 organizations nationwide to support pantries, food banks, and other programs that distribute free food for pets.

But some critics have questioned whether such efforts are misdirected. Joel Berg, executive director of Hunger Free America. a nonprofit that was formerly called the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, said he could not support the idea of pet food pantries when so many people were going hungry.

“I understand why this is important, but half the food pantries in New York City don’t have enough food to meet human needs,” Mr. Berg said, noting that he was a cat owner. “We should have fully stocked pantries for humans before we feed pets.”

Supporters of the pantries counter that they are, in fact, helping people by helping their pets, citing research that shows pets can help lower stress and blood pressure, improve moods, and provide emotional comfort to their owners.

Outside a pet food pantry in the Fordham section of the Bronx. The pantry is run by Animal Care Centers of NYC, a nonprofit that operates the city’s animal shelters. Credit Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

“That bond is still the same, no matter what your checkbook looks like,” said Stacey Coleman, executive director of the Animal Farm Foundation. a nonprofit that provided a $12,000 grant to the Bronx pet food pantry.

Cookie, for one, has been glued to the side of Misael Lopez since he rescued her and another dog, Fifa, sitting by a Bronx road in October. Both looked so sad and lost, he recalled, that he had to take them home. “I always wanted pitbulls and these two came about,” Mr. Lopez, 31, said. “Ever since I found them, I say they are my two blessings — two gifts from God.”

Still, Mr. Lopez, a father of two who earns $9.50 an hour stocking shelves at a Family Dollar store, had little money to feed the dogs after paying his rent and other expenses. By coming to the Bronx pantry, he estimated that he had saved about $60 a month on dog food.

Across the New York region, pet food pantries are thriving. Each month, the Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry in White Plains feeds about 775 dogs and cats belonging to older adults, disabled people and veterans, among others, said Susan Katz, a retired administrative assistant who founded the pantry in 2010 with three friends. The pantry’s $102,000 annual budget is covered by grants and fund-raisers, including pet food drives at local supermarkets and pet stores.

On Staten Island, a pet food pantry was added to an existing pantry in 2014 to help pet owners, many of whom were hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. said Warren Niu, who oversees the operation. Sponsored by VCA. a national provider of pet health care services, VCA Charities. and the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island. the pantry gives away food donated by the company Hill’s Pet Nutrition to as many as 100 people a week. It had to set a monthly limit of one bag per household because it kept running out of food.

Mr. Lopez left the food pantry with a 28-pound bag of dog food. Credit Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

Dogology. a pet store and training center in Canton, Conn. set up a pet food pantry in a back storeroom in 2013 after hearing from local food pantries that people were coming in and asking, “What about our pets?” Since the pantry began, it has given away about 9,600 pounds of dog and cat food, as well as treats, pet beds, dog leashes and toys. Marissa Garson, an owner of the store, said that some patrons, once they recover financially, return with donations for the pantry.

In the Bronx, the new pet food pantry, in the Fordham neighborhood, is part of an existing admissions center run by Animal Care Centers of NYC, and is open to any borough resident who registers a pet, regardless of income, said Ken Foster, who coordinates the organization’s community dog program. Regulars include pet owners out of work, older people on fixed incomes, and one man who had visited nearby restaurants to ask for scraps for his pit bull.

Samantha Goodman, 21, regularly picks up a bag of Iams cat food for her two kittens, Socks and Mittens, saving about $40 a month. Ms. Goodman, who lives with a boyfriend, said last week that money had been tight since she lost her job as a cashier at a Bronx deli, which closed in December. “It helps a lot,” she said. “It takes stress off of us because we don’t have to worry, if the rent is due, where the money would come from to buy the food.”

Guillermo Maccow, 16, found out about the pantry when he brought in a stray dog last week. He said he would keep it in mind the next time he was short on money. “It will give people a chance to keep their dogs,” he said, adding that he already had to switch to a cheaper brand of food for his dog, Chooky, because he had been spending about $60 a month.

The other morning, Mr. Cruz, an admissions counselor at the center, carried a 28-pound bag of Professional Plus Chicken and Pea Formula from the back as Cookie eagerly circled the waiting area. He placed the bag on the counter. Cookie sniffed it.

Then Mr. Lopez hoisted the bag onto his shoulder, and with Cookie by his side, headed out the door for home.

All you need to know about home-schooling #what #do #you #need #to


All you need to know about home-schooling

From overcrowded classrooms to ruthless bullies, some children fare better when their education takes place at home. We tell you more about home-schooling and some SuperMoms who have chosen it.

Don’t take the decision to home-school lightly

Mari-Lynn Kent, who started home-schooling her daughter Emma (11) this year, wrestled with the decision to home-school for about a year. “It’s a big decision and if you make the wrong choice, your child suffers.”

A number of factors motivated Mari-Lynn to home-school her daughter. Emma has a very busy extramural schedule, but trouble with bullies at school and the sexual conversations between 11-year-olds on the playground were also motivating factors. “I felt the care wasn’t there, especially when it came to the bullying,” says Mari-Lynn. “The child sitting next to Emma was hitting her. I had to speak to the teacher three times before she was moved.”

Discipline is key

Home-schooling allows Emma to focus on her passion – dance. “We try to work ahead, keeping Fridays open for her extramural activities such as ballet, piano, drama and choir,” says Mari-Lynn.

Mari-Lynn, a mother of two, has a very structured approach to home-schooling. A distance education company supplies her with a curriculum and tells her what textbooks she needs. “I wanted everything under one umbrella. The company also uses teachers to set up exams and the curriculum,” she explains. “They advise you on how much work you should do each week so you don’t fall behind.”

What about exams?

The company requires students to write exams in June and December. “She can write them at home, but there needs to be a moderator. I’m not allowed to moderate, but can ask someone else, who’ll have to sign an affidavit, swearing that Emma wrote in an exam environment.”

If Emma then ever goes back to a traditional school, she will have the certificates to prove that her education is up to standard and she won’t have to write an entry level exam. Mari-Lynn plans on home-schooling her daughter until high school. “Emma wants to go to a traditional high school and if she still feels that way later, then I’ll send her to one.”

A more informal approach

Other parents prefer an informal approach to home-schooling, says Bouwe van der Eems from the Association for Homeschooling. “Some parents prefer to be guided by the child’s interests, focusing on the subjects their children are interested in. You don’t have to follow a one size fits all curriculum like a slave. Parents can pick and choose from a variety of curriculums.”

How do home-schooled children matriculate?

From Grade 10 onwards, you need to follow the national curriculum if you want your child to finish school with a South African matric qualification. A home-schooled pupil must submit projects and write exams just like those in traditional schools. Parents can do this through home-school curriculum providers.

Many people prefer the international matric qualifications, like the British Cambridge or US GED diploma, over a South African matric. “These qualifications are recognised by universities. Unlike a South African matric qualification, you don’t need to complete and hand in projects. You just prepare and write the exams,” van der Eems says.

Benefits of home-schooling

  • A child can work at her own pace, says Anel Annandale, a Cape Town child psychologist. “Often children who are home-schooled learn to take greater responsibility for their own learning and development.”
  • It gives you and your child greater flexibility when it comes to time, says Annandale. “It allows a child with a specific gift for a generally time-consuming interest, such as a gifted gymnast or horse rider, to schedule schoolwork around her practice and training schedule,” she adds.
  • “Peer pressure, bullying and high levels of competitiveness are less often a factor for home-schooled children,” Annandale says.
  • Home-schooling can lead to closer family relationships, says Raquel Ferreira, a Johannesburg educational psychologist. “Extended periods of time together strengthen family relationships, not only between the child and his parents, but also with his siblings. As they get to know each other, the family members form bonds that last a lifetime,” she says.
  • One-on-one tutoring means that there is more time available to actually learn and teach, says Annandale. “Teachers in traditional schooling systems often waste a lot of time on discipline issues which arise purely because of the large number of students in a class,” she says.
  • “Home-schooling is often better suited to children with learning difficulties because parents can focus more in-depth on specific subject areas that their children struggle with,” Annandale says. “Many of the behaviour issues that are often associated with learning difficulties, such as the hyperactivity and impulsivity that children with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) often exhibit are tolerated more easily in a home-schooling environment than it may be in a traditional classroom.”
  • If a child can’t cope in traditional or remedial school, then home-schooling might be your best option, says Megan Robinson, an educational psychologist from Johannesburg. “Home-schooling can work well for the unique child who’s tried all other options and hasn’t coped. Similarly, a child who’s suffering from an illness or physical difficulty may have no other option. A child with a severe emotional or social disorder will also cope well in a home-school environment.”

Drawbacks of home-schooling:

  • “Home-schooling often offers difficulty for university entrance and coping skills,” Robinson says. “Often children who go through home-schooling battle to adjust to the demands placed on them in the tertiary environment or in the working world.
  • Children might miss out on learning opportunities, she adds. “Normal schooling teaches the child about more than just the general curriculum and provides the developing child with vital skills and life lessons. For example, it teaches social interaction, discipline and structure, moral development, leadership skills and other valuable life skills.”
  • Children who are home-schooled often miss out on healthy competition and extracurricular memories, says Ferreira. “Parents need to involve their children in club sports so as to still allow this area of development.”
  • It might be impossible for parents to juggle work with home-schooling. “Often a parent has to stop working so that they have time to home-school, but this then has the associated drawbacks of loss of income for the family,” Annandale says.
  • Annandale warns that home-schooled children sometimes have fewer opportunities to socialise with other children their own age and may become withdrawn and reserved in social settings. “Children who are very sociable or really enjoy or excel at group activities and group sports generally fare better in a traditional schooling system.”
  • Some subjects are best taught by skilled teachers, says Ferreira. “Some home-schooling parents have a hard time with subjects such as algebra or physics. Parents may need to look into the use of private tutors for this reason.”

Beware the challenges

  • Home-schooling is hard work, says van der Eems. “You need to prepare and be willing to make sacrifices, especially when it comes to your time. The home-school never closes. It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”
  • Home-schooling isn’t the norm, he adds, and not everyone might agree with your choice to home-school your child and you might often need to defend your choice.
  • Schools have more teaching resources than home-schooling parents. “Parents may not have access to the same resources that schools do. For instance, practically demonstrating a chemistry experiment may require a lot more effort and money than it would in a traditional school with a fully-equipped science lab,” Annandale says.

Are you ready for the responsibility?

Home-schooling is a huge responsibility warns van der Eems. “When you take your child’s education into your own hands, you take on a huge responsibility,” he says. “It can weigh on your conscience and you can question if you’re doing the right thing for your child’s education and their future. However, there are many support groups and internet discussion forums where parents can support one another and ask for advice.”

Embed Google Map – Add Google Maps to your Website! #how #to


Embed Google Map – Add Google Maps to your Website

About Google Maps
Google Maps is currently the most popular, as well as the most effective mapping service available on the internet. In addition to providing a detailed mapped image of the entire world, the service is also capable of providing directions to any destination and can even calculate the shortest or the least expensive travel route. Google Maps is also a constantly evolving application, and users are able to provide suggestions, make corrections, and even design 3D structures for the Google Maps extension known as Google Earth. Finally, the service can be used at no cost by general users, and Google has actually gone as far as offering free access to the Google Maps API. However, there are also several enterprise solutions available, designed specifically for business-oriented applications.

Early Days of Google Maps
Even though Google Maps has become one of the staple products of Google, the original idea and the computational foundation of the service was first developed by two brothers from Denmark: Lars and Jens Rasmussen. However, the mapping application conceived by the Rasmussen brothers at their start-up Where 2 Technologies was to be distributed as a piece of downloadable software. In 2004, after trying to create various mapping systems from scratch, Google began to show real interest in the brother’s project. In 2004, after discussions with the company’s technical and marketing staff, Lars and Jens Rasmussen made two very important decisions: to sell their Where 2 Technologies start-up to Google Inc. and become Google project managers, and to revamp their software application into an interactive online service called Google Maps.

Google Maps can be created with a simple application on our website. It simply requires that you enter the address of the location and click on the button to generate the link. When the process is complete, the link can be copied and pasted into the website. This process is helpful for all types of websites including projects that incorporate storytelling with maps. Here are some tips that you should know:

1. Google Maps Integrate Satellite Imagery
Google Maps also incorporates the use of satellite imagery to provide users with greater detail of the area. The street view is amazingly accurate and precise. This was made possible by Google’s vans that acquire information by driving roads and also by acquiring panoramic photos. Users can get maps of and driving directions to almost any location around the world.

2. Expand Map Functionality with APIs
Google will make its Advanced Programming Interfaces (APIs) available for free to the public. This expands the functionality of the maps and allows users to embed the information into a website easily. Google Earth API embeds the three-dimensional digital globe into the web page. These webpages can be marked with location pins or marked with images. Directions, elevations, time zones, and distances can also be embedded in maps.

3. Google Maps Integrated User Reviews
The goal of Google Maps is to give users the most functionality.The maps can be used on mobile phones and also on tablets. The user reviews are integrated into the local map views, and users can quickly get information and opinions about local hotels and restaurants.

4. Plan Routes with Commercial Airline Data
If you want to know more about planning a route with the commercial airlines, you can also use Google Maps. This application will provide access to schedules and daily itineraries using train and routes. User thumbnails are included to give pictorial information from each of Google’s Photo Tours.

5. Google Maps Offers Accurate Driving Directions
Users can save and print the directions. Step-by-step instructions makes it easier to travel from one destination to another. Most drivers love text messages because it’s easier to read everything right on the device.

Google Maps is the Way To Go
If you want directions, you should use Google Maps. This is one of the most convenient ways to get your directions and read them while on-the-go. You don’t have to print them out. You can simply store them on the phone and pull the directions up when you travel. It’s a recommended way to travel. Try the new Google Maps application. You’ll be happy you did!

Why to Embed Google Map on Your Site
If you have ever been trying to figure out how to get from one place to another, you have probably used Map. You can punch in your starting destination and your ending destination and get a trip route, complete with directions. If you just want to look up a location, you can use the Map to look at the street view, giving you an interactive image of exactly what you will see from the street, when you get there, so that you know what to expect.

However, this is far from all that you can do with Maps. You can also embed a map on your website so that visitors can see it. This is going to look like an image at first, but people can click on it and move it around, and then they will realize that it is generated by Google Maps. It is far more than a simple image. This can be done on almost any type of website, so the real question is this: How can having one of these interactive images from Google Maps help your site?

First of all, it can be hugely beneficial because it is far more useful than just writing down your address. Even though the local streets are very familiar to you, your site’s visitors do not know anything about them. Just putting down the name and building number does not tell them much about where you are really located, which is what they are wondering if they are trying to find your store or your business. By using an image from Google Map, you allow them to scroll around and look for familiar roads, or they can look at the street view and really get a feel for where your building is located. This provides the accurate information that these people are looking for.

Another benefit of using the image from Google Map is that people can use it to get directions right to your front door. They can just put in their own address, with yours already set as a waypoint, and the map will tell them how to get there in seconds. This can help you because people will not have to call you for more information; the embedded Google Map can handle all of that for you.

At the end of the day, what the embedded Google Map are giving people who visit your site is convenience. You are making it easier for them to learn what they need to learn and to get to your physical location. You are taking steps out of the process that they would have needed to take on their own, and that can increase business and customer satisfaction.

How to kick someone off Xbox Live – IP Stresser #how #to


How to kick someone off Xbox Live IP Stresser

How to use an ip stresser to boot someone off Xbox Live.

This guide will show you how to easily find an ip address through Xbox live. Once you get the ip from the victim you can do a lot of things with it from using it with an ip stresser to boot them offline to using a geo ip tool to find out where the victim lives. When you use a ddos tool to boot them offline you are basically just sending a whole bunch of traffic until the victims router can no longer bear the load, thus effectively cutting out the victims internet. For this guide i will mainly be teaching you how to get the ip and how to ddos it. You will need an ip stresser to do the actual ddosing and all free ip stressers are terrible. I suggest checking out Network Stresser as it is currently the best ip stresser around. Enjoy!

Getting the ip with Cain and Abel

First connect to Xbox live then head over to then click on the Projects link at the top of the page. Next find the Cain and Abel link and download the SECOND link. Once it is downloaded follow the installation prompts until it asks you to download WinSCP. You will need to install WinSCP to have Cain and Abel run properly.

Next you will need to run Cain and Abel as an administrator which will prompt an error about features not working but don t worry all is well. After the program should pop up and look like this:

Once we re at the launch screen click the tab named Sniffer . Next we want to click the little icon next to the folder on the top left shown in the picture below.

Next you will want to click the blue plus sign on the screen. Now after you click the blue cross icon you will be prompted by a box named Mac Address Scanner which will look like this:

Check the radio button All hosts in my subnet and press ok which will start the program and begin scanning mac addresses. You will see a lot of things pop up on the screen. We are looking for the OUI Fingerprint tab which will show Microsoft Corporation DO NOT use this ip on your ip stresser as it is owned by Microsoft. Next to that will be an ip address, copy and paste it somewhere as we will need this soon. Also remember that the first ip will almost always be or

Next click the APR tab on the bottom of the program, it will look like this:

After clicking APR we want to click the blue plus sign again and select that ip; either or and on the next box select the Microsoft Corporation ip address we saved earlier. Then click the nuclear symbol to stop the program and start grabbing ip addresses. Now you will start to see some ip addresses on your screen. Next we have 2 choices:

1. Get the ip of the host of the game it will be the ip with the most packets going into it.

2. Be in the same party with the person you are trying to boot and it will be the ip that isn t your own.

Once we have the ip address head over to
I f you don t already have a plan with them i suggest buying one as they re currently the best ip stresser on the market at the time of me writing this.

Login to go over to the hub page enter the ip address as well as the time and method. You should try port 80 first if it doesn t work try the Xbox live port which is 3074.

Hit that launch button and enjoy!

In conclusion this guide has shown us how to get ip addresses of people on Xbox live and how to use an ip stresser to boot them offline. Before you use an ip stresser you should always have a VPN a lot of ip stressers are targets of hack attempts and have their databases leaked. It is always best to be using a VPN online to stay anonymous. My favorite VPN is it s cheap and works great. Thanks for reading!

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Free Backup Software & Data Protection: FBackup #backup #software,fbackup,free #backup #software,free #backup,free


Free Backup Software

Main Features

It’s free for personal and commercial purposes

FBackup is a backup software free for both commercial and personal use. This means that you can save some money by not having to buy another backup program.

  • Automatic backups

    You define a backup job, set it to run automatically, and forget about it. FBackup will automatically run the backup at the scheduled date, so you have the benefits not only of having your data protected, but you’ll also save precious time.

  • Backup with standard zip compression

    When using “full backup”, the sources will be archived using standard zip compression. FBackup uses ZIP64 compression, which means that it can create zip files over 2GB in size. Also, you can password protect your backup zip files.

  • Exact copies of files

    If you don’t want to have the files stored in one zip file, FBackup can make exact copies of the backup sources using “mirror backup”. Since FBackup will also back up empty folders, you can use this backup type to create in the destination a “mirror” copy of the original files. So it’s not only a file backup software.

  • Protection against WannaCry & other ransomware

    WannaCry Ransomware is one of the most aggressive crypto-viruses and FBackup protects your data against it. With FBackup you can create backups of your important data and store those online in Google Drive. This way, even if your data gets encrypted by WannaCry or other ransomware viruses, you’ll still have uninfected copies stored online.

    • Easy to use

      The main functions of a backup program are backing up and restoring. These are very easy to run with FBackup by using the included backup wizard. Just start the wizard, select What, Where, How and When to run the backup and you’re all set. For restoring you just need to open the restore wizard and you’ll be asked where you want the restore data to be saved (original location, different one. ).

    • Run actions before/after backup

      For each backup job, you can define an action to execute before or after the backup. For example, you can select “Clear backup” before the backup runs, so that all the previous backed up files will be cleared before loading the new ones. As an after-backup action, you can set it to stand by, log off, hibernate or even shut down the computer once the backup has successfully finished.

    • Automatic updates

      FBackup automatically checks for updates weekly, so you’ll know when a new version is released. The option to check for updates can be disabled, but we recommend that it is enabled so that FBackup will be up-to-date.

    • Multiple backup destinations

      By default, your backups will be stored on the local Windows partition. To be sure you have a secure backup, we highly recommend you to store the backups on other destinations supported by FBackup (such as an external USB/Firewire drive, or on a mapped network drive). This way, if your computer suffers a hardware failure, you’ll have your data safe on an external location.

    • Backups in the Cloud

      With FBackup you can back-up your files and folders in the Cloud to your existing Google Drive account. Simply connect your account with FBackup and you’ll be able to use it as a Cloud destination. This lets you combine the best of both worlds, your favorite free backup program with world-renowed free cloud storage.

    • Backup plugins

      You can load plugins for backing up or restoring specific program settings or other custom data (like game saves, email data, etc.). Once loaded in FBackup, these plugins will list the sources needed to be backed up for that particular program in “Predefined Backups.” You can see a list of all the available backup plugins here: Free Backup Plugins

    • Backup open files

      If a file is in use by another program at the time of the backup, FBackup will still be able to back up that file, because it uses the Volume Shadow Service that Windows provides. So, as long as you’re using Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2012/2008/2003 Server (32/64-bit), FBackup will back up those open files. As an example, you will be able to back up your Outlook emails and settings without closing the program first.

    • Multi-language

      You can choose a language for the user interface from the languages currently supported. If you want to help us translate the website or its interface into another language, you can do so by visiting the Languages page.

    FBackup is a free data backup software, it is not recommended for full system backup (disk image backups).

    Welcome to the Site – Toronto Area Hospice Regatta #hotel #booking #websites

    #dorothy ley hospice


    Hospice Overview

    The Dorothy Ley Hospice

    Fostering hope and dignity through exemplary care, advocacy, education and research for individuals living with the challenges of a life-limiting illness or loss.

    The Dorothy Ley Hospice is a volunteer-based community service organization offering compassionate care to people living with the challenges of a life-limiting illness or loss. Our goal is to provide comfort and help them manage so they can live every day to the fullest with dignity, meaning and hope. All of our services are offered at no cost to the individual thanks to the generosity of our donors, government funding and the support of our community partners.

    Our programs and services meet a variety of support needs for individuals, families and care providers. Any individual facing the challenges of a life-limiting illness, regardless of age or medical condition, can access hospice support. We also provide support services for their family members.

    The Dorothy Ley Hospice has two key programs — a community program and a residential program. Services offered through out community program are available from the time of diagnosis of a life limiting illness. The residential program is available to people who have three months or less to live.

    Most of us – including our friends and family members – will ultimately face a life-limiting illness and loss. In fact, as the population ages and the structure of our health care system evolves, there are few options for the terminally ill who need physical, emotional and spiritual support. The Dorothy Ley Hospice fills that critical void.

    Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Hospice is able to provide services at no cost to the individuals we serve. This is why every dollar we receive from individuals, foundations, corporations, organizations, churches and special events is appreciated and valued.

    Our total budget to serve more than 3,000 individuals a year is almost $3 million. The provincial government funding covers 60 per cent of our costs and we need to fundraise the remaining 40 per cent or $1.1 million a year from the community.

    Thank you for making a difference during one of the most challenging times in a person s life.

    For specific information about our services, please feel free to contact us directly or visit our website at We will be happy to provide an assessment of your needs and, if we are unable to help you, we can put you in touch with the most appropriate service provider.

    Located at220 Sherway Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9C 0A7, (416) 626-0116

    Charitable Number: 13019 3394 RR0001

    My HealtheVet – The Gateway to Veteran Health and Wellness #book #hotel

    #what is health care


    Welcome to My Healthe Vet

    My Healthe Vet is VA s online personal health record. It was designed for Veterans, active duty Servicemembers, their dependents and caregivers. My Healthe Vet helps you partner with your health care team. It provides you opportunities and tools to make informed decisions and manage your health care

    Specific features in My Healthe Vet are available to you based on your account type. All users who have a Basic account are able to view their self-entered information. If you are a VA patient, you can upgrade your account to Advanced or Premium. For more information about account types and what you can view, visit My Healthe Vet Account Types.

    Among the newest features available to Veterans with a Premium Account include VA Notes. These are clinical notes that your health care team records during your appointments or hospital stays. Also available are your VA Immunization records, more detailed lab reports and a list of your current medical issues. These features are in addition to prescription refills, VA Appointments and Secure Messaging all very popular with Veterans!

    Already a Member?

    Go to the main My Healthe Vet home page to start managing your health care online.

    Not Registered?

    First Time Registration?

    If you are already enrolled at a VA facility, be sure to check the ‘VA Patient’ option and include your full name, including middle name if applicable, your date of birth, SSN and gender.

    Learn what the Blue Button can do for you

    Labs, appointments, prescriptions, and other medical records are part of the Blue Button. Did you know that the DoD Military Service Information feature includes Military Occupational Specialty Codes, which can assist Veterans in linking military occupations with civilian jobs?

    How to use #how #to #use #seo #keywords


    What is the meaning of the meta tag keywords – meta name keywords

    Over 80% of all online proceedings start with a search query. You browse to a search engine and you will fill out certain keywords that match what you are looking for. That’s why it’s so important to put relevant and correct keywords in your meta tags in the source of your web-page.

    meta name= keywords content= text

    Some people will try to make you believe the meta description and the meta keywords will not help your ranking at all. They are missing a important SEO criteria. Not only will for example google show your description tag but if you use an attractive line or text, more people will click on your listing. And that will give you a better CTR. And CTR is one of the important things for your ranking.

    Search engines like Google show meta tags in their search results. You perform a search task by filling out:

    How do you make sure that your website is found on internet if you fill out certain keywords? You use the KEYWORDS tag.

    More than 80% of the people that search for a website fill out more than 1 keyword

    meta name= keywords content= text

    Example how to use the meta keywords tag

    Read how to use this meta name keywords tag. Add the following meta-tags in the HTML source of your web-page.

    meta name= keywords content= meta, metatags, meta tag, meta tags, submit, search engines, spiders, sites, submit site, search engine submit, website, submit website, add meta tags, find website, be found on internet, keywords, keyword
    It’s very important that you add the keywords you want your site to be found under in your KEYWORD tag. If a search engine spider finds the same words on your website and in your meta tags, these words will be ranked higher in the search index. Don’t add too many words, the most search engines will only index the first 20 words. Make sure that you put the 10 most important keywords first.

    Try to give each page of your website a relevant title, description and keywords that correspond with the text on your website. A visitor will find the exact information within your website, on the correct page.

    Where should you add this keyword tag?

    You may add the keyword tag in all of your web-pages, so not only in the first index page. Make sure that on every page relevant keyword tags are added. Add keywords that are relevant and correspond with the text on that specific page. It might be a lot of work to add specific meta tags to each page but you will notice in time that it works!

    Meta tags Summary – Important SEO things to remember

    We suggest that you use the Meta tags in your index.htm or index.html page. Than in all other important pages and last but not least in all the pages of your website. Make sure to put some extra effort in it, it will attract more visitors to your web-page. Create relevant and different meta tags for each and every page.

    1. Read why meta tags are important and how they affect the search engines.
    2. Use our meta tags generator to create the correct meta tags.
    3. Use our website analyzer to get professional advice from the meta tags experts.
    4. Submit your website to the search engines and choose one of our packages:

    Welcome to Hospice Aide Hub #cheap #deals #on #hotels

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    Welcome to Hospice Aide Hub!

    Or as we like to call it, hospiceaidehub.calm.

    Our mission is to provide convenient and affordable quality education specifically for hospice aides and LTC/home health aides caring for hospice patients to promote the highest standards of care and compliance. Each course meets Medicare-required and 1.0 hour aide inservices for:

    Long-term Care Facilities

    Home Health Agencies

    As valued members of the interdisciplinary team, hospice aides are essential to the care, support, and education of patients, families, and caregivers. Hospice Aide Hub is dedicated to the care, support, and education of hospice aides.

    New and seasoned hospice aides will find the in-services informative, thought-provoking, and within their scope of practice. For hospice educators they are organized and ready to use, easy to download, and great timesavers. Hospice organizations meet compliance guidelines and save money too.

    Our courses are created from extensive experience in hospice care with expertise in the areas of clinical practice, education, and management. Each module takes approximately one hour to complete and a variety of topics are available. Special requests for topics are welcome as well as feedback on current topics.

    In addition to providing education, our goal is to inspire self-care and mind-body-spirit wellness. We invite you to grow with us and look forward to serving you.

    Circuit Breaker Won – t Reset: Electrical Online #adding #a #circuit #to


    Circuit Breaker Won t Reset

    My circuit breaker won’t reset. What is the problem? What can I check for? This is one of the most common issues that can happen within the home’s electrical system.

    There can be several reasons that a circuit breaker won’t reset. First we must look at the function of the circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is designed to limit the current on a circuit to the rated level (measured in amperage) for which it, and the circuit is designed to operate at. A breaker is also designed to trip on a sudden and extremely high flow of current (short circuit) condition.

    Here are the most common reasons why a circuit breaker won’t reset:

    1. Are you taking the proper steps to attempt to reset the breaker? You must push the breaker handle firmly and fully to the off position, and then back to on.
    2. An overloaded circuit. If the circuit breaker trips, and won’t reset immediately, but after a cool down period it can be reset, then trips again after a few minutes, then the problem is likely an overloaded circuit. Your circuit breaker won’t reset because you may have too many heavy loads plugged into receptacles or electrical outlets on that particular circuit. You may have too many lights on that circuit, or bulbs installed in fixtures that the wattage rating is too high. You may have a faulty appliance plugged into the circuit that is causing the problem. To troubleshoot the cause, start by unplugging everything, and shut off light fixtures, etc. Then if the breaker stays reset, start plugging in and turning lights back on until a problem becomes evident.
    3. A short circuit. If the circuit breaker won’t reset, and trips immediately, then you probably have a short circuit condition. Take the same steps as above to attempt to isolate the cause.
    4. It is possible, but much less likely that the breaker itself is faulty.

    It is important to remember that if the circuit breaker won’t reset, then it is likely a sure sign that you have a problem that needs attention. If your circuit breaker won’t reset, find out what is causing the problem. Never replace the breaker with one of a higher rating as a permanent or even a temporary fix. This can cause a dangerous condition of over-heating the wires, and possibly a fire.

    Once you ve rectified the situation, you can try resetting the breaker. Here s a link to my article that talks more about how to reset a tripped breaker and how to reset it, and includes a video demonstrating the process.

    I hope this information helps! Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions or comments, please feel to share them below.

    Not Sure About Doing These Types of Projects or Troubleshooting? Not Anymore!

    Have you been stumped by a three-way switch, struggled installing a new receptacle, or basically put off doing any wiring project yourself because you didn’t feel confident working around electricity? I completely understand. Electricity can be downright scary. However, armed with the properinformation you must have to work safely and completely, home owners like yourself CAN complete most simple home wiring projects.

    Rather than scour the internet looking for the information you need to work on a wiring project or problem, I can recommend a tremendous resource that pulls together virtually everything you will need to know. I don’t endorse many projects, but this is one that I fully endorse “The Basics of Household Wiring” DVD or e-book.

    As I licensed, journeyman electrician, I have pretty high expectations for a DIY resource. It must be professional, it must be technically correct, and above all, it must focus on safety. I found all of that in this DVD, and I am confident that you will be impressed with the quality of the information contained in this excellent resource.

    This easy to understand (and no – you won’t need to understand technical “jargon”) tutorial breaks down the majority of home wiring projects you’ll encounter around the house and provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to complete them – safely and competently. This comprehensive, professionally produced DVD will give you the confidence you need to work on any of those home wiring projects! It’s a tool that I recommend every DIYer consider adding to their tool box! Click here for more information .

    Day view of Manhattan, New York, USA #manhattan, #new #york, #usa, #panorama,


    Open Virtual Tour

    In 2006 I shot our very first spherical aerial panorama. from which the AirPano project started, in the beautiful place of the Colorado and the San Juan rivers confluence (USA):

    The result was overwhelming by looking at the large screen one had a total illusion of flying over the canyon. And so we decided to continue our experiments.

    The next attempt was made in 2007 above the island of Manhattan. I remember this photo shoot by one funny detail: there were no headphones for passengers in the helicopter’s cabin. I had to shout from the back seat (while trying to overcome the engine roar that was coming from the open door) to let the pilot know where to go. He didn’t hear me anyway, so in order to change the shooting position I had to tap on his shoulder and then after he looked at me I had to point the direction with my finger where the thumb down meant moving lower. And guess how I showed him to go higher 🙂 It was fun.

    After that incident, when hiring a helicopter I always ask: Do you have passenger headphones in the cabin?
    And pilots are always surprised: But of course! Is it possible not to have them?
    Yes, it is possible, I answer In New York 🙂

    Despite of all the difficulties, this photo shoot was accomplished, delivering world’s first virtual photo tour above Manhattan .

    There were many more flights after this one, and many like-minded people joined AirPano project in the process. As of today we shot around 100 spherical panoramas of the most interesting and beautiful places in all the continents of our planet. Except for Antarctica. We also made virtual photo tours over the world’s most beautiful cities.

    In 2011 we returned to New York to once again photograph Manhattan: this time making it much better technically and artistically. Enjoy the daytime aerial panoramas of Manhattan now. The evening flight over Manhattan and the large photographic virtual tour will be published in the nearest future.

    New York is the most famous city of the USA, and Manhattan is the most famous part of New York. It all started 400 years ago when the most famous and profitable in human history real estate deal was made: the Native Americans sold this ‘not so useful’ piece of land to Europeans for 24 dollars.

    Since that time the island has changed dramatically. For 24 dollars one can probably buy a ticket to the Empire State Building.

    Present day Manhattan is the most populated island on Earth. The land itself costs about 40 billion US dollars, and the cost of the entire Manhattan, including its real estate, reaches over 3 trillion US dollars.

    This remarkable part of New York City is best to be discovered on foot not only because of the infamous New York traffic or cost of parking in New York. There is a joke in New York that only wasteful people can afford driving in New York, because the time one spends on finding a parking spot sometimes equals the time it takes to drive from one side of Manhattan to another.

    New York is known to be a financial capital of the world, and the island of Manhattan is where all the banks, offices, largest insurance companies and corporations are located literally one on top of another. Basically the rest of New York, and eventually, the rest of the United States, work for Manhattan, making sure that this gigantic city inside of the city continues its mission processing the wealth of the whole world.

    Besides a large number of museums, almost every building in Manhattan has a historical value. Old buildings harmoniously coexist with the best examples of the modern architecture. Most famous New York attractions are located in Manhattan, including Empire State Building mentioned above, Central Park and Times Square. There is also colorful China Town and bright Broadway they are all located on this island. It is a shame not to bring a photo of Manhattan from your trip to New York!

    We also made our modest Manhattan photo album. These panoramas were photographed in the summer of 2011.

    Text by Oleg Gaponyuk, photography by Dmitry Moiseenko