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Thinking about buying some candles for the holidays?
We can help you and you will be helping us help Veterans.
On behalf of CARS 4 HEROES we would like to thank you for your support. Our group will receive 40% profit for each item you purchase.
Please share our group information with friends and family.
Thank you again for your support.
Group Number: 990088752
Group Name: CARS 4 HEROES

Cars 4 Christmas will be celebrating the 21st Anniversary here in the Kansas City metro area helping 20 area families and we look forward to celebrating with you Friday December 16th at Harrah’s NKC Casino

How about helping Veterans in Boston MA, Rochester NY, Indianapolis IN, Columbus OH, Omaha NE, Wichita KS, Tulsa OK and many more, we will be deliver them starting Dec 10th. Starting Monday November 28th at 6:45 8:30 am listen to the Slacker Morning Show on 101 The Fox Monday thru Friday

Cars 4 Christmas is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
EIN 11-3663200
P.O. BOX 25364 OVERLAND PARK, KS 66225

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TMS Pricing – Transportation Management System #transportation #management #software, #tms, #saas, #broker


Software Pricing


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Auto email notifications
  • Auto posting to load boards
  • Carrier profile
  • Carrier Service Rating
  • CRM for Customers and Carriers
  • Customer credit limits and thresholds
  • Customer Portal: AR with document images
  • Customer Portal: Online Tracking
  • Customer Portal: View and Accept Quotes
  • Customer profile
  • Dispatch
  • E-billing
  • E-Mails Included
  • FMCSA/Safersys integration
  • Google mapping
  • Home Page Designer
  • Inbound Document Portal
  • Integrated email, faxing texting*
  • Internal notes for loads, customers and carriers
  • Invoicing
  • Links to state traffic and Accuweather
  • Quote system for customers
  • SmartSearch Comprehensive carrier search for the load


$440/m (up to 5 users) $75/m (per additional user) (level 1 features included)

  • Auto rating line haul and accessorial rates
  • Analytics
  • Available Loads List on the Web
  • Burst emails to carriers for Available Loads, Load Status, and AP information.
  • Carrier Cancellation Tracking
  • Carrier Portal:
    • Available loads list on the Web
    • Add available equipment
    • Update undelivered shipments
    • Quick Pay Options
  • Commissions for Dispatch and Sales
  • Data Logging
  • Fuel Surcharge Auto Rates
  • Inbound Document Portal
  • OSD Tracking
  • Send Customer and/or Carrier Pack


  • Aljex s Lane-Pricing $300 one-time setup fee
  • Agent Security $300/month
  • Carrier Advance Administration $300/month
  • Chat $100/month
  • Customer Portal: Online Order Entry $150/month
  • Factor your AR and AP $250/month
  • QuickBooks or Sage 50 Premium Version Accounting Integration View our Partners page for info and pricing


What our customers say

“We value the partnership we have developed with Aljex over the past 6 years as our TMS provider. Over that time we have grown from 5 users to 200 on the system and support 25+ EDI partner,s covering a broad portfolio of services industries. We have given Aljex many challenges to meet and without faltering they have risen to the occasion every time. From warehousing to significant distribution projects and everything in between, the system has proven reliable and scalable. Our customers rank our information delivery as one of our leading strengths and that is a direct result of what we have accomplished with Aljex. We look forward to our continued and mutual success for many years to come.”

Kathi C. Laughman, Director – Business System & Solutions Crane Freight & Cartage – Crane Solutions LLC

“…..YOU ( as in Robyn ) have been helpful, VERY helpful…whereas I sometimes get more formal/cold/hard to figure replies back from other support teams in other companies. Your reply was what support SHOULD be, it breeds good relations and customer service. It’s attitudes like yours that create success and goodwill. ”

Jim P Taylor Truckline (Northfield, MN)

“Aljex is imminently scalable, and our business is the proof of that. In just over 2yrs we’ve been able to grow our business from 5 employees to almost 45, without missing a beat or having any systems issues whatsoever… the reason I still work with Aljex is due to the simplicity and adaptability of the systems.”

David Broering Cherry Hill, NJ

Ready to experience the next generation?

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Hello Welcome! We are so glad you have found us. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your pets.

Global Paws is here to safely and ethically take care of the entire process of your pet relocation needs. This means we will manage all your pets’ flights, veterinary requirements for overseas pet travel, origin and destination ground transportation, kennelling and much more.

Whether it is dog transport or cat transport that you are looking for, you can be confident that you’ve reached South Africa’s leading pet movers.

We have been providing reliable pet travel and animal moving services professionally since 1986 so you can imagine just how much experience, knowledge and understanding we have to offer you, read more About us.

We provide animal relocation services within South Africa and international transportation to and from anywhere in the world, read more Pet travel and animal relocation. Besides domestic pet shipping services and international pet travel services, we are also able to assist with the import of pets into South Africa and surrounding SADC countries. If your pet is transiting through South Africa we are able to arrange onward flights to all African and other international destinations and manage all your pet transit requirements.

What’s important to you?

  • Your comfort – We will provide you with professional and up to date pet travel guidance
    and expertise concerning your destination country’s specific requirements …read more
  • Your funds – invest with us, the professional company that charges an honest price for an above standard service. Our price does not compromise the level of service we supply or the care provided to your pets …read more
  • Your time – If you are a busy person, and finding time is difficult for you, let us supply you with an all-inclusive pet relocation service …read more
  • Your peace of mind – The safety of your pets is the most worrying aspect of your animal’s relocation experience and this is the reason why it is important that you deal with a professional and down to earth pet travel company, who will put your pet’s comfort, safety and needs above all else …read more
  • Uniqueness – Why are we the preferred travel agency and what else does Global Paws offer that is unique? …find answers here

    Our company motto is: HOME IS WHERE YOUR PET IS. Every decision we make is based on this statement as we honestly believe that a pet completes a family. Every day we send or receive pets, either from international or local destinations, and see that the reunion with beloved furry friends is a very emotional and rewarding event for both the pet and its family. We are and will always be happy to take part in this unique experience.

    We are looking forward to your call!


    National Switchboard Quote Center:

  • Non emergency medical transportation service in Georgia #long #distance #medical #transportation, #medical


    Finest Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Georgia

    Need Local or Long Distance Transport?

    We treat your loved ones like our own to ensure safe medical transportation you can trust.

    All About Medical Transportation (AAMT) is dedicated to providing safe and timely non-emergency medical transportation options in Georgia to individuals with special medical needs. Our goal is to provide the most relaxing and stress-free medical transportation in our spacious and well-equipped vehicles. AAMT’s professional, caring drivers go above and beyond to ensure the comfort and safety of every passenger en route to the hospital, doctor’s office, assisted living center, or other facility. Our non emergency medical transportation service in Georgia is fully-equipped with essential medical equipment: including stretchers. breathing assistance devices. blood, pressure kits. first aid supplies. medical bags and more. Our drivers are trained to use this equipment, ensuring that passengers receive the care they need en route to their destination.

    Request a quote

    Transport Services

    Whether you need long-distance transport or local medical transport in Georgia—whether in Savannah, Rincon, Bloomingdale, or another city—your loved ones can rely on the wheelchair and stretcher transportation services provided by All About Medical Transportation for a safe and comfortable trip. Our staff is highly trained and well-prepared to assist with any medical or healthcare needs.


    At All About Medical Transportation, we focus on providing a meticulously punctual service offered in the utmost comfort. Our vehicles are specially designed for stretcher and wheelchair transportation, and provide ample space and luxurious amenities. State-of-the-art wheelchair lifts ensure comfortable entry and exit, and all of our wheelchair vehicles feature 4-point wheelchair locking systems for maximum safety during transport.


    All About Medical Transportation’s vehicles are fully furnished with state-of-the art technology and are well equipped to handle a wide variety of medical injuries and illnesses. Each vehicle is stocked with essential medical equipment, including wheelchairs, stretchers, first aid kits, medical bags, oxygen assistance devices, and more.

    Las Vegas Transportation – Party Bus Transportation #vega #transportation


    Vegas Transportation Party Bus, Limousine Company

    Vegas Transportation Party Bus, Limousine Company provides the best Limousine and Party Bus Service Las Vegas has to offer. We can transport our guests to or from the Las Vegas airports, Las Vegas convention centers, all shopping malls, all Hotels in Las Vegas area, Las Vegas wedding chapels, Gun ranges, Restaurants, Dance Clubs, Strip Clubs and all and every other locations in Las Vegas, to make arrangements for Party Bus and Limousine service please call 702- 272- 2700. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Call Us Today For a Quote

    You may call us to book a Vegas Party Bus (702) 272-2700 or use our convenient

    Online Reservation System

    Las Vegas Party Bus by Vegas Transportation® is the BEST source in Las Vegas for the one and only Limo Coach Charter Bus Service, also known as the Vegas Party Bus limo.

    Las Vegas Party Bus and Limo

    Vegas Transportation provides the top Limousine service in Las Vegas area and also provides the state of the art brand new party buses by the hour, Vegas Transportation party buses have no match and our Party bus limo will not only entertain you but enhance your visit to Las Vegas as well. Vegas Party Bus can hold anywhere from 16 passengers up to large groups of 35 passengers, 22 inch wheels, flat screen televisions, CD and DVD players, iPod hook ups, fiber optic lighting, neon lighting and more.

    Vegas Transportation Party Bus and Limousine service provides the ultimate limos and party buses for your bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate events, and weddings in Las Vegas Nevada.

    Whether it’s a pickup service from the Las Vegas Airport to the strip hotels, a tour down the Las Vegas strip, a tour of Hoover Dam, or Party Bus cruise on the Las Vegas strip, Vegas Transportation Limousine and Party Bus got you covered.

    Las Vegas Party Bus and Limo

    Vegas Transportation provides the top Limousine service in Las Vegas area and also provides the state of the art brand new party buses by the hour, Vegas Transportation party buses have no match and our Party bus limo will not only entertain you but enhance your visit to Las Vegas as well. Vegas Party Bus can hold anywhere from 16 passengers up to large groups of 35 passengers, 22 inch wheels, flat screen televisions, CD and DVD players, iPod hook ups, fiber optic lighting, neon lighting and more.

    Vegas Transportation Party Bus and Limousine service provides the ultimate limos and party buses for your bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate events, and weddings in Las Vegas Nevada.

    Whether it’s a pickup service from the Las Vegas Airport to the strip hotels, a tour down the Las Vegas strip, a tour of Hoover Dam, or Party Bus cruise on the Las Vegas strip, Vegas Transportation Limousine and Party Bus got you covered.

    Las Vegas Party Bus and Limo

    Vegas Transportation provides the top Limousine service in Las Vegas area and also provides the state of the art brand new party buses by the hour, Vegas Transportation party buses have no match and our Party bus limo will not only entertain you but enhance your visit to Las Vegas as well. Vegas Party Bus can hold anywhere from 16 passengers up to large groups of 35 passengers, 22 inch wheels, flat screen televisions, CD and DVD players, iPod hook ups, fiber optic lighting, neon lighting and more.

    Vegas Transportation Party Bus and Limousine service provides the ultimate limos and party buses for your bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate events, and weddings in Las Vegas Nevada.

    Whether it’s a pickup service from the Las Vegas Airport to the strip hotels, a tour down the Las Vegas strip, a tour of Hoover Dam, or Party Bus cruise on the Las Vegas strip, Vegas Transportation Limousine and Party Bus got you covered.

    The Energy Story – Chapter 3: Resistance and Static Electricity #renewable #energy


    Chapter 3: Resistance and Static Electricity

    As we have learned, some kinds of atoms contain loosely attached electrons. Electrons can be made to move easily from one atom to another. When those electrons move among the atoms of matter, a current of electricity is created.

    Take a piece of wire. The electrons are passed from atom to atom, creating an electrical current from one end to the other. Electrons are very, very small. A single copper penny contains more than 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1×1022) electrons.

    Electricity “flows” or moves through some things better than others do. The measurement of how well something conducts electricity is called its resistance.

    Resistance in wire depends on how thick and how long it is, and what it’s made of. The thickness of wire is called its gauge. The smaller the gauge, the bigger the wire. Some of the largest thicknesses of regular wire is gauge 1.

    Different types of metal are used in making wire. You can have copper wire, aluminum wire, even steel wire. Each of these metals has a different resistance; how well the metal conducts electricity. The lower the resistance of a wire, the better it conducts electricity.

    Copper is used in many wires because it has a lower resistance than many other metals. The wires in your walls, inside your lamps and elsewhere are usually copper.

    A piece of metal can be made to act like a heater. When an electrical current occurs, the resistance causes friction and the friction causes heat. The higher the resistance, the hotter it can get. So, a coiled wire high in resistance, like the wire in a hair dryer, can be very hot.

    Some things conduct electricity very poorly. These are called insulators. Rubber is a good insulator, and that’s why rubber is used to cover wires in an electric cord. Glass is another good insulator. If you look at the end of a power line, you’ll see that it is attached to some bumpy looking things. These are glass insulators. They keep the metal of the wires from touching the metal of the towers.

    Another type of electrical energy is static electricity. Unlike current electricity that moves, static electricity stays in one place.

    Try this experiment.

    Rub a balloon filled with air on a wool sweater or on your hair. Then hold it up to a wall. The balloon will stay there by itself.

    Tie strings to the ends of two balloons. Now rub the two balloons together, hold them by strings at the end and put them next to each other. They’ll move apart.

    Rubbing the balloons gives them static electricity. When you rub the balloon it picks up extra electrons from the sweater or your hair and becomes slightly negatively charged.

    The negative charges in the single balloon are attracted to the positive charges in the wall.

    The two balloons hanging by strings both have negative charges. Negative charges always repel negative charges and positive always repels positive charges. So, the two balloons’ negative charges “push” each other apart.

    Static electricity can also give you a shock. If you walk across a carpet, shuffling your feet and touching something made of metal, a spark can jump between you and the metal object. Shuffling your feet picks up additional electrons spread over your body. When you touch a metal doorknob or something with a positive charge the electricity jumps across the small gap from your fingers just before you touch the metal knob. If you walk across a carpet and touch a computer case, you can damage the computer.

    One other type of static electricity is very spectacular. It’s the lightning in a thunder and lightning storm. Clouds become negatively charged as ice crystals inside the clouds rub up against each other. Meanwhile, on the ground, the positive charge increases. The clouds get so highly charged that the electrons jump from the ground to the cloud, or from one cloud to another cloud. This causes a huge spark of static electricity in the sky that we call lightning.

    You can find out more about lightning at Web Weather for Kids –

    You’ll remember from Chapter 2 that the word “electricity” came from the Greek words “elektor,” for “beaming sun” and “elektron,” both words describing amber. Amber is fossilized tree sap millions of years old and has hardened as hard as a stone.

    Around 600 BCE (Before the Common Era) Greeks noticed a strange effect: When rubbing “elektron” against a piece of fur, the amber would start attracting particles of dust, feathers and straw. No one paid much attention to this “strange effect” until about 1600 when Dr. William Gilbert investigated the reactions of magnets and amber and discovered other objects can be made “electric.”

    Gilbert said that amber acquired what he called “resinous electricity” when rubbed with fur. Glass, however, when rubbed with silk, acquired what he termed “vitreous electricity.”

    He thought that electricity repelled the same kind and attracts the opposite kind of electricity. Gilbert and other scientists of that time thought that the friction actually created the electricity (their word for the electrical charge).

    In 1747, Benjamin Franklin in America and William Watson in England both reached the same conclusion. They said all materials possess a single kind of electrical “fluid.” They didn’t really know anything about atoms and electrons, so they called how it behaved a “fluid.”

    They thought that this fluid can penetrate matter freely and couldn’t be created or destroyed. The two men thought that the action of rubbing (like rubbing amber with fur) moves this unseen fluid from one thing to another, electrifying both.

    Franklin defined the fluid as positive and the lack of fluid as negative. Therefore, according to Franklin, the direction of flow was from positive to negative. Today, we know that the opposite is true. Electricity flows from negative to positive. Others took the idea even further saying this that two fluids are involved. They said items with the same fluid attract each other. And opposite types of fluid in objects will make them repel each other.

    All of this was only partially right. This is how scientific theories develop. Someone thinks of why something occurs and then proposes an explanation. It can take centuries sometime to find the real truth. Instead of electricity being a fluid, it is the movement of the charged particles between the objects. the two objects are really exchanging electrons.

    Learn about Electrical Circuits and electrons in Chapter 4.

    I-66 toll plan rolls forward – The Washington Post #dr. #gridlock, #virginia


    I-66 toll plan rolls forward

    In the summer, drivers on Interstate 66 will see crews preparing for the toll-gantry system along the lanes inside the Capital Beltway.

    It won’t take long, compared with other major transportation projects. The tolling signs will be activated about a year later, in mid-2017. The image above gives drivers an idea about what they will see as they approach the entry points for I-66.

    There’s still some planning left. This week, the Virginia Department of Transportation is holding public hearings on design details. The first was Monday night at the Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, the second is from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Eagle Rock Middle School in Ashburn, and the final is 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at VDOT’s Northern Virginia headquarters, 4975 Alliance Dr. in Fairfax.

    The Monday night hearing in the school cafeteria drew several hundred people, who studied the project’s display boards and listened to a presentation by Amanda Baxter, the project’s manager for VDOT. At the end of her talk, the floor was opened for public testimony. But out of the crowd of several hundred, only six wanted to talk. This was remarkable, given the long, controversial history of the interstate inside the Beltway. Arlingtonians live in the project’s corridor and will feel the full effect of it, both as residents and commuters.

    People who have been following this project for the past year suggested that people may be holding their fire for VDOT’s upcoming sessions about a separate project that will widen the eastbound side of the highway for four miles between the Dulles Connector Road and Ballston. The widening was part of a compromise reached only last month between Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) and the General Assembly, which was considering bills that would have blocked the high-occupancy toll-lanes project. The state needs to prepare an environmental assessment for the widening and hold hearings that are likely to draw close scrutiny in Arlington. Construction could start in early 2018 and be completed in early 2020.

    The tolling signs that will appear on the approaches to I-66 will look familiar to travelers on the west side of the Beltway and on I-95 in Northern Virginia. But as Falls Church City Council member David Snyder pointed out during his testimony Monday, “I-66 inside the Beltway is a unique highway.” For much of the nine-mile route, it’s two lanes in each direction through highly developed suburbs leading into the District, where many drivers come to a halt for a traffic light at Constitution Avenue NW.

    Snyder and many of the project’s planners are counting on new programs that will help drivers leave their cars behind. These new programs, including enhanced carpooling and commuter buses, will be financed with toll revenue. The project’s success depends on them, Snyder said.

    The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission soon will select a first round of projects that can be ready to go when the high-occupancy toll lanes open.

    The HOT lanes will replace today’s high-occupancy-vehicle lanes, which allow I-66 access at rush hours to two-person carpools and those with exemptions, such as drivers of certain hybrid cars.

    Arlingtonians have mixed feelings about the project. Creating HOT lanes means that the lanes will be open at rush hours to solo drivers willing to pay the variable toll. Some fear that will greatly increase the traffic on I-66. Others fear the tolling will push today’s I-66 drivers onto parallel routes and neighborhood streets. VDOT traffic models do not show a significant effect on such routes, but even projects that are overall successes can have some unintended consequences that their planners need to revisit after the project opens.

    The Tuesday night hearing at the Eagle Rock Middle School cafeteria, 42901 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, is likely to draw a crowd with different concerns. Many will focus on the impact of tolls on long-distance commuters, including those who today pay tolls to use the Greenway and the Dulles Toll Road before they reach I-66 inside the Beltway.

    LTL Trucking News: Industry Trends & Software News for Trucking Transportation #trucking


    Industry News

    Remain current with the latest technology news articles that is impacting the transportation industry. For not-so-recent articles, please visit our Reading Room.

    Dollars and Data: Financial Software Helps Carriers Make More Informed Decisions
    Transport Topics, November 2016
    Today’s financial reporting software is allowing carriers to go well beyond simply tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable. Now they can automatically pull in multiple data streams, compile information in a central location and analyze it in hundreds of ways to enable data-driven decision making.

    Opinion: Automate Your Dock for Big ROI
    Transport Topics, March 14, 2016
    Not much has changed since the 1970s when, as a young technology marketer, I stood on the docks of countless trucking companies for hours, sometimes days, clipboard in hand, trying to measure the time and efficiency of dock management. Armed with data laboriously collected, I would confront trucking executives with the evidence that I thought would persuade them to invest in the latest technology of the day to automate wherever they could.

    Carrier Logistics wins The 2015 Progress Global Partner Award for Saas Excellence!
    February 3, 2016
    Progress announced the winners of the Progress 2015 Global Partner Awards. The annual recognition celebrates top Progress partners demonstrating excellence in a wide array of business and market categories as well as technology innovation. Chosen from around the world, winners were recognized at the 2015 ProgressNEXT for Partners event on February 2, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Carrier Logistics, Project44 announce integration
    Candian Shipper. February 2016
    Tarrytown, N.Y. Carrier Logistics (CLI) has announced a new integration with project44, of Chicago, Ill, that will give carriers another option to electronic data interchange (EDI) feeds commonly used today to connect the freight industry. Using the new connection makes real-time communication possible for carriers of all modes and sizes. The partnership is currently live and
    speeding transactions at Clear Lane Freight Systems of Indianapolis, Ind. and Dohrn Transfer of Rock Island, Ill. both movers of less-than-truckload (LTL) freight, said a release.

    Where’s My Freight?
    Transport Topics, November 2016
    Today’s tracking technology allows users to monitor the movement of goods from the time they leave the manufacturer to the final unloading, eliminating black holes that once existed within the system, particularly within the handoff points as loads changed hands. As a result, carriers are able to improve customer service, minimize delays, better utilize assets and enhance security. The ability to track loads also opens up new opportunities for carriers as more shippers require up-to-date information on a load’s location.

    Trailer Tracking Helps Carriers Manage Regulatory Requirements
    Transport Topics, November 2016
    Whether carriers are preparing to meet the final requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act to comply with size regulations in states, technology providers said tracking technology can help operators comply with those regulatory requirements.

    Transport Topics, September 2014

    Land Air Express of New England, Case Study, June 2014

    Transport Topics, June 2014

    TLC Medical Transport #tlc #medical #transportation, #wheel #chair, #wheelchair, #gurney, #transportation, #sacramento,


    TLC has been serving northern California since 2005 with offices in Sacramento.
    Our regular hours of operation are Monday to Saturday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    and open all major holidays regardless of date, after hours transportation is also available. Each time you call TLC you will be greeted by a live voice during regular business hours.
    TLC works closely with individuals, hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, healthcare networks and insurance agencies including workers compensation to determine how to best serve clients in need of medical transportation. The focus of the company is ensuring tha t the patient receives high quality service while still controlling costs.
    TLC provides hospital discharges, doctors appointments, specializes in dialysis transportation and non-medical trips. Local and long distance transports are available. By providing a variety of transportation options, case managers and transportation coordinators can choose the services that best suit their clients needs. What is offered is a full range of services to ensure patients receive the most appropriate assistance and care, regardless of the nature of their transport.

    Our specialty services include:

    Wheelchair Lift Vans

    Gurney Van with Attendant

    Local or Long Distance

    Oxygen Equipped Vehicles

    TLC’s Mission Statement:

    We treat every client as if they are our personal family members. Our drivers are CPR and First Aid certified, kind, courteous and professional.

    TLC offers the most varied types of transportation than any other company. We have an Assisted Taxi for ambulatory client. Wheelchair and Gurney vans are also available for those requiring additional assistance.

    Here at TLC we do more than just medical transportation. We will also provide transportation for many other Special Occasions.

    Transport available Monday to Saturday.

    TLC has competitive pricing and accepts Visa and Mastercard for your convenience.

    Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering – University of Florida #florida #medical #transportation


    Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

    The Wertheim Transformation

    A $300 million public-private partnership to transform the future of engineering education and research.

  • UF ranks #6 nationally in helping low-income students get a college education

    UF is the only public university in Florida to make the list.

  • New 3D printing method promises superior medical implants for millions

    UF Engineering research featured on the cover of Scientific Advances.

  • UF Neuroengineers Receive up to $8.4M for DARPA Projects

    Karim Oweiss, Ph.D. and Kevin Otto, Ph.D. will study how cranial nerve stimulation can be used to accelerate learning.

  • Milken Institute Ranks UF Third Nationally for Tech Transfer

    UF is driving economic development and moving ideas out of the lab and into the world.

  • Chemical Engineering alumnus invests $3M in new UF Energy Program

    Integrated energy program will be lead by the Alex Moreno Endowed Professor of Energy, named in honor of the donor.

  • Lee county school bus transportation #lee #county #school #bus #transportation




    Find your transportation information on Home Base

    Families can find up-to-date transportation information (including route number and stop location) in your student s Home Base/PowerSchool account. Sign up for an account at your student s school. More information on Home Base is available at .

    Current students eligible for bus service – 2017-18 school year

    Parents, if your student is enrolled, has a school assignment that provides for neighborhood or express school bus transportation, and wishes to use this service on a regular basis, go to Bus Rider Registration to apply.

    Transportation-ineligible and Alternate Stops (requests for before- and after-care)

    For guidance on making application for bus service, go to Alternate Stop for before- and after-school care stops and Transportation -ineligible if your student’s school assignment requires parents to provide transportation.

    Families enrolling for 2017-18

    New enrollees to WCPSS are required to fill out a Transportation Service request form when making application at their base school. The School Data Manager will enter the transportation request for the new enrollees. If you need more information on enrolling, visit Student Assignment.

    WCPSS Transportation will correspond with new enrollees that are eligible for transportation near the start of the school year with bus route and stop information. You can find additional school transportation resources in this website by following the links to Guidelines and other sections to the left. Remember to make a family plan for your child to get safely to and from school when using a yellow school bus.