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GPC Online is the largest online program in the University System of Georgia. Students may choose from 18 online pathways. including Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Teacher Education. We offer online classes in accounting, computer science, education, English, math, Spanish and a number of other subjects. Use the following links to view a schedule of upcoming classes and a complete list of course descriptions .

Check out GPC s Online Student Success Community forum for up-to-date information on online registration, online courses and other online information.

Georgia Perimeter College has partnered with Georgia Southwestern State University to offer the state s first three–year accelerated bachelor s degree in Georgia. This program is offered fully online and offers students two degree options in management or accounting. For additional information on the FastTrac program email the program advisor Shannon Perry or 478-304-1491.

GPC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) with all courses taught by SACS-qualified instructors. As a result, GPC courses are widely accepted for transefer to other colleges and university. Online students may choose to participate in GPC s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements, which guarantee admission to some of the best public and private colleges and universities in the country.

Current GPC students considering transferring to Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech), should familiarize themselves with the Ga Tech s Course Transfer Tool in order to determine if/how your coursework will transfer. Contact a Georgia Perimeter College on-campus or online adviser if you have questions or need assistance with selecting courses for transfer.

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Car Insurance

Many tend to lose their assets even today. Either they don’t take the uncertainty of life seriously or they refuse to pay the minimal cost for motor insurance.

A little preparation against unforeseen events can help you deal with the crisis. Physical, financial, and legal protection to the car and the people travelling in it – that’s what you get with car insurance!

Having a third-party insurance compensates damages to a third-party and their property. This is the mandatory motor insurance coverage in India. While comprehensive car insurance covers damages to third-party as well as your car.

Do you still want to take the risk of not having vehicle insurance?

If no, then you need to get your car insured right away!

Bharti AXA Car Insurance Benefits

Our car insurance plan serves as your perfect safety partner in every car journey you take. The best part is it can be customized with add-on covers as per your car needs. So you can be assured you’re having a wholesome car insurance plan that is suitable for your car.

4 brilliant features that make buying Bharti AXA car insurance super-easy online:

Ready with the necessary details to be filled in? We’ll have your car insurance policy delivered to your mailbox at the snap of a finger.

The world is going digital! Why should we let you stay behind? No more fussing over paperwork. Easily manage your policies with us online.

You choose the brand, make, colour of the car. Then you can also choose the add-on covers that your car requires. Why leave that decision to someone else?

Shopping your policy with us online is going to be a wonderful experience for you. We’ve made the car insurance purchase, renewal, and claim process effortless.

1. Loss or damage due to

• Accident, burglary or theft
• Riot and strike
• Fire explosion self-ignition or lightning
• Natural Calamities
• Transit by road, rail, inland waterways, air or lift.

2. Personal Accident cover for owner/driver of the car
Death benefit of Rs.2 lakhs for the owner/driver in case of accidental death.

3. Third party bodily injury liability covers penalty to be given to victim
It covers the injury or death of the person hit by you.

4. Property damage liability
Covers penalty you need to pay in case of damage to the properties due to the accident caused by you up to the limits as specified in the policy.

1. Loss or damage to the car is not included under following conditions:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Depreciation of the car is not covered
  • Electrical mechanical failure
  • If you drive the car outside India
  • If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If the person driving doesn’t have valid driving license
  • Nuclear risks​
  • ​If you use Vehicle for other purposes. Ex: If the private vehicle is used as Taxi.

Add-on Covers

You would never buy an ill-fitting outfit and continue to wear it happily. Similarly, why should you buy an insurance plan that doesn’t fit your car’s needs? Different people have different requirements based on their usage of the vehicle. That’s why we have add-on covers that are designed to address your specific requirements individually.

With Bharti AXA car insurance, you can customize your four-wheeler plan by choosing add-on covers that you think will best suit you in future.

Your car value is depreciated each year. At the time of claim settlement, your claim value is reduced due to depreciation on repair or replacement of plastic, rubber, and other glass materials that aren’t covered under regular insurance policy. Luckily, the zero dep add on does not factor in depreciation and hence you end up saving up a lot at the time of claim.

Your engine can get damaged during heavy rains or floods. This add-on provides coverage against repair or replacement of engine parts due to water. This would be applicable only if your vehicle is less than 5 years old.

Buy Car Insurance by Manufacturer

Want to buy car insurance for your car? Bharti AXA provides insurance for a wide range of cars across numerous manufacturers. Select the desired manufacturer and get all their details as well as details of the respective car model that you’re looking for. Learn everything about your manufacturer and how Bharti AXA car insurance is ideal for protecting your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions on anything and everything related to car insurance? We’ve handpicked questions with answers that will help you understand the nitty-gritty of car insurance. You’ll also get better clarity of our products and services. Go through it to find the solution to your query. If you need more information, you can always contact us here. Our executives will be glad to assist you.

  1. What is the period for which car insurance policy is issued?

All car insurance policies are annual policies issued for a period of twelve months. You will have to renew the policy before the specified expiry date mentioned on the policy document. There are certain benefits of doing so:

  • Insured will continue to enjoy no claim bonus.
  • Insured will not have to get inspection done at the time of renewal.

If you sell your car to another person, the insurance can be transferred in the name of the buyer. The buyer (transferee) has to apply for transfer of insurance with us, within 14 days from the date of transfer of the vehicle in his name. If you want to substitute another private car of your in this policy, the policy will not be transferred to the buyer. The buyer (transferee) has to buy a fresh insurance.


Right from blogs, engaging infographics and exciting videos, there is so much that you can learn and know about car insurance and an individual’s car buying journey. Be it tricks to save on car insurance premium or how to make the most of add-ons, we cover it all.

Make sure you stay tuned with our regular updates at our knowledge centre section.

Policy Renewal Reminder

Policy Renewal Reminder we understand that it is not way to remember your policy renewal date and that is why we have this unique facility called policy renewal reminder for us. Just fill in your details and we will remind you when your policy renewal date is near. Fields marked * are mandatory.

Customers Speak

You are doing wonderful job Bharti AXA team. The way you handled the situation, made me cool again. Thanks keep it up!

I would like to inform that my dad’s claim has been successfully settled and dad got discharged from hospital. I am really thankful to you for your kind cooperation throughout the hospitalization period and promptly helping out in the claim settlement process. I really appreciate your service and your commitment in claim settlement.

Many thanks for your efforts. You really have been very proactive and helpful. We appreciate your dedication and sincerity. Wish you all the best!!

How to connect your PC to your big screen TV #connect #two


With the rise of internet streaming. video downloads, MP3 playing and DVD ripping. more of us can enjoy all of our media files on a personal computer. But some of us are not so keen on the tiny PC screen that can be found on a laptop and some desktops. So how do you connect your computer to the TV set and enjoy some big screen action?

Connect your computer to the big screen TV

Although a PC is convenient for music, pictures and video. Video and sound is not always so great on the computer. With new video websites coming at you everywhere you look and the rise of digital content, it seems that the only downside of streaming is being restricted to a small PC or laptop screen to watch stuff on.

From streaming video sites like Hulu. Netflix. Youtube. Amazon. ABC and the BBC amongst literally hundreds more from the web (Read our internet TV and movie site reviews here .), plus digital files and downloads, the computer offers tons of both free and paid streaming content to watch conveniently and on-demand.

The only possible downside (apart from possible dodgy buffering and slow downloads depending on your broadband connection), is that you have to watch your favorite TV show or movie on a dinky 12-14 inch laptop screen. Well fear not dear readers, you can connect your computer to your big screen TV set or projector very easily.

Many computers especially modern ones, now come with Wi-Fi streaming, home network options built in, HDMI cable connections and many other ways to hook up to your 50-inch home TV.

Ports and Connections
So firstly you should look at the ports on your computer and television. You will find any of the following:- Composite, S-Video, VGA, DVI, or HDMI port for connecting your PC to your TV set. Any modern PC will have a HDMI connection. If so just get a lead and plug into both the computer and TV set.

Computer settings
IF you have a windows PC then from your Start menu find and open the Control Panel Appearance and Personalization menu. Then select an connect an external display from the Display menu. Doing this should make the display from your computer be replicated on your TV. You may have to play around with resolution settings to get it just so.

Wireless Streaming Options
Devices and computers that are WiFi enabled can also stream across the home network if your TV is DLNA enabled. Many other options are available to mirror or cast a video or show from your device straight to the TV. Check out our streaming wirelessly to TV article for more information.

Media Centers
Instead of having a bunch of folders that you need to open up and navigate, there are now some kick-ass media centers that take care of all of your media files Video, streaming, music and pictures, then present them to you with DVD artwork, movie posters, synopsis, cast details, reviews etc. and make the computer the best option to use for movies and shows. Most media players have the option to rip your CD s straight to the computer but DVD ripping is generally unsupported due to copyright laws, although many believe if you own a DVD then you can watch it on your PC as long as you keep the disc version.

Many people love the idea of streaming from a computer but would rather just switch a set-top box on and off and get the same functionality. This is where a HTPC or home theater personal computer comes in. A HTPC offers a super quick loading Windows or Linux based OS and boots straight into a media player such as XBMC. Then you can play your movies, shows and streaming straight from the TV using a wireless keyboard or media remote for operation. For more HTPC information check out our guide here .

Controlling your PC using a remote
Once connected, you don t want to be scrambling to find the mouse to pause, rewind etc. so we need a device that will wirelessly control your TV PC setup. So what s the best way to control your computer from the other side of the room? You can purchase a PC remote control cheaply on Amazon or Ebay. Or a real cheap option is to pickup a wireless mouse. Just plugin the USB dongle to your PC and you can control all the action from your armchair.

DVD Rippers
If you have a large collection of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, you will want to get them transferred to your computer. For this you will need a DVD ripper. then encode or convert to a computer and tablet friendly format such as MP4 or TS etc.

So if you have a modern PC (check if you have a hdmi port), although many TV s now accept a vga or composite video cable, download a media center product (we recommend the free and open source XBMC ) and start enjoying your media 21st Century style.

Older PC s may need a few older cables and wires to help you hook up your PC to your TV set,and setting up a Wi-Fi connection to the home network is a feature many smart TV s have these days.

For more help with older computers, watch the video below and start watching Internet TV on the big screen.

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Veronica October 2, 2012 at 8:53 am

If you want to connect your PC to the television then take a look at the back of your computer and see what video outputs are there. Older desktop computers usually have a VGA, S-Video or DVI output.

VGA-Video Graphics Array. Most computers have these outputs.

S-Video-Separated Video or Super Video. S-Video will not provide the the high quality image that VGA, DVI or HDMI can provide on a HD TV.

DVI Digital Visual Interface. More modern PC s have a DVI connection.

So, just find out what you have then get a corresponding lead to connect the two. If you have a half-way decent computer then you may have a HDMI output.HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

Easiest option is to just grab a HDMI lead you have floating around and connect the PC to TV, select the HDMI as input and voila. A better option is to go wireless, but thats another story

Anyone with a modern-ish computer doesnt need a guide. Just plug a HDMI cable into PC and TV. You will need to play around with the settings on some PC s though to get it looking right.

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HI Santa Monica hostel, Los Angeles, two blocks from the beach #booking

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HI Santa Monica Hostel

Just a block from the beach on LA’s trendy West Side, HI Los Angeles Santa Monica hostel is the perfect spot for living the California dream. Sunbathe in our courtyard or surf the nearby Pacific; spend an afternoon or evening at the famous Santa Monica Pier; bike to nearby Venice Beach; or just spend your time discovering the shops, cafes, and bars all around the hostel.

Our super-friendly staff will help you make the most of your time in Santa Monica and explore the rest of LA, with awesome local tips and regular walking tours, pub crawls, comedy nights, and more. Come stay with friends you’ve never met at HI Los Angeles Santa Monica and see what the California lifestyle is all about!

  • Free breakfast
  • Free Wifi
  • Free tours and activities
  • Guest laundry facilities
  • Free pool table
  • Private outdoor courtyard
  • Dorm and private rooms available

Follow the sun further south and check out the beaches and nightlife of San Diego .

Hostel News Events

HI Los Angeles Santa Monica Adds New Rooms

​HI Los Angeles Santa Monica hostel has expanded with three new rooms, just in time to welcome summer travelers to sunny Southern California. The hostel now features a new 6-bed male dorm, a new 4-bed female dorm, and a private “executive suite” sleeping up to 3 people. All of the new.

Light Rail Now Connects HI Los Angeles Santa Monica to Downtown LA

Visitors to Los Angeles can now go from the bustle of downtown LA to the beaches of Santa Monica without braving the LA’s famous traffic! The city’s Expo light rail, connecting downtown LA and downtown Santa Monica, is now open, giving travelers and locals alike a quick and affordable option for.

Women in Travel Summit (WITS) Announces WITS ‘16

WITS by Wanderful will host 500 female travel bloggers in Irvine, CA in March, 2016 Wanderful – an international community and online resource for adventurous, independent, globally minded female travelers – has announced the third annual Women in Travel Summit (WITS), will take place at the.

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