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FAQ: Campus Transition to the EEE+ Ecosystem

Due to the nature of aging technology providing increasingly limited options for upgrades, UCI is moving from our 20-year old homegrown learning management system, EEE, to an expanded ecosystem of educational technologies.

At the center of this transition is Canvas – a popular, modern system with a robust toolbox and the added flexibility to connect to supplemental services developed by either UCI or third party providers.

Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the transition.

What’s going on?

We’ve hit a crossroads: technologies have evolved in complexity and variety, as have the needs of students, faculty, and campus staff. The legacy EEE system has become challenging to maintain due to its age. Enhancements have become impractical and in some cases not feasible.

After consultation with the campus, we are moving away from dependence on the 20-year-old home-grown legacy EEE website, to a new model supporting a broader ecosystem of tools. The Canvas learning management system, named EEE+ Canvas here at UCI, forms the core of this new ecosystem and provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage courses.

When is all of this going to happen?

It will take several years to integrate both our rebuilt home-grown and external 3rd-party tools with Canvas, as well as allow users to migrate content to new tools. We anticipate an approximately 3-5 year timeline (started in 2016), ending around 2020.

What’s going to happen to the legacy EEE Survey tool?

13 years ago we built the EEE Survey tool primarily for academic use; it quickly became popular for a wide range of non-academic campus work. This has revealed the need for a robust, central survey service for the campus as a replacement.

OIT will be identifying a Survey replacement with the help of the campus and we will retire the EEE Survey tool only after a new service is available and units have time to transition. There’s no timeline yet; we’ll be widely announcing any major updates, so stay tuned.

What about the other tools on EEE Legacy (like Class Mail Lists, Evaluations, Quiz, etc.)?

Each tool on the EEE Legacy course management system will be considered individually.

For tools with clear and quality replacements in Canvas (Quiz is a good example) we will help you move content and processes from EEE Legacy to Canvas.

For tools that don’t have obvious or adequate replacements in Canvas, we will either rebuild those tools in-house or identify other options.

The Office of Information Technology maintains a comprehensive list of EEE Legacy tools, their current status, and the general plan for their future; each tool also links off to more information. This list is available at:

Why is it called EEE+ (EEE+ Canvas, EEE+ Scout, etc.)?

The “EEE+” label is applied to tools that are a part of the continuing, dynamic educational technology toolkit maintained and/or created by the Office of Information Technology for UC Irvine. EEE+ combines both vendor applications and custom UCI-developed tools to create the best possible experience for instructors, students, and the University.

EEE+ tools include the Canvas learning management system, EaterEvals (faculty evaluations results distribution app), Scout (form creator & response gathering tool), and others. Learn more about EEE+ at:

Where can I learn more about the transition?

You can find detailed information about the evolving transition at:

Who can I talk to if I have any questions or feedback about the transition?

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Congratulations to Dr. Mariam Girguis (left), pictured with Dr. Veronica Vieira (right) – awardee of the program’s very first PhD in Public Health! MORE

The Public Health Faculty congratulate the 2017 graduates from the Program in Public Health during the College of Health Sciences Graduation Ceremony: (L to R) Dr. David Timberlake, Dr. Annie Ro, Dr. Mojgan Sami, Dr. Miryha Runnerstrom, Dr. Karen Edwards (Interim Chair), and Dr. Howard Federoff (Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs). MORE

2017 Public Health Graduation: (L to R) Dr. Mojgan Sami, Bernadine Dizon, MPH, and Dr. Miryha Runnerstrom MORE

Dr. Dele Ogunseitan participates in World Environment Day host by the Embassy of Canada in Washington, DC MORE

Association for Community Health Improvement 2017 Conference in Denver, Colorado MORE

OC PICH poster presentations at 2016 APHA in Denver, Colorado MORE

OC PICH poster presentations at 2016 APHA in Denver, Colorado MORE

OC PICH poster presentations at 2016 APHA in Denver, Colorado MORE

OC PICH poster presentations at 2016 APHA in Denver, Colorado MORE

Welcome to
UC Irvine Public Health

There is no better time in history to engage with public health at UC Irvine, home to innovative and resourceful public health research, practice, and education initiatives. Click here to learn more about us.

Our Mission and Values:

The mission of the public health program at the University of California, Irvine is to create, integrate, and translate population-based knowledge into preventive strategies for reducing the societal burden of human disease and disability through excellence in research, education, and public service. Click here to view Our Mission, Goals, and Objectives.

We currently offer a B.S. in Public Health Sciences and a B.A. in Public Health Policy; a Master of Public Health (MPH) in four emphases: Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Sociocultural Diversity and Health, and Biostatistics; and a Ph.D in Public Health with concentrations in Global Health and Disease Prevention. We also offer a minor in Public Health.

Supporting Students Facing an Immigration Crisis

The Program in Public Health has adopted the best practices for supporting students facing an immigration crisis that have been recommended by the Committee for Equity and Inclusion for Undocumented Students (CEIUS). Several of these best practices include preventive strategies to support equity and inclusion, which are supplemented by recommendations for supporting students experiencing an immigration crisis. More information about best practices for UCI faculty, staff, and teaching assistants can be found below.

Spotlights: News Features

1 Publication: Mercury Safety Reform in the 21st Century: Advancing the New Framework for Toxic Substances Control – by Dr. Oladele A. Ogunseitan

The articles that follow are the latest in Environment Magazine’s series looking back at seminal articles in the magazine’s history that helped define a field of study or offered alternative explorations of new ideas. In this installment, we focus on the latest news in the hazards of the mercury toxin, juxtaposed with Environment’s groundbreaking article on mercury published in 1969.

2 Newsletter: Dr. Ogunseitan participates in a Department of Toxic Substances Control’s Community Protection Advisory Committee

The Community Protection and Hazardous Waste Reduction Initiative Project Update: The Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) Community Protection and Hazardous Waste Reduction Initiative (Haz-Waste Reduction Initiative) is a project designed to evaluate methods that have the potential to significantly reduce the generation and disposal of hazardous wastes (HW) that are managed in communities disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution.

3 MPH Student Anuradha Nayudu publishes Study in the Journal of American Dental Association

MPH Student Anuradha Nayudu publishes Study titled “Resolution of recurrent aphthous ulcer on elimination of cows milk protein from diet” in the Journal of American Dental Association.

Give to UCI Public Health:

Our mission is to create, integrate, and translate population-based knowledge into preventive strategies for reducing the societal burden of human disease and disability through excellence in research, education and public service. We value your awareness and support. Your gift is appreciated and helps us achieve our mission. Learn More LEARN MOREDONATE NOW

OC Health Indicators:
Data courtesy of Orange County’s Healthier Together initiative

UCI Public Health is a member of Orange County’s Healthier Together. a community-wide initiative that aligns public and private resources within the public health system to improve health for all communities in Orange County.

Accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health

A Partner Organization of OC PICH:

Orange County Partnerships to Improve Community Health (OC PICH) is a collaborative project with non-profits, cities, the local health agency, and educational institutions in Orange County, CA. Our project focuses on increasing the community’s access to healthy foods, physical activity, active transportation, and water consumption.

2016 Top 10 Ranked MPH Program

Mon. Nov. 7, 12 – 1:30 pm EST Mon. Nov. 21, 12 – 1 pm EST
Fri. Dec. 9, 12 – 1:30 pm”>Webinar Series: Black Carbon –
Mon. Nov. 7, 12 – 1:30 pm EST Mon. Nov. 21, 12 – 1 pm EST
Fri. Dec. 9, 12 – 1:30 pm

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