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Third Party Patch Management using Microsoft SCCM

Supports patching of 250 + third party applications

Microsoft SCCM has a great infrastructure to manage desktops and their applications. But, one of the limitations of SCCM is its inability to patch non Microsoft applications. This is a source of inconvenience for IT administrators as they have to work with multiple patch management tools in order to update all business applications in the network, making this task highly time consuming.

Patch Connect Plus is a tool that helps deploy patches to over 250 third party applications such as Adobe applications, Java and WinRAR using your existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager server. Hence, delivering a solution to the problem by integrating with your existing SCCM patch management infrastructure.

Automate non-Microsoft patch management

Protect your systems from security threats with regular patching. Schedule regular scans and gain vulnerability information of the systems managed. Deploy patches to the vulnerable systems automatically using SCCM patch management infrastructure.

Get the most out of your SCCM investment

Using Patch Connect Plus with your existing SCCM framework will help you patch almost any application. Hence, you overcome the requirement of having yet another IT solution for Patch management of third party applications. Also by using the same SCCM console, you overcome the need of learning about a new console for third party patch management alone.

Patch only required applications

Approve patches only to the required applications which are significant to you. Therefore, gain higher control over the applications which you want to patch.


Receive the status reports of the patches available, last database updated time and new products being supported by Patch Connect Plus.

Intelligent patching

Deploy patches to the applications when they are not in use. Hence, providing reliability to the deployment process by adding precision which leads to the success of patching of applications in the right manner.

Great user experience

Patch Connect Plus provides its users with convenience of easy installation and one time setup requirement. Also, the UI is easy to understand with support documents at every step to help users.

Available in 2 editions

Patch Connect Plusfor Microsoft SCUP

Readily available updates to patch via SCUP catalog.

Patch Connect Plusfor Microsoft SCCM

Fully automated patching using SCCM infrastructure.

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Boone Pickens

Join the Pickens Plan Army.

The other day, my team uncovered some videos of the news interviews I had done back in the 1980s. Those were heady times. It was the start of the corporate takeover and shareholder rights era, and I was not just in the thick of it, I was driving it. And communicating clearly and effectively was critical to our success.

Strong communication has always been my core asset. I’ve always believed you can trace every problem to a lack of communication or lack of clarity in communication.

These days, I sometimes find myself literally at a loss for words. Over the Christmas holiday, I had several strokes. But with a little determination and some aggressive speech therapy, I regained 90 percent of my speech.

However, last week, I had a Texas-sized fall — one that required hospitalization. I am still mentally strong, and I comprehend and process information like I did before the incident. It’s just a little hard to find the words I m looking for to speak clearly. Speech therapy will fix that, I’m confident.

Just as I exercise my body daily I will exercise my brain and continue with rigorous speech therapy to regain what I can. I am always up for a good challenge.

Nine years ago today, we launched the Pickens Plan. We knew we had a great idea, and people across the country agreed. We d held focus groups and found that Americans knew about the problem, but saw that the country lacked an energy plan. They were hungry for something that would work, a specific energy plan that included a little bit of everything solar, wind, and natural gas.

For the final podcast on the history of the Pickens Plan, I talk with Peter McCollum and Jason Huntsberry. Although they referred to themselves as little cogs in a big machine, they were a major part of the tight-knit team that makes the Pickens Plan tick.

Last month I turned 89 years old, mindful of the fact I’m now 24 years beyond traditional retirement age. My post-65 era has included the most productive years of my life. I was 68 when I left Mesa Petroleum. I turned out the lights at 6 p.m. my last day in the office, as I Continue reading The Old Man Makes a Comeback

Washington, D.C. is as divided as it has ever been, and it has become difficult to set politics aside and get things done. But fortunately the Pickens Plan benefited from a bipartisan team that came together to promote a plan that has our nation’s best interests in mind.

For the latest episode of the Pickens Podcast, I sat down with Rich Galen, a columnist and former press secretary for U.S. Senators Dan Quayle (R-IN) and Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX), and Amy Weiss, former White House Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton and press secretary and campaign manager for U.S. Rep Mike Synar (D-OK). These two have reached across the aisle to help make the Pickens Plan work. It just goes to show how successful you can be when you can look past personal politics to focus on a mission.

Without question, America is a nation committed to environmental leadership. All you have to do is look at how much cleaner our country has gotten over the last 10 years through the expanded use of natural gas. But the Paris Climate Accord is another bad deal negotiated by the Obama Administration, and America should applaud Continue reading T. Boone Pickens Statement on President Trump s Paris Climate Accord Decision

WFAA s Pete Delkus visited my office this morning for a fun conversation to celebrate my 89th birthday. CNBC s Becky Quick made a surprise appearance via phone, my wife Toni stopped by, and I appreciate all the well wishes left by commenters during the Facebook Live event. I also gave viewers a tour of my office Continue reading My 89th birthday celebration via Facebook Live

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Hotels in Santa Cruz – Rio Vista Hotel

Hotels in Santa Cruz – Rio Vista

The Rio Vista in Santa Cruz, California is your perfect location for your travel to the Pacific Ocean. The Rio Vista is a beautiful 4 star luxury hotel, consisting of 12 elegant. This piece of property is best known for its iconic Victorian style, which was fully preserved during the restoration process with the help of historical experts and a talented construction team. Originally constructed as a private estate in 1890, this house rests on the iconic Beach Hill with a magnificent view of the beach and world famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The beauty of the Rio Vista also comes from the superior craftsmanship which has allowed the hotel to maintain original features from the preexisting estate, including masterful hardwood floors and exquisite stained glass windows.

Santa Cruz Hotel Rooms – Rio Vista

The elegant and fully furnished guestrooms include the finest accessories for your relaxation. Each room has a unique and intimate feel, as the classic elements of the Victorian house give way to the interior’s modern amenities. All of our elegant rooms come full equipped with 40” LED HDTV’s, iPod docking station, iron, ironing board, hair dryer, bathrobes, wireless internet access, complimentary toiletries, daily housekeeping services, and much more.

All guests enjoy access to our lounge and fireplace, wireless internet access, concierge activity recommendations, complimentary toiletry items (toothbrush, shaving cream, sewing kits).

Santa Cruz Attractions near Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

There’s so much to do in Santa Cruz. When you take a trip to the Pacific coast, relax on the sandy beaches, enjoy the beautiful sunsets, and listen to the crashing waves. You’re also going to be surrounded by a number of popular tourist attractions including the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz Wharf, Natural Bridges State Beach, Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, Museum of Art and History, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, UC Santa Cruz, Pasatiempo Golf Club, and much more. Come and stay with us at the Rio Vista to make the most out of your trip to Santa Cruz. The best rates on the web are right here on our very own website. Book today!

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2 Killed in Wrong-Way DUI Crash on SR-163

Two people were killed in a wrong way crash on northbound SR-163 in Mission Valley on May 16, 2015. NBC 7’s Diana Guevara reports. (Published Saturday, May 16, 2015)

Two people were killed early Saturday morning along northbound State Route 163 in a head-on crash with a DUI suspect driving the wrong way, officials confirmed.

The deadly collision happened just after 1:30 a.m. on SR-163 right underneath the Interstate 8 overpass in the Mission Valley area.

According to the California Highway Patrol, a man driving a white pickup truck was flashing his hazard lights while driving the wrong way on the freeway. That driver plowed into a Toyota Prius, totaling the car and killing two of the five people inside.

Officials said at least one person was left trapped but alive inside the Prius. The driver of the truck was also stuck and emergency crews had to pry all of the victims out of the wrecked vehicles.

2 Killed in Wrong-Way Freeway Crash

California Highway Patrol said two people died at the scene and three others suffered major injuries. The survivors were taken to a local hospital.

The crash remains under investigation. CHP shut down traffic in the area for many hours as crews rescued victims, cleared the accident and gathered evidence.

On Saturday afternoon, CHP officials confirmed the driver of the truck had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. His name was not released.

Bystander Ron Bryson was traveling down SR-163 and witnessed the aftermath of the collision. He said it was utter chaos on the freeway.

In the white truck, there was one drive in there. He was trapped. He got hit by the airbag and he was hanging into the passenger seat, Bryson described. The car in the front the gentleman was lying on the ground. There was an SUV ahead of them, so there were probably about three cars involved.

Bryson said it looked like the front end of the Prius had been completely ripped off, with debris strewn all over the road.

The names of the victims killed in the crash were not immediately released.

According to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office, the victims were both young women, ages 24 and 23. One victim was a La Jolla resident and the other was a resident of Mission Viejo, Calif.

This is the second fatal wrong-way collision on a San Diego freeway in just two weeks. On May 2, DUI suspect Shane McDonald drove the wrong way on southbound Interstate 15 noth of Mira Mesa Blvd. slamming head-on into a car carrying a family of five. Two people in that family car were killed, 55-year-old Rodolfo De la Torre and 84-year-old Teresa Esparza Hernandez.

Published at 10:43 AM PDT on May 16, 2015 | Updated at 5:43 PM PDT on May 16, 2015

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Uponor Pex Repipe – The World’s First, Best, And Most Widely Used System For Single Family Homes And Residential Units.

What is PEX?

PEX is an acronym for crosslinked polyethylene. It is a flexible, durable, proven piping product that has been used in plumbing systems for more than 20 years. PEX tubing won’t pit, scale or corrode and, because of its flexibility, it also offers potential freeze-damage protection.

Residential Commercial Pex Plumbing. Call Toll Free 877-473-7473

Uponor Pex plumbing systems feature PEX-a tubing, which is considered the superior PEX tubing manufacturing method in the industry. PEX-a is the most flexible of all PEX types, and because of its shape and thermal memory, it can use ProPEX expansion fittings which are the only fitting system that actually gets stronger over time – making it highly leak resistant.

1) Repiping in a home begins at the transition point.

2) The transition point is the point where the potable water system enters the building from the exterior of the building.

3) Repiping a potable water system means you totally abandon the existing potable system and replace it with a new system.

4) The first step in repiping your home is masking or “covering” the floors, and this must be completed before the walls are masked off. This overlap “ enveloped ” system allows the plastic sheeting to be rolled up in one continuous motion.

5) Cutting the sheetrock: You will be shocked at how little sheetrock has to be removed for the layout and installation of a new potable water system. A real Pex Plumber is an expert at HVAC, framing, plumbing, and electrical layout, and will lay out the home pex repipe in the most effective route. The better the repiper. the smaller and fewer the drywall holes!

6) A “GREEN REPIPE” potable water system refers to a Pex repipe potable system only – such as UPONOR or ZURN with corrosion resistant fittings. CPVC and copper systems are not green systems.

7) The drywall pieces that are removed must be used in the patching process as each texture is a little different in thickness. This gives you a uniform surface thickness as you start the repair process. Each piece goes back in the hole it came from.

8) Repipe with an approved material. There are currently three main materials used in pex repiping jobs across the US: copper pipe and fittings, CPVC pipe and fittings, and PEX repipe and fittings. (DO NOT USE CPVC, IT IS THE NEXT POLYBUTYLENE)

9) Repipe inspections must be performed by the local building inspectors after the repipe is completed, with the system under full water pressure.

10) The signed inspection card must be given to the homeowner after the PEX repipe inspection is completed.

11) Drywall repair begins after all the necessary backing has been installed. Backing supports the drywall pieces that were removed to access the potable water pipes and accommodate the repiping of a new Pex repipe or copper potable water system.

12) The fiberglass mesh tape must be used 100% of the time.

13) The patches must be pre-filled with quick set patching compound. The compound comes in 18lb bags, and because it is a powder, it must be mixed with water. This locks the perimeter of each patch and will make the area of the patch stronger than it was before the work process began. The reason this is important is that when you close the doors in the house, the walls flex just a little bit, and if you do not perform this method of repair, the patch will fracture over time from the flex/vibration caused by shutting the doors.

14) Do not coat the drywall patches with regular all-purpose joint compound on the repipe patches.This is a common practice and the patches will crack later 100% of the time, even if it’s years later.

15) Coat all the repipe drywall patches with quick set patching compound only. USG will do and you can find it at any home and hardware store, or you will have fractures in the walls at the patch locations.

16) Float all the walls with quick set patching compound and use a 12″ drywall knife and stagger each coat until the walls become smooth and flat. The next step is wet sanding the patches and this must be done if you want the patches to blend in perfectly after the texture is applied. The reason you’ve seen bad patches in the past is that repairmen do not know how to “kill the edges.” This is an old drywall term that means you must do the detail wet sanding work and there is no short cut.

17) Texture to match the existing texture, and this is not as easy as you might think. This is a real art form for the few that know what they are doing. Also, if the texture is spray texture, you must sponge off the overspray for the texture to match. Nothing gives away the location of a patch more than overspray that is painted over and not “killing the edges.”

18) Paint to match the existing paint. All repipe companies color match the same way. They run down to their local hardware store and have the computer color matching done by the man behind the counter. This is beginner color matching. The proper way to color match is hand color matching. First, match the paint sheen. Second, computer match for the base color. Third, tint for color adjustment. Fourth, match the color and sheen after the paint sample has dried. Repeat if necessary. Did you know that the paint color on the wall after it dries will be different than the paint color while it is wet and in the can?

19) If you follow the basic repiping rules, after a very short time you will not be able to point out all the drywall patches from the repair. You will simply forget where the holes were due to the patches receiving the proper floating, texture and painting techniques. Your friends, neighbors, relatives, and even plumbing contractors will not be able to find the patches.

20) This is a basic guideline for a home repipe. and if done, properly you will have a repipe that was done as well as a repipe can be done.

At Integrity Repipe. we provide total abandonment of your existing potable system, and there are never hidden extras, and we don’t hire subcontractors. You’ll receive nothing but the finest, most complete and professional job in the industry. The scope will be for a lead-free and yellow brass -free potable “GREEN SYSTEM” with a full lifetime warranty that covers material and labor.

Contact Your Local Burbank Repiping Company

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Palomar Inn Lodge in Chula Vista CA is preferred by visitors looking for Hotel Chula Vista California, Chula Vista Hotel CA, Hotel Chula Vista, Hotels Chula Vista, Hotel Inn Chula Vista, Motels Chula Vista, Motel Chula Vista, Motel Chula Vista CA.

Palomar Inn is the choice for San Diego Hotel California for San Diego beach Hotel CA, Hotel Chula Vista San Diego, San Diego Hotel, San Diego Inn, San Diego Accommodation, San Diego Motel, San Diego Hotels, San Diego Motels, San Diego nearby Hotel, Hotel near San Diego.

3 Mile(s) from Imperial Beach, San Diego

5 mile(s) from Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, concerts in Chula Vista

6 mile(s) from Soak City, water park in Chula Vista

8 Miles from San Diego Convention Center

9 mile(s) from San Diego Zoo. located in Balboa Park

10 Miles from ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista

10 mile(s) from San Diego Balboa Park, 13 museums

11 mile(s) from San Diego Seaport Village, 75 shops and restaurants

13 mile(s) from San Diego Seaworld

Guest Room Amenities in All Rooms/Suites.

32 High Definition flat panel Samsung T.V. in every room.

Work Desk with Lamp Desk Level Electrical Outlets.

Refrigerator / Microwave / Steam Iron and full-size ironing board / Hairdryer

Coffee/tea maker with Premium Classic Coffee Condiments in every room suite

Spare Electrical Outlet at Desk in all the rooms and suites.

Premium High Definition cable channels with three movie channels.

Guaranteed Non-Smoking Spacious Rooms/Suites

Air-Conditioning with Heating and Cooling

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Towering above the corners of Aspen and San Francisco Streets, The Hotel Monte Vista stands just off historic Route 66 as a true touchstone for all of Flagstaff and her citizens. With the mountains and nearby canyon countries, The Hotel Monte Vista is your place to relax while you explore all of the natural wonders Northern Arizona has to offer. The Hotel Monte Vista remains the centerpiece for Historic Downtown Flagstaff. Staying here can give you a true glimpse into the spirited lifestyle of the Great American West.

When tourism was on the rise during the mid-1920’s, residents agreed Flagstaff needed first-class accommodations. Existing hotels were old and outmoded. Fundraising began in April of 1926 and within one month investments from prominent citizens and funds donated by novelist Zane Grey totaled approximately $200,000. Ground was broken on June 8, 1926.

Historically, The Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge was the first speakeasy in Flagstaff, welcoming everyone from celebrities and law-breakers to skiers and river runners. During prohibition, the Cocktail Lounge opened and was successfully running a major bootlegging operation in the very same location as today!

Opened in 2007, the Rendezvous features the finest and most extensive selection of spirits in all of Northern Arizona. Proudly serving our own blend of local Fire Creek coffee, Ghost Story, our professional, entertaining baristas and mixologists are waiting to serve you.