Turn Your Car Into The Public Radio Programs You Love: NPR Extra:


Turn Your Car Into The Public Radio Programs You Love

Peter Sagal “upgrading” from his Ford Fiesta. courtesy of Car Talkhide caption

courtesy of Car Talk

Paula Poundstone and Peter Sagal are in the towing business.

Wait, Wait. Don’t Tell Me! Host Peter Sagal and Panelist Paula Poundstone, along with Car Talk’ s Tom and Ray Magliozzi, and other NPR folks, have joined forces with Car Talk’s Vehicle Donation Program. to tow listeners’ cars in support of the programs they love.

Here’s how it works: Car Talk sells listeners’ cars (with their permission, of course!), and the listeners’ local NPR Member Stations get the proceeds from the sale. This is Car Talk ‘s contribution to help pay the bills at stations across the country. We figure this is better than asking Carl Kasell to clean windshields for change in the NPR parking lot!

Recently, Sagal and Poundstone shared stories with us about their first set of wheels, and we got a little insight into their relationship with their cars.

It just so happens that back in the day when Paula Poundstone was ready for a new ride, she would leave her old car parked on the street. Yup, she’d throw her car into park and walk away with nary a tear shed. Listen to Poundstone talk about her first car:

Peter Sagal once owned Bruce Willis’ brother’s Ford Fiesta. It’s true! Sagal’s rump shared the same naugahyde seat as the Die Hard actor himself. (To be clear, not at the same time!) Hear Sagal’s sweet memories about the Fiesta:

And then there’s Car Talk’s Ray Magliozzi. Yes, he is a mechanical genius. But his first car, a ’62 Chevy Bel Air, was ‘er. a complete lemon. We got his confession on tape:

Paula Poundstone and her dream car. courtesy of Car Talkhide caption

courtesy of Car Talk

If all of these great car stories have gotten you thinking about your own junker, consider donating it to support your local public radio station through Car Talk’s Vehicle Donation Program. Over the last 10 years we’ve collected tens of thousands of cars. Come on, you could be the next one!

Catherine Fenollosa is a producer for Car Talk. Over the years, she’s gained invaluable knowledge of transmissions, motor mouths and Saran-Wrapped toilet seats. One day, she promises her parents she’ll get a real job.

Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

Donate a vehicle online or by phone: 1 (866) 789-8627

  • Donations are tax deductible and benefit the public radio station of your choosing.
  • It’s more than cars – donate trucks, boats, planes, motorcycles, RVs and heavy farm equipment too, running or not.
  • Car Talk’s Vehicle Donation Program will pick up your vehicle anywhere in the country, with very few exceptions.

Adoption at the Movies: The Boss Baby (SPOILERS) Adoption Movie Review #pregnant


Tim Templeton has the perfect life for a seven-year-old boy. His parents dote on him, play games with him, engage his imagination, and send him to bed each night with stories, hugs, and a special song. One day, Tim s parents ask him if he would like a baby brother he says that he doesn t want one because after all, he is enough. But, the baby shows up anyway. Tim s new baby brother The Boss dresses sharp and, as Tim finds out later, can talk. The Boss is concerned that there will not be enough love for babies in the world because people are starting to love puppies. In the meantime, Tim starts to fear that there will not be enough love for him in his parents hearts because they re falling in love with the new baby.


The Adoption Connection

There is no talk of adoption in the film. However, any child who has welcomed a new sibling into their family might relate to Tim s fear that his parents won t be able to love him enough. The movie harps on that fear. The Boss Baby tells Tim, (roughly paraphrasing) You re seven and a half. You re old. It s time to make way There s only so much love to go around. Tim suggests that they could share, but the Baby says, There s not enough love to go around, and if you don t adjust, there eventually won t be a place for you. This leaves Tim wondering whether he can be fired from his own family; in order to protect his place in his parents hearts, Tim sets out to rid himself of the new baby, first by trying to prove that the Baby is sinister, and then by trying to catapult him out of a window.

Some kids who have been neglected prior to coming into foster care might connect with a question that Tim asks The Boss Baby, You missed childhood? You never had someone to love you?

Eventually, Tim and The Boss Baby come to care about each other, and see the value of family. Tim is ultimately assured that he ll never be fired from his family.

Tim eventually comes to nurture his brother; he even sings his baby brother the song that his parents used to sing to him.

In a heaven-like celestial baby factory, The Boss Baby is designated for management instead of belonging to a family because he doesn t quite fit in, and doesn t appear to be ticklish.

The Baby s words to Tim are very unkind, and they could be painful for some kids to hear. Tim s attempts to defeat his new baby brother could be very dangerous if a young child mimicked them with a real-life baby; in particular, after the baby threatened to destroy Tim s treasured stuffed animal, Tim prepares to use his baby brother s swing chair to catapult the baby from a second story window onto the street.

Tim s parents don t seem particularly sensitive to Tim s feelings; they cover Tim s pictures on the fridge with pictures of the new baby. Tim feels rejected when his parents don t do his regular bedtime routine with him.

Tim wishfully remarks that his parents might be able to return the baby to the store and get their money back. It s a quick remark, but it could catch some sensitive ears by surprise.

At one point, Tim expresses a sentiment that other big siblings probably have said or thought at times, but it still could be hard to hear; he tells the baby, My life was perfect till you showed up. I wish you d never been born. The baby, who did not appear hurt by other things Tim said, appears cut by this remark, and walks off.

One character intends to make it so that no one will ever want a baby again.

A kid behind me cried during a scene when it appeared that an infant was imperiled.

BIG SPOILER ALERT: When the Boss Baby leaves Tim s home, small kids wave magic wands to make Tim s parents forget that he ever existed. Although they do this to Tim s parents without their consent, Tim is given the option whether to forget The Boss; he chooses to remember his brother. Later, The Boss decides to be born into Tim s family. It s nice to see that the brothers have chosen to accept each other, but it could be hard for some kids to think that their parents could easily forget them this could be particularly painful for kids who wonder whether their birth parents remember them, or who fear losing their adoptive parents. On a side note, Tim has a very active imagination, and it s possible that his entire experience with The Boss Baby was imagined in response to his mother s apparent pregnancy; the film doesn t make that clear, though, and most kids probably won t make that assumption. END SPOILER

The Boss Baby had some funny moments and ultimately ended happily, but it didn t live up to the hopes I had for it, and it s got some aspects that make it hard to recommend for young or sensitive viewers. Most kids 11 and up should be fine, but younger kids especially those for whom permanency hasn t always been a sure thing might find certain aspects of this one very troubling. It would be helpful for parents to directly remind their children that the children will never be fired from the family, and that there is enough love to go around, no matter how many kids come into the home.

Questions for Discussion

Can parents love more than one child with all of their heart? Can a child love more than one parent (or more than one pet) with all of their heart?

Where does love come from? Do you only have a certain amount to give, or can you make (or find) more?

What are the good parts of having a new brother or sister? What parts scare you?

This movie is not about a baby being adopted.
Notice the night before he came the parents were putting Tim to bed when the mother is pregnant and the baby is kicking.
Also, when the Boss Baby comes back into the world, he enters through a spiral or figuratively the birth canal.
This is a story of loss of a baby sibling.
Also note that when he goes back, he falls into an angel decorated cake and makes angel wings. Thus implying the child had died and went back to heaven or baby Corp where babies come from.

Hi! Thanks for your comment. Your perspective is interesting, and you might be right. I don t think the story intended to be about adoption, although I did see some similarities to adoption.

What I think was actually going on in the story, and I wonder your take on it, is that Tim has a pretty active imagination. I think the Boss Baby never happened, and it was just how Tim was processing getting ready for a baby brother. That s why no one but Tim remembers the Boss Baby — what do you think?

Raya Hotels: Where service is anything you want it to be #motels

#balmoral hotel


Located on Durban’s Golden Mile with the beach on its doorstep The Balmoral hotel is a short walk away from the shopping and business district, the International Convention Centre and the uShaka Marine World which features the largest Dolphinarium in Africa.

Fully renovated, The Balmoral still reflects its historic and stately faпїЅade to make it one of Durbans most elegant venues along the Golden Mile Beachfront.

Our fully licensed Waterfront Restaurant leads out onto The Waterfront Terrace where you can relax and enjoy sundowners whilst overlooking the vibrant Golden Mil.

The Balmoral boasts 95 elegantly appointed, fully equipped large bedrooms being categorised as Executive Sea facing; Superior Sea facing; Standard Double Sea facing ,Disabled; Standard Twin Non Sea facing; Studio Non Sea facing.

Number of rooms 95, Seafacing Rooms 36, Kings / Doubles 47, Twins 46, Accessible Rooms 2, Non Smoking Rooms 15, Number of Floors 3, Check in time 14h00, Check out time 11h00, Reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit card, with cancellation at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

Guest Room Amenities

Remote Control TV with selected Channels, Air conditioning, Electronic Door lock, Full Bathroom amenities, Hairdryer, Tea Coffee Facilities, Iron Ironing board on request, Electronic Safe, Internet access points in Sea Facing rooms.

Secretarial Service, Concierge, Jockey undercover parking, Room Service, Laundry Dry Cleaning, Babysitter on request, Multilingual Staff, Currency Exchange, Airport Shuttle.

The BalmoralпїЅs facilities include:

пїЅ Conference Banqueting venues to accommodate 10 пїЅ 150 people
пїЅ Breakaway rooms
пїЅ Restaurant catering strictly HALAAL
пїЅ Terrace with a relaxed atmosphere overlooking the Golden Mile

With a total meeting and pre-function space of over 250sqm, The Balmoral is able to cater for a wide variety of functions, conferences, promotional events, Weddings and banquets.

Our modern spacious conference rooms are comfortably equipped with state of the art equipment including, Real Time Video Conferencing facilities. Corporate meetings event planning are carefully orchestrated via our RAYA MEETING CONNECTION.

Standard Equipment included in Conference Packages:

пїЅ Overhead Projector screen
пїЅ Flipchart Whiteboard
пїЅ Television
пїЅ Notepads, pens, cordials mints
The stylish Waterfront Restaurant that flows onto The Waterfront Terrace, prepares some of DurbanпїЅs finest cuisine and is the perfect venue for entertaining business colleagues, Wedding receptions and other celebrations. Whilst being fully licensed all foods served are strictly HALAAL.

Enjoy sundowners or coffee and snacks on the elegantly appointed Waterfront Terrace which overlooks DurbanпїЅs

The Balmoral, after being renovated, features two seaside conference venues: The Edinburgh Windsor Suites. The Balmoral’s conference / banqueting team is well experienced with all the details. from meeting planning to menu development.

Introducing the Meeting Concierge

In this age of electronic customer service, there are some things that voice e-mail cannot replace. Like a real person at your side whose single goal is making your meeting a success. Our meeting concierge will anticipate your needs take care of all your requests – even last minute ones.

The Balmoral, an obvious choice for those using the international conference centre, was redesigned to suit the varying needs of its guests. Indeed a splendid selection of single, twin, double or family rooms, as well as accessible rooms are available.

Each room has the following features:

пїЅ TV with remote control and selected satellite channels
пїЅ Message service
пїЅ Daily newspaper on request
пїЅ Individual air conditioning
пїЅ Electronic doorlocks (Vingcard System)
пїЅ Full bathroom amenities
пїЅ Turndown available on request
пїЅ Iron and Ironing Board on request
пїЅ Wake up call service
пїЅ Hair dryer
пїЅ Tea and Coffee making facilities
пїЅ Built in Electronic Safe
пїЅ Pen and general stationery
пїЅ Sleeper couch in Executive rooms
пїЅ All rooms – internet ready

Conveniently located on Durban’s “Golden Mile” beachfront, overlooking the famous Gunston 500 North Beach and the Entertainment Promenade. The Balmoral is a short walk away from Durban’s shops, town cnetre and The Oceans Sports and Conference Centre.

Metered Taxi from Durban International Airport
Hotel Shuttle from Durban International Airport. (Book in advance)

Guest Room Information

пїЅ Number of rooms 95
пїЅ Seafacing Rooms 36
пїЅ Kings / Doubles 47
пїЅ Twins 46
пїЅ Accessible Rooms 2
пїЅ Non Smoking Rooms 15
пїЅ Number of Floors 3
пїЅ Check in time 14h00
пїЅ Check out time 11h00
Reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit card, with cancellation at least 24 hours prior to arrival

Guest Room Amenities

пїЅ TV with remote control and selected sattlite channels
пїЅ Message service
пїЅ Daily newspaper on request
пїЅ Individual air conditioning
пїЅ Electronic doorlocks (Vingcard System)
пїЅ Full bathroom amenities
пїЅ Turndown available on request
пїЅ Iron and Ironing board on request
пїЅ Wake up call service
пїЅ Hair dryer
пїЅ Tea and Coffee making facilties
пїЅ Built in Electronic Safe
пїЅ Pen and general staionery
пїЅ Sleeper couch in Exceutive rooms
пїЅ Seafacing rooms – internet ready

Guest Services and Shops

пїЅ Full service Business Centre
пїЅ Worldroom – Internet Cafe
пїЅ Concierge
пїЅ Jockey Undercover Parking Service
пїЅ Laundry Dry Cleaning
пїЅ Babysitting arranged
пїЅ Free Parking (Coach and Car) outside
пїЅ Room Service
пїЅ Multilingual Staff
пїЅ Secretarial Support Services
пїЅ Currency exchange

The Balmoral is situated opposite Seaworld and the Entertainment Promenade where one will find several swimming pools and a kids entertainment centre with a multitude of funfare rides. Internet access Sporting activities nearby includ golf, squash, gymnasium, surfing, angling, sailing, scuba diving, bowling, body boarding, horseracing and yachting.

Nearby Points of Interest

International Conference Centre, Durban Art Gallery, NSA Gallery, Kwa Muhle Museum, Maritime Museum, The Playhouse Company (theatre and dance), Seaworld, Umgeni River, Bird Park, Various Art Centres, Street Markets, Durban Cultural Centre, Durban’s Water Wonderland, Animal Farm, Phezulu Safari Park.

Meeting and Banquet Facilities

Total Meeting Space 126 sqm
Maximum Meeting Space 72 sqm
Pre-function Space 50 sqm
Facilities located on the ground floor

Fully Serviced Video Conferencing
Full Meeting Concierge Services
Corporate meeting and event planning via RAYA MEETING CONNECTION
Theatre / Tours / Transportation Service.