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shopping cart software wiki

Shopping cart software wiki

Shopping cart software wiki

Shopping cart software wiki

Shopping cart software wiki

Shopping cart software wiki

Shopping cart software wiki

What is FatFreeCart?

FatFreeCart is a free shopping cart developed by the team behind E-junkie shopping cart. Shopping cart software wikiIt works inside your website, your blog and will even work from your MySpace page. It is simply a copy-paste cart and does not require you to register with us or install anything.

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Shopping cart software wiki

How does is it work?

You can get the code here. You just need to modify the code to add your product details to the and paste it in your website. It’s that simple. You can try the demo above to see how the cart will appear in your website


  1. Handles shipping, handling, tax.
  2. Handles up-to 3 option variables.

  • Can handle all currencies supported by PayPal (16) and Google Checkout (2).

  • Passed your site’s Google Analytics data to Google Checkout

  • Simply set the product price to 0.00 to let buyer enter her own amount!

    If you need fancy features like location based sales tax, vat and shipping calculation, packaging calculator, discounts, inventory management, digital delivery, price verification, affiliate management, managing buyer mailing list, variable pricing, central product management, promotion, accepting Authorize.Net etc. then take a look at E-junkie’s FatFreeCartPro.


    FatFreeCart is built with jQuery, ThickBox, JSOD and E-junkie’s e-commerce engine. Cart graphic is by Wolfgang Bartelme (exclusive rights purchased for commercial use) and we used Jason Gaylor’s free Japanese Foliage brushes to liven up the site a bit.


    Want to give us a hand with this project? Email us at . If you are feeling generous otherwise, please donate freely to PETA or ASPCA. We loves y’all equally.

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    Shopping cart software wiki

    Shopping cart software wiki

  • 10 Free Wiki Software Platforms – Choose the Best One To Build


    10 Free Wiki Software Platforms or Wiki Engines

    All of us are aware of Wikipedia. an ocean of information. It is basically a wiki, which allows easy creation and and editing of all the pages by all the visitors which either can submit as normal visitors or they just need to create an account and edit the pages or create some content. Wikis can be edited by using a normal Web Browser. without any extra plugin or add-on or extension. Some sites provide WYSIWYG editor to edit their wiki while others ask us to learn a simple markup language. that depends on what Wiki Software is used by that site to create the Wiki and what are their administrative settings.

    So, now a days, many sites are as well creating their own wiki, either for their internal knowledge management, or note taking or making a collaborative knowledge portal or to make a community website. Do you also wish to let your visitors easily contribute to your website and add their content on a particular topic so as to enhance the value of your web pages with their personal thoughts, learning and experiences? Wiki is a best solution for such kind of platform creation. There are many cool Wiki Software platforms or Wiki engines available, which are open source and free. I am listing below 10 most popular and widely used Wiki engines, which have a lots of administrative control options so that they can create a easily manageable functional wiki in no time. So you decide which is the best wiki software for you to create your fully operational wiki and do let us know which wiki software platform you think is best suitable for you and why thru our comments section.

    1. MediaWiki

    Used by Wikipedia, this is nearly a 44 MB wiki software package available in more than 300 languages. It is released under GPL, and written in PHP.

    The basic package does not have a WYSIWYG editor, but there is an extension that you can use to enable this editor. There are quite many extensions or plugins available for free download, which will help you get any number of features to your wiki.

    2. DokuWiki

    It is a well documented, PHP based, highly customizable (over 70 design templates) and fully extensible wiki software platform available. The best part is “It requires no databases. ”. All the data is stored in plain text files. It is very popular and used by many sites.

    • Simple syntax
    • Unlimited page revisions
    • Section Editing allows editing of small parts of a page
    • Easy navigation through breadcrumbs
    • Automatic table of contents generation
    • Locking to avoid edit conflicts
    • Simple support for read only pages
    • Extended Access Control Lists
    • Spam blacklist
    • Delayed Indexing
    • Mail address obfuscation and rel=nofollow support
    • Pagecaching for quicker rendering
    • Ajax-enhanced interface

    3. PmWiki

    It is another popular wiki software platform released under GPL and coded in PHP.

    Custom look-and-feel. A site administrator can quickly change the appearance and functions of a PmWiki site by using different skins and HTML templates.

    Access control. PmWiki password protection can be applied to an entire site, to groups of pages, or to individual pages. Password protection controls who can read pages, edit pages, and upload attachments. PmWiki s access control system is completely self-contained, but it can also work in conjunction with existing password databases, such as.htaccess. LDAP servers, and MySQL databases.

    Customization and plugin architecture. It includes only essential features in the core engine, but make it easy for administrators to customize and add new markup. Hundreds of features are already available by using extensions (called recipes ) that are available from the PmWiki Cookbook .

    4. WikkaWiki

    WikkaWiki (often shortened as Wikka) is a free, lightweight, and standards-compliant wiki engine. Written in PHP, it uses MySQL to store pages.

    1. 100% web-based installer/upgrader.
    2. 100% web-based upgrading from WakkaWiki.
    3. Shell/root access not required;
    4. Optional rewrite rules support.
    5. Easy Page Editing Functions
    6. Easy options for media file uploading/downloading
    7. A large selection of plugins and user contributions
    8. Advanced code highlighting (using GeSHi)
    9. Configurable user login and registration screens.
    10. Revision control tools and almost all necessary admistration settings

    5. TWiki

    Twiki is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki, enterprise collaboration platform, and web application platform. It is a Structured Wiki, typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet, extranet or the Internet. Users without programming skills can create web applications. Developers can extend the functionality of TWiki with Plugins. It is coded on Perl platform and is released under GPL.

    I found this as a most organized and a professional looking wiki and good for companies and enterprise structures. TWiki got nominated as a finalist for Best Project for the Enterprise at the SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards 2009 .

    6. XWiki

    XWiki is a platform for developing collaborative web applications using the wiki paradigm. This is what makes XWiki a second generation wiki. All XWiki software is developed in Java and under the LGPL open source license.

    XWiki Enterprise is a professional wiki with enterprise features such as Blog, strong rights management, LDAP authentication, PDF export, full skining and more. It also includes an advanced Form and scripting engine making it a development environment for data-based applications. It has powerful extensibility features such as scripting in pages, plugins and a highly modular architecture. See the full feature list for more.

    7. MindTouch Deki

    MindTouch Deki is a web-based collaboration, wiki software and mashup platform. It is divided into a front-end (written in PHP) and an API, written in C#. The Deki front-end and API are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License while the Dream services layer is released under the Apache License, making it free and open source software.

    It is having user friendly WYSIWYG interface. MindTouch has one of the most advanced permission systems available. MindTouch administrators can make wikis public or private, anonymous or not. There is user groups support. Users can permission entire hierarchies to create private or non-editable workspaces or permission single pages. MindTouch has built in support for LDAP. Active Directory ,Drupal. WordPress. and Joomla .

    View Complete Feature list here .

    8. Boltwire

    BoltWire is an easy to use web development engine with surprising flexibility and power. It has the various strengths of a CMS, a wiki, a search engine, and more, all rolled together into a software system of ground-breaking design.

    It is free wiki engine and is coded on PHP and no databases are required as it uses simple text files system. Currently there is no WYSIWYG editor, but there is a plugin in the wanted list, so we can wait for it

    9. Zoho Wiki

    If you do not want to download and maintain a wiki engine on your web server, then Zoho Wiki is a beautiful online wiki solution from Zoho. and it is free with a limit of 2 wikis per user. Zoho Wiki is an intuitive, user friendly tool that allows you to build a website of your dreams complete with pictures and multi-media contents.

    Again, I must say, it is a very beautiful wiki interface, with inbuilt WYSIWYG interface, collaboration tools and fine-grained access privileges to create groups, set wiki or page level permissions. It has a feature to keep up-to-date information through instant RSS feeds, subscribe to watch pages and follow thread of discussions.

    10. Wikia

    This is also a free online platform which would help you create your a beautiful wiki on their own server. Wikia is having more features than zoho in some headings, I must say. The most important thing is, you can embed your ad codes in a wiki created on Wikia, which is not available on Zoho. It is having an attractive interface and web page looks. It offers categories, which zoho does not.

    Title- #runescape #wiki,runescape,titles,acolyte,battle #of #lumbridge,admiral,player-owned #port,admiral #of #the #fleet,archmage,rune #memories,runecrafting,magic,archon #(title)



    For the Dungeoneering titles, see Dungeoneering/Titles .

    Titles are honorifics, accolades, ranks, and other descriptions that modify a player’s name as either a prefix or a suffix. Titles will appear with a player’s name in public chat, when the player is right-clicked, on the forums, and on the player’s adventurer’s log. Titles are accessed and changed through the Customisation Interface under the “Titles” tab. Titles may be obtained in game or from Solomon’s General Store. A number of titles do not appear in the interface until they are unlocked.


    Collections of titles Edit

    List of all titles Edit

    This list is automatically generated based on the values on each individual title article.

    Trivia Edit

    • A player’s title would change to the corresponding gender when doing Fremennik Sagas.
    • According to Mod Jack, the cost of adding new titles is not insignificant despite appearing simple. [1]
    • If a player comes near the Mobilising Armies Command Centre. his or her title will be replaced by their Mobilising Armies rank prefix, if they have one activated. Previously, if they had no rank prefix activated, their title would vanish. Upon leaving the area, their title will not return, and will have to be reactivated. Since then, if no Mobilising Armies title is activated, the existing title will stay with the character.
    • Putting on and taking off any piece of the Darkmeyer outfit will cause any title you have active to disappear; it can be fixed by repeating the process.
    • If one had a title that was dependent on gender. there was a glitch where the player’s title (for example, the title Lord/Lady) would not change to the players current gender; the players title would stay the same until log out. This has since been fixed.
    • There was a glitch that allowed players to use titles they had not yet unlocked by selecting it, selecting a title they had unlocked, and quickly clicking the “Activate” button. This has since been fixed.
    • When right clicking, titles that are displayed before a player’s name will cause their name to be grey.
    • Titles are limited to 255 characters and each colour requires 12 characters.
    • The first titles to be released into the game were the military ranks from Mobilising Armies.

    References Edit

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    Dysmenorrhagia #psychology #wiki,psychology,dysmenorrhea,biological #psychology: #genetics,biological #psychology: #evolutionary #psychology,biological #psychology: #neuroanatomy,biological #psychology: #neurochemistry,biological



    Dysmenorrhea (or dysmenorrhoea ) is a medical condition characterized by severe uterine pain during menstruation. While many individuals experience minor pain during menstruation, dysmenorrhea is diagnosed when the pain is so severe as to limit normal activities, or require medication.

    Dysmenorrhea can feature different kinds of pain, including sharp, throbbing, dull, nauseating, burning, or shooting pain. Dysmenorrhea may precede menstruation by several days or may accompany it, and it usually subsides as menstruation tapers off. Dysmenorrhea may coexist with excessively heavy blood loss, known as menorrhagia .

    Secondary dysmenorrhea is diagnosed when symptoms are attributable to an underlying disease. disorder. or structural abnormality either within or outside the uterus. Primary dysmenorrhea is diagnosed when none of these are detected.


    Primary dysmenorrhea Edit

    Explanation Edit

    During a woman’s menstrual cycle, the endometrium thickens in preparation for potential pregnancy. After ovulation. if the ovum is not fertilized and there is no pregnancy, the built-up uterine tissue is thus not needed.

    Molecular compounds called prostaglandins are released. These compounds cause the muscles of the uterus to contract. When the uterine muscles contract, they constrict the blood supply to the tissue of the endometrium, which, in turn, breaks down and dies. These uterine contractions continue as they squeeze the old, dead endometrial tissue through the cervix and out of the body through the vagina. These contractions are responsible for the varying degrees of pain and discomfort commonly experienced during menstruation.

    Signs and symptoms Edit

    This section seems to be biased or has no references.
    You can help the Psychology Wiki by citing appropriate references.
    Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page.

    The main symptom of dysmenorrhea is pain concentrated in the lower abdomen. in the umbilical region or the suprapubic region of the abdomen. It is also commonly felt in the right or left abdomen. It may radiate to the thighs and lower back. Other symptoms may include nausea and vomiting. diarrhea. headache. fainting. and fatigue. Symptoms of dysmenorrhea usually begin a few hours before the start of menstruation, and may continue for a few days.

    Etiology Edit

    Pathophysiology Edit

    Prostaglandins are released during menstruation, due to the destruction of the endometrial cells, and the resultant release of their contents. [2] Release of prostaglandins and other inflammatory mediators in the uterus is thought to be a major factor in primary dysmenorrhea. [3] Females with primary dysmenorrhea have increased activity of the uterine muscle with increased contractility and increased frequency of contractions. [4]

    Diagnosis Edit

    In one research study using MRI. visible features of the uterus were compared in dysmenorrheic and eumenorrheic (normal) participants. The study concluded that in dysmenorrheic patients, visible features on cycle days 1-3 correlated with the degree of pain, and differed significantly from the control group. [5]

    Treatments Edit

    Nutritional Edit

    Research indicates that one mechanism underlying dysmenorrhea is a disturbed balance between antiinflammatory. vasodilator eicosanoids derived from omega-3 fatty acids. and proinflammatory. vasoconstrictor eicosanoids derived from omega-6 fatty acids. [6] Several studies have indicated that intake of omega-3 fatty acids can reverse the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, by decreasing the amount of omega-6 FA in cell membranes. [7] [8] [9] The richest dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids is found in flax oil. [10]

    Oral intake of magnesium has also been indicated in providing relief: two double-blind. placebo -controlled studies demonstrated a positive therapeutic effect of magnesium on dysmenorrhea. [11] [12] A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial demonstrated that oral intake of vitamin E relieves the pain of primary dysmenorrhea and reduces blood loss. [13] A review of case histories indicated that zinc. in 1 to 3 30-milligram doses given daily for one to four days prior to onset of menses, prevents essentially all to all warning of menses and all menstrual cramping. [14] Intake of thiamine (vitamin B1 ) was demonstrated to provide “curative” relief in 87% of females experiencing dysmenorrhea, in a controlled study. [15]

    NSAIDs Edit

    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are effective in relieving the pain of primary dysmenorrhea. [16] NSAIDs can have side effects of nausea. dyspepsia. peptic ulcer. and diarrhea. [17] Patients who cannot take the more common NSAIDs, or for whom they are not effective, may be prescribed a COX-2 inhibitor. [18] One study indicated that conventional therapy with NSAIDs “provides symptomatic relief but has increasing adverse effects with long-term use”, [19] another indicated that long-term use of NSAIDs has “severe adverse effects”. [20]

    Hormonal contraceptives Edit

    Although use of hormonal contraception can improve or relieve symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea, [21] [22] a 2001 systematic review found that no conclusions can be made about the efficacy of commonly used modern lower dose combined oral contraceptive pills for primary dysmenorrhea. [23] Norplant [24] and Depo-provera [25] [26] are also effective, since these methods often induce amenorrhea. The IntraUterine System (Mirena IUD) has been cited as useful in reducing symptoms of dysmenorrhea. [27]

    Non-drug therapies Edit

    Several non-drug therapies for dysmenorrhea have been studied, including behavioral, acupuncture. acupressure. chiropractic care. and the use of a TENS unit.

    Behavioral therapies assume that the physiological process underlying dysmenorrhea is influenced by environmental and psychological factors, and that dysmenorrhea can be effectively treated by physical and cognitive procedures that focus on coping strategies for the symptoms rather than on changes to the underlying processes. A 2007 systematic review found some scientific evidence that behavioral interventions may be effective, but that the results should be viewed with caution due to poor quality of the data. [28]

    Acupuncture and acupressure are used to treat dysmenorrhea. A review cited four studies, two of which were patient-blind. indicating that acupuncture and acupressure were effective. [29] This review stated that the treatments appear “promising” for dysmenorrhea, and that the researchers considered further studies to be justified. Another study indicated that acupuncture “reduced the subjective perception of dysmenorrhea”, [30] still another indicated that adding acupuncture in patients with dysmenorrhea was associated with improvements in pain and quality of life. [31]

    Although claims have been made for chiropractic care, under the theory that treating subluxations in the spine may decrease symptoms, [32] a 2006 systematic review found that overall no evidence suggests that spinal manipulation is effective for treatment of primary and secondary dysmenorrhea. [33]

    Treatment with a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit, often used for chronic pain. was indicated as effective in several studies. [34] [35] [36] [37] One study encouraged providers to try the TENS unit with patients, on the grounds that they found it to be “non-invasive. efficient, and easy to use”. [38] A study led by the same researchers reported proof of TENS’ effectiveness. [39]

    Other medications and herbal therapies Edit

    Other medications and herbal therapies have been studied in the treatment of dysmenorrhea. A 2008 systematic review found promising evidence for Chinese herbal medicine for primary dysmenorrhea, but that the evidence was limited by its poor methodological quality. [40] One study indicated that two Japanese herbal medicines provided all of the study participants with complete relief. [41] A review indicated the effectiveness of use of transdermal nitroglycerin. [42] A double-blind, controlled study indicated that treatment with an extract of guava leaf resulted in significant reduction of symptoms. [43] In a small double-blind. placebo -controlled study, guaifenesin reduced primary dysmenorrhea, but the effect was not significant. [44]

    Hormonal treatments Edit

    One study suggested that vasopressin antagonists with V1(a) selectivity might be useful in treating a variety of disorders, including dysmenorrhea. [45]

    Prognosis Edit

    A survey in Norway showed that 14 percent of females between the ages of 20 to 35 experience symptoms so severe that they stay home from school or work. [46] Among adolescent girls, dysmenorrhea is the leading cause of recurrent short-term school absence in this group. [47]

    Epidemiology Edit

    Reports of dysmenorrhea are greatest among individuals in their late teens and 20s, with reports usually declining with age. One study indicated that 67.2% of adolescent females experienced dysmenorrhea. [48] A study of Hispanic adolescent females indicated a high prevalence and impact in this group. [49] Another study indicated that dysmenorrhea was present in 36.4% of participants, and was significantly associated with lower age and lower parity. [50] Childbearing is said to relieve dysmenorrhea. One study indicated that in nulliparous women with primary dysmenorrhea, the severity of menstrual pain decreased significantly after age 40. [51] A questionnaire concluded that menstrual problems, including dysmenorrhea, were more common in females who had been sexually abused. [52]

    Secondary dysmenorrhea Edit

    Replacing the final stage unit # #replacing #the #final #stage #unit/blower #motor


    Does your A/C-heater blower seem like it’s possessed? Does it quit working for no apparent reason, then come on again just as mysteriously? Does it run only at one speed no matter what the controls say? Does it keep running even when the car is off and the key is out of the ignition? Your problem is most likely a faulty final stage unit.

    Based on what I’ve seen here and elsewhere, this is a chronic problem with the E39, but fortunately it’s a relatively cheap and easy fix. There’s a good DIY here. but since questions about it get posted here with regular frequency, I figured it would be a good idea to post one here too. Some of the photos in this post are very large because it’s very helpful to see the details if you have no idea what’s going on here.

    BMW calls this thing the “final stage unit;” the parts guys call it a “blower motor resistor.” I’m not sure what the reason for the different terminology is, but it’s the same part. The PNs have changed a couple of times over the years, but as of the date of this posting, what you want is PN 64 11 6 923 204 and there’s a diagram of the system here. As far as I can tell, the same part is used in all E39 models (but you may want to confirm this). Bavarian Autosport has them for about $70, but they’re unfortunately available a lot of places, including the parts counter of your local dealership (I say “unfortunately” because it’s a reflection of how often this thing fails).

    For some reason, dealer service departments are notorious for not being able to recognize this issue, and may charge you for hundreds or thousands of dollars of unnecessary repairs without solving the problem. If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself (i.e. you’re the sort of person who is more likely to take an eye out with a screwdriver than a screw), at least bring them this information. Done properly, this is a 15-minute,

    This is what you’re replacing:

    The silver part of it is a heat sink. I’m not an electrical engineer, but I believe this thing allows the blower controls to change the speed of the blower by altering the current that passes through it. Inside is a bundle of resistors, and by sending the current through a different combination of leads, it creates the proper current to operate the blower at a desired speed. But resistors generate heat (thus the need for a heat sink), and over time, I suspect the constant heat up-cool down cycle degrades the resistors until they no longer produce the right current, and the controller can no longer send the right signals to the blower. Thus, the blower starts acting strangely despite what the controls are doing.

    Now, I’ve read a lot of horror stories about how difficult this replacement can be, but I didn’t find it that way at all. This is an extremely simple operation that took me less than 10 minutes. The hardest part was getting myself into a position where I could get at the faulty FSU.

    All you need here is a Phillips screwdriver, a flashlight (the one in your glovebox will work fine) and understanding that you’re working with electrical components, not mechanical ones. That means being mindful of how much force you’re using. Nothing in this operation requires any great effort, so if you find yourself needing force things, you’re doing something wrong.

    The FSU is behind the dash in the passenger side footwell. You’ll find it easier to work if you pull out the cover under the glovebox. It’s not secured by anything, so just yank it out. The FSU is behind a fabric covered plastic panel on the left side:

    You want to unscrew the screw (red circle), then slide the panel backward (see arrow), not out. It’s also held in place by two metal clips that attach to the frame behind it:

    Once you’ve got the panel out, lay on your back and look up at the space you’ve just exposed. The FSU is inside there.

    Inside the space, you’ll see a plug with 5 colored wires coming out of it. The FSU is the thing the plug is connected to, so you’ve got to get the plug out. The plug is held in place by two clips on the side, and you need to squeeze the clips to free it.

    You may find the plug a bit difficult to get out; if so, just wiggle it back and forth until it comes free. Don’t yank it out–you may break one of the wires loose, in which case you’ve just bought yourself an expensive and embarrassing trip to the dealer.

    The FSU is itself held in place by another clip at the bottom. You need to push this clip down at the same time you’re pulling the FSU out.

    Again, if you’re doing it right, you should not need to force anything. Once free of the clip, the FSU should slide out easily.

    You may find all of this easier if you lay on your back in the footwell to get your bearings, then sit up straight, reach under the dash, and do it “by feel.”

    Now, surprise, surprise, the part you’ve just removed won’t resemble the new one exactly, since as I mentioned, the PNs have changed a couple of times:

    Hmm, could this be because the original version was defective?

    Now just slide the new one in the spot the old one came out of. It should slide into place with a “snap” as the clip engages it.

    New FSU in place. Note orientation–it will only go in one way. If you’re having trouble getting it in, you’ve probably got it rotated 90 or 180 degrees out of alignment.

    Replace the plug, then slide the panel back in the way it came out. Be sure to get both clips into their respective slots, or it will hang loose. Replace the screw.

    If you’ve done everything right, your blower should operate normally now. If it’s not, go back in and check the connections. If everything looks right but it still doesn’t work, you may have other problems.

    Thank’s for the instructions, my wife has a 2003 530i with 54K miles and her blower stopped working entirely. Here’s a little story.

    The A/C stopped blowing air and I hadn’t gotten the BMW manual for it yet so I took it in to the dealership and I figured it would probably just be a simple electrical relay .
    They called my wife back telling her ;

    1) $440 to fix the blower,
    2) The A/C wasn’t as cold as it should be and they needed to replace the dryer – $790
    3) The plastic components (bushings) of her suspension were cracking and they could fail if she hit a pothole – $825
    4) Her fuel filter needed to be replaces – $325
    5) They recommended a fuel injector cleaning – $350
    6) Her tires were feathering and she needed a 4 wheel alignment – $350

    I went online and found your instructions on how to replace the blower relay. It took 15 minutes to replace and cost $100 for the part. Everything works fine and all the other items were BS not to mention 2 to 3 times what they should be charging for the services.

    For once crime didn’t pay.

    Oh yeah I forgot, they charged her $135 to tell her how they were going to rip her off. I ordered the manuals yesterday.

    Last edited by plockj; 07-19-2006 at 11:45 AM.

    07-30-2006, 11:51 AM

    Thanks for the great post! I was amazed at the detailed instructions on replacing the FSU.

    08-04-2006, 02:40 PM

    Thanks a million. Saved me a fortune. I hate to think what the stealership would have charged me. Regards UK member.

    08-16-2006, 03:54 PM

    Thank you. Saved me from replacing the climate control unit unnessarily (Had a similar problem on my E36 M3 that was the unit). After reading your description, I replaced the unit in under 15 mins with no fuss or drama. It really was nice knowing the details without having to go “diving” under the dash in 90 degree weather.

    Moving around #vim #tips #wiki,vim,moving #around,moving #to #matching #braces,vimtip47,vimtip49


    Moving around

    created 2001 complexity basic version 5.7

    You can save a lot of time when navigating through text by using appropriate movement commands. In most cases the cursor keys are not the best choice.

    Here are some basic movement commands that may help you acquire a taste for more:

    e Move to the end of a word. w Move forward to the beginning of a word. 3w Move forward three words. W Move forward a WORD (any non-whitespace characters). b Move backward to the beginning of a word. 3b Move backward three words. $ Move to the end of the line. 0 Move to the beginning of the line. ^ Move to the first non-blank character of the line. ) Jump forward one sentence. ( Jump backward one sentence. > Jump forward one paragraph. < Jump backward one paragraph.

    Jump forward one line. k Jump backward one line. H Jump to the top of the screen. M Jump to the middle of the screen. L Jump to the bottom of the screen. 10 PageUp or 10 CTRL-B Move 10 pages up. 5 PageDown or 5 CTRL-F Move 5 pages down. G Jump to end of file. 1G Jump to beginning of file (same as gg ). 50G Jump to line 50. mx Set mark x at the current cursor position. ‘x Jump to the beginning of the line of mark x. `x Jump to the cursor position of mark x. ” Return to the line where the cursor was before the latest jump. (Two single quotes.) “ Return to the cursor position before the latest jump (undo the jump). (Two back ticks. This is above the Tab key on some keyboards.) ‘. Jump to the last-changed line. % Jump to corresponding item, e.g. from an open brace to its matching closing brace. See Moving to matching braces for more.

    References Edit

    Comments Edit

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    Tom wood wiki #archer #wiki,archer,woodhouse,cyril,george #coe,tom #kane,sterling #archer,dicky #woodhouse,archer #vice: #a #debt



    “Slowly dying, for all anyone cares. But the saddest part is, no one does..” Woodhouse [src]

    Arthur Henry Woodhouse VC, GCB, DSO, DSC, MC was Sterling’s elderly and devoted valet, who took harsh and frequent criticism from his employer. Woodhouse raised Sterling since his boyhood, as Malory was a frequently absent mother and Sterling’s father was unknown. Elderly Woodhouse was voiced by George Coe (Seasons 1-4) and Tom Kane (Season 5). In the episode “The Double Deuce ,” Roy McCrerey voiced the younger versions of Woodhouse. As of the first episode of “Archer: Dreamland,” we see his tombstone with his name retconned as Arthur Woodhouse, birth date June 28, 1894 and date of death May 9, 19xx (dates partially obscured on-screen)


    Background Edit

    Serving in the King’s African Rifles. as well as England in World War I. Later in life he became involved with the Archer family in Tangiers. literally birthing Sterling at Reggie’s Bar in Tangiers.

    Prior to World War I, Woodhouse served with the King’s African Rifles in Zambezi, where the local tribesman were practicing cannibals. Woodhouse sampled but never developed a taste for human flesh, which the locals called long pig (Killing Utne ).

    He served as an officer’s personal attendant (“batman” to Captain Reginald “Reggie” Thistleton during World War I). When Woodhouse was asked how he could be “so awesome and not be gay” in “Honeypot “, he said he was “quite fond of a boy in school once, Reggie Thistleton,” implying he may have known Reggie before the war. Reggie also makes some homosexual references when he speaks to Woodhouse during The Double Deuce.

    Woodhouse during World War I

    During a depressing time of the war, Reggie started a Tontine with the rest of his troop. This seemingly came back to haunt Woodhouse later when he started noticing several members of the tontine dying mysteriously. He and a fellow ex-pilot Corporal Bishop suspected a third ex-pilot Scripes of killing the other soldiers.

    When Reggie was shot down and his plane crash landed in No Man’s Land, they were forbidden to rescue him. Woodhouse ignored orders and went anyway. He then provided the wounded Reggie with a cigarette which allowed an enemy rifleman to see their position and shoot Reggie through the neck. The death caused Woodhouse to go into a homicidal rage and kill around 50 German soldiers (a Zug, or platoon) with his knife, garnering him the Victoria Cross (the British Empire’s highest award for valor and equivalent to the US Medal of Honor). He was discharged, with the rank of Lance Corporal, from the service because he scalped all his enemies, with Corporal Bishop remarking that he “could have made a blanket”.

    Woodhouse’s other orders and decorations include being a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB), which would entitle him to the honorific prefix ‘Sir’, the Distinguished Service Order (DSO), Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) and the Military Cross (MC), the latter three decorations only being awarded to officers before 1993.

    Post-military life Edit

    After his discharge he wandered the world, spending time on a merchant ship in the orient, doing opium and sleeping with women while letting his hair grow out. He then landed in Tangiers where he won a bar in a dice game, renaming the bar Reggie’s Bar. One night Malory Archer burst in, stating that as she had just killed a man and her water just broke, she could really use a drink. She gave birth to Archer on the bar and Woodhouse cut the cord. While she was nursing him on the bar, Woodhouse gave Malory a rattle made of sterling silver for the baby which he obtained from a gonorrhea infested Arab prostitute. Malory liked the word Sterling and that is how Archer got his name. Woodhouse asked Malory if his middle name could be Reginald, to which Malory said it was “too gay”, which then resulted in Sterling having the middle name Malory. Eventually the men chasing Malory caught up with her, which resulted in a short gunfight in which Malory and Woodhouse shot and killed them.

    After that Malory offered Woodhouse the job of taking care of Archer. He then traded his bar for a boat, sailed Malory and Sterling to Lisbon, got Malory to an OSS safe house, sold the boat and used the money to take Sterling back to the U.S. He then raised Sterling by himself for five years. When Malory returned Sterling didn’t want to see his mother (who had an eye patch for reasons unexplained) and clung to Woodhouse.

    Unfortunately for Woodhouse, from that moment onward Sterling would become particularly cruel toward Woodhouse which would continue into his adulthood (most likely due to the influence of his mother). Sterling now has almost no regard for Woodhouse’s feelings and treats him as if he were subhuman. Sterling often punishes Woodhouse (and many women, such as Cheryl Tunt ) by his favorite method of throwing shoes and clothing off of his balcony. Sterling has even shown ecstatic joy over the potential of Woodhouse suffering.

    Quotes Edit

    • “Sir, I’m afraid that your breakfast will be four minutes late” (said by Woodhouse when he knocks out Pam whilst she was high on Cocaine, using a frying-pan which had Archer’s breakfast– for which Archer says “typical” after).
    • “I shall fetch a rug.” -Training Day, Killing Utne
    • “Regggggggieeeeeee!!” -Double Deuce
    • “Ants! All over my body, ANTS!!”- Blood Test
    • ” When I served in the King’s African Rifles, the local Zambezi tribesman called human flesh “long pig.” Never much cared for it.” -Killing Utne

    Trivia Edit

    Woodhouse’s hobby dates back a long way.

    • He had a younger brother named Dicky who was in hiding in Mexico after escaping from a Nevada jail, Stage Two. Unless he has another brother, Dicky was revealed to be dead in “The Papal Chase “. Archer didn’t allow Woodhouse to go to his brother’s funeral (or even inform him of his brother’s passing).
    • Woodhouse is addicted to heroin, a fact which is often used by Sterling as a form of blackmail and bribery.
    • He used to shoot up with William S. Burroughs, and may have been an accessory in the manslaughter of Joan Vollmer shown in Blood Test.
    • Named the lemur stolen by Archer Reggie. after Reggie Thistleton.
    • He enjoys listening to Charlie Mingus while high.
    • He and Corporal Bishop are the final two people in his World War I Tontine.
    • He is partially deaf.
    • He has killed at least 52 men in his life, including the 50 Germans during his rampage, and two of the intruders who attacked his bar.
    • Despite his age and usual subservient behavior, Woodhouse has demonstrated the ability to defend himself from Sterling, as well as deal punishment when necessary.
    • Woodhouse typically speaks in two distinctly different voices, the first being a high-pitched, energetic voice, the second being a lower-pitched, strained and tired voice.
    • Undoubtedly the lookalike of the late Ian Wolfe (who, according to IMDB, played a character named Wodehouse in an episode of Star of the Family), he is most probably named in homage to P. G. Wodehouse. who created the “gentleman’s personal gentleman” Jeeves.
      • In addition, it’s also possible that Woodhouse is a homage to another George Coe character; Senator Howard Stackhouse. seen in three episodes of the TV series, The West Wing.
    • Woodhouse’s weapon of choice is the Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun as he is seen using two in The Double Deuce defending Malory Archer in Reggie’s Bar. Later in Pipeline Fever Archer says he “borrowed” one from Woodhouse implying he may still have them both.
    • It is highly likely Woodhouse is bisexual, given his attraction to both Reggie Thistleton and Malory Archer.
    • Woodhouse looks like the in-universe Pope.
    • Woodhouse did not physically appear in season 6, and is missing since his last appearance in season 5. Archer has even gone to the extent of printing missing persons flyers in the episode “Reignition Sequence”. His whereabouts are currently unknown, although it was confirmed that Woodhouse will die in Season 8. [1]

    Gallery of Images Edit

    There are 39 images of Woodhouse on this Wiki, visit the Woodhouse gallery to view all the images and screenshots. Here is a sample of four images from the gallery:

    Helping to train Cyril

    Hospice – 4chanmusic Wiki #hospice #nursing #home

    #hospice wiki



    Hospice is the third album and first concept album from Brooklyn indie rock and dream pop band The Antlers. The album was recorded and produced at Watcher’s Woods in Brooklyn between July of 2007 and August of 2008. The album was initally self released by the band in March of 2009, but was reissued in August of the same year when demand for the album proved so great that the band could not produce enough copies on their own. The album has received massive critical acclaim, earning from Pitchfork Media a score of 8.5/10 as well as the title of “Best New Music.” The album is frequently discussed on /mu/ and, as such, is accepted in the category of /mu/core music.


    Concept Edit

    Story Edit

    Hospice follows the story of a hospice worker and a woman who is dying of terminal bone cancer. The album follows their relationship as it develops into a romance, but begins to spiral down because of the woman’s fears, doubts, and eventually her disease. The album ends with the hospice worker that took care of her left in a depressed state, never truly having let go of her after her death.

    Meaning of the Album and Autobiographical Nature Edit

    The album has caused many a discussion as to its exact meaning. The frontman for The Antlers, Peter Silberman, has not been forthcoming with any information regarding the exact meaning of the album as well as its autobiographical nature. The closeset we have gotten to an actual response regarding the album is a hint from Silberman that the story serves as a metaphor for an abusive relationship.

    Critical Reception Edit

    Track Listing Edit

    1. Prologue – 2:35
    2. Kettering – 5:10
    3. Sylvia – 5:27
    4. Atrophy – 7:40
    5. Bear – 3:54
    6. Thirteen – 3:11
    7. Two – 5:56
    8. Shiva – 3:45
    9. Wake – 8:44
    10. Epilogue – 5:25

    Hollywood Records #selena #gomez #wiki,selenagomez,hollywood #records,bridgit #mendler,demi #lovato,interscope #records,selena #gomez # #


    Hollywood Records

    Hollywood Records is an American record label focusing on pop, rock, alternative and teen pop genres. It was founded in 1989 and is one of the major DMG labels. Its current roster includes artists such as: Demi Lovato. Queen, Plain White T’s, Jesse McCartney, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Breaking Benjamin, Jessica Sutta, Lucy Hale, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez the Scene. Valora, Cherri Bomb, Stefano Langone, Bridgit Mendler. and Zendaya Coleman.

    Selena Gomez released five albums under Hollywood Records before moving to Interscope Records in 2014.


    Hollywood Records was founded in 1989 by Michael Eisner with the idea of expanding the music operations of Disney Enterprises Inc. (then reduced to the release of the soundtracks of Walt Disney, Touchstone, and Hollywood Pictures films) and to develop and promote the careers of a wide variety of artists in various genres. However, the label struggled to launch a successful artist, and in 1991 the label had significant financial loss. The only major success was the agreement to be the catalog distributors of Queen, a fact affected by the death of vocalist Freddie Mercury. Label problems continued and even years after the acquisition of Mammoth Records in 1997 was seen as a sign of the search by Disney for a record label that would give success to the company. However, Mammoth Records was dissolved and integrated into the label in 2003, after little success.

    In 1998, the company decided to integrate the operations of Walt Disney Records with Hollywood, Lyric Street, and Mammoth, with Walt Disney Music Publishing, creating Buena Vista Music Group, now Disney Music Group, and appointing Bob Cavallo as chairman of the group, and president of Hollywood Records. The newly formed group then set out to create a more traditional music industry management structure and involvement with Disney Enterprises Inc. was minimized. Cavallo retired in January 2012, and Ken Bunt was appointed to his position.

    It was not until 2003, with the launch of Hilary Duff’s musical career that the label would be a real success. Her debut album sold more than 5 million copies worldwide and was the beginning of a successful business model for the label. A partnership with ABC, SOAP Net, A E Networks, Disney Channel, and Radio Disney was encouraged and brought its artists to have strong media exposure. Duff was the best-selling artist of the successive record label with 13 million albums sold, until Miley Cyrus debuted. Cyrus has sold over 20 million albums worldwide to date. Artists such as the Cheetah Girls, Raven-Symoné, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato. Bridgit Mendler. and the Jonas Brothers replicated this model of marketing. At the same time, the label continues to develop the careers of artists with a profile less commercial such as Grace Potter the Nocturnals. The label also releases soundtracks from Marvel Studios, Touchstone, and Hollywood Pictures films and ABC television productions.

    In 2010, Hollywood absorbed the country music label Lyric Street Records and subsequently inherited its roster of acts. In 2011, Queen’s music was distributed by Universal worldwide for the first time, as outside the US, Queen left EMI for Universal-owned Island Records.

    It was announced in early 2012 that Hollywood Records would sign the winner of the ABC talent competition “Duets” coming this summer.

    In March 2012, Hollywood Records underwent a management overhaul with a new managing director appointed. The label is currently trying to pursue a new marketing strategy separate from its traditional Disney-based market. Many new artists were signed in recent months, and it appears that Hollywood Records is trying to ditch its image of being the Disney label.

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