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How to successfully recover data from a failed RAID

Recovering data from a failed RAID can easily turn into a costly ordeal. Please read this page carefully before proceeding. If you would like to get help from experts, please consider using our fee-based RAID recovery service.

First determine whether the RAID is hardware-based or software-based. The recovery procedures are very different.

Recovering a hardware RAID

First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

  • Virus attacks.
  • The volume being deleted, resized, reformatted or otherwise changed in Disk Manager or other disk management utilities.

If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

Avoid the most common mistakes that may cause data to become unrecoverable.

Hardware RAID operating states

Current status is normal.
No controller or disk errors.
No recent change in RAID configuration.

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Volume configuration has not been changed (screenshot ).

Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

RAID mechanism is operating normally .
Problem may be unrelated to RAID.

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
No drive letter or unformatted volume (screenshot ).

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Volume has been deleted, reformatted, resized (screenshot ).

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Disk Manager is not aware of degradation (screenshot ).

Volume is accessible

RAID is degraded due to a disk failure

Current status is normal.
RAID failed and was rebuilt unsuccessfully.

RAID is displayed as a single disk (screenshot ).

Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

Current status is normal.
RAID settings have been changed.

Current status is normal.
Disks have been reconfigured and disk order may have changed.

Abnormal RAID status such as “offline”, “inactive”, “undefined”, etc.
There may be disk or controller hardware errors.

RAID is not displayed. Sometimes the individual member disks are displayed as unformatted disks (screenshots ).

Volume is inaccessible.

Recovering a software RAID

First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

  • Virus attacks.
  • The volume being reformatted.

If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

Note that a RAID 0 is also referred to as a striped volume.

Software RAID operating states

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Garage Door Replacement Parts

The whole is only as good as the sum of its replacement parts. We offer a broad selection of replacement parts appropriate for most garage door systems. Our variety of garage door opener replacement parts features products from the top-brands and our experts are trained to perform any installation, maintenance or replacement task. You can’t be a smooth operator without a well-oiled machine. We keep St. Louis area garage door openers running smoothly.

Check out the list of the replacement products and services that we offer below:

Garage Door Opener Parts

Gear Kits/Gear Shaft Assemblies – A stripped gear in your opener will allow the motor to run but will prevent your garage door from opening when you push the button. We are experts at replacing gear kits and shaft assemblies.

Replace/Realign Photocells – Photocells are a crucial part of your garage door opener’s safety reverse system. We have the parts and knowledge that will keep your garage door opener’s safety photocell vision sharp.

Replace RPM Sensors – A malfunctioning RPM sensor can prevent your garage door from opening on command. It’s important to replace an RPM sensor to prevent garage-door failure.

Replace Circuit Boards, Capacitors, Motors The guts of the garage door opener make-or-break your car’s point of entry. If your garage door opener no longer opens, it’s likely that one of these parts is to blame. Our experts will diagnose the problem, make necessary adjustments and replace the failing parts.

Lube Adjust – You can’t be a smooth operator without a well-oiled machine. Lube and adjust your garage door and opener at least twice a year to keep it running smoothly.

Replace/Adjust Belts And/Or Chains – It’s important to replace or adjust chains and belts when necessary to keep your opener running at maximum capacity and efficiency. Our experts are qualified to diagnose and treat any garage door problems caused by worn parts.

Reprogram Remotes Keypads – Not unlike your television remote, very few things are more frustrating than when a remote control doesn’t work properly. Not unlike your television remote, garage door remotes and keypads can be a confusing mystery. Our experts have dealt with many types and brands of remotes and keypads. We can help when remotes and keypads need reprogrammed.

Install Sunshields On Photocells – When the sun shines on your garage door’s photocells it can prevent the door from closing. A sunshield serves as a baseball cap for your garage door, ensuring on-demand closure.

Rehang Openers – “If your garage door’s opener was not hung with care, it’s likely a problem soon will be there.” An old garage-door adage to live by. Sometimes, garage door openers are installed by determined dads or weekend-handymen. We encourage DIY projects, but if your garage door opener has not been properly installed it can lead to big problems. Our professionals install openers quickly and correctly for many years of reliable and safe usage.

New Opener Installation – It is important to have your new opener installed by a professional for long term safe and proper opener usage.

Install Customer Supplied Openers – Our trained professionals are willing and able to install any customer-supplied opener. We also recommend allowing our professionals to lube and adjust your garage door beforehand. A garage door should always work easily and smoothly before the opener is installed.

Garage Door Parts

Lube Adjust – We recommend lubing and adjusting your garage door and opener twice a year to maintain a well-working garage door apparatus. Garage doors function as much more than a front door. Many people don’t realize just how many times their garage door goes up and down in a year, and it’s important to keep all of the parts greased and good-to-go.

Replace Broken Springs – Most standard garage-door springs are rated at about 10,000 cycles. To open then close the garage door is one cycle. Also, most garage doors are closed more times than they are opened. When garage doors remain closed, the springs have tension. Over time this can cause the doors to lose a bit of the tension on the springs. Many springs are cold, rolled steel and have a tendency to break near the end of their life cycle. We have most springs in stock and can provide the professional replacement in a safe and timely manner. This can be a dangerous job and requires a trained professional.

Replace Bottom Seals – Bottom seals or astragals tend to wear out over time. Also, rodents like to chew on them. We have a wide array of bottom rubbers in stock to fit nearly any garage door.

Replace Side Top Weather Seals/Stops– It is important to have good weather seals to help keep out snow, leaves, rain, etc.

Replace Broken/Frayed Cables – Frayed or broken cables should always be replaced. This job should be performed by a trained professional garage door technician.

Replace Shafts, Pulleys, Rollers, Hinges, Drums, Bearings – It’s the little things. Everyday use can cause the individual pieces (pulleys, rollers, hinges, bearings, etc.) to deteriorate and need replacement. We have what you need in stock and can perform the repairs quickly.

Install Reinforcement Struts – Reinforcement struts are true to namesake. They reinforce the garage door. Some doors come with struts and some don’t. If you have a garage door opener connected to the garage door, a strut is usually needed to reinforce and help prevent possible damage to the door.

Adjust Door Off Tracks – If your garage door closes on something, the obstruction and resulting collision will likely cause the rollers to lodge and ultimately cause the door to get stuck between the open and closed position. Our experts are trained to handle routine malfunctions like this and complex garage door mechanical issues. Call Martin Door Window for fast, courteous professional service.

Replace Tracks – It’s easy to bump into your garage door tracks, which can result in bent steel and make it impossible for your garage door to function properly. If this happens, you need to replace the tracks to keep your door running smoothly.

Replace Door Sections – Most newer garage door sections can be replaced with the same manufacturer and model parts. Get a free quote today!

Replace Glass Design Window Inserts – Give your home an aesthetic upgrade by simply replacing the glass window inserts on your garage door. Our window design inserts can be replaced to create a different look for your garage door and home.


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Replacement Windows in Michigan & Ohio

Whether you are in Michigan or Ohio, beautiful windows don’t have to cost a fortune.

Have you dreamed of upgrading the look of your home but didn’t want to sacrifice quality?

At 1-800-HANSONS, we have the perfect replacement windows you are searching for to improve the look and value of your home, at a price that will make you smile! At Hansons, it’s possible to get the quality triple pane windows you’ve been looking for at a price that fits your budget. We are so confident in the quality of our windows, that we offer an unlimited lifetime warranty!

Our energy efficient windows come in a variety of styles to fit any budget or look. No matter what style you choose, you will always be satisfied with Hansons!

For over 25 years, we have been the industry leaders in vinyl replacement windows and door walls, serving over 180,000 customers and producing beautiful results for homeowners all over Michigan and Ohio. Maintaining excellent business relationships with our supplier allows us to get our products at a much cheaper price than our competitors, which means we get to pass the savings along to you!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Replacement windows in Michigan and Ohio. “I had the pleasure of working with Hansons for new windows for my new house. I believe the quality of the windows, workmanship, and lead time to get the job completed were very satisfactory. I really enjoyed working with my rep Bill and him taking the time to explain and show me the different types of glass and materials used. Ultimately yes I would recommend them for windows, and probably any of the other work they specialize in.” Written by: Ernesto V. Replacement Window Installation Date published: 11/10/2016 4.5 / 5 stars

Click the images below to learn more about our different types of replacement windows.

If you are ready to see what 1-800-HANSONS can do for your home, click through the gallery below to see what replacement windows are right for you.


977 E. 14 Mile Rd.
Troy, MI 48083

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On-Site Windshield and Glass Repair

Proudly serving SC, NC, GA and beyond.

Who are we?

Quackt Glass is a completely mobile glass replacement service!
We come to you to solve your glass-related problem.

Whether it’s a car, truck, van or commercial vehicle, Quackt Glass will handle your glass needs quickly and easily-
no matter whether your vehicle is foreign or domestic.

We service every kind of glass on all types of automobiles:
• Windshields • Sliding Backglass • Replacement Sunroofs • Replacement T-Tops • Heavy Equipment Glass

We can replace damaged auto glass as well as perform repairs on smaller dings and chips without replacement- give us a call for details .

Quackt Glass provides same day service and is insurance-approved!

Are we qualified?

Yes! Quackt Glass is a registered member of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC). and our materials meet or exceed ANSI Z 26.1 and all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. We warranty the installation of your auto glass for as long as you own your vehicle.

This means that your auto glass will be properly installed and sealed by and expert technician. Your glass is guaranteed not to leak unless it is broken or the car rusts around it. Should you have any leakage of your auto glass for any reason, just contact Quackt Glass and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.

If our original work needs adjustment, we will do it at no cost to you.

We at Quackt Glass strive to be the best in the business, and we are ready to stand behind our work and our customers!

Are we on Social Media?

You can follow us on Facebook. Twitter and Youtube for news, updates, special offers and more!

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Types of Service

The AlarmNet network’s reliability is assured with a state of the art network control center that houses dedicated communication services and hardware platforms. Hardware servers and communication paths are completely redundant, with hot back-up databases housed in two separate locations. If one system were to have a catastrophic event, the other system can take over without any service interruption. Both locations are equipped with battery and generator backup along with technical support 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week for uninterrupted service. This level of sophistication allows us to handle alarm communication for UL listed and critical high-line security installations.

Network Architecture

In the AlarmNet architecture, although each of the networks are independent of one another, subscriber radios and Internet transmitters may send messages from one network and be received at nearly any central station location in North America over another technology. The AlarmNet Network Control Center (NCC) accomplishes this integration. This design offers the following important benefits:

1. Integration of Multiple Networks

One of the fundamental principles behind AlarmNet is the integration of different network types. In the AlarmNet architecture, member central stations are equipped with AlarmNet wireless or Internet receiving equipment or both. This equipment communicates directly with the AlarmNet network. Depending on its needs at installation at the protected premise, an installer may choose to use any of the available types of subscriber radios or Internet transmitters, whichever works best for that installation. Although each of the different products may report through a different network, the central station does not need to incur the costs of time, money, or labor to operate, maintain, and integrate all of these networks.

When a central station signs up with AlarmNet, it establishes a network connection scheme between the central station and AlarmNet and as a result gains access to any of its customers at the protected premise through that scheme and the interaction of AlarmNet.

2. Learn One, Know Them All

All of the different subscriber devices used for the different network services have a similar look and feel. The same programming tool is used for most of the devices. All signals are delivered to the central station in a uniform, familiar reporting format. This assures that the central station can receive signals from any type of AlarmNet subscriber; past, present, or future. Once equipped to receive alarm messages from the AlarmNet network, the central station can provide network services to any subscriber without additional expense.

3. Supervision and Speed of Delivery

AlarmNet radios and transmitters are supervised on a regular basis. The supervision is performed automatically, and is transparent to the central station. The AlarmNet network communicates with all AlarmNet devices on a regular basis, assuring that they are operational. The AlarmNet network reports to the central station only when there is a problem. The central station does not need to worry about supervision or maintenance of the network, since the network performs these functions automatically. The central station only receives the signals it needs: actual alarm or trouble messages. When the network receives an alarm, it automatically and immediately forwards the signal to the appropriate central station. The AlarmNet transmission generally will reach the central station before the traditional dialer-based signal, in cases where an AlarmNet device and the digital dialer both send signals.

4. Secure, Redundant, Wireless Protection

Not all competitive wireless subscriber services offered in the market are wireless at both ends. For example, due to the design of the cellular network, competing cellular services deliver signals to the central station over the regular switched telephone network. In these cases, the communications integrity of the central station (and all premises protected by that central station) is vulnerable to the same weaknesses as any landline-dependent customer (line cut, service outages, and natural disasters). Limited services such as these protect only a portion of the communications chain. Standard AlarmNet wireless delivery, however, assures an end-to-end wireless system that provides redundancy, supervision, and verification of message delivery. It only makes sense that the central station should use wireless communications to maintain the same level of security and performance in its communications infrastructure as it does at the protected premises.

In order to maintain a redundant, invulnerable link to subscribers using wireline-terminated networks, a service provider must maintain at least two physically distinct and independent connections to every network type. AlarmNet maintains such connections at every level, saving the central station the expense and complexity of maintaining such an elaborate communications infrastructure. AlarmNet’s connection to the central station also has two layers of redundancy: every central station is equipped with a primary and backup transceiver.

GE 45115 Wireless Window Alarms, 2pk #ge #45115 #wireless #window #alarms, #2pk,


About this item

Disclaimer: While we aim to provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and others, and has not been verified by us. See our disclaimer.

Protect your home and your family with the GE 45115 Wireless Window Alarms. These wireless window alarms are designed to activate when the magnetic contact is broken, such as when a window or door is opened. This 2pk GE Window Alarm includes two alarm sensors that can be attached to windows, doors, sheds, cabinets, gates and more. The alarm features two sound settings – a 120 dB siren and door chime greeting – easily accessible using the off/chime/alarm switch. This Window Security Alarm unit also features a low-battery test button that alerts you when the battery is nearly gone so you can replace it without ever losing the security of your activated alarm. They are easy to install and do not require wiring. Enjoy a sound night s sleep knowing that you and your family are protected.

GE 45115 Wireless Window Alarms, 2pk:

  • Alarm sounds when magnetic contact is broken
  • On/Off switch
  • Easy to install – no wiring necessary
  • Low battery test button and light
  • 2-pack

Explore this item


I was testing this when I had it attached to the window, just to see how well it worked. The units got about 1 inch apart and the most deafeningly loud siren went off. I was terrified and scrambling to try to close the window again to make it stop. ) I can totally see someone being scared to death by this and running away as fast as possible. Very simple to just tape to the window with the included double-sided tape. Worked way better than I expected and was way, way louder than I could have imagined. I will rest better tonight knowing these are on my kids windows. I have already recommended them to two neighbors and I have had them all of one hour.

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Warranty Information: 1 year warranty

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Spring Attendee Homepage – Atlanta Home Show – Georgia s Largest Home


The 39th Annual Spring Atlanta Home Show – March 24-26, 2017 – Cobb Galleria Centre

The largest Home Show in Georgia! Hundreds of participating companies! For THREE days only March 24-26, the Cobb Galleria transforms into a one-stop-shop for all your home improvement needs! For 39 years the Spring Atlanta Home Show has been improving home lifestyles and adding value to your largest single investment, your home. We’re proud of our ability to produce a family friendly environment and welcome you to our home.

Experience exciting and interactive sessions that can inspire you in your yard, with your decor and save you a great deal of time and money on your next remodeling job. » Click here to read more.

This year’s grand prize is a 7 LED fixture outdoor lighting package provided by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta. No purchase necessary – read more for all the details. » Click here to read more.

Georgia Landscape presents the Red Hare Backyard Beer Garden! Come learn about landscape design, services and products ranging from grass to fire, flowers to water, patios to recreation areas. You can chat with area experts about local landscape and options for every type of backyard. This is an interactive, educational area designed to give you the information you need to turn your backyard into an outdoor living area to enjoy for years! If all that were not enough, for a $5 donation to Hope Atlanta – the programs of Travelers Aid you can taste your way through this feature. Marietta’s own Red Hare Brewing Company will have SIX of their handcrafted brews available for your approval! Cabot Creamery will also have a sampling of cheeses. So bring your friends, enjoy some great beer and help a worthy cause! » Click here to read more.

Thanks to PMC Building Materials, members of the home improvement trade receive FREE admission to the show on Friday March 24! » Click here to read more.