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As I look back on the milestones we reached in 2011 and forward to the possibilities poised to unfold in 2012, I feel tremendous pride in the strides our Solari Hospice Care family has taken and will continue to take together to position our company as the hospice provider of choice in the Houston and Las Vegas communities we serve.

I believe our one-of-a-kind recipe for hospice care is so successful because we all share a passion for providing the highest quality, most compassionate care to our patients and families. And, by mixing just the right ingredients into our hospice care “soup,” we will continue to demonstrate our ability to serve unparalleled end-of-life care.

Strong Leadership. I truly believe that hiring and empowering proven and passionate leaders is one of the most proactive steps possible for achieving stellar hospice care — a key ingredient. I feel very lucky to have established long-term Professional Intimate Relationships with some of the most intelligent and passionate hospice professionals in the field — leaders who represent Solari with great integrity in their work to deepen existing relationships and to build new ones.

Solari’s consistently successful leadership team in Las Vegas led that program to its best year ever in 2011. In Houston last year, we welcomed several highly qualified and enthusiastic healthcare professionals into our hospice family to guide that program’s growth in tandem with the opening of our new Houston Inpatient Home. In both locations, our medical team leaders demonstrate their dedication to excellence through continuing education and training to obtain valuable hospice and palliative care certifications. These leadership teams, in addition to the incredible group of leaders who help keep things cooking from our Central Office in Arizona, show no signs of slowing down in 2012.

They say the proof’s in the pudding … Well, the fantastic Average Daily Census (ADC) in both cities over the past year demonstrates the skill and commitment of our company’s leaders. On the cusp of its 10th anniversary in 2012, our Las Vegas program celebrated another milestone — its highest monthly ADC ever at nearly 230 patients. That’s amazing! And it simply accentuates the need for another Solari Hospice Care Inpatient Home to serve Las Vegas’ growing end-of-life care needs. I’m excited to announce that we are in the process of finalizing the purchase of land to build our next Inpatient Home in Northwest Las Vegas, with the expectation of opening our newest “vortex of love” in late 2013. As our growth momentum builds, we also envision opening a third Inpatient Home in Southeast-Central Las Vegas the following year.

Visionary Inpatient Care. I always call our Inpatient Homes “vortexes of love” because that’s just what they are…high-energy centers for the most compassionate, highest quality palliative care and support for our patients and families when they need it the most. Designed and built from the ground up to meet the special needs of hospice patients and families, our Inpatient Homes truly differentiate us in the marketplace. With state-of-the-art medical equipment housed in a warm and inviting setting with myriad home-like amenities and no visitation restrictions, our Inpatient Homes help keep our patients out of the cold and impersonal hospital environment. And what takes place within the walls of our IPUs is magical … teams of top-notch hospice professionals taking an integrative approach to individualized patient and family care.

I couldn’t be happier that we are now able to offer this incredible service in the greater Houston community. 2011 saw the opening of Houston Solari Hospice care’s first Inpatient Home, which earned acclaimed accreditation by the Joint Commission in December. To achieve this huge goal, our Houston program underwent a complete leadership and operational transformation last year. With the Houston IPU accepting patients and new leaders and systems in place, 2012 promises to be an exciting growth year in Houston!

New Technologies. Forward-thinking companies embrace new technologies because such innovation enables businesses to work smarter. As we prepare this year to implement a 100-percent electronic medical records system companywide, I look forward to working even more efficiently so we can offer the next level of service to our patients, families and professional healthcare partners. Going paperless will enable us to continue speeding up patient care response, in addition to improving communication among team members. With less paperwork to fill out, our Solari “angels” will have more time to spend face-to-face with patients and family members, allowing for increased eye-to-hand patient observation and documentation.

Giving Back. In addition to offering the highest caliber of hospice care to our patients and families, it has always been my vision to give back to the communities we serve and beyond through the Solari Hospice Foundation. I have never been more committed to the nonprofit Foundation’s mission to help children and families through Camp Solari, and to educate the public about hospice care. With this mission in mind, we just began working with a fund development expert to help us evolve into a national resource for hospice education and bereavement support.

To take our camp programs in Las Vegas and Houston to the next level in 2012, we recently recruited locally based professional counseling teams in both cities. Leveraging their expertise and their established relationships in their prospective communities, these counseling teams will help the Foundation realize its vision for a greater number of bereavement camps — potentially nationwide — to give children and families the tools they need to work through their grief and live the most joyful lives possible.

Building Buzz. Thanks to the efforts of a talented Communications Media Relations team that came together in 2011, Solari Hospice Care’s and Solari Hospice Foundation’s hard work in Houston and Las Vegas is gaining broader recognition. It feels great to open a magazine or newspaper, turn on the TV, or log onto a website and see our company showcased in one way or another for the awesome service we provide to terminally ill patients and their loved ones! Beyond that satisfaction, however, lies that fact that our media coverage helps spread the word about Solari Hospice Care to both patients/families and potential referral sources. Whether they see our beautiful new commercial while watching the local news, read an article about Solari while waiting at a doctor’s office, or check out a Solari story or video clip while surfing the Web, media coverage in all forms is a valuable tool. I’m thankful for all the Solari family members who are making it happen! I have no doubt that the media buzz about our company will continue to build throughout 2012.

All in all, I feel utterly confident that we’ve added the right ingredients to our recipe for stellar hospice care. As we continue to stir, sample, tweak and occasionally, turn up the fire in 2012, we’re sure to create a soup that’s even better than we dreamed it would be.

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