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The Palliative Performance Scale

The Palliative Performance Scale (PPS) is a valid, reliable functional assessment tool developed by Victoria Hospice that is based on the Karnofsky Performance Scale (KPS ) [3] and is incorporated into the collaborative care plans in the Palliative Care Integration Project that began in Kingston. This tool provides a framework for measuring progressive decline in palliative patients.

In the PPS[4]. physical performance is measured in 10% decremental levels from fully ambulatory and healthy (100%) to death (0%). These levels are further differentiated by five observable parameters:

the degree of ambulation

ability to do activities/extent of disease

ability to do self care

level of consciousness

“Stronger” performance indicators are located on the left, and “softer” ones on the right. In determining the patient’s PPS then, we would first find the level that fits with the patient’s ambulation level. From that we would work across the scale keeping in mind that the leftward indicators have more value than those on the right. We can not choose between levels (e.g. 45%). Simply make your best assessment to determine the PPS.

PPS Stages

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