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Room Booking

As part of Customer Services the team is responsible for all centrally bookable rooms in UCL. Our main purpose is to facilitate the delivery of the core academic timetable.

The office ensures that the bookings for all these rooms are coordinated such that UCL is able to optimise its use of locally controlled departmental space and the centrally controlled rooms we look after. The office is responsible for liaising with all other associated services across these spaces such as the Digital Education team; Catering; Facilities and Work Place Services; UCL Security; and the Fabric and Projects teams.

Online Booking

Information about UCL’s centrally-bookable space – including existing confirmed bookings, photographs and/or room panoramas, building locations and lists of equipment and features – is available to view on these web pages.

Please note that the use of central space is subject to your agreeing to all of the conditions which are referred to throughout the bookings process i.e. the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech.

Update 30-Aug-2016: Note for 2016/17 Timetabling

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