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Unlock Your Cloud Superpowers

Automate the onboarding process for new team members, easily manage user privileges, and track progress of each member’s skills and your organization’s overall training goals.

Team Progress Monitoring

Monitor your organization’s training progress with key performance metrics for understanding how much time teams and individual members are investing in training, track the quality of their responses in quizzes, and more.

Cloud Academy for Teams includes gamification features to engage and motivate your teams to keep their cloud skills up to date.

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Case Studies

At Cloud Academy, we’ve helped secure an ever-increasing number of successful enterprise cloud migration and training projects around the world. Our vendor neutral, continuous learning platform is designed to help IT professionals and managers quickly learn new cloud computing skills, acquire cloud certifications, and stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Explore how other global enterprises and startups have used our platform

Cloud Academy Learning Paths direct our employees through a focus area, allowing them to begin a long journey pointing in the optimal direction.

It’s far more cost effective and less disruptive than sending someone to a week (or weeks) of training. People can learn just what they need, when they need it, at a time and in a place that is convenient for them.

We achieved outstanding results with Cloud Academy. The team really enjoys working with the platform, the gamification of the e-learning process works great to motivate them and grow.

Meet some of our customers

Founder, CEO at CloudCheckr

The Cloud Academy platform was great. Quizzes and prep courses gave me a thorough understanding of the material on the certification test.

Cloud Consulting Manager

The others have courses, but it’s not a complete package. You guys definitely have more!

IT Systems Architect at SpaceX

Cloud Academy has a lot of content covering a diverse set of topics. I enjoyed that a good number of the non-basic services are covered.

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