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When to call in Hospice

Mar 08, 2013 – 4:56 am

My husband’s cancer has spread and he has elected not to do anything further. Surgery is out due to the fact that it has spread and he doesn’t want to do anymore chemo since the chemo will be more and harder than what he has done already. Our oncologists have told us that more chemo won’t cure only prolong and could even hasten. Besides that the surgery would be very hard since it would require removal of his esophagus since the cancer was found at the cervical of his esophagus which is a rare place for cancer and has spread to his right lung. This was considered a second primary and not related to his laryngeal cancer of which he has been NED since his laryngectomy 2 years ago.

Right now he is feeling pretty good not much pain at all. Still gets out and goes. Our doctors have talked to me about calling in ho****e and while I’m not against that, I just don’t feel it is necessary at this point. And I also feel that if we call them in now, my husband will just give up right now and I want to give him a chance regarding changing his mind about further chemo.

Anyone been thru this and when do you need to call in ho****e which will be in-home ho****e care.

I hate this beast and it is a shame that a cure can’t be found after all this time and money spent on research.

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Mar 08, 2013 – 5:32 am

I read your post with emotion.

Please consider palliative care. someone checking in with you. A step before ho****e perhaps?

This was the “goal” in our situation. My husband passed away 48 hours later. The doctors knew we were open to ho****e when the time was right. We had to force the issue.

Please, trust yourself.

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Mar 08, 2013 – 10:46 am

Shaaron, I’m so sorry to hear this news. I will continue to pray for you and your husband. I don’t know about ho****e so I can’t help there, just wanted you to know you’re in my thots and prayers.

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Mar 08, 2013 – 12:07 pm

I can’t say enough good about ho****e. My parents fought this right up and to the end of my Mother’s walk with the beast. They can give you specialized plans. and they will tell you Ho****e is not the end. Alot of times people turn around and no longer need their services. They are angels, and will help you through all the bumps and bangs in the road. You don’t have to make a decission today on this. But please do make a call into your local Ho****e provider and just talk. I’ll be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. We would have been lost without them, and were able to give Mom what she needed. Hugs sent. Katie

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Mar 08, 2013 – 1:20 pm

Please read this and all of it. I believe it will give you, your husband, and loved ones strength, courage, and deep insight on the journey you are beginning. I found it riveting and fascinating and fixated on it front to end Brilliant!

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