ZenCard – Next generation business card by TMR S #zencard


ZenCard – Next generation business card

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ZenCard brings a new concept of sharing business cards through the use of a Smartphone that you always have in your hand.
After downloading and installing the App on your mobile device you can create your own QR Code that contains the information you want to share.
It replaces the old paper Business Card.

-Fill the contact form and within seconds you are ready to share your content.
-To scan other QR Codes simply launch the App and add them to your address book.

FAST: Launch the App and scan the code with a QR Code reader.
CHEAP: Saves money. Creating a QRCode is completely free.
RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Reduce paper waste, while protecting the environment.
RESPECT PRIVACY: With a Vcard you do not need to ask for a phone number. It is easier, just scan the code with the App (or any QR reader).
DESIGN: The concept behind Zen Card, as well as the design in terms of User Experience and graphic are inspired by minimalism. Very few lines of text, one image. All that you need.

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